(We begin with pitch blackness. Only two voices are heard…)

"Another peaceful morning in Angel Grove."

"Indeed it is Alpha. But don't let that lull you into complacency. Scan the solar system for any spikes in energy. It only takes one lapse in vigilance for peace to spiral out of control."

"Yes Zordon. Right away."



(We begin again, aptly so, in the early morning. It's a small town in California called Angel Grove. Only over a few hundred thousand people call this their home. This is the story of six of those people.)

Girl: Man. What a beautiful sunrise.

(A young, attractive brunette gets up out of her bed, clad in pink and packed to the rim with stuffed animals. She turns off the alarm and walks over to her window and gazes out into the world.)

Girl: Thank god it's Friday too.

(Elsewhere, further downtown, a young African American male sits on his bed, still appearing zombified and in a daze, slips on his massive, MC Hammer inspired pants. He walks over to the mirror and quickly combs his flat top into shape, then picks up a framed photo of Janet Jackson and give it a kiss to start his day.)

Boy: Wish me luck, beautiful.

(Somewhere between the two homes is that of another male. A white, athletic looking teen with dark brown hair. He's living in a much smaller home, suggesting his family is of modest means. He throws on a red sleeveless shirt, exposing his larger than average built, then heads out of his bedroom and into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. His father

Dad: Good morning, sunshine.

Son: Hey dad.

Dad: How's class going?

Son: Alright.

Dad: Good, good. Hey listen. I hate to ask, but… I might need an advance on your half of the rent this month.

Son: Again? I gave you an advance last month.

Dad: I know. It's just… with your mother being laid off. And business being slow at the auto shop… I mean I know your classes don't bring in too much. But…

Son: It's okay dad. Sorry. I got it. I'll pay you after class.

(Trying to hide his true emotions, the son buries his face into the refrigerator door he just opened.)

Dad: Thanks son. I really appreciate it.

Son: It's the least I can do.

Dad: You're a gem, you know that? You're gonna save this family. Especially once you graduate with honors and get into a good school. No pressure though.

Son: Yeah.

(He shuts the fridge door after pulling out the carton of milk.)

Son: No pressure.

(A little later on a crowded city bus, a young, Hispanic male dressed in urban attire manages to grab a seat near the back next to an elderly woman, and a disheveled looking middle aged man. The man keeps eyeing the woman as he leg keeps seeping over to his side. But undeterred by the crowd, or the company, the Hispanic teen pulls out a large grey Game Boy from his back pack and buries his face into it, shutting everything else out.)

Hispanic male: …

(Upfront, two young teens around the same age: a white male wearing thick glasses and large blue overalls, accompanied by a slender Asian girl in a yellow sweater and a knee length grey skirt, squeeze in and manage to .)

Male in overalls: I'm honestly a little nervous about this AP calculus exam on Monday. What if I don't pass it and get booted off Advanced Placement?

Asian girl: Billy, you're nearly two years in with a perfect GPA. You've invented more things than Isaac Newton, whose material you're covering

Billy: (Shrugs) I could still use a refresher.

(She rolls her eyes, though smiling the whole time.)

Asian girl: Whatever helps.

Billy: So Trini, do you think you'd be able to come over and help me study? I've already programed a reminder on your trapper keeper.

(She lets out an exasperated sigh.)

Trini: I have no idea. I'm so swamped this weekend. I have lessons. I already have to give lessons. I'm volunteering.

(Billy's face scrunches up disappointedly.)

Billy: You always seem to be busy.

Trini: I'm… sorry. I'll… try and make time for you. But no promises.

Billy: Great!

Trini: Just do me a favor. No more reminders, please. I don't even know how you manage to program it. There's nothing electronic in my trapper keeper.

Billy: Well you can do a lot with a calculator.

Trini: I'll be sure to keep it away from my nightstand.

(Billy smiles and shrugs coyly.)

Billy: I can also bring a movie if you'd like? You need to give yourself a break. Enjoy life a little bit.

Trini: I do enjoy life. I enjoy helping my cousin and spending time with family. I also enjoy making the world a better place.

Billy: That is an admirable trait of yours.

(The bus stops, jerking everyone forward. The bus begins clearing out as everyone makes their way toward the exits.)

Trini: Honestly, anything that I can do to help others, even a little, will catch my attention.

(Just then, toward the back an incident breaks out when the middle aged man turns around to berate the older woman.)

Man: Move your stupid leg, you old hag!

(He then starts kicking the elderly woman in the legs repeatedly. It catches everyone's attention, including Trini and Billy. Yet within the second, the Hispanic teen leaps from his seat and shoves the man a good five feet away.)

Hispanic teen: Get out. Now!

(His booming command instantly deflates any of the man's aggression.)

Man: Hey!

Hispanic teen: Out!

Man: I'm leaving, I'm leaving!

(He pushes him toward the back exit, where coincidentally, an officer just happens to be standing there. The officer grabs the man as the bus doors close. The teen returns to his seat casually.)

Lady: Thank you, young man.

(He nods.)

Hispanic teen: Don't mention it.

(The teen then sits back down in his seat, then continues to bury his face into his Game Boy as if nothing happened. The passengers look on briefly before returning to themselves. Trini though continues to hold her gaze, as if in a trance.)

Billy: I suppose I understand your need to help others.

Trini: …

Billy: Trini?

Trini: Oh… yeah.

Billy: By the way did you hear about the lunar landing that's gonna be televised? We should check that out.

(After that, the day goes on without much incident. It's a rather calm, typical day at high school. Angel Grove High School to be exact. Toward the end of the day, we join a class of mostly eager students working on an assignment.)

"I'm telling you, she's into me."

(Several students however, having finished the assignment early, take this time to chat with their friends. Like the African American teen, who turns to his best friend, the athletic male.)

