ch3 Another World, A New Life

Chapter 3: I'm Married To Who?

[Warning: I. DON'T. OWN. NARUTO! That's Masashi Kishimoto's Baby, Not Mine! Only This Story…Got It!]

- [Dreams Cape] -

"Come on Natsuki." A boy about 12 years old with long dark hair tugged on Natsuki hand.

" Nooo, ohooo." The 7 year old girl half whined half laughed.

"Come on! I wanna play with my Fiancé." He tugged her hand leading her to a beautiful outdoor trail where Sakura trees aligned the edges perfectly as they ran down, a few fell upon them. They soon reached a gate so the boy reached in his pocket to grab a key. He poked the key into a hole and let the wooden door creak open. The blondes eyes lit up when she gasped.

"….-kun! It's so beautiful!" He smiled as he watched her face brighten up. The gardens were filled with flowers, trees, ponds and one small waterfall. He smiled to himself as she took a look around making comments on every thing in sight.

They settled down near the pond then he spoke up. "I'm so lucky, even if you're still a baby, you're smarter then the girls at the academy, and you don't have cooties either."

Her laugh rang in his ears, it was so cute. "Thanks! Well you aren't bad either. You're strong, and you're not afraid." He kept his night sky eyes locked with her daytime blue expecting her to continue, but grew impatient.

"I'm not afraid of what?" He asked.

"Life." she replied and looked away, blushing. "Gee, I hate mushy stuff common lets play!" She laughed again and this time she tugged his hand through the hidden gardens.

- [End Dream] -

Natsuki awoke from her memories crying softly to herself. She couldn't remember why she was crying in the first place. After a couple of minutes of self pity, Natsu settle down. She was about to wipe her tears away, but couldn't. She blinked and looked down, she saw that her arms were strapped to the bed. 'Wh-at t-he'

Blinking in confusion, Natsu could feel her head spinning on everything from what happen last night. She remembered, that she was in Konoha's Hospital, freaking out, and…

She quickly look out the window, Natsu remembered that she was in another world. And wonder what was so different in this world then her old one. The blond watch the world outside through her windowsill. While she was oblivious to the other sounds.

She didn't even notice that the hospital room door cracked open.

A little four year old girl, with blond pigtails, gray blue eyes with a pink flower dress and orange sandals came in bouncing on her mothers bed.

"Kaa-san, Kaa-san, your awake, your awake!" The little four year old said with joy. Natsu on the other hand whipped her head around so fast, that the little girl could only blink in surprised. She looked at the little girl wide eyed that she said 'Kaa-san'. Natsu paled dramatically while her heart rate speed up again.

"Ummm, sorry but I think your in the wrong room…little one..." Natsu said hesitating a little. The little girl looked confused for a few seconds, but then shook her head. She then gave Natsu the biggest hug she could give to her mother, while Natsu turn a ghostly white.

Natsu was mildly freaking out. She wanted to push the girl off, but couldn't, only because of her bound arms and legs. So she tried to think of another question to distract the little blonde and to get her off.

"R-Re-ally? Well then where is Tou-san? Is he here with you?" Natsu ask trying her hardest not to scare the small child. She place a fake smile on her panic one. Little did the two know that Lady Tsunade and her husband was listening in on the little conversation the two were having.

Tsunade and Natsu's husband listen through the open door. She sighed sadly, might knowing what condition Nastu was in, and she was afraid of this. She glance at the man next to her, who had a frown on his stoic face.

"I afraid that Natsu might have a slight case of amnesia." Tsunade said sadly. "It must have been with all the blood lost she got from that wound your brother gave to her."

"Will she ever get her memory back?" He ask the 5th Hokage.

"…I don't know…The amount of blood that she lost would have killed anyone ten times over. It's possible that she'll never remember you, your daughter, or anyone ever again. Amnesia-coma patients have a 5 to 10% chance of regaining memory." Tsunade said while turning her gaze back to the mother and daughter duo on the hospital bed. He too follow her gaze back in the room, listening in on the conversation and the heart monitor that was starting to rise.

