Ch.1 Another World, A New Life

Summary: Second Chance: Naruto die's in a world that saw him as a male. But when he wake's up in hospital in another world, but he's a female, has a daughter, twin baby boys, and is married to Uchiha Itachi…What will he do? Will he accept his new life or curse Kyuubi for this new nightmare…read and find out…

Chapter1: The Death of Uzumaki Naruto

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"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Agonizing screams echoed threw the cave walls. Riving pain coursed threw the blonde 17 year old's whole body. The red chakra of the Kyuubi's, bleed through his eyes., mouth., fingers and toes every slow-painful second.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" His screams went past the sealed cave, where his rescue team could find him.

On the borders of Fire Country:

"Did you hear that?" Kakashi said in a worry. Hesitated nods from the rescue group, that contains; Team Seven: himself Hatake Kakashi, Tenzou , Haruno Sakura, and Sai, Team Nine: Might • Guy, Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, and Rock • Lee, Team Ten: Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, and Akimichi Chouji, and Team Eight: Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino.

"It's coming from the South. We need to hurry, before they kill him." Hinata called out. Desperate to find her beloved to be alright.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Another agonizing scream made the group shiver and rush even more…But by hearing the screams somehow told them, that they won't make it. None of them wanted to think of that way, but the group ran faster to rescue their blonde.

"Ahhh-nooo, Naruto's in pain." Sakura said in a tearful panic.


Just a 3 days ago. Team Seven was beaten critically. Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame had finally took him. The Akatsuki had finally got the ninth Jinchuuriki. Reports say, that they acted right away when he got to one of their bases.

After Team Seven recovered, them the the rest of Konoha's 12 went on the rescue mission to find their blond.

End Flashback:

But the screaming's were dying down. It was getting harder and harder sensing his chakra among the miles they still need to go threw. A sudden silence was all they heard. The silence was just as agonizing as his screams. The group stop and they tried to sense his chakra.

With Naruto's Minds Cape.

The sewer rumble and shook like an earthquake. Walls and ceilings collapsing in the high waters. Tunnels disappearing or destroyed enough where you can't walk through.

In the room where the Kyuubi lies, shook and crumbled.

The water in the sewer rose higher and higher. Rapids forming every where. It was suffocating to the point to none existent. Kyuubi was getting weaker by the minutes and she was trying to think rapidly to get her and her kit out of this.

Riving in pain the poor blond, "AAAAAHHHHH!" He screamed in agony. The pain, that coursed through his body was the last time, before his body started convulsing.

"Kit!…" Kyuubi cried out. Unable to hear anything, Naruto could only convulse and shake violently. Then the teen boy stopped. He stopped moving, stopped breathing, stopped living.

Panic. Fear spread threw Kyuubi…She screamed. She tried effortlessly, to get her kit to wake up, but her tears of blood told her other wise.

After a while of mourning and crying, she looked away. Kyuubi could no longer bare to see the one she considers as her own kit…dead, no longer.

"Oh…kit…," she mournfully whispered. She snapped, and screamed in agony. Cracks were heard, coming from the Shinigami's seal. It ripped, just a bit. Hearing it, her eyes widen and roared again louder and louder which completely broke the seal.

Out of Naruto's Minds Cape.

A deafening roar went across FIre Country. Every man, woman, child, and animal heard the ear piercing roar going through their Country.

Holding there ears, the rescue teams had stop, in fright. The older ones in the group remembers this frighting roar, this chakra, that belongs to only one entity, 'Kyuubi'. The older ones fear has just been realized. Naruto is dead and the Kyuubi is free.

"We need to go faster, NOW!" Kakashi shouted as an order. The group speed up to the cave where they think Naruto's in. A surged of demonic chakra went threw out the lands and the Nine Tail demon is once again free.

The cave that was the Akatsuki's once base, exploded in red demonic chakra whipping around and disintegrating everything that it touches. Nine red demonic tails shot out like jets. A skeleton, muscles, and skin forming quickly. Blood red fur spreading just as fast and quickly, as you can say Kyuubi. The Kyuubi is reborn into this world, once again.