"No she's not Zack. You're wasting your time."

Zack: I'm telling you Jason.

Jason: She's your dental hygienist. She's paid to be nice to you.

Zack: You're not in that office. You don't see the sparks between us.

Jason: Are the sparks coming out of your teeth as she's drilling them?

Zack: Very funny. But watch: I'll eat a whole box of Oreos before I see her next time just so she'll spend more time with me. Then I'll make my move.

Jason: Listen to this guy. Am I the only one hearing this? Kim?

(He turns to the girl in front of him, the attractive brunette. She's dressed in fashionable clothes and lifts her head from digging into her name brand purse. She turns her head and rolls her eyes playfully.)

Kimberly: Oh my god, Zack! Get a grip.

"May I have your attention please?"

(The teacher up front, a heavyset, middle aged woman, takes the floor. "Ms. Appleby" is written in large letters behind her on the black board.)

Jason: Shh. Shhh!

Ms. Appleby: I can only assume by the chatter that everyone has completed their assignment. So, what do you guys think? Did you find this review on synonyms helpful? I know some of you were struggling with your papers…

(She gives a pointed look toward two boys sitting in the back of the class. One heavyset, the other one skinny. Both dressed in punk clothing. Trini raises her hand.)

Ms. Appleby: Yes Trini?

Trini: Well I found it extremely helpful. Not only was it a valuable refresher from something we haven't touched in years, but it really helped me expand my vocabulary.

Ms. Appleby: Well I'm glad you liked it, Trini.

(She smiles brightly at Ms. Appleby, while the two boys in the back can be heard snickering to themselves.)

Large punk: Pfft. What a teacher's pet.

Skinny punk: Ahahaha. Teachers pet.

Large punk: The only words she'll probably need to learn are Sesame chicken.

Skinny punk: Ahahahahaha.

(Trini turns around to try and confront the duo.)

Trini: What was that, you two?

Bulk: I said you've got some brown on your nose, Trini. You might wanna wipe that off.

Trini: …

Skull: Ahahahahahahahaha.

(Embarrassed by being called out, Trini sinks back into her seat and doesn't respond.)

Ms. Appleby: Bulk, Skull, I don't wanna hear another word out of either of you. There is no need for remarks.

Bulk: There is no need for this. This is a waste of everybody's time. Can we just go home now? I'm exhausted.

Hispanic teen: Being unfunny can take a lot out of you.

(Sitting far and away from everybody else, the Hispanic teen speaks up again.)

Bulk: What was that/ You have something to say to me, Robbie? Say that to my face!

Ms. Appleby: Boys, that's enough.

Bulk: …

Robbie: …

Ms. Appleby: (Exhales) Now then. Now that we know what synonym means, why don't we go over our review sheet one by one? Sound good.

(The classroom is silent.)

Ms. Appleby: Good! Can anyone tell me what the synonym for attic is?

(Bulk raises hand.)

Ms. Appleby: Yes Bulk?

Bulk: What's an attic?

Robbie: It's what your father is.

Ms. Appleby: Roberto, that is inappropriate.

Robbie: (Shrugs) I mean technically he's in recovery I guess.

(The bell rings.)

Ms. Appleby: Enough out of you. You're in enough trouble as it is.

(Switching gears, she addresses the rest of the class.)

Ms. Appleby: The rest of you have a wonderful weekend. Those who don't already have detention.

(The classroom rushes outside to begin their weekend, this includes Jason, Zack and Kimberly. Trini gets up too, but she turns around to eye Robbie. Possibly to thank him for speaking up for her. He doesn't move from his seat though and appears to only be settling in. Bulk and Skull remain behind too. She gets pulled away by the others before she can wait much longer.)

Zack: So what's going on with your weekends?

Jason: I have a bunch of martial arts classes I need to teach this weekend. Then? I don't know. Probably sleep and catch up on some homework.

Kimberly: I've got to hit the mall to pick out an outfit for my cousins birthday party next weekend.

Zack: Oh! Speaking of parties, my parents are out of town tomorrow night? I'm inviting a few friends over if you guys want to come.

Kimberly: Sounds good!

Jason: Yeah, count me in.

Zack: You Trini?

(Trini returns to her exasperated state of mind and lets out another sigh.)

Trini: I don't know. I'd love to. But tomorrow I have violin lessons all afternoon. Then I'm helping my parents paint the living room. My cousin Samantha also needs help with an assignment. On Sunday I'm volunteering for a clean-up with my temple along a highway we adopted. So I pretty much have to cram my tai chi and homework assignments to today if I want to get anything else done.

Zack: Geez. Alright Trini. I get it. Make sure you take breaks for meals.

Trini: Oh and I also promised I'd help Billy practice for his AP test on Monday.

Jason: Hey where is Billy by the way?

Kimberly: I haven't seen him anywhere since 3rd period.

(They then step outside onto the main campus.)

Trini: (Gasps) Billy!

(They find him hanging from a flag pole, his underwear stretched out to his head as he fails about. They rush over to try and help him down, next to an old veteran saluting the flag.)

Kimberly: Oh god.

Zack: That looks painful.

Jason: Hang on Billy.

Billy: Careful please. Ow. Slowly, slowly. Ow!

(They get him down finally, then prop him up.)

Billy: Thank you guys.

Trini: What happened?

Jason: Are you alright? Who did this to you?

Billy: I'm okay, minus some chaffing in unfortunate areas. And… I'd rather not go into it if that's okay.

Jason: Billy, if someone is picking on you, you need to let us know. Or at least tell Mr. Kaplan.

Billy: I'm afraid opening my mouth is what got me in trouble in the first place. And I wouldn't say I'm being bullied. Hopefully this is just an isolated incident. But I'll let you know if it continues.

