"Shit that's right, just like that, don't stop, fuck that feels good." Of course it did, it was a blow job and what blow job doesn't feel good? This one did feel good but there is a difference between a good blow job and a fucking amazing blow job. This one was a good one. It was enough to get me off, to make me come. Most of all it was enough to make me forget those brown eyes that I couldn't get out of my head.

Brown doe eyes that looked up at me while sucking my cock. I'll never forget those eyes or the feeling I had. No one would ever compare to that sex. EVER.

Bringing my thoughts back to the task at hand, I looked down into the current face of the girl sucking me and felt nothing. I did feel her hot lips and her tongue swiveling around. I felt pleasure but not the pleasure I knew I could feel with someone.

Grabbing the fake blonde by her hair, I roughly pulled her up and turned her around; stripping her of her underwear. She lifted her skirt around and bent over, leaning her hands on the door in front of her.

I slammed into her, hard, and then back out and back in over and over as hard as I could. She moaned loudly and begged me to go faster. I obliged, not loosening the death grip I had on her hips. I could feel the pressure start to build up in my stomach and I knew that I was close to exploding.

"Fuck, I'm coming Anthony, I'm coming." She screamed and just as the last syllable left her mouth, I unloaded. Giving myself a few seconds to recover I held the girl in front of me and tried to catch my breath a bit.

After several seconds, I pulled out, removed the condom I had put on before she began to blew me, threw it away, pulled up and buttoned my pants and walked right past her out the door to the crowded bar.

I didn't stop to listen to her protest or bother to shut the door. I heard a scream of 'fuck you', raised my middle finger and kept walking.

I used girls, I knew this and I was ok with it. I never gave them any incline that I'd ever want more. They always knew what they were getting into when I fucked them so the fact that they got pissed is on them. I don't force anyone to fuck.

Sex is sex; as long as you put no emotion in it it's just that. Fucking. Girls tend to put emotion into it and then make it seem like it's my fault. Like I fucking told her to get on her knees and suck me. She came on to me; I just allowed it to happen. In all my 28 years of life, there had only ever been one girl who got under my skin. One girl that I would never have and needed to forget.

I walked the short walk to my house to wash off the remnants of the sex I just had. I had lots of sex, it's a good stress reliever and every once in a while, I'd get a girl who'd knock my socks off. Sometimes I'd get one who'd complain that I'd make them use a condom for everything, including blow jobs. Shit I don't where their mouths have been, and sometimes I'd get ones that were worth a second and sometimes third time. But more than three never happened. That's when they'd get attached and lord knows I'm not one to get attached...not again anyway.

After showering, I grabbed a beer, headed to the living room, flicked on the PS3, sat on the couch and killed some motherfucking zombies.

I was at a good level when my damn doorbell rang. I screamed from the couch to whoever it was to come in, (I never locked my door) I looked up when I heard the booming voice of my brother and Cousin.

"Ready to get some vision, kid? I got some new shit from Aro; we're dying to try it."

"Shit, ya, let me just finish this round and then we'll spark it."

"You roll, I'll play." My cousin said, taking the controller from my hand and sitting next to me. I pulled the coffee table up close grabbed the bag from my brother that held the weed and started to roll.

"This shit better be better than last time." I said, licking the side of the paper. I need to get fucked up tonight."

"What no pussy today man?" My brother asked.

"You know I had Pussy, it just wasn't the right one."

"Dude, you have to get the fuck over her." My cousin replied.

Brushing off his comment, I twisted the ends of the joint and handed it to my brother.

"I'll get us some beers, meet me in the shed and we'll smoke."

We never smoked in my house, ever. We smoked out in my shed that I turned into a man town.

I had smoked weed for years now. It relaxed me. I started it around senior year in High School when Aro, a new kid in town, started playing football with my brother. My brother had stopped for a long time when he started dating his girlfriend but they are currently in broken up mode, when he's in that mode, he smokes. I just smoke to relax and forget the fucked up shit that is my life.

"Dude, you better have food." My cousin said as we walked back to my house after smoking.

"You're in luck motherfuckers, Jane stocked the house." I laughed, and jumped on my brothers back. He was much bulkier than me and older and when we smoked and got high, we tended to act like fucking kids.

Jane was my housekeeper/food shopper/cook/ any fucking thing I needed I paid her enough to make sure my lazy ass didn't have to do anything.

The relaxation kicked in and the 3 of us sat on my couch, eating, drinking beers and killing zombies. Who the fuck needs nagging ass women around when this shit right here is the life.

I was disoriented trying to figure out where the hell that pounding noise I could hear was coming from. I blacked out at some point last night on my couch and had no clue what the fuck was going on. The banging got louder; I opened my eyes and realized it was someone knocking on my door. I sat up, rubbed my hands down my face and groaned. "Who the fuck is it?" I screamed from the couch. No answer, but the doorbell started to ring.

Making my way to the door I cursed the person who was there. Opening the door with force, I went to yell but stopped when I realized it was the last person I wanted to be mean to.

"You and your brother need to help me; I need you to do me a huge favor. Well, I actually have two huge favors and I'm calling in my 'I owe you.'"

I pushed the screen door opened. "Come in."

The plane finally landed and I was thanking the fucking lord that this shit was finally over with. Rather than head home, I wanted to head straight to see my brother and let him know that after all these years, we can finally put the mess that was made behind us.

I walked into the diner that my brother and I owned and saw Emmett across the room talking to what I assumed was Charlie's daughter. I started to walk over and when he saw me, he motioned for me.

When she turned around, I nearly fell over. The brown eyes that I dreamt about for over 3 years. Her scent hit my like a ton of bricks. Her eyes widened and I knew she remembered. What happened next was something that fucked with my mind. A little boy came running in and right into her arms. She scooped him up and he to spoke to her, "Pops wanted me to meet his fwiends." The little boy said, and then looked over at me. If I wasn't breathing before from the sight of her then I definitely wasn't breathing now.

There was no doubt in my mind that the little boy I was looking at was my kid. Those were my eyes, my motherfucking eyes. I was staring into an exact replica of me when I was kid. The tears welled up in eyes and everyone around us just stood there and stared. A sob broke from her and she mouthed 'please'. I shook my head, turned around and walked out of the diner.

I had no fucking clue what to do, what to think. How the fuck was this possible? Who the fuck was this girl? More importantly, did I really have a fucking kid?

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