Lyrical Wizardry

AN: Tensa here. This is my second attempt at a HPxMSLN crossover. My first attempt at a Harry Potter Nanohaverse crossover failed miserably, because of faults I've identified that lead to me writing myself into a corner. But I didn't want the idea to disappear, so I've started over.

This story is still post StrikerS, pre ViViD, because 1 year after StrikerS happens to be when the Deathly Hallows Nineteen Years Later Epilogue happens, if we assume A's takes place in 2005 and that the Mid Childan New Calendar's New Year is in synch with Earth's.

In addition to the main featured universes of Harry Potter and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, there are also references to Ace Combat Assault Horizon, various Hideo Kojima games, and the lyrics to various songs will be used as scene breaks. Those are the property of their respective copyright holders.

-Chapter 0: History of Magic-

Ranar likul viernopal kar
Ranar likul viernopal

Lenar panar virakeral kar
Lenar panar virakeral

-1998 AD-

[1998 Anno Domini/New Calendar 0058: - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry]

The Dark Lord was dead. Finally, he had been defeated, and the Wizarding World would know peace. This news was not more welcome for anyone than Harry Potter. The Death Eaters were being rounded up, and the Great Hall began to fill out for an impromptu celebration of the battle, Harry realized as he escaped from the crowd under his invisibility cloak: this was the end of a fifty year long era. No more would the world be so fearful of Lord Voldemort that they wouldn't even dare say his name, instead he'd merely be a black spot in history. No more would Harry spend his life sitting around, waiting for either death to claim him, or for his fated battle where neither could live while the other survived. No more would life or death battles dominate his life. No more would sacrifices be made and lives lost to the schemes of a madman.

It was finished. He'd earned the right to happiness. He remained, under the invisibility cloak and pretended not to exist. In the corner of his eye, he could see the Malfoys eating with the rest of the Hogwarts victors. Behind him, he knew the Weasleys were having an uneasy silent meal. Somewhere, he knew the casualties of the battle were being laid to rest. But right now, more than anything, the Boy Who Lived wanted to be left alone with his two greatest friends.

-1998 AD-

Ehnar lakitu luyarpal kar
Ehnar lakitu luyarpal

Luyan henar terarkel kar
Luyan henar terarkel llukaparsi


[NC0058/1998AD: - The Dimensional Sea]


Two champagne glasses met in a wordless toast, as a scruffy looking man sat alone cross legged, tapping his own half full glass against another glass resting on the surface, also half full.

"We did it," said the first man. He was dark haired, had scruffy looking facial hair, and was missing his right eye, which he covered with an eyepatch. "We finally managed to get Divine Intervention Enterprises off the ground, we're getting contracts for weapon testing, training and full on combat as we speak. I just wish you were here to see it"

His voice wavered towards the end of the sentence. He was forced to stop talking as he tried to hold back his tears for his fallen friend. Not too far from him, there was a white cot, from which a baby's rattle could be heard.

"You were right," he continued, shaking as he spoke. "It was a good idea to leave Reina with me. I don't know what I can do by myself, especially if I'm out here in space. I... I only know how to fight and make devices, so I don't know what sort of life I can give your little girl. But I'll be damned if I don't give her the best I can."

-1998 AD-

Tiernopar ehlkdu rapardu
Lukarmisi porer tirer lupar
Vierllosa tlarsi tumirpar
Ehkulur latu retie marar

-NC 0062-

[NC 0062/2002 AD:- Administered World #3 Vaizen]

A young girl, no older than five, was running around a small garden. She was home alone often, because her foster father was always out for work, often for days at a time. As a result, she learned from a young age how best to channel her own energy to keep herself entertained when she wasn't attending school. Of course, she learned that her foster father was a combat mage, and she, lacking another parental figure, tried to emulate him by learning herself, even if she needed to borrow a storage device to do it.

She was hovering about two inches off the ground, gliding at about walking pace, giggling to herself as she 'banked' left and right, and fought whatever play battle was happening in her imagination.