Jason: (Sighs) …okay.

Trini: It just makes me sick to see someone taking advantage of someone smaller and weaker.

Billy: That's what I need to hear from you.

(Jason consolingly puts his arm around him.)

Jason: Hey don't sweat it. After your first karate class, no one will be messing with you.

Billy: Thanks Jason. I really appreciate the offer.

Jason: Don't mention it.

Billy: I just need to go home and get changed. They'll also be televising the first lunar landing in several years. So I'd love to catch a glimpse of that before heading out…

Jason: Sure…

(Meanwhile, happing elsewhere, not on this earth, the two astronauts Billy referenced wander the surface of the moon. They spot what appears to be space garbage several yards away.)

Astronaut 1: Look what is that?

Astronaut 2: It looks like a giant space dumpster.

Astronaut 1: Let's open her up.

Astronaut 2: Yeah. Screw the regulations.

(They team up to open it. A powerful energy forces the lid off as they lift it, shoving them to the ground.)

Astronaut 1: Oh god.

Astronaut 2: What's happening?!

(Suddenly, several alien beings pop out of the dumpster like a clown car, scaring the two astronauts who've made a huge mistake.)

Astronaut 1: Extraterrestrial life forms!

Astronaut 2: They don't look friendly.

Finster: Let's get out of here! (Laughing) All right! We're out! Rita, wake up, wake up.

(A tall, witch like woman, dressed in brown and black leaps from the dumpster and stretches her arms out.)

Rita: Ah, after 10,000 years I'm free!

Baboo: Yeww, morning breath.

Squatt: That was like a punch to the face.

Baboo: Here. Let me get you a mint.

Finster: Free after so long!

Baboo: Here, your Evilness, let me help you. Walk with me, talk with me.

(Baboo, a tall, humanoid monkey walks over to Rita and guides her out of the dumpster.)

Rita: Oh! You made me step in a puddle, you nitwit! Get out of my way, monkey face!

(Confused, the astronauts begins screaming for their lives and head back toward their ship.)

Astronaut 1: Houston, we have a problem!

(Goldar, a golden armored griffin warrior, calls out to them.)

Goldar: Don't leave. The fun has just begun.

Rita: You'll miss my coming-out party. That's when I destroy the nearest planet!

(She turns her head toward what just so happens to be planet earth. Meanwhile back home, most of the teens head to Ernie's Gym and Juice Bar, a popular teen hangout in the small town. The TV airs by the barstools in the background the kids are spread out.)

"In other news, Mayor Carrington signed a budget this morning that make significant cuts to all emergency services, including a 20% cut in police force. With crime at an all-time low, the Mayor answered critics by asking 'What can go wrong?'"

Jason: One. And two. One. And two.

(Jason is in the middle of teaching one of his classes to a bunch of younger kids while Zack is 'putting the moves' on the pierced, black haired teen waitress taking his order.)

Waitress: How do you want your coffee?

Zack: Black. I'm a man. I don't need none of that girl stuf-

Waitress: (Interrupts) Can you please stop annoying me?

Zack: Cream and three sugars, please.

(She rolls her eyes and turns away.)

Zack: Thanks Jennie!

(In the exercise area, Trini is practicing her Tai chi as promised. Kimberly is practicing moves on a balance beam. It culminates in a backwards flips to the mat below. She sticks the landing and poses for no one in particular. Trini briefly stops what she's doing and walks over.)

Trini: That was awesome, Kimberly.

Kimberly: Thanks, Trini.

Billy: Hey fellas!

(Billy walks in and cheerfully wearing a full karate uniform and waves at Zack as well as Jason, who had just taken a short break from his class.)

Zack: Yo Billy, what's up?

Billy: Well, I think I'm mentally and physically prepared for my first karate class.

Trini: Oh, no, look who's here.

(Bulk and Skull walk back in, looking as if they were looking specifically for the girls.)

Bulk: Hi, girls.

Trini: What do you want Bulk?

Bulk: Skull and I got to talking. And we're really sorry about the way we spoke to you earlier.

Trini: You're sorry?

Kimberly: I somehow find that hard to believe.

Bulk: Let us make it up to you. How about a double date?

Skull: Yeah. What about it?

Trini: Sorry, guys.

(Ready to give up right away, Skull wanders off. Until he's pulled back by a more insistent Bulk.)

Bulk: What's the matter? We're not good enough for you?

Trini: Leave us alone, Bulk.

Bulk: Oh, yeah? Make me.

Skull: Yeah! Make me!

"Hey, you heard what she said."

(Robbie appears from out of nowhere, standing behind the girls.)

Skull: Him. Make him.

Bulk: Oh, what do you know? Back for more, eh? Don't you have community service around this time?

Robbie: No. But if you want me to clean up some trash, I can.

Bulk: …

(Trini turns back to address Robbie.)

Trini: We can handle these two.

Robbie: …

Bulk: Come on, let's teach this guy the only lesson he'll ever learn.

(Bulk cracks his knuckle, then her and run forward to attack him. Kimberly sticks a foot out to trip Skull, who crashes into the mat while Trini jumps in front of Robbie and flips Bulk who lands on top of Skull)

Skull: (Wheezing) …..!

Bulk: Ugh.

(The whole Youth Center busts into laughter as the girls walk over to stand above the fallen duo.)

Trini: You guys should definitely join Jason's karate class.

Skull: We sure… showed him…

Skull: My spleen…

(Meanwhile on the moon. Within a matter of moments after the dumpster was open, the evil witch, Rita, has already created her home base – a towering castle, sticking out from the moons otherwise desolate surface.)

Rita: Aha! Step one is complete! We now have a place of operations, to begin our evil plot.

Baboo: I for one love it, my empress! So nice and roomy.

Squatt: Yeah. But who's "Bandora?"

