Everything was dark, and silent, and cold.

The first feeling I felt was excitement; I could sense all of these things, all at once. It was like my mind was an endless pool in which a thousand years of being was being added with the most careful of hands. I was aware, though I knew I did not yet have a body. A Timelords body was a tricky thing, and I focused the essence of my being into a familiar form.

One I had grown to love, and only because he had loved it first.

Funny thing, rebirth. You never really feel it coming. One minute you're thinking of nothing; you are nothing, and the next you're something. You're skin and blood and bones and organs all linked together by the threads of your thoughts. Distantly, I thought I was being made of stardust, and I swore I heard a feminine laughter and phantom hands as I was pulled through the vortex. I felt my muscles bulge as the energy of the Vortex was forced into my body, making my being impossibly wide. I felt all of the lives I had lived before, and I felt them sink below the surface; as if a sheet had been thrown over top and now there was a new canvas to work with.

I maintained all of my memories from before, and I was given a new lease on life, as it were. I took a moment to appreciate the fact that I still had legs, and arms and fingers and toes. I could feel what was around me, but I couldn't use my body just yet. I had the idea of my face in my head, and I hoped that if ever I saw a mirror, I would be exactly what I wanted to be.

I would find him. I had to find him, because all of this newness needed the capable hands of the Doctor. So I thought, as hard as I possibly could, and I wished for the cosmos to send me somewhere safe, and warm.

My first breath reborn was a stuttered lungful of water, and overhead I saw the bright ball of a sun. I swam towards the surface as my body burned for oxygen. When I broke the surface, I took a great gasping breath of air so fresh it burned going down. New eyes saw nothing but sunlight and the crystalline blue of the sea, and a blessed strip of what looked like land.

I swam towards it, and the closer I got, the more colors I saw in what looked like sand. Reds and blues and purples; all mixed together to form the most colorful sand dunes I had ever seen. I had no idea where I was, or what I looked like and when my flesh touched the land, I did what any man in my position would do.

I promptly passed out.