Rage went threw the bijuu's body. Rage like no other. Rage that a mother would have, if you hurt or killed one of her kits. Which unfortunately the latter had happen. Blood red tears poured down her furry cheeks when she saw her kit's lifeless body next to one of her front paws. Her rage spread and she needed, no wants blood. Blood of the murder's who killed her kit.

"Roarrrrrrrrrrrr" Her anger was like one other, when she was enrage. Her roar made life itself freeze for a seconds. Until reality speed back up again. Everything went so fast for the Konoha Team. Screams of the Akatsuki echoed throughout the valley. Mass carnage of the bodies from the Akatsuki were spread everywhere. Pools of blood were mixed with others. Where you couldn't tell who as who anymore before there was no more…

Silents was only left.

The Konoha team rushed quicker now to get to the base. They finally spotted the Akatsuki bace and were surprised. Every thing was in blood and rubble. The group notice that the Kyuubi was calm, as the sea. It didn't move, except it's large head was lowering. They notice that it was shrinking and Kakashi's group started to worry.

Kyuubi's rage died where only sorrow lies, now. She was getting weaker by the seconds, and was forced to change to her human form. Her elegant beauty, with nine long braids of red-crimson hair, that sway like tails, while her long bangs cupping her heart shape face. Kyuubi's slited eyes and heart shape lips show as beautiful as ruby gems. Sun kissed skin gracing her body, with her manicured nails and her bare toe nail feet, painted in crystal black polish, that looks like a starry night sky. She wore a beautiful silk kimono, in colors of deep reds that change into a sunset orange. Black and gold embroidery strains danced around in the kimono forming small flowers, a falling leaves. And finally on the back shows a beautiful nine tail fox embroidered in black, gold, silver, and red. Making it look real and very beautiful.

When the rescue team finally reach their destination. They only met a beautiful goddess cradling a limp form of a very pale Uzumaki Naruto. Her tears were in blood, as her hair. Kyuubi notice the team, but didn't pay much mind to them. Her only attention is to her dead kit.

Kakashi saw this beautiful woman, momentary forgetting, that he is looking at the human form of the Kyuubi. His guard was up along with everyone else's. The younger shinobi, saw a strange woman only holding their blond and thought he was unconscious, but the older ones knew differently. They knew how dangerous this woman is.

"Who are you!" Shikamaru asked the woman. Her face was facing down, so it was hard for the younger generation to tell who she is, but Shikamaru has an inkling.

She slowly raised her head. A collective gasped from the group, including the older ones. What they saw was a tear written female Kyuubi. Her kit was dead and she felt weaker and defeated. But in the back of her mind, she had finally form a plan to revived her kit, but the kit might hate her for a while.

Snapping out of his daze Kakashi. He put on his guard once again, angry, and sadden for the blond teen that he thought as a brother. He had to concentrate if there would be a fight, while lifting a Kunai, "Left him go." he growled at her.

This snapped out the other older shinobi and some of the younger ones too. They got into a defense mode and were ready for anything.

The girls in the group on the other hand, weren't in the defense mode. They saw how Kyuubi was holding him. They saw their Naruto had died. Shocked, Hinata and Sakura fell to the ground tears gushing out and sobs braking threw the broken cave walls.

"No…No, NOOOOOOOO! AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Hinata shouted out in pain of her lost and hot tears running all down her beautiful pale face. Sakura only stared in disbelief. Her knuckle-head teammate was dead. She cried out loud for the one she thought as a goofy brother. Ino and Tenten had tears. The younger shinobi lowered their weapons and started to cry for their fallen teammate, even Shikamaru and Sai had tears.

Kakashi, Guy, and Tenzou were sad, but wary of the demon who was caressing the dead teens cheek.

Kyuubi looked at her kit one last time, with a small tearful smile. She caressed his cold pale cheek and she lowered her head to give her kit one last kiss on the forehead. Suddenly a bright golden light spread across both her and Naruto, as they disappeared into golden butterflies and sparkling lights.