"Baseball idiot! Hurry up, Juudaime's waiting for us!" Gokudera yelled. He rushed up ahead of Yamamoto, looking at his watch over and over. He cursed. "We're gonna be late!" Gokudera stopped and looked back at his "comrade". "Would you hurry the HELL up!"

Yamamoto was way behind Gokudera. He smiled his usual smile and rubbed the back of his head. "Chill out, Gokudera. We're gonna be fine. Tsuna wouldn't mind," he said coolly. Gokudera huffed in annoyance and broke into a run. "Hey! Wait up!" Yamamoto began to run after Gokudera, trying to catch up with him. "Would you slow down a bit?" Yamamoto asked as he ran side by side from his bomber friend. Gokudera shot him a death glare. Yamamoto smiled and clamped his hand hard over Gokudera's wrist and stopped abruptly.

"Whoa!" Gokudera almost fell forward and was caught by Yamamoto. He blushed slightly and pushed away the baseball brain. "What the hell was that for?"

"We still have enough time Gokudera." Once he said that, Gokudera looked at his watch and stomped his foot impatiently.

"We have thirty minutes left!"

"That's enough time," Yamamoto said as he suddenly pulled Gokudera in for a kiss. The grey-haired boy opened his eyes wide once his lips ended up against the other's. He pushed Yamamoto away.

"You! You bastard!" Gokudera wiped his lips with the back of his hand and looked around the empty city street.

"Gokudera, calm down," Yamamoto said calmly. He etched closer to Gokudera but then he pulled out the dynamite.

"Don't ever do that again, you asshole!" Gokudera turned and ran away.

"Gokudera!" Yamamoto didn't chase after him just yet. He ran his hands through his hair and tsked. "I . . . shouldn't have done that." A slight blush grew across his face. "I wanted to try it . . . to see what it would feel like." Yamamoto looked in the direction where Gokudera ran off to. "I kinda expected him to react that way."

Gokudera continued to wipe his mouth roughly with the back of his hand. "Damn him . . . that baseball idiot!" He walked on over to the meeting place, in a construction field, where the famiglia was. He walked on over to his boss. He kneeled on one knee in front of him.

"I'm sorry for being late, Juudaime!"

Tsuna looked at him and shook his head. "No, no, Gokudera-kun, you're right on time! You're actually early." Tsuna looked around. "Where's Yamamoto?" he asked. Gokudera's heart skipped a beat. He looked around behind him. He half expected the baseball brain to follow him.

"I'm here!" Yamamoto came running onto the field and walked closer to the group. "Hey everyone!" Yamamoto always had a cheerful smile on. Gokudera noticed that his mood . . . seemed a bit off. He looked away.

Yamamoto caught Gokudera looking at him and was about to say something, but a clap of hands interrupted him.

"Everyone, great job on making it here," the little kid, Reborn, said in the middle of the field. "You may be wondering why we're here today. In this construction field, we're going to train." Reborn had everyone look over the dusty and dirt-filled terrain and the large construction and building materials that were scattered everywhere. "This will be your obstacle course."

"What?" Tsuna dramatically whined. Reborn looked at his student.

"Oh yeah. Tsuna, you have to rerun this obstacle course."


"Five times." Everyone watched as Tsuna almost practically melted to the ground on spot.

Gokudera went up to him. "It's okay, boss! You'll do fine!" he encouraged his boss with a slap on the back.

"Y-Yeah!" Tsuna said with no enthusiasm at all. "I'll be fine," he said sadly. He sighed heavily and began to run the difficult obstacle course.

Yamamoto began to run the course at a steady pace. Gokudera stepped up behind him. he watched as Yamamoto calmly went through without any mistakes. Gokudera did the same, since he went through much difficult courses back in Italy, trying to run away from his older sister trying to hug him.

He tried to think of something to say. "B-Baseball brain . . . You're going too slow . . ."

Yamamoto looked behind him and smiled. "Sorry. You can go in front of me, I'm a little tired." Gokudera nodded and ran ahead of Yamamoto. He jumped over large boulders.

