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Three years and 9 months earlier…..

The cold rain was pelting off my jacket as I was walked down the road towards the bus station.

I really hated having to come back to Seattle all the time to deal with my father's bullshit. You'd think that with him being dead for so long that shit would be done. But no. This man had his hands in everything and money everywhere. I never let Emmett know about the shit I've had to deal with, it's bad enough to drag me into it; I didn't want us both dragged down.

This trip to Seattle was emotional. My mother was involved in this one. This was the one where we decided who takes on her charities. The end result wasn't good, it was left with my temper flaring and me slamming my fist on the table and walking out. My uncle was not too happy with me.

I didn't care.

I went back to my hotel, grabbed my guitar and left. I didn't care to pack my clothes or return my rental car. I just needed to get the fuck out of this city and back to my house where I could smoke and forget the shit I'd been dealing with since I turned 18.

When my parents died, my father's VP took over everything until I was of age and according to my father's will, of age was 18. The call came the day after my birthday. I tried to stay out as long as could but my uncle stepped in when I turned 21 and said it was time to get the ball rolling and get on with the wishes of my father. That was 6 years ago. I had three more companies to sell and then I was done. Emmett and I would walk free and clear from all my dad's businesses with a pretty penny.

The charities are what's the hardest. My mother built them from the ground up, they were her companies, her dreams, her doings and I didn't want them to go away.

Of course the new owners of the companies my dad had, didn't care about the charities. They just wanted the companies and that was it.

My dad came from money and had a lot of it. He finished college with an MBA and started buying companies that were going bankrupt. They ranged from car dealerships, coffee shops, auto mechanic businesses, to boutiques, mom and pop hardware stores and different bed and breakfasts around Washington. Honestly, the amount of small businesses my father owned was crazy.

He would work with the owners who were going bankrupt and rather than them claiming, my dad would buy them out, own the company help get them back on their feet, turn around their profit and then let them owners continue to run it. There of course were many businesses that he would help that would end up right back to square one with no profit but he would sell the location and be done with it. My dad was all business and he was good at what did and he was well known. He helped many people start, keep and maintain their companies.

I shook my head not wanting to think about this or my dad anymore. I kept walking down the road; the wind had started to pick up and the bus station was still a few miles away. I saw headlights and turned around to hitch a ride.

The car pulled up alongside me and the window rolled down. I looked in the car and the eyes that were staring back at me were absorbing. Sadness poured from the depth of her eyes. I asked her what made her so sad. She started to respond but stopped, looked away then back at me and offered me a ride.

I agreed, who wouldn't? This woman was beautiful. Her big brown eyes held so much emotion I just wanted to get into her brain and figure out what was wrong. Strange considering I have a fuck and leave policy.

But with her, there was electricity in the car. I never felt anything like it. My body was buzzing as I looked at her. Her brown hair was wavy and swept to the other side in a ponytail. The column of her neck was sensual. I could see her pulse radiating. I couldn't stop my eyes from traveling her body even if I wanted to. They had their own determination; they wanted to see her. And what a site it was. She wore skin tight jeans that hugged her legs. She drove with her left hand and had her right hand on top of her thigh; the blue faded denim enhanced her pale skin. No jacket, just a tight V-neck shirt that showed just the right amount of cleavage to have my mouth watering.

"W-where to?" She asked, slowly, softly, so soft that I barely heard her.

"The Bus Station."

It came out dark and husky, I couldn't help it. My mind was going a mile a minute. Thoughts of things I wanted to do to this girl were making me spiral out of control. Her smell was intoxicating. It was a mixture of roses and vanilla. My new favorite smell.

I shook my head, I had to stop. I couldn't think about this woman like this. She was nice enough to pull over and offer a strange man a ride. She must be freaked out. I have to say something so she knows I'm not a serial killer.

"My name is Edward by the way." Fuck. I cursed under my breath. I usually never give girls my first name. I always go by Anthony with women. But with her, my real name came right out.

"Hi Edward." She replied, never leaving her eyes from the road or reciprocating and telling me her name. I didn't push it. Instead I looked out the window.

A few minutes passed, the radio was on low a top 40's hit song was playing in the background you could barely hear it over the sound of the rain. I heard her sigh and looked over just as she was wiping a stray tear down her cheek.

"Hey, you ok?" I asked, turning slightly to see her face. She swallowed and nodded her head up and down.

"Yes,'s's late and the bus station is probably closed, do you want to stay at a hotel with me for the night?"

The shyness in her voice was enough to make my pants become uncomfortable; the bulge I was sporting was straining against the inside of my zipper and since I tended to go commando, it was very uncomfortable.

Saying no to her never crossed my mind. I shook my head, yes, reached my hand over to brush a stray piece of hair away from her eye and smiled.

We pulled up to a motel after about another 10 miles or so. She pulled into spot, turned off the car and looked over at me.

"I'll be right back." She said her face a deep red blush. She bit her lip and I just about came in my pants. It was so fucking sexy. I was going to tell her I would get the room but I thought that maybe she would be more comfortable and feel more in control if she got it so I sat in the car anxiously waiting for her to come back.

After what felt like hours, she tapped on my window. Reaching in the back, I grabbed my guitar, opened the door and joined her for the walk to the room.

