This is my newest story, another modern day story, like "Searching All the Alaskan Sky for You" was. I had this idea pop up into my head while writing the climax of that story and thought it would be a lot of fun to write. I have only written this chapter, but I can promise more will be up soon. I will also finish developing the basic plot within the next few days so bear with me. I really hope you all enjoy.

Prologue- Peeta

All of us are here for a reason. All of us have been scarred in some way that made us go crazy in some way. All of us are here for a reason. We call this place Graceland. It probably has some sort of official name, but we don't know it.

All of us here have a story. Some of ours are worse than others, but they are all horrible, just the same. Annie has been here the longest. Annie is seventeen and has been in the place of refuge since she was ten. She has been here seven years and the girl still wakes up having nightmares.

Annie was taken from her mother, a mad scientist, after a particularly awful test, on her eyes. Annie's mother had blue eyes and her father, who raped Annie's mother and got her pregnant, had green eyes. Green eyes are dominant to blue eyes, which upset her mother greatly. To get rid of Annie's eyes, she started concocting potions and dyes to change Annie's eye color from sea green to ice blue. The neighbors heard Annie screaming and called the police. Upon seeing the scene, they got Annie transported to the hospital. She was blind for six days. When she was able to open her eyes, she discovered they were no longer green and they weren't blue either. They were the same brown color as her hair.

That was the worst test conducted on Annie and she went crazy after it. Her mother injected many things into Annie's legs and face and she still has scars from it. She will sometimes still wake up scratching away needles that aren't there. Annie is a sweet girl who has gone crazy.

The second person to come to the home was Finnick and his little sisters, Eloise and Daisy. He has been calling this place his home since he was twelve and his sisters were six. He is eighteen now and his sisters have just turned twelve. He will still wake up from horrible nightmares, but he suffers in silence about them.

Finnick was always handsome, even as a boy apparently. His parents noticed and decided they were going to make some extra money by selling him as a sex slave. Woman of all ages, and men too, would often come to the house as a guest and stay the night. They would sleep in Finnick's room and molest him the entire night. As soon as his twin sisters turned three, they were treated the same way by different men every night. The scariest part was neither of the girls realized what was happening to them was wrong, until the undercover cop came and took Finnick and the girls away. They tested all three for STD's and all three tested back positive for multiple diseases. They are all, to this day on heavy medication and visit the hospital once a month to look for any signs of change.

Somehow, Finnick has managed to stay strong through this entire process. He always is laughing and teasing everyone and offering to read bedtime stories to the kids, but I can tell he isn't as okay as he says he is because of the way he will wake up from his nightmares.

I came here a month after Finnick did. I had just turned ten when they took my brothers and me away from our abusive mother. I seem more okay then both Annie and Finnick, even though my accident affected me in a visually scarring way. I've been here six years and the scars still hurt.

My mother and father ran a bakery and it was an amazing place until my father died. My mother seemed to blame my brothers and me. She attacked my oldest brother, Asher, who was sixteen at the time, first. She beat him for missing a dish that was in the sink. Mother put the dish in the sink after he had finished washing the dishes. I saw her do it. She broke Asher's cheek bone and left it red and swollen for months. She beat Ryan, my second brother, thirteen at the time, the next day because he was stealing some ice to help Asher's wound. He got the least of the blows, only receiving a black eye. I got the worse where when I dropped a loaf of bread in the oven, at ten years old, she picked me up and threw me against a wall. I don't remember much after that, except waking up in a hospital with Asher and Ryan sitting in some chairs waiting for me. They were the ones who told me my leg was gone.

I don't know why I don't have nightmares. Maybe it is because I don't remember. I also take out all the anger I have in the kitchen. The caretakers, Effie Trinket and Haymitch Abernathy, let me bake when I'm really angry. It's a good therapy.

For a while it was just Annie, Finnick and me in our age group, until Johanna, three years later, as a thirteen year old she came to the house with her little brother, Toby, in tow. She came on her own, running away from what was hurting her, something the rest of us couldn't do. She brought her little brother with her, only five years old, because she feared for him too.

Her father would drink every night. Jo says it wasn't the drinking that caused her to run. Her father would drink then he would molest Jo. If he had friends over, they would gang rape the girl. She had enough of him doing this to her. She hated how her mother did nothing, how she stood back and let it happen. She took her little brother to protect him as well. She was tested for STD's after she arrived and got off luckier than Finnick and his sisters. She was clean.

I often wish I was as strong as Johanna. There were few in the world that could compete with her strength. She was very brave to be able to leave everything behind and come into the unknown.

A year after that, at age fourteen, Katniss and Primrose Everdeen arrived at the doorsteps of our little home. Prim was crying and Katniss was trying to be strong. Both were incredibly thin, like a string gust of wind could blow either of them over.

Katniss and Prim were abandoned on the side of the road. Their father had died two years before and their mother had finally snapped. She promised them a vacation to some amusement park where they would play all day. They took a stop at the gas station and were given twenty dollars for a snack while their mother filled up for gas. When they came out, their mother was gone. Katniss knew her mother had left, but called her anyway, to please Prim. After the first ring, they saw their suitcases at the pump jack. Prim shattered and Katniss became distant and cold.

Katniss will often leave in the middle of the night to go downstairs to check on Prim. It was also harder for her to get close to any of us. She was afraid of any of us leaving her, like her dad and eventually her mom. She will have nightmares where all of us have left, leaving her alone in the cold. I don't blame her at all.

That was all of us, a small group of five people who couldn't bear to face the world alone. We stayed to ourselves at school, making sure our classes were the same. When Finnick joined, he actually failed on purpose so he could go to classes with Annie. They are both going to be juniors while Katniss and I are reaching our sophomore year. Johanna is alone going into her senior year, until Posy, Vick, Rory and Gale Hawthorne appeared on the steps of Graceland.

I know this chapter was mostly a lot of background, but for this story to work successfully you will need to know the pasts of the characters right off the bat. This story will also be told from the six main characters in this story. I will have everyone's POV within the first three chapters (not including this one). Well review and tell me y'all's thoughts and if y'all have any ideas, I am wide open! I am still planning this out and would love to hear what everyone has to say!

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