Chapter Nineteen

Tonight had been far better than he ever expected. Holding hands, holding her, it made his stomach flip flop in a way that kind of disgusted him. He's Draco Malfoy, and here he is still smiling ten minutes because of some girl. Well Hermione Granger's not just some girl, but whatever. After a cigarette or two on the roof he finally went back to his flat.

Blaise wasn't back yet, and Draco hoped that Pans was doing a good job keeping the Italian in check. The doctor had told Draco a lot about why you shouldn't drink too much, there's things like alcohol poisoning, liver disease and with that jaundice, pancreatitis, anemia, and -this is going to burst Blaise's bubble as well- a higher risk of cancer. All of the pamphlets had these gruesome pictures in them and hopefully Blaise would listen, or at least be scared straight.

The next day Draco caught Blaise by surprise and after somewhat of a struggle forced him into an abandoned classroom. Locking the door behind him, Draco ordered, "Sit at the desk in front of the chalkboard."

Blaise crossed his arms and looked at him oddly, "No. What the hellis going on, Drake?"

"Dammit just sit down." Draco retorted in annoyance. After a minute or two Blaise trudged over to the desk and sat down, not at the desk directly in front of the chalkboard as Draco had asked, but in a seat a row or two back, after which Draco went to the front of the room. He began writing on the board in large block letters all the diseases and problems he had learned about yesterday. When he was done he looked back at Blaise, who was picking at his nails and not paying the least bit of attention, "Blaise!"

"What?" Blaise replied with a look of vexation.

Draco rolled his eyes, "Do you know what links all of these disgusting health problems and diseases?" Draco asked with a fake pleasant grin, raising his eyebrows expectantly.

Blaise read through the list and at the end, after he read ALCOHOL POISONING he glared at Draco, and keeping his voice dangerously even, "No, I can't say that I know, sorry mate, I think I should go."

"You're not going anywhere Zabini, not shut up and listen." Draco ordered, "You want me to stop smoking because of the health risks, but look at what you're doing to yourself!" Draco pointed to the word JAUNDICE on the board, Blaise has always been uptight about his vanity and it was going to be Draco's driving argument, "Yellow eyes aren't attractive, mate, but keep going on like you are and your eyes are going to be Hufflepuff yellow."

Zabini stood from the desk abruptly, knocking it down in the process, "I'm leaving."

"Dammit, Blaise, listen to me! You've got to stop!' Draco pleaded angrily, but Blaise was already at the door. Blaise ignored him as he tried to get the door opened, "I'll make sure that you never get a drink again Zabini!"

Finally Blaise pointed his wand at the door, muttering a quick spell and the door opened, "Fuck you, Malfoy." He growled before storming out of the room.

Draco sat at the desk meant for Blaise. He was fuming, but at least he knew what he had to do.

"Pans!" Draco called, catching up to the brunette between classes on Monday, but she kept walking, "Pans!" Draco pushed his way through a crowd of fourth and fifth years, "Pans, why are you ignoring me?"

She cast him a look of disgust, "Why are you hanging out with Granger on a Saturday night?"

"What? How do you kno-" Draco started, but Pansy rolled her eyes and stopped a fifth year girl.

"Daily Prophet." Pans ordered, sticking out her hand. The girl rummaged through her bag quickly and put the paper in Pansy's outstretched hand before scurrying away. Pans opened the paper to the Celebrity section, and practically threw it at Draco.

There were two very large pictures on the dominating the page the first being Draco holding up Granger's coat to help her put it on inside of the Leaky Cauldron. The second was of Draco carrying her through the Hogwarts gates. The caption on the first picture said 'To the altar?!' And on the second picture the caption said 'Carrying her over the threshold.'

Draco stared at Pansy in shock, "You think Granger and I ran off and got married?"

Pansy snatched the paper from Draco's hand and hit him with it, "Of course not you dolt! But what I do know is that while I was following Blaise—your best mate— from bar to bar trying to stop him from binge drinking you were out and about with Granger!"

"I was getting information, from a muggle doctor." Draco retorted, "I didn't know where to find any muggle anything so Granger showed me where to find one."

Pansy still looked angry, "Draco you're supposed to be on my side! Yet here you are running around London with Gryffindors like it's okay! Daph's already abandoned me to befriend Granger and the Weaslette, I'm not losing you too!"

