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Challenge fic for 10 Drabble 10 Topics Challenge #2 [Slash pairing: Seamus/Dean]

Simpler is Better

Dean and Seamus were best friends.

Everyone knew that. They had met each other during the Sorting Ceremony, started talking and became friends by the end of the week.

Dean and Seamus tended to go everywhere together but you never told them that. It sounded far too cheesy so be said in relation to guys so people continued to say it behind their back.

It was almost common knowledge. You find Seamus and you find Dean and vice versa.

They weren't part of Harry's immediate friends despite sharing the same dorm as him even as Neville joined Harry Potter's group during Fifth Year. They had decided that they could do without the trouble of making friends with the famous Harry Potter and having people nosing their way into their lives as had happened with Hermione during Fourth Year.

So it had not come as a surprise in Sixth Year when the two finally announced that they were going out with each other.

They could have sworn they heard a couple people mutter, "Finally!" under their breaths.

They did not need the fame to be happy. Sometimes simpler was better.