Chapter 1

Are we sure this guy is one of us? I sent my message through the cryptic and profoundly ancient language of the wind to my brother, Ty. I peered down at the boy I was sent to protect from my vantage point in a tree. I've been sitting in this tree for twenty minutes and the rough bark was starting to uncomfortably bruise my tailbone, but I didn't rub it. I couldn't take my eyes off the boy. Richard Grayson. Also known as Dick, or the famous sidekick, Robin. 5'4", blue eyes, black hair, fourteen years old. He was dressed in his school uniform, which consisted of a navy blazer, white dress shirt, red tie and khakis. He had a bright smile on his boyish face as he spoke with another boy with red hair. The other boy was dressed more casually than Dick, with a blue button down top left open to see a white shirt and blue jeans. They were sitting on the ground under a tree maybe fifty feet away, the patchy shade covering them from the sun. The other boy's name was Wally. Wally West, better known as Kid Flash. He's been hanging out with him and one other boy, an African-American boy, about fifteen which was the same age as Wally, but where Wally had a goofy, irresponsible energy around him, the other boy had nothing but an air of calm, authority and respect. His name was Kaldur, or Aqualad. At first all the names and information had spun around in my dyslexic head like a pottery wheel, but after a week, I started to pretend that they were my friends; after all, remembering stuff about your friends was a lot easier than remembering stuff about the person you're protecting. It had worked and, two weeks after I arrived, I know everyone. Wally and Dick had just burst into friendly laughter when I felt a breeze caress my face and a message sink into my skin. My older brother's voice spoke in my head, as relaxed and happy as any one of my siblings.

Come on, you heard the message just like every other Counselor. Who ever the god was, it clearly stated that Richard Grayson was its son. I sighed, thinking back to the night that we got the mysterious message. The Council was all sitting in the game room around the ping-pong table and trying to have a meeting. After everyone arrived, Chiron tried to get our attention. Travis and Conner were conspiring quietly, probably about their next big prank. The leader of the Hecate Cabin was setting Kate Gardener's hair on fire with his fingertip, and whenever she tried to smother it, the flame would just dance to another section of her head. The couples among the leaders were chatting. Chiron stomped his hoof over again on the hard wood of the floor until the last of the chatter died off. He took a deep breath, and just as he was about to open his mouth to begin the meeting, the ping-pong table exploded into an abyss.

The entire table leaped back. I ripped my feet off the once solid surface and nearly fell over my chair when Travis caught my shoulder and pulled me back. All weapons were unsheathed and the sound of metal filled the air. Every sword or dagger, including my own shiny blade was pointed towards the gaping hole. A look around the room and I saw sick eagerness from Clarisse, concealed fear from Kate and steely determination from both Percy and Annabeth. For a moment, nobody moved. We all just stared at the purple and black swirling in the opening, a bruise that arrived too unexpectedly. A voice rose from the abyss, which made everyone's little hairs stand on end. The voice was genderless and monotone, and with every word, a flash of red pulsed through its dwellings. "Little Demigods," it said "I give you a mission." I looked around at my comrades, faces bathed in the strange light, realizing that the lights had been switched off. Not a good sign. Everyone looked uneasy at these words. The last thing any demigod wanted was to be given an assignment from an unknown source. Percy Jackson was, like usual, the first to recover.

"What's the mission?" he asked, stepping forward looking confident enough to let us relax a bit. Next, Annabeth stood by his side.

"Who are you?" she asked. The voice went on. "I am a god," it said "and the mission is to retrieve my son from where he is and give him proper Greek training." We relaxed significantly at these words. I sheathed my dagger in my belt, along with half the others. But a few of us were still waiting on a fight. Why would this god special request this? It did just describe what Camp Half-Blood was put here to do. This is where Annabeth took over. She swept her honey hair out of her face and stared into the abyss containing the god with analytical confidence in her storm cloud eyes. But her colouring was distorted from the strange swirling bathing her in light. "Of course we will help him," she said "we'll send a satyr to his location immediately, but we need to know who he is and who you are first." There was no fear or hesitation in her voice. The god replied. "No. No satyr. One of your own must be sent. Someone in the room right now shall be his Protector. No one else. His name is Richard Grayson. I shall claim him when he arrives safely." Annabeth looked as confused as I felt. A demigod? Sent to retrieve another demigod? To be his Protector? That just doesn't happen. "Why another demigod?" Annabeth inquired, natural Athena curiosity peeking through. "Because, Daughter of Athena," everyone braced themselves for the dramatic revelation sure to follow "He is also known as Robin, Boy Wonder." And with that, the portal snapped shut and the lights flicked on.

