She was pleasantly surprised that her bedroom was relevantly tidy other than a few empty bottles and condom wrappers. She found her case and pulled out what she needed as well as a pair of high waisted floral denim short shorts and a leatherette bikini top and headed towards the en suite.

She looked at herself in the mirror slowly noticing each love bite left by Phil, she also couldn't help appreciate her new bejewelled bra. She took her hair out of the bobble it was in and let it fall down to the middle of her back, I looked sort of beachy so she sprayed some dry shampoo in and left it. As she placed her arm back down she felt a slight pain, looking towards the source she noticed some new ink. In a once empty space on the inside of her arm close to her arm pit she saw a traditional wolf tattoo with the word 'pack' under it. She couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face, another memory to add to her collection.
She quickly put her make up on enough to look flawless but natural, she then threw her outfit on and headed to the main room of the villa.

Phil's eyes followed Charlotte all the way across the room until she sat next to him.

"How can you look so good?" Stu asked

"I don't think Mellissa would like you talking to other women like that Stewy" she said in all seriousness

"God, no. I love you, as a friend, but NO. You look so fresh like you've had a 12 hour sleep"

"Oh thank god, cause I couldn't go there either" she laughed "But it's the make-up. Works wonders"

"I am in so much pain right now" Stu exclaimed,

"Wait, where'd Alan go?...And DID YOU LOSE A TOOTH?!" she said noticing Stu's mouth, trying to stifle her giggles

"Yes, I lost a tooth" Stu said slightly disappointed

"And Al's gone to put some pants on after I had to ask twice" Phil piped up

At that moment Alan appeared with a bed sheet wrapped around his waist carrying a chicken.

"For fuck sake" Charlotte muttered to herself "Alan! Put that chicken down!"

"But I was going to feed the tiger" she said as though it was obvious

There was a chorus of no's from across the room, Alan then dropped the bird.

"Look at this place" Phil said

"I know Phil, they have my credit card downstairs. I am so screwed" Phil picked up the can on energy drink and took a huge gulp.

"What the fuck happened last night?" Phil asked

"Clearly we had a fucking great party, I just wish I could remember it" Charlotte added

"It's fine. Everything is fine. Alan go wake up Doug let's get some coffee and get the fuck out of Nevada before housekeeping shows up"

"What am I going to tell Melissa? I lost a tooth and I have no idea how it happened" Stu cried.

"Tell her to go fuck herself, that's what" Charlotte said getting annoyed at his moaning

"I can't she-"

"Shut the fuck up, the pair of you!" Phil interjected

"He's not in here" Alan said strutting into the room

"Hun, did you look in all of the rooms?" Charlotte asked resting her head on Phil's shoulder

"uh huh, plus his mattress is gone"

"He's probably went to the pool to get something to eat" Phil dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Charlotte lifted her head hearing a phone ring. Alan spotted the ringing phone first cell and picked it up

"Hello?" Alan said into the phone earning an unreadable look from Charlotte



"It's Phil-"

"Oh hey Phil-wait this Doug's phone, this is Doug's phone" Alan said clicking on. Charlotte rolled her eyes at her brother, there was definitely something wrong with him. Suddenly a baby's cry could be heard in the villa, making everyone's eyes widen.

"What the fuck-" Charlotte began

The group headed to the direction of the cry which lead to the closet. Alan opened the door to a crying baby in its carrier.

Charlotte took the crying baby out of Alan's hands and started to gently bounce it on her hip, smiling while she hummed to it.

"Whose fucking baby is that?" Phil asked,

"Alan are you sure that no one else was in here?" Stu asked.

Charlotte didn't really know what to do with a baby but it couldn't be that hard, she lifted the baby up to her face and covered her teeth with her lips and pretended to bite the baby from its face to its belly she then blew a raspberry, the baby squealed with laughter. Phil couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face at that moment.

"I checked all of the rooms no one is here. Can we keep it?" Alan begged

"No" Phil snapped out of the moment he had

"Can I hold it?" Alan asked

"Only if you're really really careful, ok?" Charlotte replied

"I super duper pinky promise I will be" Alan said genuinely

"We don't have time for this" Phil interjected "let's go hook up with Doug and deal with the baby later"

"Are you fucking stupid?" Charlotte said shocked

"Please don't curse in front of Carlos" Alan said sternly

"Phil we're not going to leave a baby here. There's a fucking tiger in the bathroom" Stu yelled in disbelief

"No Cursing!" Alan raised his voice "Also I'm siding with them on this one" Alan returned to a normal sound level

"Fine we'll take it with us" Phil sighed seeing that he was outnumbered "can you just at least find some pants?" he walked off.

Charlotte headed back to her room to rest while the boys get themselves ready. She lay down on the bed face down trying to block out any light. She then heard the bedroom door open and shut, there was quite for a few minutes until she spoke from her space

"Who are you? And what do you want?" it was muffled from the pillow her face was on

"It is my room to, you know?" she recognised was Phil's voice


"I need to get ready"

"Go ahead"

"Fine, don't peek" she could almost hear the smirk on his face

"Don't need to worry about that, you're old news anyway"

She then let out a squeal as Phil pulled her down the bed by her legs and flipped her over, he was leaning over her so they were face to face.

"Say that to my face"

"You. Are. Old. News" she said grinning. Phil's eyes went back and forth between her mischievous eyes and her lips, he dipped his head and took her mouth in his. She lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck bringing him closer, he took this opportunity to add tongues. She let out a moan before grazing her teeth along his bottom lip, he responded by lowering himself, moving them closer so she could feel what she was doing to him. Phil then ran his hand from her hip to her left breast, he moaned thrusting his hips towards her. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and before anyone could move or say anything Alan walked in.

"Alan!" Charlotte squealed from her position under Phil. Alan then realised what he walked into and turned around. Phil growled in annoyance before moving to get ready, Charlotte composed herself before sitting up,

"Yes Alan?" she asked

"Erm, well, I wanted you to put make up on me" Alan said hesitantly, Phil could be heard trying to stifle a laugh.

"Alan, sweetie, What do you mean?"

"I don't want to look like a girl!" he protested "I just don't want to look like a zombie"

Charlotte laughed slightly before agreeing and telling him to go to the main room and she'd be out in a few. She headed to the dresser where her kit was, she could feel Phil come up behind her. He whispered in her ear, so close she could feel his lips,

"Next time we won't be interrupted" He then walked back across the room to change,

Charlotte was just finishing making Alan look 'normal' again, with the baby by their side. Phil and Stu came out all ready to go,

"Come on then" Phil said before heading to the door picking up his sunglasses on his way out, Stu and Alan followed, Alan with the baby strapped in some carry thing he found in the villa.

"Two minutes, just going to grab my bag! Meet you guys at the lift" with that Charlotte ran to her room to get what she needed.