Yamamoto stared at Gokudera from behind. He couldn't help but keep his focus on Gokudera's body. Even while focusing on Gokudera with lust, he didn't miss a beat and continued to swing through the cut wires and jump through the driver's side of bulldozers. Yamamoto licked his dried lips. He wiped his mouth with his shirt because he was drooling. He figured that he had a problem but no. it wasn't a problem. It was a human thing. To lust for someone else. And his someone else, was Gokudera Hayato.

"Gokudera." As they continued on, Gokudera looked behind him.


"I'm sorry . . . for what happened earlier," Yamamoto said quietly. Gokudera blushed and accidentally caught his foot in a wire and fell forward down into a four-foot deep pit.

"Wah!" Gokudera landed hard on his back. "Ow. . ."

"Gokudera!" Yamamoto stopped and carefully lowered himself down into the deep pit of hard grounds and pebbles and debris. He stepped over near his fallen friend and held him up carefully. "Are you alright?"

Gokudera's eyes swirled around in his head. "Nope . . . I hit my back pretty hard . . . on a nail." Gokudera hissed as Yamamoto slowly lifted him up and checked out his back. There were blood stains coming from the center. Yamamoto grabbed the nail and pulled it out as fast as he can, it was lodged deep inside the center of Gokudera's back. The bomber cried silently from the slight pain but sucked it up. He was the boss's right hand man, he couldn't cry over something like this.

"Here," Yamamoto put Gokudera's arm over his shoulder. "Lean against me." He put his hand around the other's waist and pulled him close. He quickly climbed out of the pit with Gokudera around him. There was no way out of the obstacle course, only if you follow it until the end, you can't go back.

"C'mon. Hold on to me tighter so you don't fall," Yamamoto pulled Gokudera closer to him.

"I can handle myself," Gokudera said. Yamamoto did a once over at Gokudera and shook his head.

"No you can't. We're going through this together—besides, we're almost done," Yamamoto said as he continued through the obstacle course, trying to be careful as to not injure his weakened friend.

Once out, Yamamoto and Gokudera were surrounded by the family, except for Tsuna, he was still doing rounds.

"What happened to Squidhead?" Ryohei asked.

"He fell down a pit and landed hard on his back," Yamamoto answered.


"Yeah . . . I'll take care of him. You guys can carry on." Yamamoto left the field with Gokudera still clinging to him for support.

"H-Hey! You're going the wrong way. The hospital is that way!" Gokudera yelled. Yamamoto shook his head.

"We're not going to the hospital."

"Then where are we going?"

"Your apartment."

"What? How do you even know where I live?" Gokudera held his stomach. "Ow . . ."

"Don't yell so much. You'll hurt your wound," Yamamoto said quietly.

"You didn't answer my question.

"I didn't have to," Yamamoto said back. Gokudera was surprised from the retort, coming from this nice guy.

"Tch. Asshole," he muttered. Yamamoto pressed a little on Gokudera's wound. "Ow!"

"Don't call me such things."

"You are one! Who the hell does that to an injured person?" Gokudera yelled at the baseball brain.

"A lot of people that we know," Yamamoto said, smirking. He called for a taxi and it took them all the way to Gokudera's apartment building.

Gokudera, cursing silently all the way, continued to wonder how Yamamoto found out where he lived. He made sure to keep it a secret from everyone else, even the boss.

"Where's they key?" Yamamoto asked once they were right outside of Gokudera's apartment, on the seventh floor.

"I lost it." Yamamoto gave Gokudera a look.

"Where's the key?" he asked again. Gokudera shrugged and looked around like he knew nothing. Yamamoto tsked in annoyance. He searched Gokudera and pulled out the keys from the teen's back pocket.

"Hey!" Yamamoto shook his head at Gokudera while unlocking the door.

"You piss me off sometimes," he said. He carried Gokudera in the apartment.

"Why're you acting so . . . badass?" Gokudera asked. He was set down on the couch and Yamamoto leaned over him.

"Because. I'm done holding the act. I want you and I'll take you," he whispered along Gokudera's neck, sending shivers down Gokudera's spine.

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