Yamamoto licked along Gokudera's jawline, he inhaled Gokudera's aroma of sweat and deodorant, mixing in with the dirt and rubble from his fall. He sat beside Gokudera and lifted his body to make him sit on his lap.

"H-Hey . . . W-What are you doing?"

"You know exactly what I'm doing."

"Stop it." Yamamoto shook his head and continued to let his hands roam over the back of his friend's body. He slid them down lower and groped Gokudera's firm ass roughly. Gokudera moaned softly and lowered his head down on Yamamoto's shoulder. "Stop . . ."

His back was hurting. He felt the blood dry up a while ago. He glanced slightly to the side at the baseball idiot. Yamamoto wasn't being himself . . . neither was he. He felt the inside of his pants aching. He shook his head to himself. "No! No! No!" he yelled in his mind. His body betrayed him and he thrust into Yamamoto's touch. He let out a desperate moan.

Yamamoto moved his body, moving Gokudera with him. Gokudera unbuttoned Yamamoto's shirt, feeling his surprisingly muscular, well-built chest. It felt rough as he glided his hands down Yamamoto's torso. Gokudera grinded his body down on Yamamoto's lap.

"Y-Yamamoto . . ." he uttered out. He kissed Yamamoto's neck and sucked on it. The baseball lover groaned.

"Gokudera . . ." Yamamoto lifted Gokudera's body closer to him. The boy was lifted, having his neck in Yamamoto's face.

Yamamoto rubbed his hands gently over Gokudera's clothing. He pulled off the grey-haired boy's shirt and caressed his back, his hand going over the boy's wound lightly. He brought his hand up and caressed his cheek and kissed his lips.

Gokudera accepted the kiss this time, not running away. He was kissed again and his lips were licked slowly. Yamamoto sucked on his bottom lip. Gokudera leaned against his body more and lifted himself, grabbing the other's face in his hands and kissing him roughly, inserting his tongue and tasting him fully.

"Mm," he moaned into the baseball brain's mouth. Yamamoto slipped his hand into Gokudera's pants, in his boxers and caressed his ass lightly, tickling him a little. Gokudera pushed himself against Yamamoto's chest. He thrust his lower body in Yamamoto's face. He was desperate to be touched.

Yamamoto could see through Gokudera's pants that he was hard. He smirked. He licked up Gokudera's abdomen when Gokudera closed in on him. He pulled the bomber's pants down to his thighs and stared at Gokudera's growing erection. The other boy blushed when he looked down seeing Yamamoto stare at his member. He felt Yamamoto cup his balls in his hands and lightly tug at them. Gokudera yelped quietly. He lowered his body onto Yamamoto once again and moved against his hand.

"Yamamoto," Gokudera whined. He threw his hands over the other's neck and kissed him over and over, drool sliding down both of their chins.

Yamamoto sat up, cradling Gokudera in his arms and found his way to the bedroom. He set his companion down and removed the rest of his clothing. Gokudera got rid of his pants and everything else. He held out his arms and pulled Yamamoto onto him, kissing him and grinding both of their naked bodies against each other.

Gokudera moaned his name again. Yamamoto pushed Gokudera against the bed and dug his body hard into the other boy's hips. Gokudera caved in. He wrapped his legs around Yamamoto's hips and moved his member against Yamamoto's.

"Gokudera," Yamamoto gripped Gokudera's waist. He licked along Gokudera's neck, earning a shiver from the bottomed teen. The green eyed teen breathed heavily, looking into Yamamoto's eyes. Yamamoto chuckled slightly. "I really, really want to fuck you right now." He licked his lips as he stared over Gokudera's body. Gokudera cursed silently.

"Then go ahead! That's what I'm waiting for!" he yelled. Yamamoto didn't hesitate anymore, leaving Gokudera relieved. He sighed.

Yamamoto settled himself at the front of Gokudera's hole. Gokudera stiffened.

"Y-You're not gonna do any preparation?" he asked, his voice shaking. Yamamoto shook his head.

"Do you need any preparation?" Yamamoto asked slyly. Gokudera blushed deeply and stuttered.

"N-No!" Yamamoto smirked and bent his head slightly, licking the tip of Gokudera's dick. "A-Ah!"

Yamamoto entered slowly, pushing his member in the tight heat sucking him in. He breathed slowly in and out as he pushed himself further into Gokudera. He looked at the other teen and saw that Gokudera was in pain. "Are you alright?" he asked.

Gokudera gulped. He tried to get familiar with the feeling of something other than his fingers—and bigger, too—was inside his hole. It was definitely a different feeling. He nodded at Yamamoto, giving him the go.

Yamamoto pushed in deeper and thrust hard into Gokudera. The other teen threw his head back as he yelped in slight pain. He gripped the sheets tightly. He looked at Yamamoto.

"You'd better make me feel good," he said through gritted teeth. Yamamoto smirked. He began moving his body against Gokudera's. He pushed in and out, pushing through different angles inside the boy. Gokudera moaned as he grabbed a handful of Yamamoto's hair as he pulled him into a long, rough kiss. He was panting hard as his lower body was lifted and pushed down onto Yamamoto's member. Gokudera moved against Yamamoto, feeling good whenever he felt Yamamoto's dick move all around inside of him.

Yamamoto slapped his ass and inserted his finger in Gokudera's mouth. "Talk dirty to me," he whispered hotly amongst the silver haired teen's lips. Gokudera sucked on Yamamoto's finger, licking it, sucking it again, licking it again, and he brought it down to flick his nipple. Gokudera licked his lips. He brought his arms over Yamamoto's neck, caressing his hair and moved up and down as he continued to ride him.

"Don't I do that already?" he moaned against the baseball brain's lips, kissing him, mouth wide, tongue sticking out completely. Yamamoto kissed him back, saliva dripping down their necks. Yamamoto's hand was busy pumping Gokudera's member while the other played with his nipples.

"Do it on my terms," Yamamoto said, his voice sounding deeper and sexier. He began hitting inside Gokudera at a faster pace. Gokudera moaned out loud as he felt something run through him like electricity. His dick was overflowing with precum as Yamamoto continued to pump him and ram inside of him.

"Takeshi!" Gokudera screamed as he was finally hit twice in his prostate. He came with all he had, having it come all over his chest. He breathed heavily and gasped for air as he felt more cum.

"Hayato," Yamamoto groaned into Gokudera's ear as he came inside of him, filling the boy with a load of hot, sticky liquid.

"Takeshi . . ." Gokudera breathed as he brought Yamamoto down for another long kiss. "You sure as hell hit a fucking homerun." Yamamoto laughed. He finally pulled himself out of Gokudera and lay down next to him on the messy bed.

"Hayato," Yamamoto looked at Gokudera. "Did I make you feel good?" Gokudera playfully punched his "friend" in the shoulder.

"Baseball idiot . . . I want you to do it again . . ." he whispered, blushing slightly. He gazed into Yamamoto's eyes and then turned away. Yamamoto chuckled and gripped Gokudera's chin, making him face him. He brought his lips over the other's and kissed him again.

"You're the bomb," Yamamoto said, laughing. Gokudera himself cracked a smile and laughed.

"You're such an asshole!" he yelled jokingly, jumping on top of Yamamoto. He sat on him and leaned down to give him one final kiss before dragging the sheets over them.

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