(Phineas' POV)

I awoke to a brand new day, and a new cup of morning joe. I sipped at the coffee and checked to see if there is anything new. Nope, everything looks normal. Nelly already told the workers they're on vacation and paid their vacation salaries. Now all we need is a couple hours and we'll be on our way. First stop: Britain.

Twiddling your thumbs for a couple hours is an actually pretty interesting way to burn off time. Well, second to staring at a blank wall.

Nelly yelled into my room, "Phin, we're going to miss the plane if you keep sitting there!"

"I'm going Nelly, just hold on!" I replied and grabbed my trunk. I looked in the mirror and confirmed that I was Nicolas and put on a pair of black sunglasses. Yep, I am hip. Nah, not –

"Phin! Are you gazing at yourself again?! You can do whatever matrix you want when we get back!" Nelly yelled again.

"Coming." I told her and finally put my little friend in my pocket: a pen. Yep, but it totally saved my neck many times. It's not just a pen, it's-


I sighed, there went my moment. I pulled the trunk downstairs and stuck it into the trunk of the car and sat myself in the front passenger seat. Buckled up, I just waited as Nelly drove us to the airport.

*After a boring five minute snooze*

"Phin, we're here! Let's go before we're late!" Nelly said agitatedly.

I opened my eyes and grunted. Shaking my head to clear the blurry vision, I got the luggage and we started to head to the entrance. Amazingly, there weren't too many people right now, so we just came in and got our tickets from an automated booth they had. After getting our tickets, we went to security to get our luggage checked. I didn't need to worry of course. Expectantly, I was stopped because of my pen.

"Sir, you still have a metallic object in your pocket. According to TSA regulations-"


Instantly, the airport became a pandemonium. Civilians were all hurrying to flatten themselves and the TSA operatives just pissed in their pants, but I knew what I had to do. Glad that I had my pen, I pointed it at the gunmen and pressed the button. A blue arc flew at the four gunmen and they all instantly fell to the ground. A TSA operative just stared at me for a couple seconds and hurriedly had backup come to clean up the mess. Nelly and I just lumbered on, getting to the correct gate.

*After going up the escalator, entering a train, exiting the train, going down the escalator, and walking for ten minutes…*

Good thing Nelly and I decided to keep ourselves in shape. We sat down and just waited.

"Hey Phin, I think it might be a good idea to put these contacts on."

Analytic data contacts. Exactly what I need.

"Also, here's the belt."

Stunners and sensory devices. How did Nelly get these past the checkpoint anyways? Right… our permit.

We were now suited up just in case something like that happened again.

"So Nel, when's the flight?"

"'Bout right now."

A worker blared into the loudspeaker, "Gate 31B is now boarding, group A please."

We got our luggage, gave the ticket for the worker to scan, and we got ourselves comfortable in first-class. I just sat back and decided to take a breather.

"Nel, let me know when we get there, alright?"

She nodded and just turned her laptop on. I looked at my window to see not much besides the tarmac and workers milling about with machines mingling in with the jets kicking in soon after.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to flight 544, this is the captain speaking…"

And he rambled on and the flight attendants made sure we followed the safety procedures before we lifted off. After some scuffles in the back, the plane was clear and we lifted off. Seeing nothing but clouds and the ground and eventually ocean, I decided to wait a little before I dozed.


WTH? The last time I heard that was in the Himalayas, That's got to be-

A random passenger hollered, "HEY EVERYBDOY, THE KIMPALOON'S ON BOARD!"


Someone behind my seat muttered, "What a load of nonsense."

Meanwhile in the cabin…

"Sir, we have a nuisance in first class. Do I remove it?" a flight attendant asked.

"How bad is it?" the captain asked.

"Very noisy, like this noisy; NANG-NANG-NANG-NANG-NANG-NANG-"

The captain made a signal to cut off, "I got the point. I don't want to annoy the manager especially if first class members complain… just throw it out."

"Yes sir!"

(Back to Phineas' POV…)

I don't mind having the Kimpaloon around, after all it's so-


Nevermind. Can there be anyway of getting rid of it?


Hmm… that's right…


the transporter app 2.0…


the coordinates of the Himalayas…


and we're set! I pointed the watch at the Kimpaloon and it vanished. Thank god, now I can finally get some sleep. I felt something get put on both my ears.


WTF? Who put on these earphones? NELLY! I looked over to her and she was "asleep." Oh well, I don't mind. I took them out and put them in my pocket.


"Where's that nuisance?" asked the flight attendant.

A fat pudgy man with a smug look pointed at a little furry red toy, "Right there Mrs.!"

The flight attendant picked it up and went towards the back. All of a sudden it started screaming,

The flight attendant continued on her way towards the back.


"What? You sued Kevin Clash?" the flight attendant was clearly confused.


And the attendant shut the door to the chute and off the Elmo went into the air screaming,


"Anthropomorphic stuffed toys screaming? Pfftt. That's like Bugs Bunny flying into my face." the flight attendant thought as she walked towards the cabin.

The fat man throws a Bugs Bunny behind him, hitting somebody in the face.

"This is so not worth seven twenty-five a hour." the flight attendant muttered.

(Back to Phineas' POV)

*After sleeping for who knows how long*

Someone was shaking me.

"Psst! Phin! We'll be back in the states if you continue your slumber!" Nelly whispered loudly into my ear.

"WHAT?!" I leapt up in panic. The action caused a couple of eyebrows to rise up.

