This is my first fanfiction ever, so please excuse the cheesy and cliché happenings!

Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of it.

Humanstuck Erisol



The library was deserted, and a young man strolled through the aisles, relishing in the solitary peace. He sighed and pushed his thick glasses up his slender nose, while his violet eyes searched for a new book to read.

Eridan Ampora was approaching the end of his college course, he had chosen to follow his passion for the arts instead of a more academic pursuit. It had not been what his father had wanted for him, but he had eventually gotten his way, though not without some compromise. Eridan was twenty one years old, and had so far lived his life fairly aimlessly, but now he had no idea where his life was headed, especially now that he was quickly approaching the steep precipice of choice. He was having an existential crisis and hoped that the books he so loved would hold the answers he was so desperately seeking.

As he picked up a particularly battered leather-bound book, he heard the 'fwump' of the heavy front doors being opened behind him. Eridan knew that other patrons were always a possibility, but that didn't stop him from cursing the fact that his peaceful abode had been invaded; his head was filled with the sounds of a pair of feet plodding around, and he grit his teeth as the shoes scuffed and squeaked across the floor.

It was infuriating that his silence was being ruined by some idiot. How dare this person interrupt Eridan goddamn Ampora while he was on his soul-finding, life-altering mission! Eridan closed his eyes and gently placed the book he was holding back on the shelf. It couldn't be helped; he would just have to hope that the person would go find a corner to sit quietly in so that he might continue his search in serene solitude. This thought was dashed when Eridan heard the intruder talking to the librarian, but the final straw was when the despicable cretin began to whistle as he walked through the aisles towards him.

Eridan's eyes snapped open, and he finally spun around to face the destroyer of solitude, the bringer of irritation, the harbinger of havoc, the...

Young man who was stood right behind him looking at a rather large book. Eridan raised an eyebrow at the skinny man; He had a mess of dark hair, and the loose fitting clothing he was wearing only made him appear even more ganglier than his height and scrawny frame did, and was he wearing... Sunglasses?

Eridan's lip pulled up on one side in a disbelieving sneer. Who the hell did this guy think he was wearing sunglasses inside a library? What a pompous jackass, what an absolute tool, what a-

It was at that moment Eridan recognised the man that was stood in front of him.