The door clicked open, and the little girl gave a squeak of delight upon hearing the footfalls of the person who came through. She half flew, half bounded towards the person who opened the door. Her foster father returned

"Altima Papa!" The man who returned looked a little scruffy, with neck length dark hair, a short beard that wrapped around his chin to his ears, and an eye patch over his right eye. Reina leapt up towards him

"Hey! Reina! How was school!" said Altima as he held out his arms to catch the little girl. "Wow! That's some amazing magic."

"I can even float for more than three minutes now!"

"Now now Reina, what do we say when someone is nice to you?" asked Altima, gently reminding Reina of a little lesson that her school teachers thought she needed to work on.

"Thanks Papa!" said Reina with enthusiasm that only a five year old could match.

"You're welcome sweetie," said Altima with a warm smile. "Did you do your homework?"

Reina bounced back down from Altima's arms, and seemed to concentrate on something really important. After a few seconds, in front of her there was a holographic screen that showed a few pages of basic arithmetic questions, and their answers.


-NC 0062-

Tiernopar ehlkdu rapardu
Lukarmisi porer tirer lupar
Vierllosa tlarsi tumirpar
Ehkulur latu retie marar

-NC 0065-

[NC 0065/2005 AD:- TSAB Warship Asura]

It was only a small wish.

To see the warm smile of her mother

That wish persisted, even when Fate Testarossa was bound by a pair of the Time Space Administration Bureau's standard issue handcuffs, standing on the bridge of the Bureau's warship, watching on their screen the Bureau's attempt to bring her mother in. Even though she was defeated by the girl that brought her onto the Asura, and she knew that her failure would only enrage her mother even more, a small corner of her heart held onto the possibility that her mother would still accept her unconditionally.

That didn't quite match up with what she was seeing and hearing. Why was her mother standing in front of a capsule, containing a girl that looked just like her? Why was she referring to the girl as Alicia, the name she remembered being called in her own memories? Why was her mother calling her a doll? Why were they calling this Alicia her mother's true daughter? Why was this brown haired girl painfully honest girl, Takamachi Nanoha, trying to defend her from her mother? Was her mother being hurtful to her? Why was her mother... denying that she was her mother?

"Ever since I created you," said Precia Testarossa, drawing Fate's full attention. "I've always hated you!"

Fate didn't want to believe it. She felt Bardiche's idle form slip and fall out of her hand. Her consciousness began to drown as she felt light headed. The last thing she could remember was slumping slowly down to the floor...

When Fate came to, she was in a hospital bed, in what she presumed was the sickbay of the Asura. The room was bare, aside from the bed she lay in, and the lights that glowed on the walls. She was alone, but on the screen by her bed she could see four people raiding her home... no, it was her former home, and her former life.

The inconsistencies in her memories rearranged themselves, a new pattern emerged, and she finally made sense of it. There was a reason mother... Precia, called her 'Alicia' when she smiled. She stood up from the bed, deactivated Bardiche in hand. She held out her palm, and the gem flashed and glowed, before transforming into the poleaxe like form she had used so many times to fight.

"Maybe I haven't even truly begun yet..." said Fate. Her sadness transformed into relief at her newest companions, and her new opportunity at life, to make it truly her own.

-NC 0065-

Message of the blowing wind
Erasing memories
Stars are the witnesses of our existence

-NC 0065-

[2005 AD/NC 0065 :- ?]

Fate woke up in a large bed that she knew wasn't hers. Peering around, she saw that she was in a nightgown that she couldn't have been wearing. Next to her, there was a painfully familiar blonde haired girl sleeping next to her. As if to confuse her further, a maid familiar entered the room, and woke the two sleeping girls (and their pet dog) from their slumber.

Fate's mind blanked as soon as she heard the name of her 'mother'. She hadn't quite made sense of everything, even as she hid behind the pillar in the dining room, away from her mother.

And why was there all this talk about illusions?

Wasn't she in the middle of something earlier? She didn't remember getting into bed at least.

Why was Precia smiling? She never smiled for Fate. Why was Alicia healthy? Why was Linith still functioning?

Fate moved in a daze. She wasn't quite sure what was going on, what kind of day it was, or what kind of nightmare she was trying to forget. Even the breakfast in front of her looked strange.

This had to be a dream. A very beautiful dream, but a dream none the less.

This represented everything that she had ever wanted; a warm mother that loved her, a little sister to share happiness and fun times with; a normal life.