"I'm sorry Pans, I just really needed that information." Draco lied to try and appease her, "I'm not going anywhere, alright? Now do you remember which bars he went to?"

Over the next month and a half Draco went to every bar, seedy dive, and liquor store that Blaise frequented. It was sneaky work that took up much of his time between classes and after. Through bribery and charm, but mostly bribery, he managed a system. That system involved paying the barkeep double whatever Blaise would pay for his drink if the barkeep refused to serve him. It seemed to be working, on weekends Blaise would stride angrily through the flat instead of stumbling. The only problem was that on weekdays Blaise would still get plastered because of his own stash.

Draco decided that on Halloween, while Blaise prepared the Great Hall for the ball, Draco would do away with the stash. The only problem was that he just needed to figure out how to get inside of Blaise's room while he wasn't there, and there were only a couple more days until the big ball. But then he remembered.

"Potter." Draco said in greeting as he took a seat next to the Gryffindor before class started.

He looked surprised but said, "Draco."

"How do you get inside of Weasley's room to put spoons under his pillow?" Draco demanded.

Potter shushed Malfoy and looked around, "Quiet, he doesn't know that that's me yet. Why do you want to get in Ron's room?"

"I don't want to go in Weasley's room," Draco snapped, "I need to get inside of Blaise's room."

"Why do you need to get in his room?" Potter asked and Draco narrowed his eyes, "I know that you two are fighting over something, and I'm not just going to let you in his room for you to sabotage him or whatever you do."

Draco sighed and looked around the classroom to make sure no one was listening, he leaned in closer to Potter and whispered, "I've been working on cutting Blaise off, there shouldn't be any more places selling him booze and now I just need to get rid of the stash he has in his room."

Potter thought for a moment before nodding, digging in his pocket and he pulling out his key, "It's broken." He whispered, "It opens any door in The Flats."

Malfoy's eyes widened, "You're going to let me borrow it."

"No." Potter laughed and Draco groaned, "But, I'll open the door for you."

Draco sighed, it could've been worse, he could've said no all together, "Alright be in the flat on Halloween when Blaise goes down to set up for the ball." Potter not and Draco patted him on the back as he went to sit next to Pans, "You're not so bad Potter."

In the meantime Draco started getting his costume ready, he was going as a jockey. He had bought the white pants and the knee high boots and the shirt with the really ugly design and the matching hat. He didn't particularly understand why the muggles had to wear such odd outfits to ride horses, but whatever, it was only for a night.

The night of the ball Blaise stormed out of the common room, he did a lot of storming nowadays, whenever Draco saw him he either looked mad or incredibly sad. Draco didn't know if he actually was or not, they hadn't spoken since Draco's impromptu health class. Now that made Draco feel bad, but everything he's doing is for Blaise's own good.

The blond sat on one of the couches and Potter on another. As soon as Blaise left the room Potter stood, but Draco held up a hand, "Wait a second, we don't want him to come back for something and catch us."

After another minute or two without Blaise coming back Potter unlocked his door. "Thanks Potter." Draco muttered before stepping inside with Potter on his tail. Drake didn't feel like searching the entire room for the stash, instead just grabbing his wand and muttering, "Accio Firewhiskey."

Everything was silent for a moment before Blaise's wardrobe started shaking. He opened the top drawer and that was just Zabini's boxers. He checked the opened the cupboard doors and it was just Blaise's slacks and shirts hanging inside. Finally Draco skipped a few and checked the drawer second to the bottom.

"Jackpot." He whispered seeing the bottles filled with the amber liquid. They were stacked on their sides, Blaise had definitely used and Expansion Charm on the drawer, and it looked like there were enough in there to last Blaise until Christmas.

"Oh my God." Potter muttered beside him. "How are you going to get rid of it all?"

Draco paused, thinking for moment, "Everything down the kitchen sink and we're gonna save just one bottle."

Potter looked at Draco in surprise, "We?"

Draco sighed, grabbing a couple bottles, "Yes we, Harry, are you helping or not?"

Harry grinned, grabbing some of the bottles too and following Draco out of the flat as well.