Baboo: That's the landlord I think.

Squatt: Oh! That makes sense.

(Rita ignores her bumbling minions and walks into Finster's workshop, already filled to the top with small clay models of what appear to be monsters.)

Rita: Finster! Start making Putty Patrollers.

Finster: Yes, my empress. I'll make a whole army of them. Just the thing we need to begin our invasion.

Goldar: Lead them down and make the Earth yours, Empress.

(Meanwhile, back at the Juice Bar following Billy's first class he hangs his head looking defeated as Jason, Zack, Trini and Kimberly try to support him.)

Jason: Billy, I'm telling you, for your first lesson you did really well.

Billy: You think so?

Trini: Yeah, we were watching you.

Billy: I don't think you were watching the same Billy.

Trini: What do you mean?

Billy: I was completely uncoordinated. I was definitely holding everybody back. I mean, you placed me in a class with children and I couldn't keep up.

Jason: (Shrugs) It was the only class with space Billy. I'm sorry.

Billy: It's hopeless.

Jason: Hey, hey don't say that Billy. You'll get it. I mean, even I was a beginner once.

Billy: Yeah?

Jason: Yeah. It's all a state of mind. You don't need to be strong for this. It's all up here.

(He points to Billy's head, who appears slightly better. Behind them, a large man appears with a tray of drinks.)

Ernie: Hey, guys.

All: Hey, Ernie.

Ernie: I got your drinks right here. Who ordered the spinach juice?

(They take their drinks and begin merrily sipping. Trini takes her banana shake, but as she takes it to her lips, she eyes Robbie sitting alone in the corner, writing to himself. She plays with the straw briefly before speaking up.)

Trini: Hey. Do you think we should invite him over with us?

Kimberly: Him? No way.

(They turn around to take a look.)

Trini: Why not? I mean he did help us out earlier.

Kimberly: Ronnie's nothing but trouble. Plus he's given me like the coldest vibes since forever. I have no idea why. I don't even know him.

Trini: His name's Robbie, Kimberly. And I wonder why?

Kimberly: …

Billy: I-I've got to side with Kimberly on this one, Trini. Robbie has had a history of defiant behavior and the occasional explosiveness.

Trini: That reminds me, why was he in detention today?

(Kim leans her head up, cueing a flashback. Earlier in the day during a reading class, a class which Kimberly, Robbie and Billy seem to share…)

Ms. Appleby: Okay so who wants to share their written assignments first?

(No one responds.)

Ms. Appleby: No one? Okay… how about you Robbie?

Robbie: (Sighs) Okay…

(He opens his notebook.)

Robbie: 'Catcher in the Rye' was a good book. I found it very informative and compelling. And as a Dodgers fan, I found myself reading this book for hours on end.

Ms. Appleby: Hmm…

Robbie: Holden was a very relatable character. And when he tried out to be a catcher in the end of the book, I found myself really rooting for him.

Ms. Appleby: Couldn't spring for the cliff notes?

Robbie: What?

Ms. Appleby: Did you actually complete this assignment?

Robbie: Yeah?

Ms. Appleby: Are you sure?

Robbie: Of course I did. I wrote it all down here.


(Seated behind him, Billy raises his hand.)

Billy: Robbie's notebook is totally blank.

Robbie: You snitch!

(Stunned by Billy telling on him, Robbie eyes him, hard. It makes Billy visibly uncomfortable.)

Billy: …

Ms. Appleby: I thought just as much Billy. Thank you. For falsifying an assignment, I'm giving you a week's detention.

(Robbie's death stare continues, as Billy tries to awkwardly evade his glare.)

Ms. Appleby: Now, who else would like to present? Hannah?

(Back to the present…)

Trini: Wait, that's why Billy was up a flag pole earlier?

(Billy shrugs.)

Kimberly: Like I said, Ronnie is trouble. That settles it.

Trini: …

(They then return to sipping on their drinks without saying a word. Trini, while she should be disgusted that someone put their hands on her timid best friend, has more mixed feelings that are harder for her to define. She shoots up from her desk with her shake in hand.)

Trini: Well we're gonna thank him anyway.

Kimberly: We?

(Before Kim can say another word Trini pulls her with her. They approach Robbie who looks as if he wasn't expecting anyone to talk to him.)

Trini: Hello?

Robbie: …

Trini: Hi.

Robbie: Hey?

(He pulls the earphone off his head, and places his hand over the letter he's writing.)

Trini: My friend and I just want to thank you for standing up for us earlier. And I'd like to thank you for standing up for me in class.

Robbie: Oh.

Trini: …

Robbie: Don't mention it.

Trini: Here, we got you a shake.

(She hands her shake over to Robbie who appears confused. She then nudges Kim.)

Kimberly: Uh… I'm Kimberly by the way.

Robbie: I know who you are.

Kimberly: How?

Robbie: We have class together. We've had class together since the 6th grade, princess.

Kimberly: Oh…

(Robbie turns to Trini.)

Robbie: You must be Didi.

Trini: I uh…

Robbie: (Smiles) I'm kidding Trini. See? I bother to learn people's names.

Trini: Oh… (Laughs) That's good.

Robbie: Thanks for the shake.

Trini: No problem Robbie.

Kimberly: Uh here… let me get that straw for you.

(Trying to make up for not knowing his name she reaches down and fumbles with the straw to try and unwrap it. A short, unexpected rumble causes her to spill the drink over him.)

Robbie: Oh, COME ON!

Kimberly: Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!

Robbie: You're sorry?! It's all over me know.

(He gets up, which instantly causes Jason and Zack to get up as well.)

Kimberly: I mean it's not like anything's designer…

Jason: Alright, take it easy buddy. It was an earthquake.

Robbie: Relax beefcake, I don't hit girls. Which should come as a relief for you two.