But this wasn't real. It wasn't real because it matched her simple wish exactly, and that's why it was impossible. Alicia couldn't exist in the same world as her. After all Precia would have never made Fate in the first place if not for Alicia's accident. And though Linith was precious, she was gone.

Just like the rest of her past. She swore to let go of the past when her mother disowned her. As nice as this was, as much as she wanted happy idle days to continue forever, she remembered what was going on outside. A dream wasn't good enough.

It hurt Fate's heart, knowing that the only way for her dream to exist was just that: as a dream.

She would have to wake up.

-NC 0065-

Change is what the world awaits
Could that be peace or war?
The answer no one knows
Trusting the break of dawn
The blue bird flies away

-2005 AD-

[2005 AD/NC 0065 :- Over Japanese Waters]

Harry knew that he'd arrived too late. There were reports coming from the East Asian Ministries of Magic that there was a large magical disturbance over the ocean. This was following reports of several strange earthquakes about six months prior. It didn't help that Parvati Patil made it a point to send a very urgently worded letter two days ago warning him of something happening 'to the east' that the professional divination specialist had managed to See, along with the rest of her staff. An anonymous centaur (who Harry suspected to be Firenze) also sent a message warning him that 'Mars burns too bright for peace. Prepare yourself'.

However the eastern ministries were quarantining themselves off, trying to prevent any incursions due to 'safety concerns'. But Harry had to try anyway, and therefore he was forced to go behind the back of several superiors, and to arrange a way to cover his tracks if he was caught, before he committed himself and more importantly, government manpower to this highly illegal mission.

This was why, despite the incident already being resolved, Harry was hovering over the ocean on his Firebolt II, directly above the estimated site of the disturbance that had occurred yesterday. Currently, all he could see was just a mass of water. Of course, a magical disturbance of this magnitude left traces, and even though he was so far above the water, he could still feel it coursing through his body. The two Aurors he'd taken with him could feel it too, and this bothered him more than what would happen if he were to be caught by the Japanese for trespassing in their waters.

"Proudfoot, can you feel that?" asked Harry as he looked straight down at the ocean. "It's like its coming straight from the sea itself." The older veteran Auror nodded silently whilst the other Auror slowly descended towards the water for a better look.

"Its almost like its coming from the bottom of the ocean," Proudfoot added. "Dawlish, how's things on your end?" he called out.

"... nothing changes as I get closer. Whatever it is, it's really far down!"

Harry silently went over things in his mind. Eyewitness accounts were non existent from what little information they had gathered by questioning people in Uminari City. That didn't make any sense though, because a magical disturbance of that level would be seen by the people ashore, even if it was this far off the mainland. Regardless, when Dawlish used Legimency, it revealed nothing. There was no evidence of tampering with memories, not even a vague recollection of something odd in the distance.

"We don't have the equipment, or the authorization to be here," said Harry finally, as Dawlish rose on his own broomstick. "We should return to England for now, and note down our findings quietly. We'll keep asking to investigate through the proper channels.

"And if they're uncooperative Potter?" asked Proudfoot as Dawlish rejoined them at their altitude.

"If they're un-co-operative, we'll come back covertly. It has to be done."

-2005 AD-

Ranar likul viernopal kar
Ranar likul viernopal

Lenar panar virakeral kar
Lenar panar virakeral

-NC 0067-

[NC 0067/2007 AD:- Fedika]

Against the backdrop of the Fedika night sky, a battle was raging. A nine year old girl was following the flashes of light and explosions that were happening above her, whilst she was fiddling with a small blue gem like device. She was told to stay on the ground, until she was called for and needed. One red streak clashed against three green streaks above, and the girl was following the red spark with intent. That was her adoptive father, fighting with a trio of aerial mages. It her first battle to be conducted with real devices, at full power, outside of any privately owned complex that Altima had thought to borrow or hire.

She knew that somewhere above her, papa was fighting, and she began to wonder if she was up to it. She was feeling nervous, more than usual. This would be her first live weapons battle, and her final test.

"Reina!" blared a telepathic voice in her head. She recognized it as Altima's. "Set up and launch, now!"

"Alright," replied Reina.

"Master, your command?" said a business like female robotic voice, originating as much from her mind as the gem in her hand.

