A/N Inspired by the gif set on tumblr by faithandfearcollide where Henry goes back in time to meet a younger Regina in hopes of preventing the feud between her and Snow White. This is my interpretation of how things would go. Disclaimer not my characters blah blah blah. Not beta'd so all mistakes are mine.

Henry hated the fighting between his mom and Snow, it was stupid. Regina tried to blame Snow for ruining her life, but he didn't believe it. His mom was the Evil Queen, she had chosen that path herself. It wasn't Snow's fault that Cora had killed Daniel even if she had told a secret. Henry even bet that if Snow had kept it his mom would still have become the Evil Queen because she was just bad, and he was going to prove it.

"Mr. Gold?" Henry entered the pawnshop.

At first he didn't see him and began to see if there was anything he could use for his new plan. Everything in the front seemed pretty harmless, except a set of puppets that just looked creepy, he figured anything useful would be out of the public eye. Sneaking into the back Henry found more of the type of items he was looking for. There were strange looking stones, other creepy figurines and various bottles some filled with different colored liquids, some plants and one had what he thought might be cricket legs.

"I wouldn't touch that if I were you," Gold's voice startled him as he reached for a block of wood with runes burned into it.

"Mr. Gold." Henry swallowed nervously. "I called but you weren't here."

"Well I'm here now how can I help you?" The shop owner asked with a calculating smile.

"I want to prove that it wasn't Mary Margaret's fault that my mom became the Evil Queen." Henry frowned.

Gold continued to smile and with a flourish of his hand and a puff of black smoke a small round stone disappeared from a case on the wall and appeared in his palm. "I think this might help you with your endeavor."

"What is it?" The boy asked but didn't really care what so much as how to use it.

"Oh just a little trinket I found over the centuries." He held the stone up to look at it in the light. "Very easy to use, just hold it tightly and think of where you want to be."

"It that simple?" Henry asked skeptically.

"Indeed," The Dark One nodded. "Magic is not an intellectual endeavor, with the right tools its very simple, which is why it is so dangerous in the wrong hands."

A chill went down the boy's spine as he saw the wicked glint in Mr. Gold's eyes but he took the stone anyway. With it he could prove that Mary Margaret wasn't to blame for everything that happened and maybe they'd stop fighting. He held the stone and let it roll in his hand as he studied it.

"So I just wish?"

"Yes my boy, it's that easy. As long as you're in a world with magic wishing is all it takes. There is one exception though…" He elaborated ominously, "You can only use the stone to travel to a place in time once, meaning you can't change an event twice but just in case you are unhappy with your attempts to meddle with history all you have to do is smash the stone and everything will be as it was before you first used it. Just know if you do decide to smash it the stone will never work for you again."

Henry nodded. He assumed Rumple had used this item to try to get his son back at some point in the Enchanted Forest but failed. Closing his eyes he held the stone tight and began to wish to be transported to right before a young Snow White met Regina for the first time.

"Can't get something for nothing. If I give this to you I need you to do a favor for me." Another flick of his hand and a rolled piece of parchment appeared. "Wherever you happen to end up, make sure you find me, and give me this before you return here. So, do we have a deal?"

After talking to Gold Henry went home to pack a bag. He didn't know how long he'd be gone and wanted to have a few supplies, so he threw a few chocolate bars, a flashlight and a of course the book just in case he needed to consult on something. Taking the marble sized stone out of his pocket he studied it for a moment. What if this was a trick? Rumplestiltskin was a bad guy and Henry himself had once said he was worse than the Evil Queen. Magic always came with a price, that's what his book had told him, but right now he was thinking it was a price he'd be willing to pay if it meant Snow and his mom would stop fighting. He was so sure that his mom had always the Evil Queen it did not occur to him that even one secret told could change everything.

So with his bag packed he held the stone tight and wished.