"We're over there, room" She looked back at me bit her damn lip and that was all it took. I grabbed her by her slim waist, pushed her against the wall and smashed my lips to hers. She hesitated at first then opened her plush lips and my tongue went to town exploring and tasting this sweet unknown girl.

I took the keys from her hand and walked her towards the door, never letting my lips separate from hers. She tried to pull away but I just crushed her closer to me with my left arm. She whimpered and relaxed and leaned against the door. I switched my arms so my right was wrapped around her and I put the key into the lock with my left and opened the door. Lifting her easily off the ground, I carried her over the stoop, planted her inside the room and kicked the door shut.

"What's your name?" I mumbled into her mouth. I could feel her smile slightly then push away. Her big brown eyes looked at me and damn it she pulled her bottom lip between her top teeth. I had no idea why that had such a strong effect on me; it was fucking sex as hell.

"Marie, Marie Ne...Marie, my Name is Marie." She said after a bit of hesitation. I laughed, "Are you sure? You don't seem so sure." She smiled and nodded.

"Well Marie, "I planted my hands on her bottom and lifted her up, she squealed and wrapped her legs around my waist. "You're beautiful." I kissed her again, not allowing her to say anything else. I was way past the point of no return; there was no way I would be able to not have sex with her without having a serious - take me the ER - set of blue balls.

Her hands became frantic gripping my shirt in the back then moving to the front then back to the back. She was moaning and whimpering and grinding on me. Her chest was heaving, she was breathless. It was the sexiest fucking thing I had ever seen.

I lifted up, took of my shirt, throwing it across the bed to the floor. Her nails raked up and down my back, making her way to the front, she started to unbuckle my pants; goose bumps formed all over me.

I wanted to savor this moment. I was feeling all sorts of things with this girl. Things I had never fucking felt before. I felt like a girl having all these thoughts running through my head rather than just the thought of fucking. But no...My brain was thinking things like - what does she like to eat in the morning, what is her favorite color, where does she live.

Fuck, I never thought shit like this before. It was always fuck the girl and get out fast before she wants to know what I like to eat in the morning.

"In a rush, sweetheart?" I asked, grabbing her hands and pulling them above her head. Dipping down, I licked the side of her neck.

Looking over at me, she shook her head no. It was a sweet innocent gesture, one that caused my dick to spasm.

I stood from the bed and kicked my shoes off, my pants following. Her eyes bugged out when she looked me up and down. I was into working out and keeping in shape and I had the body to prove it. Licking her lips, she rid herself of her clothes and reached for me.

The moment was intense, I could see the need in eyes and that was enough for me to not think about anything but fucking her.

Hovering over her, I wiped the hair from the side of her face and cupped my hand around her neck. Lifting her head up, I captured her lips and kissed her. My other hand roamed her body till I found the sweet spot between her legs; I rubbed my fingers gently across the flesh. The moan that escaped was a sweet fucking sound to my ears and encouraging to keep going. I used her clit like it was guitar string; strumming it with my calloused fingers.

She was moaning, panting, withering. All the things that drove me crazy. She was beautiful, her body was glowing under the faint light that window let in. Her long brown hair was fanned out. She smelled amazing. I was slowly losing my control the control I never had with any other girl. But she was different. I wanted her pleasure to be mind blowing, Then I wanted to hold her and get to know her and I never fucking wanted that, ever.

Her hands came up and cupped my cheek. She opened her eyes and gazed back at me while our mouth still played the game they were playing.

The moment was so surreal that I didn't even think; all I did was plunge inside of her. She moaned, loudly and wrapped her legs around my waist. I drove into her like a mad man. Over and over again I pushed and pulled back out just to push back in. The sound from our skin slapping was echoing throughout the room, her moans were muffled by mouth. The sweat was dripping down my face the slickness of our bodies combined causing the rhythm to be a little smoother. I didn't want to the feeling to end. I wanted to be buried in her tight heat all night. I disengaged myself from her and laid my back on the bed. She stopped and looked over at me then sat up and took me in her mouth. I nearly came right there. I grabbed her hair lightly, my eyes rolling back as she took me as far as she could go.

I needed her to stop. I wanted to be in her again. The feeling was so strong. This woman was beautiful. Very few words were spoken between us but the connection I felt with her was uncanny.

I pulled a little so she could get up and I was rewarded with her sitting on my dick. She let her hands fall to my chest and I reached up and pulled her down to my mouth. The taste of her tongue was delicious. I could taste her juices that she just took from my dick.

I reached for her hips and guided her. Sitting up more, I felt myself get deeper. She moaned again and wrapped her arms around my neck. Mine went around her waist and we found our rhythm. A damn good rhythm. She moved back and forth up and down. It was intense. She whispered quietly, that she was coming. She blushed immediately as the words slipped out and I lost all control. I came, fucking hard. Pulsating inside her it was the hardest and most I've ever come in my life.

She let her head rest on my shoulder, the grip on her waist never loosened. She looked up at me slowly then got off. I fell to the pillow and covered my face. My body was dripping sweat. The sheets wet from our antics. And just when I thought I couldn't take any more. He mouth was on me again. He beautiful brown eyes looking up at me; it was a sight I'd never forget. A feeling I'd never forget. It was a night I'd never forget.

We made love all night long. It was amazing. I fell asleep wrapped in her. But when I woke, all she left me was note:

Please don't try and find me, please don't you dare, just live in my memory, you'll always be there.