"Kaa-san, Kaa-san will you be coming home soon?" The little blond asked with child innocence. Natsu's smile dim a little, but thankfully the little girl didn't notice.

"I'm not sure 'baby,' the doctor would have to make sure that I'm okay to go home." Natsu said with a fake smile.

"Kaa-" The little blond was cut off when Tsunade step through the door. Natsu turn her gaze to Tsunade and gave the fifth a questioning look. She didn't notice that there was another person who step in the room just yet.

Tsunade smile. "Good morning Natsu. How are you feeling?" Natsu looked at her blankly and then to the child. Until she finally notice the dark figure behind the Fifth…And then all hell broke loose…

The little girl was confuse by the noises and held her ears. The familiar raven hair man took the crying little girl off the hospital bed, while Lady Tsunade and a nurse, who came in after hearing the commotion inside, held the blond kitsune down.

"Gaki, calm down, you'll have a heart attack if you keep doing this…" Tsunade said to Natsu.

Natsu tried to calm down, but the memories of her old world and this one was getting too much for her. And then she suddenly shouted in fear, "WHAT THE FUCK IS AN AKATSUKI MAMBER DOING IN KONOHA'S HOSPITAL….LET ALONE IN MY ROOM! GET HIM THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" Every one in a ten mile radius heard that.

After the ringing in their ears died down, Tsunade looked worried and was ready to knocked out the blonde gaki, but she hesitated when she saw Natsu didn't recognized her own husband, only fear. "Itachi…can you and Maya-chan leave the room for the moment."

Looking at his wife, he felt hurt, and confused on who or what an Akatsuki meant to her. Maya was crying and confused that her mommy didn't recognized her daddy.

He nodded, "Understood…my lady, Nat-" He stop on what he was about to say when he saw his wife shaking in fear. He only nodded and took their daughter outside the room.

With Itachi

Hearing the door shut. 'Lady Tsunade, must have put a silencing justsu up.' Itachi thought after not hearing anything for a few seconds.

*Sniff* Maya was crying as her papa held her for comfort, "Otou-chan?" *Sniff*

"Yes. May-chan?"

*Sniff* "Is-is mommy, *Sniff*, Is mommy going-going to be alright?" Maya asked with big tears rolling down her chibi cheeks.

"…I'm…not sure, May-chan…?" Itachi said tiredly. He is also stressed from this whole month, he had 15 ANBU missions, that ranked from S to SS. He barely had any time with his children or any sleep at all, but thankfully his mother and the rest of the clan, were their for them.

When Maya and him were visiting today, Tsunade had rushed up to them with some exciting news. She told them that Natsu had woken up. They weren't expecting her to be up. He notice, that Maya was really excited. He could tell how much she had missed her mother. Maya tried to disappear from her daddy and her Baba to see her mommy. But Itachi and Tsunade notice, sharing a grin.

When Maya was out of hearing distance, Tsunade had told him that made his world come crashing down. She said that she might or has amnesia after coming out of a coma. That his wife would may or never remember him or their children ever again.

He stiffen at that and he wanted to curse at the woman, to say such things to him, but watching his wife talking to their daughter with no warmth or love made him feel ill. He knew Tsunade was telling him the truth, but seeing it from his own eyes made him want to cry.

When they walk to the room his wife was staying in, Natsu only stiffen and gave Tsunade a blank stare, but they heard the heart monitor going off. Tsunade rushed closer to his wife to see what was going on. Only that when she notice him. For a brief second he thought his wife remember him, only to his dismay that the heart monitor went faster by the seconds. He quickly grabbed Maya off the bed when Natsu started to scream.

He saw the fear and panic rolling in his wife, when she spotted him. She started freaking out and made Maya cry. She didn't even recognized him or…even their own daughter. And '…What's an Akatsuki?…' He thought to himself.

With Tsunade and Natsu

Hearing the door click shut, Tsunade sighed and turn towards Natsu. She saw the shaken form of the blond with fear and confusion in her wary eyes.