Jason: …

Zack: …

Ernie: Hey is there a problem here?

(Ernie sees the commotion and immediately jumps to conclusions. He points to Robbie.)

Ernie: Buddy if you're gonna start problems here, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Robbie: What?!

Trini: What? He didn't do anything. It was all an acci-

(The shaking then starts again. This time much more aggressively and for an extended period of time. The Youth Center rocks to its core, sending everyone inside into a panic. Meanwhile…)

"Danger, danger. It's the big one. We'll all be destroyed."

(Elsewhere… inside a strange, futuristic looking room filled with flashing lights, a space-like backdrop and seems to be occupied by a talking robot, it too gets tossed around by the quake.)

"Calm down Alpha. It's Rita. She's attacking the planet."

(The robot, turns up to a giant, transparent floating head inside of a tube.)

Alpha: Ay-yi-yi.

"Indeed. It seems in preparation for this day, we have failed to prepare our defense."

Alpha: What do we do, Zordon? What do we do?!

Zordon: Bring us six overbearing and overemotional humans.

Alpha: No! Not that! Not teenagers!

Zordon: That is correct, Alpha.

Alpha: I was afraid of that.

Zordon: Scan the earth for elevated hormone levels resembling attractive teens in conflict. They are our only hope.

Alpha: Aye ya yai, that doesn't make any sense.

(Meanwhile back at the Juice Bar…)

Trini: Oh, my gosh what's happening?

Kimberly: This is too weird.

(With only the six teens remaining behind, the foundation of the Youth Center begins to crumble.)

Jason: Hold on!

(Suddenly, they de-ionized into six colored rays of light and get pulled away to safety.)


(They travel through the sky, and find themselves being pulled through the desert. Still as rays of light. They have no control over their movement and can make no sense of what is going on. That is, until they all land, gracelessly, in the center of large futuristic room, with a hard thud.)

Robbie: Ah!

Billy: That hurt…

Jason: Is everyone okay?

Zack: Yeah… I'm fine.

(They each get up, trying to figure out what is going on.)

Trini: What just happened?

Jason: Where are we?

Kimberly: (They get up) This isn't exactly the mall, is it?

Trini: I'm scared.

Billy: Woah. This place is magnificent.

Zack: Is this some kind of alien spaceship? How'd we end up here?

Trini: I just want to know where here is.

Billy: Maybe the answer's in these controls.

(Billy walks over to the controls and starts messing around.)

"Don't touch that."


(Alpha's drawn out, scaring the life out of everybody. Jason instinctively leaps in front of the pack. His fists up as he prepares to defend himself.)

Alpha: Who-whoa!

Jason: (Forcefully) Who are you?!

Alpha: I'm Alpha 5.

Zack: Aw man. You're not gonna probe us, are you?

Robbie: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Alpha: (Scratches head) I'm confused…

Billy: I don't believe it.

(Figuring out what Alpha is, Billy calmly walks forward to get a closer look.)

Billy: A fully sentient, multifunctional automation. Never seen anything like it.

Alpha: Whoa.

"Welcome, humans."

(Zordon appears ominously from his tube.)

Kimberly: Uh-oh.

Robbie: Something tells us we're not in Kansas anymore.

Zack: So who are you?

Kimberly: Like, what are you?

Trini: And how do we get out of here?

Zordon: I am Zordon, an inter-dimensional being in a time warp.

Kimberly: Will, like, somebody come back to Earth and get me? I am totally confused.

Zordon: It's quite simple. This planet is under attack. I've brought you here to save it.

Kimberly: Is that what you tell all your captors?

Zordon: You are not being held captive. You may leave at any time.

Robbie: Then that's my cue.

(Robbie flashes the peace sign, then starts walking out.)

Zordon: However before you go, look behind you at the viewing globe. Your doubts will be answered in the images you see.

(They each turn to the viewing globe. Old images from many years ago appear.)

Zordon: This is Rita Repulsa, an intergalactic sorceress who wants to control the universe. I defeated her and placed her in a dumpster some 10,000 years ago. However, she has escaped. With her henchmen and Putty Patrollers she's plans to conquer earth.

Robbie: A witch? Really? And a flying monkey? I'm not the only one getting a "Wizard of Oz" vibe here?

Kimberly: Take it easy, Dorothy.

Robbie: …

Zack: I don't know if I buy any of this.

Zordon: Why not?

Zack: I mean… this all sounds like stuff of fantasy, you know? You want us to some sort of superheroes? Us? Why not police officers or military folk? And I don't know about you, but that ancient earth you just showed us looks a lot like modern Japan.

Zordon: Hmm. I see your concerns.

Trini: Zack does have a point. Why us exactly?

(Alpha chimes in…)

Alpha: Because you are teenagers with attitude.

Kimberly: Well some of us at least…

(She makes a pointed gesture toward Robbie, who takes exception.)

Robbie: What is your deal, Barbie?

Kimberly: My deal is with your attitude. I mean, I don't even know why you're here. All he does is sleep in class and draws wieners on textbooks.

Robbie: What's the matter? Five minutes ago you didn't know who I was.

Kimberly: It was my textbook you drew on!

Jason: Guys, please. Calm down.

Robbie: …

Kimberly: …

Zordon: You have each been selected because, whether you believe it or not, you each share qualities of selflessness, courage, intelligence, integrity and a willingness to stand up to others. Rita will try and corrupt you to gain your power. I chose you six because

(They pause for a moment to let it sink in before responding…)

Kimberly: This guy obviously doesn't know what he's talking about.

Robbie: Yeah, you? Intelligent? Selfless?

Zack: Look who's talking, Robbie.

Robbie: You wanna talk about courage? Try asking a girl out, Taylor.

