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The guild was particular quite today. Lucy looked around, without the massive fights damaging the building the place didn't quite seem the same. Still she supposed it was good that nobody was fighting today.

"Luuuuucy" A voice called out. Lucy turned around to see Natsu headed towards her waving around what looked like a job request. "Ne, Lucy you have to pay rent soon right? Let's go on a job." Lucy skimmed over the paper. Collect some herbs from Hani Forest, the title read, WARNING: various bandits with bounties, it continued, rewards will also be given for any bounties of defeated bandits, seemed simple enough.

"Sure Natsu, just give me a bit, I haven't had lunch." Natsu handed the paper to Mira and hopped on the seat next to Lucy twirling around on the spinning chair. Natsu looked at the guild's ceiling thinking about nothing particular. He was a bit surprised when a hand stopped him from twirling. "Could you stay still for five minutes?" Lucy said looking at him with a half-smile. Natsu got a bit embarrassed. Did he look childish? What did he care?

Natsu caught a glance of Gray standing half-naked in the middle of the guild sitting at a table blabbering to Cana about who knows what. "Put some clothes on you icy perv!" Natsu yelled across the room.

"Ya got something to say you flame freak!" Gray responded.

"You bet I do, ya stripper!" Natsu retorted pressing his forehead against Gray's in a bull-like manner. Flames and snowflakes started flying around as a result of their quarrel. Cana's barrel of wine started freezing over being closer to Gray. She went to kick him but missed and hit Jet who, looking away for a moment thought it was Droy and went to punch him. One thing led to another and all of Fairy Tail started at it, a huge fight engulfing any other previous activities.

Lucy, still sitting at the bar sighed, so much for no fighting today. "Here you go." Mira piped in setting a plate down in front of Lucy, it was some new curry dish Mira was trying to get everyone to try. "The quicker you eat and get Natsu out of here the more chance the guild has of not being torn to pieces." Lucy gave a lighthearted laugh and tried to eat while ignoring the ruckus.

"Hoy, Lucy, what cha got there?" Natsu questioned trying to get at her food. Lucy slapped his hand and pulled her plate away glaring at Natsu. "This food is mine" Lucy shot at him. Before he had time to complain he was pulled back into the mess of a fight that was consuming the guild.

Lucy picked up the pace that she was eating before Natsu tried to take a second round at stealing her food. "I don't know what to do with him." Lucy complained to Mira through rapid bites. "Sure you do, you've made it this long with him." Mira said smiling; Lucy could tell she had ulterior motives. "You two make such a cute couple you know." And there it was. Lucy couldn't hold back a bit of blush but denied Mira and her matchmaking tendencies. "We're not a couple." Lucy said finishing off her lunch.

"Sure you're not; anyway I approved the job so you can head out now."

"Thanks Mira, see you later." Lucy called while sliding off her chair. She grabbed Natsu by the scarf and started dragging him out of the guild. Gray was still calling after him saying the flame freak could not even stay for a decent fight. Natsu started kicking to get out of Lucy's grasp to go after Gray, Lucy gave them both a stare like she could kill them and they shut up. Just then Natsu had a realization. "Hey, Happy are you coming?" He shouted up towards the blue cat floating above the mess of a guild hall. "Nah, I'm going to spend some time with Charle."

"Okay." Natsu replied putting on a pouting face while walking out of the guild with Lucy. Lucy thought for a moment. Hani Forest wasn't too far away; they could make it there by nightfall if they walked. She would much rather prefer a carriage but just the thought of having to deal with Natsu's motion sickness without Happy made her nauseous. At least with Happy there he kept Natsu from getting sick on everyone. They really needed another solution besides Wendy's magic to deal with that.

"Hey Natsu, we should probably start walking we can spend the night in a town near Hani and finish the request in the morning and hopefully be back tomorrow afternoon." Lucy explained.

"Ya sure Luce, it'd be faster by carriage." He reluctantly suggested. Then something clicked. Was Lucy worried about him? No way, right? Lucy waved off the suggestion. "No we don't want to get you motion sick if we don't have to, and we could use the money we save on a hotel, anyway…" She stopped herself in the middle of the sentence what she was saying started sounding weird to her. And did Natsu just suggest using transportation? That was a bit weird, though she could hear reluctance in his voice.

"…Anyway, what?" Natsu questioned. "Oh… uh, just that we should probably pack for the night." By then they had reached Lucy's house. "Uh could you meet me back here in about thirty minutes?"

"Yea, sure." Natsu said walking off.

After about ten minutes Lucy was done packing, all that was left was to wait for Natsu. She sat down on her bed and memories of Natsu invading her house flooded her head. He was always such an idiot coming into her house without her permission, lying in her bed, stealing her food. And as much of an idiot as he was, he was also her best friend. Maybe…maybe he was more. She shook her head violently trying to get the thoughts out of her head, what was she thinking?

Just then Natsu jumped through the window. "Use the door you idiot!" Lucy shouted. "Aw, but that's no fun, anyway, are you done packing?" Lucy saw what Natsu was doing, changing the subject, but she honestly didn't want to waste time so she went with it. It was ten minutes earlier than planned but she was ready. "Yea, are you? You got here quite fast." Lucy replied.

"Yea, I don't pack much, let's go." Natsu said headed for the window. Lucy intercepted him closing the window and locking it; she then grabbed his wrist and dragged him out the door which she locked behind her. Only when she got outside did she realize she was still clinging to Natsu's wrist. She quickly let go and turned away from Natsu so he wouldn't see her blush. Lucy started walking towards the path that lead to Hani Natsu was glancing at her wondering why she was suddenly acting so weird. Then it clicked that it could have been the whole holding hands thing and looked at the ground awkwardly. Then again it wasn't like they held hands, more like Lucy just dragging him everywhere, right? Then again…maybe it wasn't. Natsu sighed and put his hands behind his head, he began to wonder how long they were going to have to walk before they got to Hani. He knew Lucy didn't like really long hikes.

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