And so, that's how I got here. Everyone decided that a Stealth Cabiner should be his Protector. And with a quick Internet search and the discovery of his age, the decision that I should the one that goes was made. I sighed deeply and composed another message. I flicked my light gold hair out of my eyes. It was really long, brushing my tailbone, but that wasn't odd for a fourteen year old daughter of Zephyrus. In fact, if it didn't grow that long, it was unusual. I kept it in a tight braid and rolled it into a bun, ballerina style. But a few strands were escaping. I figured that if someone were to see me, my hair was a very distinguishing feature. I also wore unassuming clothes. Blue wide-legged jeans, black leather ankle boots, a green t-shirt that read "Keep Calm and Carry On", and a black hoodie. The black sweater concealed any weapons that I carried on my torso; the jeans easily hid my dagger in a thigh-sheath, accessed through a cut in the leg, and my boots held a special compartment for throwing knives and drachmas. I carried a backpack that held clothes rolled into tight balls, swiped toiletries, a sleeping bag, a rope, and some non-perishable food items. I slept in a tree by his house, strapped in like Katniss. I felt like an idiot every night. But I had to stay close to him. The camp offered me the option of going to school with him, but the prices were too high and I knew it, plus there was no way in Tartarus I was wearing a skirt. And how would he respond in school if he saw a pair of emerald green eyes following him every day? What if one of the other students saw? What if I got attached to an unnecessary friend and it compromised my ability to protect? What if I had to do school work? A million nasty things could happen to this guy while I'm in detention. No, this was easier. I'm just a little bit proud that Boy Wonder hasn't noticed me yet. But then again, I am a Stealth Cabiner. I'm trained to be invisible.

It's been two weeks, Ty. Nothing's happened! This guy either has no scent, or someone else is protecting him, if you know what I mean. I released it to the wind focusing on Dick once again. He and Wally were being approached by three other people. I tensed, reaching for my weapon, but I sent one breeze towards the group and all there Wind Signatures read as familiar. More supers. The big, Ares looking kid with the angry expression was Connor Kent, Superboy. The red-haired, happy go lucky female was Meagan Morrison, Miss Martian. And then Kaldur. The three came to a stop in front of Dick and Wally, Dick now sporting a pair of sunglasses. I sent the wind over to their position and ordered it to relay the conversation back to me.

"Batman has called us all back to the Cave for a mission." Kaldur reported. I groaned and struck the tree with the back of my head, turning my perspective up to the perfect blue sky. In two weeks, they've been on three missions that I have also attended and miraculously stayed a ghost. I decided to add something to that message.

Nothing Greek has happened. I sent it to catch up to the rest of my update. Once more, I looked back at the group of five that has gathered under the tree. Dick looked somewhat excited, the freak. But then again, that might be a good quality in a demigod. I could train that, no problem. Wally looked more like how I felt. He was slumped against the tree with a face of disappointment. Then it lit up.

"Hey, do you guys think I could get Red Tornado to write me a note explaining why I couldn't finish my homework?" he actually looked hopeful as he scanned the faces of his teammates. I think I like this guy. Dick raised his slender eyebrows.

"You started?" he asked, shocked. Wally huffed at Dick as he stood up and stretched his arms above his head. "We can't all be mathletes," he threw over his shoulder as he began to trail away. "Let's go, guys!" Everyone ran after Wally, leaving Dick to jump up and yell, "Hey, wait up!" before letting one of his signature laughs echo through the park.

I sighed, really not wanting to do this. I hated going on missions. I have to hide from a whole team of trained heroes in their territory. Good training? No doubt! But distinguishing the Greek threats from the regular mortal creeps they face? Very difficult. And not a task my ADHD appreciates. I swung my leg over the branch of the tree and jumped the five feet to land on the picturesque grass. I casually hiked up my backpack and flicked my hood up. I started walking before they got too far, and just as they hailed a taxi, Ty's answering wind relayed his response.

Who knows? It might start to pick up.

And thus, I blame the next events on my loving older brother.