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Chapter 8- Stranger


"Dad?" Annie asks, wonder filling her voice. I get off the couch as fast as I can to join Annie's side. The man at the door looks just like Annie, color wise. His hair is the same chocolate color and his skin the same light olive Annie is. The only difference is the eyes. Instead of the chocolate brown Annie has, the man has striking sea green eyes.

I turn to Annie. She never met the man, yet she recognizes him. She seems to read my thoughts. "I found pictures in the attic and stole one." She looks at the man in the doorway. "You look exactly the same."

He takes her face in his hands, very softly, and looks into her eyes. "It's true. Isla did cause your eyes to change color." Annie bites her lower lip and nods at the man. "Annie, I'm so sorry I wasn't in your life. Believe me, I wanted to be. Isla made it impossible."

She then backed away from him, suddenly. "You raped her. Of course she didn't want you to be part of my life."

The man looks shocked. "That's what she told you? Annie, I wouldn't do that. Once upon a time, I did love your mom. We were going to get married and one night, we couldn't wait, so we just did it. We had you. Then your mom went crazy. I don't really know what happened, but one day she just snapped. She was talking about how she was going to become a success because of you one day and she hated you because you ruined her life the next. Then she kicked me out. I wanted to come back for you Annie. I really did." His face looked grim and tired. "Annie, please believe me."

She looks at him in his eyes. "I believe you." She then grabs my hand and brings me closer to her. "Dad, this is my boyfriend, Finnick. I've known him six years and he has been my closest friend. He helped me get through my time at Graceland, the foster home we were at."

The man looks me in the eyes. I'm taller than him, but I am still intimidated. "I suspect you're treating Annie right?"

I nod my head vigorously. "Oh yes sir. Yes, yes sir."

He looks at me and smiles. "That's what I thought." He then pauses and looks at his shoes. "There is no easy way to say this to you guys but you have to go back."

She looks at him shocked. "What? No, no we can't go back. Finnick is in trouble with some serious stuff over there and they were taking pictures of me. Besides, if I go back I have to go with mom. I don't want to go with her. I want to stay with Finnick!"

He shakes his head. "I know what you're involved in. Finnick. I work for the man that hired you for that job. That's how I found out about you, Annie. I mean where you live and everything. When I had heard you ran away I had to come get you. Please, go back. The police are still looking for you. They're going to call the FBI before too long, if they haven't already. They all assume you two are dead."

Annie looks at me, shocked. "Dead?" I hold Annie's hand tighter in mine and bring her close to me.

The man nods. "They think you two are dead. I have heard from people that your friends don't even suspect the possibility of you two being dead. Before too long though, they will think that. Do you really want to put them through that?"

Annie looks like she is going to be sick, so I kiss the top of her head. "How do you know so much about us and them? We've never seen you before and you have never tried to make contact with Annie."

The man looks shocked. "I- I understand your concern, but Annie is not my only daughter. I have another daughter a year younger that goes to your school and she is dating one of your friends. Ruby Jameson. Have you heard of her?"

I'm about to shake my head, but Annie starts to nod. "Yeah, I think I know her. Really pretty curly brown hair and bright green eyes? She is really short?" The man nods and Annie turns to me. "That is Marvel's girlfriend."

I nod and turn back to the man. "Okay, let us think about it."

The man nods. Annie offers him the couch in the apartment while Annie and I go to the bedroom in the back. "Annie, do you want to go back? Say the word and we will go, right now."

She shrugs. "I miss everyone, but I'm terrified. They think we are dead. Weren't you going to call Haymitch?"

I open my mouth to tell her I did, when it occurred to me I never did. "I got distracted trying to make everything perfect for you. I'm sorry Annie."

She shakes her head and smiles. "It's alright." She lays her head on my shoulder. "I would like to get to know my half sister. I didn't know I had one."

I nod. "So you want to go back."

"Yeah, I think I do." I press my lips to her forehead. "I'm not going to leave your side, Finn. I don't want you to get hurt."

I let out a small laugh. "You're the one with the crazy mom and you're worried about me?:

She nods. "We left because you were in danger."