Zack: For your information, I did. She wasn't interested.

Jason: …

Billy: Leave Zack alone.

Robbie: Oh don't get me started on you, Cranston. Integrity? Yeah let's just throw each other under the bus for no reason.

Kimberly: Nobody told you to not do your homework.

Robbie: What business is it of his? I got detention for a week because he wanted to kiss up to Appleby. I could lose my job cause of my absences.

Kimberly: I highly doubt you actually have a job.

Robbie: That's not the point.

Jason: You guys, stop!

(On his command, all the fighting suddenly end. It was as if Jason had flipped a switch.)

Jason: You guys are like broken records. Have you listened to a thing Zordon has said?

(The room falls silent as everyone looks to one another before Zordon speaks up again.)

Zordon: May I assume that you're interested in this opportunity?

(They each look up at him. And after giving this offer deep consideration…)

Robbie: Nah, I'll pass.

Zack: Yeah. I'll take a rain check on the offer.

Billy: (Shrugs) I have a very important test on Monday.

(They each start leaving. Trini remains behind as does Jason. She turns to Jason briefly then leaves without saying anything. Before Jason leaves he turns up one last time to face Zordon.)

Zordon: I trust you will make the right decision Jason. Whatever path you choose.

Jason: …

Zordon: Go now. And may the power protect you.

(He then walks out. Meanwhile on the moon…)

Rita: Zordon, I'm surprised- teenagers?

(She looks on from a magic telescope as the teens exit the command center.)

Rita: So you think you can stop me, do you? Finster, hurry up with those Putty Patrollers!

Finster: Yes, your evilness. I'm molding the last ones.

Goldar: Those kids will be space dust.

Finster: And the beauty is if they don't, we can always make more. (Carries tray over) Now into the monster-o-matic they go. Ten seconds should do it.

(He puts them into what resembles a cross between a factory line and an oven. He pulls the lever which pulls his clay models in to bake. Meanwhile, just outside the command center, the teens find themselves in at a lost as to how to get back.)

Kimberly: Nice. We're in the middle of nowhere.

Trini: How do we get home?

Billy: I-I think we should go straight ahead. I see the skyline in the distance. We should just head in that direction.

(Robbie scurries behind everyone else, putting a spray can into his backpack.)

Kimberly: What were you doing back there?

Robbie: If you think what I did to your textbook was obscene, just head back up and take a look.

Kimberly: No thank you.

(Jason then appears, trailing behind.)

Jason: Guys, we shouldn't have left. I mean, he chose us to save the world. I say we do it.

Trini: Do you really think we can? I… sort of don't even know if he's telling the truth.

Kimberly: Yeah, for all we know it should have been some trick, looking for some kids to conduct experiments.

Zack: Like probes.

Robbie: Will you get off that already?

Trini: I mean we were talking to a giant floating head. I kinda feel it was worth a listen.

(Suddenly, an explosion goes off that nearly misses them on the right.)


Trini: What was that?

(From the site of the explosion, a horde of putty patrollers appear. They are all silver looking clay beings with black, tiger-like stripes along their midsections. They speak in unintelligible garbles and quickly surround the teens.)

Trini: Oh my gosh.

Robbie: It's a trap! Zordon tricked us!

Jason: I don't think so…

Billy: That's one of the monster Zordon just showed us.

Kimberly: It's Rita!

Trini: What do we do?

Zack: These two are mine. Hi-hi-ya.

Zack confidently struts over to two putties in front of him. For some reason he pulls off a few dance moves showing off impressive foot work as he approaches them. But it throws the enemies off long enough for Zack to dive in and land two blows to the abdomen.

That's when mayhem breaks loose and the rest of the teen's spring into action. Jason lands a devastating side kick to one on his right. Trini blocks blows from the left, then the right before ramming her palms into the ribcage of the enemy before her. Robbie, though not a martial artist, manages to duck and weave between two putty patrollers taking swings at him and is able to push them back with wild haymakers of his own. To their surprise they are holding their own with Rita's foot soldiers. Then there's Billy…)

Billy: Ugh… Ahhh!

(Not being a fighter in any sense, he instead tries to duck any oncoming attacks. That's when a putty patroller appears before him.)

Billy: Wait!

Putty: …?

(Trying to buy time, he takes off his glasses and puts them in his pocket. That doesn't stop an enemy however from grabbing him from behind.)

Billy: Whoa!

(Also struggling is Kimberly, who finds herself being pulled from both ends by the arms.)

Kimberly: Ugh! Let me go!

(She manages to get out some defensive kicks to try and break free but is unsuccessful. Billy now finds himself being bounced between two putty patrollers and gets tossed aside like a rag roll. Kimberly promptly joins him. Zack who's gotten a bit too ahead of himself with his stylish moves, gets caught with both feet in the air and tossed in the pile as well.)

Zack: Ahhh!

(Trini tries to repeat her techniques to different enemies but this time gets her arm caught. She's thrown hard in the pile as well.)

Trini: Whoa!

(Robbie begins to visibly wear out while ducking and weaving. His attacks grow weaker as beads of sweat trickle down his forehead.)

Robbie: Man, I really need to quit smoking.

(Now free, extra putties jump in and grab him by the arms. They toss him aside just as easily.)

Robbie: Ahh!

(Jason puts up the biggest fight, using all limbs to fight off enemies. But he gets completely overwhelmed by the numbers and gets joins the rest.)

Jason: Ugh. Man…

Zack: You guys, they're' way too powerful.

Billy: And way too many of them.

Kimberly: We're in the middle of nowhere.

Trini: What do we do?

(Jason looks back up the hill they came down. In desperation he cries to the rest of them…)

Jason: Quick, everyone back inside!