I took a seat again and saw Nelly twitch her mouth slightly in amusement. I just grumbled. This isn't funny.

"This is the captain speaking. We are approaching Heathrow Airport in five minutes. Please…"

*After the captain rambles on, the seatbelt lights light up, the normal landing routine, the normal wait and a single file line moving out of the plane and exiting the gate.*

We were standing outside of the airport and waiting for the rental car.

"Well Nel, looks like we are setting foot on British soil now. So where first?" I asked.

(Meanwhile in an undisclosed place in an unknown country, NO POV)

A short, thin hooded and masked man approached an equally disguised man sitting on a chair with his feet on the table smoking a Cuban cigar.

"Chief, Rox reporting!" the man said.

"Go on, make your report." the chief said casually.

"We sent team Z to target, but they are in custody." Rox reported.

"Gre-WAIT WHAT? Team Z? I thought that team never failed us?!" the chief hollered.

"Y-Yes sir, t-they f-failed." Rox started to stutter.

The chief pondered for a minute. Without warning, he threw the still lit cigar at Rox's face.

"Take that as a warning. I want you to personally lead the next team. Take him alive, NOT DEAD. Our client is not happy that we have already failed considering our reputation. Fail again and you will pay the consequences." the chief said sternly. "Now, go on, assemble the next team. Prepare to strike when I tell you so, you got that Rox?"

"Plain and clear as day sir!" Rox replied.

"Good. Now do what you must do and don't disappoint me."

"Sir, y-"

"Just do it, don't just stand there talking all day."

Rox hurriedly left the office.

The chief smirked. This job was a great one indeed. A ring came from the phone.

"Hello?" the chief asked.

"This is Alfredo. Target captured yet?"

(Meanwhile in Danville, Ferb's POV)

It's been six damn years and Phineas hasn't appeared ever since. I sighed and slumped onto the bed.

"What's up honey?" Gretchen asked.

"Oh, nothing." I said unconvincingly.

"You know that I've been married to you for four years and known you longer than that right? That means I know when you're worried or tired and right now you're worried."

"It's just… Phineas. I didn't mean for that to happen. I just don't know now. Is he dead? Is he alive? Is he stuck in some prison somewhere? Is he-"

"Shush honey, don't worry. How about we do something to get your mind off of this now and talk later? You know, like things on a bed?" she asked with a coy tone.

"Like wh-" I started before she smacked her lips into mine. She released them not long later.

"Just stop talking honey and let me do the work."

I nodded and she continued. Nope, I don't regret that decision at all.

(Meanwhile in the White House)

A man that looked straight out of 007 walked into the president's oval office.

"Mr. President, Jack has some news on the Uniters." he stated and hands the president a folder.

The president looks over the documents, "I see. Tell Jack to double their surveillance on them and report back to me. We need to know their target and protect the bastard."

"Will do Mr. President, enjoy your evening."

(Back to Phineas' POV)

Ugh… I need to lay off trying the pubs. They knock me senseless every time. Thanks to Nelly, I actually have a ride to our hotel, especially at midnight. Day 1: Drunk as hell. Great way to go Phineas. Thanks goodness you're not Nicolas or you're going to be the laughing stock on the Guardian. I swept all my thoughts away and just decided a peaceful slumber is what I need.

"Phin! We're here!" I vaguely heard. I opened my eyes and just lugged myself out.

"Still drunk?" she asked? I shook my head. "Good. Now let's get into our rooms."

She went inside, checked in, and directed me to my room.

"There Phin. Now I think you can do the rest yourself. Goodnight Phin, remember to meet up at Westminster Abbey tomorrow."

She strode off to her room. I lugged myself to the door. In my semi-drunken state, I heard some moaning and creaking, but I ignored it. Maybe just too much drinking I reasoned to myself. I put the card into the card reader and stepped inside.



I immediately shut the door and my innocence forever shattered. I took a deep breath and went over to Nelly's room and knocked on it.

"Who's there?"


She opened the door.

"What's up? You look like you just saw hell and came back."

"I think I saw something worse than that. Anyways, did you give me the right card?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's what the lady gave me." she replied, a little puzzled at my question.

"Tell her that the room is occupied. I need a new room."

Nelly just took the card and ran to the front desk. A few minutes later, she came back.

"Yeah, they gave me the wrong card and they convey their utmost and personal apologizes for the mistake. Here, this should be the right one and that's room 207 about a dozen doors down."

I nodded and walked towards the room. A little apprehensive now, I slid the card in and opened the door. Thank god, just a bed with freshly done bedsheets. I opened the luggage, grabbed a new set of clothing, grabbed my shaver and soap, and went on to do my business.

*An hour later*

Phew! That feels so refreshing! I plopped myself onto the mattress and turned on the TV.

"Hey, you ready? Cause I'm very ready." a seductive voice came from beside me.

I looked and see… nevermind, my innocence has been shattered again. WTF, DON'T JUST LAY THERE, GET OUT PHINEAS!

I grabbed my luggage and flew out of the room regardless of my clouded senses. Blast it, I'm not going into another ucking hotel room. I knocked on Nelly's door again. She didn't bother to ask.

"Phin, you know what time it is?"

"Yeah, but the room I got into was occupied too."

She rolled her eyes, "Fine. If you want to sleep with me you can. Just stay on your side."

I agreed, leapt onto the bed, and drifted off into a rather disturbing dream.

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