"IWS Raptor, set up..."

An orange flash enveloped Reina's body. Her simple attire of jeans and a plain white top disappeared, replaced with a dull orange skin tight body suit, with a simple black bird shaped visor covering her face. From both of her palms she had formed a sunset orange spike of magical energy blades, almost as long as her entire arm. Two wing like magical appendages, which were her flight spells, were attached over her shoulder blades, and glowed orange in the night sky.

"Raptor Deployed."

"LET'S MOVE!" Reina shouted, taking a few steps at a run on the flat ground, before leaping into the air. Within seconds, there was an orange slash, as a green light was extinguished.

Reina secured her first air to air kill, followed extremely quickly by her second and third.

Later, the TSAB would find the bisected bodies of three wanted mages, washed ashore on Fedika, and though they tried to catch who was responsible, they eventually closed the case.

-NC 0067-

Ehnar lakitu luyarpal kar
Ehnar lakitu luyarpal

Luyan henar terarkel kar
Luyan henar terarkel llukaparsi

-NC 0071-

[NC 0071/2011 AD :- Vaizen. Divine Intervention Enterprises Headquarters]

Fate flew towards an offshore facility in the middle of the ocean. The swirling air ruffled her barrier jacket as she landed on top of what appeared to be an oil rig, hundreds of metres above sea level. But only, instead of drilling equipment, it was dominated by a simple but ultra modern dwelling on the central hexagonal landing platform. She knew from the building plans she was privy to that there housed a lift that lead to other facilities below the platform she currently stood on.

The records said that this was a private residence, but the anonymous tip she'd received told her that this was actually the base of operations of Divine Intervention Enterprises, a private contractor that sold protection and retrieval services. They were essentially a private military company, consisting of about twenty core members. However, there were increasingly worrying reports of an unaccounted for child soldier in the mix without the correct supervision and safety measures.

She was greeted in a slightly more aggressive way than she had imagined. A single orange light appeared from inside the central building, which then rapidly approached. A raven haired girl, maybe around Fate's age, probably a year or two younger, was flying straight at her, with some kind of energy blades from her palms, wearing a body suit and being propelled by flight spells over her shoulders.

"Round Shield."

The girl's orange magical energy blades slammed into Fate's own yellow runic magic circle protective barrier. The impact of the two was incredible. Fate was sure that the casting of the shield was perfectly fine, but even then, there was a crashing sound as Fate's spell was broken, whilst she was launched off the platform without any major damage. However, the girl had been too reckless. Fate, instead of flying back in, decided to back off, as she anticipated the girl would continue to rush at her, and placed a bind between herself and the girl. Her opponent ran into it, and was restrained in the air

"Sorry, I need you to stay there for a while," said Fate to the girl, who was screaming obscenities, trying to break the bind...

The raid was successful, and Fate had made so many arrests the ship she was assigned to was struggling to hold everyone. But a thought lingered in the back of her mind as they sailed for the nearest TSAB base. She had a rough idea of why that girl would be so passionate about defending her 'employers'. She'd experienced a form of this type of conditioning herself.

-NC 0071-

Tiernopar ehlkdu rapardu
Lukarmisi porer tirer lupar
Vierllosa tlarsi tumirpar
Ehkulur latu retie marar

-2011 AD-

[2011 AD/NC 0071 :- Hogsmeade]

Altima Jaeger felt an immense pang of guilt as he walked through Hogsmeade. He was certain that everything would turn out for the best, but at the same time, it was what he was afraid of. He shuffled across the street slowly, his muggle fashion sense separating him from the others around him, but the appearance of the eye patch made him look like someone who should not be crossed. They were right. He'd lost track of how many he'd killed for DIE.

He had left Reina in better hands now; the TSAB would leave her with someone who would definitely be a much better father figure than he was. All he knew was how to fight and make intelligent devices, so he built and fought for what he believed in. This had spilled out into Reina's upbringing, and as a result, Reina's life had been turned into a constant stream of battles until the TSAB raided DIE headquarters two days ago, and sent Altima on the run.

He couldn't be rid of the late Richard Amemiya's image, his best friend, and Reina's biological father, sighing at him, without any anger, just complete disappointment for both not raising her properly and for abandoning her. Reina, when she knew better, would think the same of him.

