Hi everybody! That's the first story I publish here, even if that's not my own story, it's a translation from a fic, already translated by DeAnna , in Italian with the title of "Casa dolce casa" from the original version written in French by Azertinyn , originally entitled "Le doucer du foyer". I'm an Italian girl who's studying languages, so my traslation might (very likely) contain mistakes. I'd be glad if you could give me advice about anything that you think it could be improved. I'm still studying, I'm not graduated yet, so any feedback would be appreciated, so that i can improve my language! It's a very lovely story, I've liked it from the first time I've read it. I hope you can love it too, (obvoiusly adviced for the hurt/comfort lovers).

I obviously don't own any of these characters. All right goes to Jeff Eastin

As the story's not mine, I'd be glad to read any review with feedback, even if I've no credits in it. Thanks for reading. :)

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The Italian Temeraire

New York, Friday, January 14th

The raging storm was at its peak, the windshield wiper couldn't cope with it and Peter was fighting against the heavy snow that prevented him from seeing more than two meters ahead , while he was trying to drive Neal to June before the streets would be obstructed by the snow.

As soon as the alarm concerning the blizzard had been raised, Hughes had recommended his crew to hurry home, before being forced to stay the night in the FBI headquarters.

Peter had quickly stacked in boxes his current cases files on which his crew had been working during the past few hours, one for Diana, one for Jones, one for Neal and another one for could be able to go on working comfortably from their warm and safe houses, until the storm would cease and the streets would be cleaned by snowplows.

Neal stared absently at the big snowflakes that hit the windshield

It was only 4 pm but the sky was so dark and gloomy that the streetlights and the auto headlight were already on. Few meters ahead they could make out the figure of a vehicle and its blurry red rear had been stacked there for at least ten minutes. In only half an hour the New York streets had been covered with a layer of snow that made driving a dangerous task, maybe some car obstructed the crossroads a few hundred meters forward!

"Damn it! We'll never make it! We're going to be stuck here for hours!"

Peters words and his upset tone woke Neal from his thoughts.

"Peter we're only two blocks away from your house. You're not gonna be able to go back home after dropping me off at June. Leave me here. I can easily take a cab... Or maybe I could simply walk! I'd make it quickly on foot in this way!"

"Are you eager to stretch your legs?"

"More or less..."

Actually it was definitely less then more...!

The last case had worn Neal out. They had worked day and night to catch an art fence. Neal had pretended to be a buyer, earning his trust until reaching his warehouse near the Harbour, where the wares were stocked. He had spent the hours before the arrest keeping an eye on it, lurking near the sea, in the cold wind, waiting for the moment to call Peter. The arrest had been clean and fast, without the need to shoot any bullet and with unequivocal proofs of the felony.

Neal had woken up the day after with a fierce headache, a bad sore throat and muscles aches throughout his whole body

As always after having closed a tough case successfully, Peter had brought out some cold cases to be rewieved by his crew, to allow them to work at the bureau for a few days.

From his admission to the White Collar Division, Neal had been closing many cold cases only by taking a look at them and finding something that had slipped at his fellows' eyes!However in that moment and in his current state, he knew that he was hardly able to stay stick to one single case!

"In the name of...!"

Peter had just swerved sharply towards the sidewalk in order to avoid crashing into the vehicle ahead

"Peter !" Shouted Neal

"Yeah, I got it!" Frowned the older man turning left and heading towards his house

After moving off from the main street, they preceded in a quiet street half a mile from the Burkes' house. Despite the lack of traffic, the agent drove slowly and carefully in the foggy snowy weather, so that he wouldn't have to brake suddenly

Neal sunk in the car seat and closed his eyes hoping that it could ease the headache that had been annoying him the entire day. He laid his head against the cold window, seeking some relief.

He must be really exhausted if closing his eyes for a little time made him feel sleepy!

Once they arrived at the Burkes' house, Peter woke him up with a shake on his shoulder.

"Hey sleeping beauty, the carriage has reach its destination! And... Unless you have a pair of ski I can't make out how you could reach June's house, given the quantity of snow! Mi casa es tu casa, at least until the situation gets better..."

"I think I will survive a night at the Burkes'!

The freezing air that suddenly entered the car after Peter had opened the car door made Neal shiver.

He fastened up his coat and pulled up his collar under his chin before opening his car door. Something was blocking it, preventing it from opening more the few inches. The more he pushed the more he got blocked.

"Stop it Neal!" Yelled Peter "there's a snowdrift on the sidewalk, the more you push the more the door get blocked! Hold on a second!"

Neal cast a glance at the rear-view mirror and could see Peter bringing out a shover from the trunk. Always ready, for any situation! He thought smiling.

Within few minutes Peter cleaned the sidewalk at Neal's feet and then opened the back door to fetch the file boxes. He gave one of them to Neal and hold the other one with his left arm, while with his right one was looking for his car keys in one of his coat pockets.

He was hurrying so that the files wouldn't get wet to much but the stairs were slippery and Peter would have fallen if Neal hadn't caught him just in had put down the box to support him, but the agent weight nearly made the two of them fall into the snow.

"Everything all right Peter?"

"Wonderful! All the files are soaked!"

"I'll take it as a no..."

Peter got free from Neal and kneeled beside him. They two of them were covered with snow from head to toe and in that very moment he noticed Neal's pale face. His skin was white as the snowflakes that were covering his shoulders and hair. Looking closer he saw the he was shivering and he tucked the coat around his body tightly.


"Peter ?"

"You sure to be ok?"

Anytime Peter had asked him that question he had contradicted him. He wasn't surprised of his answer though, even if he doubted about it.

"Yes, why shouldn't I?"

"Okay. Hmm, and... uh. Thanks for... you know... having caught me.."

"Oh please. We're in the snow, aren't we?"

"Help me up with the files"