Tracey and her sister Charlotte lay in their bikini's by the pool relaxing before the big weekend ahead

"Charlie… Pretty pleassee go to Vegas with the boys? You know Alan only listens to you" Tracey pleaded with her

"Tracey I am not going to Vegas with my future brother in law! That's the end of it trace and plus I'm sure they don't want me to be there" she responded

"ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS? You're their best friend, I wouldn't have met Doug if it wasn't for you. And don't pretend they don't want you there because I know that Doug's been nagging you to go"

At that moment Alan came strolling out the house and stood with his hand on his hip at the end of Charlotte's lounger, blocking her sun.

"Yes Alan? Can I help you?"

"Erm Doug's here and he says that we're leaving in 20 Minutes. I'll see you out front, just got to check something first"

At this Alan turned back to the house muttering something about his mother packing is case right.
Just as Alan went into the house Charlotte turned on Tracey,

"You already told him I was going?! You know I can't say no now! I haven't even packed my case!"

"I've got that covered, all your stuff is already here"

"You're so devious. I best go get changed" Charlotte then began heading back towards the house,

"I learnt it from my older sister!" Tracey called after her,
Charlotte smirked but had her back turned so Tracey couldn't see, she then raised her hand in the air and give Tracey the middle finger before walking into the house.

Twenty Minutes later Charlotte emerged out front wearing a pair of purple denim shorts with a denim shirt tied around her waist and an oversized white crop top with the sleeves rolled up, this showed off a majority of her tattoos which consisted of a sleeve on her left arm which travelled down her body until the middle of her left thigh.

When she got there Doug and Alan were already waiting in the car for her and Sid was waiting by the trunk to put her cases in.

"Shiiiit! Daddy! You won't even let me drive this car!" she wined to her dad

"Sweetie, I know how you drive. That's why I don't let you drive' By this time Tracey had come to wave the Trio off

"Yeah…Well I've never crashed a car" She mumbled as she climbed into the back of the car carefully.

Doug started to pull away as Sid and Tracey shouted and waved goodbye.

The Trio were on route to pick up Phil when Charlotte leaned between Doug and Alan with an arm around each one, Doug was trying to concentrate on driving and Alan nuzzled in closer to her as she said

"Well I'm kinda excided I'm Coming now"