(He leaps up and manages to tackle one of the putties, creating an open lane. The teens follow behind and make a bee line for the command center, where at least they can get out of immediate danger. Back on the moon, Rita appears distressed by their retreat.)

Rita: No! They're running back to Zordon! (Gasps) They're gonna get the power!

Goldar: Send me down there my empress. I'll make mincemeat out of them.

Rita: Aha!

(The teens rush back inside, and are greeted by Alpha and Zordon, who don't appear too surprised to see them again)

Zordon: Welcome back, rangers.

Kimberly: They're outside.

Zordon: You are safe in here. Rita cannot gain access to the command center without a power coin.

Billy: She must have spotted us leaving.

Jason: And we couldn't make a dent on her putties.

Zordon: I apologize for the trouble my trip may have caused you. It was not my intention to lead you into harm's way.

Jason: Zordon, if they're going to attack Angel Grove. How's anyone going to stop them?

Zordon: My offer remains should you still be interested.

Zack: In what exactly?

Zordon: In becoming Power Rangers.

Jason: Power Rangers?

Zordon: Yes. Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers drawn from the ancient creatures you call dinosaurs.

Robbie: Dinosaurs?

Zordon: Behold! The key to your power.

(Each of their waists flash. Small silver stones with golden coins in the middle appear over their belt buckles.)

Billy: Whoa! What are these?

Zordon: Your Power Morphers. When in danger, raise them to the sky calling your dinosaur's name. You will morph into a fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers.

Jason: Morph?

Billy: Metamorphosis.

Trini: That means to change.

Robbie: We get it Trini. We're not stupid.

Zack: Speak for yourself.

Robbie: …

Zack: Uh... I mean…

Zordon: As Power Rangers you will have access to a universe of power and will command fighting force machines called "Zords."

Jason: I don't get it.

"Jason, bold and powerful you shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur."

"Zachary, you are clever and brave. You shall command the Mastodon Dinosaur."

"Kimberly, graceful and smart the Pterodactyl Dinosaur shall be yours."

"Billy, patient and wise you shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinosaur."

"Trini, fearless and agile the Sabre-toothed Tiger Dinosaur will be under your command."

"Robbie, protector of those in need, the Stegosaurus shall be yours."

(Just then, the alarm rings.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. What now?

Zordon: You have returned just in the nick of time. Rita has sent down Goldar, her right hand man. He is attacking Downtown Angel Grove as we speak.

Billy: How do we stand a chance against that guy?

Zordon: You most certainly stand a chance with your new powers, and most importantly, with each other.

(They turn to one another with silent stares, while further examining their power morphers.)

Zordon: Go now. We do not have much time.

Jason: (Shrugs) I guess we can give it a shot?

Zordon: It's morphing time.





"Sabre-toothed Tiger!"


(Instantly, they get teleported and sent in the opposite direction from where they came.)

Kimberly: Where are we going?

Jason: We're going to save the world.

(On top of a building they appear. In awesome new armor matching the color of clothing they were previously wearing. Their helmets each personalized with the dinosaur they represent. Jason steps to the front and strikes a pose.)

Jason: Let's do it!

"Power Rangers!"

(On cue, Goldar leaps from the sky and lands some twenty yards in front of them, he swings both his arms outwards summoning more putty patrollers. They dash toward them, but the new rangers charge back. This time, they fare much better – Jason, the red ranger is able to swat them away like flies, Zack, the black ranger stomps a few to the ground. Kimberly, the pink rangers' acrobatics are enhanced as she flips over a putty trying to catapult her and responds with a take down. Trini, the yellow ranger flies through the air and bowls over a couple. She swiftly bounces back up, hits a leg sweep to a third enemy, then leaps again into the air to safety. Even Billy is faring better. The new blue ranger finds some newfound fighting ability and some newfound courage as he kicks away an enemy before him, then turns around and buries his elbow into one behind him. Robbie, the brown ranger also finds some enhancements, but also finds some familiar fallbacks…)

Robbie: (Huffs) Man… I really need to quit smoking.

(From the moon however, Rita has seen enough to grow concerned.)

Rita: (Groans) Those stupid Putties are getting beaten by a bunch of pimple-faced nitwits! They're pathetic!

Squatt: How about making Goldar big?

Baboo: Yeah. That always works!

Rita: As usual I have to do everything myself. Finster, I'll deal with your later!

Finster: Oh, dear…

(She leans by the ledge of her balcony with her wand cocked back.)

Rita: Magic wand, make my Goldar, grooooooooooow!

(She chucks her wand through space on a projector toward earth. It lands dead on and with a rip in the ground, a magic steam engulfs Rita's right hand man and before long he grows to the size of a giant, towering over a panicked Angel Grove.)


(Even the rangers are taken aback as he eyes them as targets almost immediately.)

Kimberly: My gosh!

Robbie: Whoa.

Jason: Look at him, he's huge!

Zack: What do we do? We still have putties here.

Robbie: I'll handle them. You can handle him.

Kimberly: That's convenient.

Jason: (Mutters to self) Alright… here goes nothing.

Goldar: I hope you enjoyed your powers, cause it won't last long.

Jason: Back off, fang face!

Zack: The good guys are here.

Billy: Get off our planet.

Trini: We're the Power Rangers!

Kimberly: And we're not backing down.

Goldar: ( growls ) …

Jason: Alright guys, WE NEED DINOSAUR POWER, NOW!

(With a huge blast and a and even bigger crater opening up than before, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. We then cut to a far away, icy tundra, where the Mastodon proudly rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. Then we cut to a desert during a wild sandstorm, created by the Triceratops racing right through it, creating dust behind it and wherever it goes. Next, we cut to a the top of a hill where the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a vine filled rainforest, ripping through anything in sight, with a roar that could frighten ever the scariest predator. Finally, nearby with another loud boom, a volcano erupts and through all the smoke and ash, the pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

Zack: Zack here, this is kicking!