"Do you think it's gonna be a good party?" Pansy asked as they walked down the steps to the Great Hall. To Draco's surprise she was dressed as a muggle farmer, wearing overalls, ugly rubber boots, a plaid shirt and her dark hair was braided into pigtails.

On Draco's other side Daphne tutted, "Blaise is a co-host, of course it's going to be a good party." The small blonde girl wore overalls too, except for instead of denim like Pans' they were a heavier material and dull yellow and gray in color, they were matched with large boots, and a similarly colored coat that hung down to her thighs and to top it off a helmet covered her hair. At the mention of Blaise Draco had made a noise, Daphne shot Pans a look as she rubbed Draco's back over his green and yellow stripes shirt, "Oh sorry, Draco."

Draco sighed, letting the girls chat without interruption as they walked into the Great Hall. Once inside the girls abandoned him, and Draco saw Blaise, wearing blue-green pants and shirt with a stethoscope wrapped lazily around his neck, standing off to the side, frowning and sipping a glass of who-knows-what. Without thinking Draco grabbed his own glass from the bar and made his way over.

"Hey." Draco nodded to his best friend as he stood next to him to observe the dance unfolding around them. As soon as the word left his mouth the blond mentally cursed himself, he had done so without thinking about it, naturally one might say, and forgot that even though they are best friends at the moment they are not on good terms.

Blaise didn't reply, continuing to look around the room and sip his drink— which from what Draco could tell was just punch. Draco sighed, and looked around as well. Blaise and Granger had found the perfect mix between romantic club and spooky, the lights were dimmed and some burned odd colors like blue, green, and purple, the Weird Sisters alternated between romantic rifts and more upbeat dance songs, the middle of the room was left open, allowing for a large dance floor, and off to the sides there were people queuing up at photo booths and a caricature artist.

Blaise sighed loudly, "You look really stupid." He sneered at Draco.

Despite the insult Draco was relieved, talking is good, "You don't look much better." Draco snarled back and Blaise almost smiled.

"You seen Hermione yet?" Blaise asked, raising his voice slightly as the Weird Sisters kicked the tempo up a notch.

"No, why?"

Blaise rolled his eyes, "She's really stressed out. If Weasley and Harry stop doting her for two seconds it might be wise to ask her to dance, you know, just to try and help calm her nerves or whatever."

Draco nodded, eyeing Blaise uncertainly, "Are we good now then?" He asked knowing what Blaise would find when he opened second drawer from the bottom.

"Sure." Blaise said, casting a sideways glance in Malfoy's direction, "And it's still my job to make sure you don't fuck things up with Hermione. So go on with it, mate."

Draco's eyes widened, as he was about to speak the Weaslette walked up to Blaise's side. She wore a white jersey with the a blue number 7 on the front, white shorts with two stripes down the side, black cleats that clicked on the ground when she walked and her red hair was tied up in a ponytail. In one hand she held a drink and a soccer ball under her other arm. "Malfoy."

"Weaselette." Draco replied, wanting to ask Blaise about it but knowing he wouldn't answer with the girl standing right there. He needed to find Granger anyway, so without another word he walked off.

Through the crowd Draco saw the firemen's helmet moving and quickly caught up, "Daph!" He called, only to have Harry turn around. Draco should've known, the figure was too tall to be Daph.

"Have you seen Ron?" Harry asked, looking around the crowded room, "He's dressed like a policeman."

Draco shook his head, "Have you seen Granger?"

To the blond's relief Harry nodded, "Yeah I convinced her to eat something. She's been running around here all day stressed out if her mind, forgot to eat dinner because the paparazzi were trying to get in." He looked at Draco suspiciously, "Why do you want to know where 'Mione is?"

Draco sighed, "Relax, I just need to speak to her. If I see the Weasel I'll tell him you're looking for him."

She was sitting alone at a table meant for two. Her hair was in a bun, and she wore the same blue clothes as Blaise but over it she wore a white lab coat. Before he could second guess himself Draco sat in the open seat.

Granger looked up from her plate of chips in surprise, "Malfoy?"

Draco grinned, "That would be me, yes."

Granger nodded, hiding her smile by eating a chip, before shrugging, "I guess you're better than some other people." Draco followed her gaze to a large table of boys dressed as superheroes.

"Are they giving you trouble?" Draco asked.