He walked with purpose, and eventually happened upon the Three Broomsticks. Since he'd discovered this unexpected society of mages on Unadministered Planet #97, he had wanted to explore both his own talents, and theirs. He opened the door to the bar, and looked inside for an old looking woman.

Minerva McGonagall was waiting for him. She greeted him with a wave, whilst Altima did the same and walked over to sit at her table.

"You must be Altima Jaeger," said Minerva. "I'm Minerva McGonagall, headmistress of Hogwarts. I understand you will be applying for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post."

"I am, yes," replied Altima. "I'm sure you'll find my talents to your liking."

-2011 AD-

Travelling beyond the bounds
We have to take that step
What are we waiting for? It's now or never

-2015 AD-

[2015 AD/NC 0075 :- The Potter's House]

"Harry, please, why do you have to go to Africa?" said Ginny desperately.

Harry swallowed, producing a newspaper from his pocket. There was depicted another of Parvati's visions. The image showed an animated wizarding artist's impression of large explosion in a desert town, completely vaporizing it. Though the picture belonged to a higher education Muggle Studies article talking about how Muggles were not to be looked down upon, Harry was genuinely worried. So worried that he'd been following news from any resource he could get his hands on, just to track the progress of the SRN uprising in Africa.

"That's why," said Harry, motioning to the picture. "If this weapon is real, we cannot let it be used. Whoever wins this muggle war..."

"But that's the thing Harry. It's a Muggle war. What if James, Albus and Lily never see you again?"

"If we don't do anything, we'll face an entirely different set of problems. I've been talking to every seer we can find on this, and they all seem to agree that two aces are going to fight each other to bring this war to its conclusion. I'm just going to give one of them a nudge in the right direction, that's all."

Ginny looked like she was about to cry. Thankfully the children were still asleep.

"Don't worry, I've got Jaeger coming with me."

"Him?! Harry, I don't doubt he's talented, Merlin knows he's revolutionized Defence in our country by himself, but I wouldn't trust him with a stray cat, let alone anyone actually important!"

"I'm sorry ba..."

"Don't try to calm me down by calling me baby!" screamed Ginny "This is important! There's a war going on there, you might die Harry!"

"And untold thousands, or even millions, will die if this weapon ever gets into the wrong hands!" shouted Harry in response. "Ginny, this time, the bomb they have can wipe out entire towns as easy as summoning a teacup!" Ginny's lower lip trembled as Harry continued his distressed tirade, his speech becoming more desperate as he envisioned the possibilities. "I don't want to leave the children to shadow Colonel Bishop either! But I won't let our children to burn because someone hundreds of miles away keyed in a location that's vaguely in the vicinity of our house!"

Silence filled the Potter house. James, Albus and Lily had probably heard the argument, and worked out what was going on. After what felt like an eternity, Ginny silently nodded, before pulling Harry close, gave him a long desperate kiss. Once they broke apart, Ginny looked at Harry with the look of blazing determination that only she could, a look that seemed to set Harry's heart ablaze with passion and confidence.

"Come back safe. Promise me."

"I promise."

-2015 AD-

Fear to see "The World to Be"
Is why we hesitate
Repeat the same mistake
Hoping to break new ground
The blue bird flies away

-NC 0076-

[NC 0076/2016 AD :- Mid Childa]

The first thing Subaru Nakajima learned to do in the Disaster Planning and Humanitarian Aid squadrons was to rescue those who were furthest away from them first. The closer ones were generally safe for the lower magically ranked rescue staff to handle, including volunteers not trained in the use of magic beyond D rank. This meant that she was to get those who were deepest in the disaster zone.

This also meant she was able to see the devastation caused by the attack first hand as she passed through the main ballroom. The furniture that was cleaved in two, the burn marks and scars all over the walls, craters in the floor. This all pointed to the work of a team of attack mages. Despite the carnage, the only casualties were the banquet, and two bodyguards, who were impaled all the way through their stomachs, but somehow stabilized by the medical team.