Billy: This is Billy- let's go.

Trini: Trini here, ready to rock!

Kimberly: Hey, nice stereo.

Jason: Megazord, power on!

(The five mighty Zords are seen running together, getting ready to become one. First the Saber tooth tiger's legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other.)

Trini: Wow. I can actually drive this thing!

Billy: Affirmative, me too.

Kimberly: It's like second nature to me.

(They combine with the Tyrannosaurus's legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. Next, the Mastodon's back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit Trini on the far left. Billy is to the left of Jason, who is in the middle next to Zack. Kimberly is on the far right. On the ground, Robbie continues to fight off the putties. He looks up to the sky and is in awe.)

Robbie: Wow. Impressive. I think I made the wrong choice staying down here.

Jason: All right, let's get them.


(Without wasting time, Goldar unsheathes his sword and points it at the Megazord. A powerful beam is unleashed which rocks them to the core.)


Robbie: Never mind.

Goldar: You and your weapons are no match for me.

Jason: Let's see what this baby can do!

Zack: Yeah!

(Zack hits a giant red button in front of his and the Megazord returns the favor, firing a blast right back at Goldar that takes him down.)

Goldar: AHHHHH!

Trini: All right!

Zack: Let's send this guy back where he came from.

Jason: All right, guys, power it up. Activating Megazord Battle Mode.

"Megazord sequence has been initiated."

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord's head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

"Megazord activated."

(Goldar continues to pounce, leaping through the air with his sword and slicing it downward on the Megazord like an axe. Sparks shower the scene before they could land a blow. Goldar tries again but they manage to side step it, tripping him forward. He recovers and tries another blow, but it gets punches away before the Megazord responds with a punch to the face that knocks him back, but doesn't knock him out.)

Goldar: Ahaha!

Billy: That blow didn't even phase him.

Kimberly: He's coming at us!

(Before they can respond he lands to more shots at the Megazord, but is blocked on the third and pushed away. Unrelenting, he leaps to the air for a drop kick.)

Jason: Hang on!

Trini: Look out!

(The blow hits dead on, knocking the Megazord back several steps.)

Billy: We're taking significant damage!

Goldar: You fools are finished!

(Suddenly, Zordon's voice comes through the intercom.)

"Jason, call on the Power Sword to finish him off."

Jason: Right. I need the Power Sword!

(Piercing through the sky and landing point first into the ground, the power sword appears. The Megazord pulls it from the earth and prepares for its final attack. Surprisingly, Goldar appears to want none of the power sword and departs.)

Goldar: Ah, this isn't over. I'll be back.

(The rangers celebrate a well-earned first victory. However on the moon…)

Rita: I can't believe they beat us! This is all your fault. Goldar, you failed.

Goldar: I had a painful hangnail that prompted my retreat. It won't happen again, Empress.

Rita: Shut up!

(Back at the command center the rangers, still in shock, celebrate as the news streams through the viewing globe…)

"At the end of an eventful day, where an astronaut error turned into an intergalactic invasion. We appear to have been rescued by a team a vigilantes. Eye witnesses describe six multi-colored superheroes some mothers feel are too violent for their children. We'll hear from them after the break.."

Jason: That was awesome.

Kimberly: Yeah. I can't believe this is happening.

Zack: This is like a dream man. I'm still waiting to wake up.

Zordon: Congratulations on a job well done. In time you will unlock the true power bestowed to you. And as you gain strength as unit, you will continue to grow stronger as individuals.

Alpha: Let's not get ahead of ourselves Zordon. Now that you've got a sampling, do you all wish to continue as power rangers?

Jason: Yeah!

Kimberly: Duh!

Trini: Absolutely.

(Robbie nods quietly from the corner.)

Robbie: I'm in.

Zordon: Now that you have become Power Rangers you must follow three basic rules or lost the protection of the power: first never use your power for personal gain; never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you. And finally, keep your identity secret. No one may know you are a Power Ranger.

Zack: Oh, wait a second.

Zordon: Yes Zachary?

Zack: (Shrugs) This sounds like a lot. I mean I'm not sure we're all up to this.

Kimberly: Yeah, Robbie wasn't exactly carrying his weight back there.

Robbie: What? I didn't do anything.

Kimberly: Exactly.

Jason: (Shrugs) Yeah. I mean. Not for nothing, but do you think you're gonna be a team player?

Robbie: Why is everyone singling me out?

Zack: I don't know you maybe cause you hung Billy by his boxers.

Robbie: …

Jason: And you were pretty combative back at the Youth Center. You even flipped me off.

Robbie: I was merely saying that you're #1, Jason. With both hands.

(Trini steps forward.)

Trini: Give Robbie a chance, you guys. I'm sure deep down, he wants to do good like the rest of us.

Robbie: …

(Robbie doesn't respond, but give an appreciative, yet puzzled stare as she settles back.)

Jason: Relax. We're just busting his chops. At least I am. We were all chosen here for a reason. And if an intergalactic floating wizard thinks you belong on this team, who are we to question him?

Robbie: Thanks. And like I said, I'm in.

Zordon: You have each just had an extraordinary experience together. You need each other now and the world needs you.

Zack: Yeah, all right. Let's work as a team.

(Zack extends his arm out. In the middle of the command center. Jason places his on top.)

Jason: I'm in.

(Trini joins.)

Trini: You can count on me.

(Then Billy.)

Billy: Affirmative.

(Then Kimberly.)

Kimberly: Count me in.

(They then all eye Robbie, who eyes them back. He eyes Kim untrustingly. Still, he puts his feelings aside and joins the rest of the team.)

Robbie: Ditto.

Jason: Let's do it.

"Power Rangers!"