I shake my head. "We left to protect you. I will always protect you, Annie. That's my job."

We remain sitting there, holding one another. I bend down and kiss the top of her head. She looks up and we kiss one another. We stay like that as long as we can, but we eventually must separate. "Come on, let's go tell your dad." We hold one another's hands and walk out the room to where the man on the couch is. He looks up at us with wondering, serious eyes. "We're going home." A smile breaks on the man's lips.


I'm vomiting my dinner up in the bathroom. I hate this. Gale is patting my back as I lean on the toilet seat, patting my back. He presses kisses to the top of my head in between each disgusting stomach cramp. "This sucks." I say, as soon as I think I'm done. He passes me a warm wet rag for me to wipe my face off with. "Thanks."

He smiles and brings me close. "No problem." He kisses me. I cannot imagine how disgusting that is, considering I must taste like undigested food and bile, but he doesn't seem to mind. We stay like that until the sound of high pitched child screams come from down stairs.

"What's going on?" I ask. He shakes his head.

"It could be really dangerous or really exciting? Are you up for it?" He asks, a smile playing on his lips.

"I am always up for it." I crack my knuckles. "Let's go." Nothing could have prepared us for the sight that awaited us downstairs. "Oh. My Gosh." I am running and barreling into two figures that stand awkwardly in the main room. "You're back!"

The two look worse for wear. Finnick has slight bags under his eyes like he hasn't been sleeping. His hair is sticking up in awkward angles and his shoulders droop. The only thing that seems alive are his eyes, which shine brightly. Annie looks even worse. She is pale and tired. The bags under her eyes are still slight, but obvious. Her shoulders droop as do her eye lids. She never lets the smile disappear from her face though. "We're back!" Finnick says, engulfing me in a huge hug. Gale is giving Annie a hug and when we are all freed from hugs, we repeat the process with myself hugging Annie and Gale hugging Finn.

As soon as Finnick and Gale separate I punch Finnick in the arm and give Annie a light slap. "What the heck guys? Why did you ditch? You left your crazy hormonal, pregnant friend all alone with only her good for nothing boyfriend, brainless and Mister Breadtastic to keep her company! What is wrong with you?"

Gale looks at me with confused eyes and mock anger. "Good for nothing?"

I roll my eyes. "I'm trying to guilt trip them, babe! You, though, for the record, are as far from good for nothing as you can get." Gale smiles a cheesy, too big smile and I turn my attention back to Finnick and Annie. "Seriously, guys. Why the heck did you go away?"

The sound of light feet accompanied by very loud steps come down the stairs. "Are they really back?" Peeta asks. His eyes light up and a huge smile crosses his face as he runs to the two and gives them hugs. Even Katniss gives them huge hugs, and she has been recluse lately.

Effie comes in to break up our little celebration. "Uh uh! These two are very, very tired and they are certainly going to have a big, big day ahead of them, tomorrow! Let them go to bed. You can catch up tomorrow night."

Katniss is the one who looks shocked now. "Tomorrow night? Why not earlier?"

Haymitch comes in with his arms crossed. He is not happy. "Well, these two running away is causing us to have to go to the police station all day tomorrow, sweetheart. The four of you are going to stay here and play house."

Katniss and I groan, but one sharp look from Haymitch makes us stop. Annie looks like she is about to cry. Finnick puts a protective arms around her. "Haymitch, it was all me. I'll go in for us. Don't make Annie go."

Effie smiles at Finnick. "That was really, very nice of you to offer, dear, but I am afraid you both disappeared. You both have to come. Annie especially has to come because she is a minor."

Annie looks up at her boyfriend. "It's alright, Finnick. I wasn't going to let you go alone anyway." She takes her hand in his and looks back up at Effie. "What about my mother?"

Effie lets out a sigh. "No change, I'm afraid. Just a delay. You are still going with her, I'm afraid." She pats Annie on the back. "Now go to bed, you two. You look exhausted and we need to be at the department at eleven tomorrow." They make their way up the stairs. They start to pick up their bags, but Peeta doesn't let them.

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