Dear Earl Alois Trancy,

I would like to invite you to my home for tea. I think there are some things that need to be discussed about the recent past. Please feel free to come by any time.

Yours truly,

Earl Ciel Phantomhive

Alois sat stiffly in his chair and tipped the English tea politely. For the first time in my memory, he had nothing to say.

"Why are you being so quiet?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

His eyes shot to mine, and his face twisted into a scowl. He practically slammed the teacup onto the table. "Why do you think, Phantomhive?"

"What happened to 'my love'?" I almost smirked, but held it back. He obviously wasn't in a good mood.

I hoped he still loved me because the moment Sebastian took me away from him, I realized I loved him back. The only reason I left was because I couldn't be a hostage anymore. I was willing to be his lover, but not his prisoner.

"Just shut up, Ciel. I'm angry." He crossed his arms childishly and looked away from me.

"You never asked me why I called Sebastian on that night," I ventured tentatively.

"It's obvious. You hate being with me." he stood and made for the door, but I beat him there. I had my hands on his shoulders, and I pushed him against the wall.

"You can be so dense sometimes," I leaned in and licked the shell of his ear, much like he had done to me once, "my love."

I heard a quiet gasp and pressed him into the wall harder as I licked along his neck. It took him a moment regain his senses—it was like he was deliberating whether or not to give in. In a second, he had me flipped against the wall. He kissed my neck and exposed collarbone hungrily. I pulled his face up so I could kiss his lips.

We passed Sebastian on our hurried way to my room. He smirked and stepped out of our path. I could almost taste the mocking words he wasn't saying out loud. By the time my door was closed and locked, both of our ties had come undone, and our shirt hung open.

Alois pulled me onto my bed and finished his work on my shirt. It came off and was dropped onto the floor without a care. I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, and he had to stop his work on my belt to help me. Once his torso was uncovered, I kissed every piece of skin my mouth found. I heard him giggle softly.

"You're so cute, my love. I never thought you'd be so willing."

My pants and underwear came off, and I was exposed to him again. I crawled into his lap and straddled him. "I was always willing."

After that, there was no reason for conversation. Everything we had to say to each other was spoken through our actions. His fingers were in me and done with me in less than a minute. I didn't care. I was more than ready for him.

I sat up enough for him to angle his erection, and I sat on it slowly. It hurt a lot more taking it dry, but it was the most pleasurable pain I had ever felt. I let out a breath that I felt I had been holding for a long time. His head went back as he moaned my name. Even in this vulgar deed, his voice was as smooth as velvet.

I lifted my hips and came down again a little faster. He penetrated me deeply, and it felt amazing. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he rolled into me. He was panting, and I started soon after. I could tell he was getting close since his hands, which were running circles over my back, began clutching at my hips.

I wouldn't have that. He was going to have to wait for me. I slowed my pace considerably, much to his displeasure. He whined at me, but I only smiled. He bucked his hips upward to try and gain some control. The roughness of our combined motions made the bed squeak loudly, but I didn't care if we were heard.

He pulled me closer, making the space between our stomachs cramped. My erection was caught against both of our torsos, and it gave me some of that oh- so-good friction. I felt myself getting closer to my edge. I moaned when Alois took my waist and forced me onto my back. He rammed into me quickly, the pleasured noises coming from our lips echoing off the walls.

We ended up climaxing at the same time. While I groaned loudly, he finished with a satisfied sigh that sounded like a whimper. He pulled out and cuddled against me in a familiar way, just like it was back in his room. Only this time, I wasn't his possession. I was free to be with him.

"I love you, Alois," I whispered. He looked up at me, and I could see the question in his eyes.

Then why did you leave me?

My answer was a slow kiss on the lips. His eyes slid shut, and so did mine. We

broke apart when I heard the door open.

"A word of advice, lock the door next time. You wouldn't want someone barging in on you two," Sebastian said with a happy smile.

While on the inside I was ecstatic, thinking about 'next time', I rolled my eyes at him. I pulled Alois closer to me. "Just go make some tea, Sebastian."