"Natsu? Are you all right?" Tsunade ask calmly. Her worry was growing by the minutes and saw the shake of a 'no' one the young girls face.

"Why is-is he h-here….What is that demon doing here?" Natsu said in a shaky panic with hints of tears trickling down. Eyes glassily wide, that they look like they are about to shatter.

Tsunade was confused, but listen until, Natsu calm down a bit and she could asked questions.

Breathing heavily, and her shaking increased even more. She held herself and she could feel the coldness sweep threw her body. Tsunade saw the and hugged the young girl, as if she'll break any moment.

Moments pass and Tsunade told the nurse to leave for the time being. Once she left and seeing that Natsu had calm a bit she began to ask, "Natsu? What's your full name?"

Looking up "Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto." Tsunade's narrowed her eyes a little, but not noticeable enough for the panic blonde in the bed to notice.

"How old are you?"

"18. What's all this abo-" Natsu argued but was cut off by Tsunade's next question.

"What is the last thing you remember, before coming to the Hospital…." Tsunade asked in a somewhat worried tone. She could tell that Natsu didn't like this question and shift her eyes away from her.

Natsu didn't say anything at first. Her mind was trying to real back on what she last remember until she freaked out in the hospital, but she finally told her every thing that she could. From when her and her team was beaten to near death, by the Akatsuki members, Uchiha Itachi, and Hoshigaki Kisame. How she was tortured for days before they were going to finally seal Kyuubi in the stone statue that holds the Nine Bijuu's and kill the hosts in the process. She said that she died and the Kyuubi brought her and herself back to an alternate dimension. When she woke to see a little girl claiming to be her daughter and Itachi, her husband…It was just, too, much for her to handle and she started to panic again.

Tsunade listen to the young woman and was a little stun after a few moments for processing all the info, but she was confused…

"Natsu, why do you think like that? It's clear to me that you don't have amnesia…but your personality…" Tsunade trailed off when she saw Natsu giving her an evil glare and a disappointed look. She turn her gaze away from her Baa-san, somehow knowing that no one in this dimension will believe her. How could she, no one knows her and she doesn't know them.

Tsunade frown, worried for her surrogate granddaughter safety and health. "Natsu…do you really feel like you someone else?"


"…" Sighing Tsunade hugged the bonded blonde and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Letting her go to leave she told Natsu one more thing. "Natsu-err…Who ever you think you are…please let me do everything in my power to help you before you fall apart…Please don't shun your family to help you back of who you are…We all love you Uchiha Nastuki…Please try to remember who you are, your family, your children, and…your husband, Itachi…"

Natsu looked stun, she tried to process this, 'Kit…' Kyuubi called out, Natsu heard the Vixen, 'Just agree to her for now, I'll explain more later when you sleep.' Kyuubi said nervously.

"Sleep gaki. You had a stressful day. I'll tell Itachi and Maya to go home." Tsunade said and Natsu, who slowly nodded. She disparately wanted to say, "I'm not a woman, or I'm not married to that monster!". To her Baa-san, but Kyuubi mentally shouted at her, to keep her trap shut and just nod to what Tsunade says.

Once Tsunade left, Natsu went straight to the room where it's no longer a sewer cage, but a beautiful meadow, that it looks like it came out of a fantasy.

Tsunade shut the door and came face to face with the person she wanted to talk. She sighed and could feel a headache coming.

"So. How is she?" Itachi asked while rocking a sleeping Maya in his arms.

"…Well Natsu doesn't have amnesia, but it could be in a sense." Tsunade said while trailing off a little.

"Then what does she have then? She clearly has no memory of us." Itachi said sadly.

"She has dissociative identity disorder." Tsunade said before walking away.


dissociative identity disorder:

Dissociative identity disorder is: two or more personalities—each with well-defined traits and memories—"occupy" one person. They may or may not be aware of one another. In some isolated cases, alternate personalities (also called alter personalities) may even show different EEG records, allergic reactions, responses to medication, and even different eyeglass prescriptions.