"The kids, they ambushed me." + Bemily

Emily doesn't really think twice about inviting Beca to come with her to her little cousin's sixth birthday party—even though Beca talks to small children as if they're adults, and grows noticeably irritated when children scream in restaurants.

To her credit, Beca seems to handle being around ten six- and seven-year-olds just fine. She only tries to talk to one of the kids about the state of the economy once before the subject is changed to monster trucks.

So Emily isn't worried when she leaves Beca alone for a few minutes to run inside to help her aunt with some food prep.

When she comes back outside, Beca is standing uncomfortably in the driveway, soaking wet. Her eyeliner is running, giving her a raccoonish appearance. If that raccoon were dunked in a lake.

"What happened?" Emily asks, hurrying over.

"The kids," Beca says, squeezing some water out of her shirt, "they ambushed me. With water balloons."

"I am so sorry," Emily says. "Let me get you a towel."

"It's fine. Just get me some balloons," Beca says, eyes narrowing. "Those kids won't know what hit 'em."

"Beca, no," Emily says firmly, putting her hands on the shorter girl's shoulders. "No retaliation."

Beca sighs. "Fine," she agrees. "Does your aunt have any clothes I could borrow?"

"Sure," Emily says, taking Beca's hand to lead her into the house. "I'll help you get out of your wet clothes," she offers coyly.

Beca just answers with an, "Mm-hm," looking over her shoulder at the group of kids playing.

"Are you still thinking about hitting the kids with water balloons?" Emily asks.

Beca at least has the sense to look somewhat guilty. "Yes."

Emily rolls her eyes.

Maybe they should stick to adult events in the near future.