Granger laughed, "I can handle myself, thank you." Draco rolled his eyes, as she continued, "Even if I couldn't what would you do? Fight them all by yourself, there's at least ten of them."

Draco set his cap on the table, "And I'd win too."

Granger shook her head, looking around the party, "You know on Halloween muggles usually dress like monsters or wizards, it never occurred to me that here the wizards would dress like muggles."

Draco shrugged, "Well muggles live in ignorance, knowing a few 'monsters' I know they are deeply terrifying and no one wants to be that scary on Halloween."

Granger was quiet as she ate her last chip, Draco was trying to figure out how to ask her to dance as the Weird Sisters slowed it down a notch. "Granger, do you wan-"

"Her-my-o-ninny, I found you!" An accented voice cut in and Granger looked away from Draco and towards Viktor Krum. The quidditch star wore shorts, long striped socks, some type of jersey along with an oblong ball under his arm.

"Viktor?" Granger said, and for some reason one of the corners of her mouth was quirking upwards. Draco wanted to scream, but that would be poor form. Was this not the guy that he had found her on the roof crying about?

Krum grinned too, "I was so vorried that you vould not reply to my letters, I am so sorry. I vas foolish, and I vas stupid and-"

Granger smiled at the quidditch star, and Draco wanted nothing more than to punch him. What the fuck is going on? "Make sure it doesn't happen again." Granger winked, were the two flirting right in front of Draco.

"Vould you like to dance?" Krum asked, Draco glared at him as Granger nodded and took Krum's hand.

As the two walked off to the dance floor Draco cursed like a sailor and kicked the chair Granger had been sitting in. "Merlin, I need a smoke." He muttered after the wave of profanities.

He decided to leave the party, feeling that now that Granger was magically back together with Krum. Dammit he had been so focused on cutting Blaise up he had forgotten to check up on that situation. He had stupidly left his cigarettes upstairs, Pansy was rushing him and the stupid pants he wore did not have pockets.

He stumbled into his room, and opened his carton and gasped, "That fucking prick!" Draco shouted. A single Menthol rested on a packages of what Draco read to be Nicotine patches, along with a note signed 'Love Blaise 3'

Draco picked up the cigarette and groaned, grabbing his lighter and heading up to the roof. When he got up there he discovered a couple, locked in each other's arms, kissing and Merlin knows what else. The blond gave a disgusted noise and called, "You have private rooms for a reason! Merlin, we're not fourth years!"

The couple, their faces hidden by the darkness, hurried into the flat. Draco was fuming as he sat down and lit his last cigarette. He was going to cherish it.

After about half of it had burned away an owl landed next to him. He recognized it as his mother's evil black barn owl, "Hello, Noirceur, my old friend." Draco muttered reaching out to pet the bird and laughing at his joke before realizing that it was a true statement. Noirceur bit him, and Draco gasped and pulled his bleeding finger away from the blasted bird. "Fuck you too, Noirceur."

The damned owl turned her head away and stuck out her leg, where a letter was tied neatly. Draco took it, muttering, "Lumos."

Dearest Draco,

I have not heard from you in quite a while, and now fresh my Mediterranean vacation to find out that you must be married by next year and have my grandchild by the one after that? Really Draco Lucius Malfoy, this is the sort of thing you need to tell your mother. Oh and not only that but rumours of you dating Blaise, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger! Now dear you know I don't care but marrying a boy won't get me an heir. Have you found a girl person you wish to wed yet? If not I've been back but a day and I've already gotten many requests about dates with you. Please reply so I know whether or not to plan your dates.

As always I love you my dragon,

Draco read the letter and looked and Noirceur, "You're not going to leave without a reply are you?" The owl hooted in reply, and Draco nodded, "Just as I thought, but I don't have a quill." The bird stuck out her other leg where a quill and inkwell were tied.

Using the back of the parchment his mother had sent he wrote sloppily: I don't care anymore, do what you want. After the ink dried he sent it on Noirceur and the letter on his way he leaned against the wall thinking of the damage he had just done.

Sometime later he heard a scream of rage from below him, and Draco knew Blaise had opened his drawer to find that the Expansion charm had been removed and single empty firewhiskey bottle lay where so many full bottles used to.

Draco sighed, wondering if Granger was still with dancing with Krum.

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