Having worked with people like Signum for the past year, Subaru knew the work of sword fighting mage when she saw one. But developing on that hypothesis could wait. Subaru was sure that her enhanced hearing picked up a voice belonging to a young girl about Vivio's age was calling for help over the waves. It was located about three corridors across. Subaru double timed it and saw, just in time, a girl holding onto her younger brother, screaming in terror as a wall of water threatened to crush them. She wasn't sure how she moved so fast to step in between water and the children, but it could only be a good thing.


The two children looked up to see Subaru holding the wall of water back with a Belkan Triangle Shield.

"You tried your best! That's great," said Subaru, panting. "It's okay now. I'll take you straight to a safe place."

Eye witness accounts later proved Subaru's hypothesis to be true; a blade user was involved in the attack. Nobody expected the blade user to have been able to do all this alone.

-NC 0076-

Pa laktu vimaturesi
pasi lameta vimaturesi
Lanasidu kisaturesi
makipa sela nitaturesi


[2017 AD/NC 0077 :- Platform 9¾]

After the train left platform Nine and Three Quarters, the assembled parents were leaving for what would be their jobs later that day. Ginny Potter lead Lily away from the station, as she was longingly looking at the retreating train, wanting to have her turn to go to the magical school, whilst Harry was also consoling the young lady on the subject.

"Oh Lily you're just like how I was when I was your age," said Ginny, as she lead Lily away from the station. "It's adorable looking at you my little flower."

"Mum! I'm ten years old, can you not call me that?" squeaked the little red headed girl, gaining a small chuckle from her cousin as they followed. "Hugo! Pleeeaaaase don't laugh."

This banter continued as the station emptied of people, as they made the slow exit towards the barrier that separated the Muggle King's Cross from the secret platform.

All but one blonde twin pigtailed woman, who just celebrated her twenty first birthday four days ago, wearing your typical autumn muggle dress. Harry looked back, noticing her standing by herself, giving her a strange look before he shrugged his shoulders, accepting that she looked young enough to miss this place. There were always one or two every year. Though, to be totally honest, he didn't remember seeing anyone like her throughout the two years that he'd sent James to the express, and as much as he hated to admit, even if he was married, he'd still notice when someone as strikingly beautiful as her appeared.

Shaking his head free of these thoughts, he joined back in with the conversation between the extended Weasley family.

-The Legend who triumphed over Evil-

Pasira laktu vimaturesi
pasi lameta vimaturesi
Lanasidu kisaturesi
makipa sela nitaturesi


[2017 AD/NC 0077 :- Platform 9¾]

Fate wasn't reminiscing. She was in concealed shock. Having lived on this planet for half a decade, she'd have expected to notice anything with as much magical power as a selective barrier to keep out non magical people, bound to a hidden train station.

There seemed to be an entire hidden society as well. The sight of all the happy families, children laughing and playing, and general playful chaos of the situation reminded her of a dream she had innumerable times as a child. But the fact that they were here, treating this as just the norm, indicated to her that there was a lot more hidden here than she'd initially realized.

The station was now completely empty, save for her. She figured it was safe to contact her superiors now.

"Bardiche, send a message to Headquarters," said Fate. 'Anything like this that can avoid detection for this long is a Lost Logia class until shown to be otherwise.' She thought to herself.

"Yes Sir."

-The Ace who denied her own Past-

Reaching out to catch the sun
To hold it in our hands
Longing for something strong to hide our weakness


[NC 0077/2017 AD :- Aboard the inter-dimensional unregistered transport ship Hayabusa, in orbit around Callisto]

Reina had been out in space for several months now. Non stop contracts from various administered and unadministered worlds would do that. She was lucky that an old DIE member, Simmons, was able to get away from the TSAB, and thus when she contacted him, he quickly got to work, procuring the Hayabusa: a massive cargo ship to use as a mobile base for when work came thick and fast.

The man, Simmons, was a very clean cut sort of fellow. Not a hair out of place, not a crease on his clothes. Very organized, and quite possibly the real reason that DIE was able to stay afloat before the attack. That look had fooled so many people into believing he was weak. They were soon proven wrong. Some weren't able to regret the mistake.

"Amemiya, we've received a new contract from an anonymous source," he said in a voice that sounded almost too smooth.

"Anonymous?" repeated Reina. "Simmons, you know we don't do those, I think we can trash it."

"... actually, you should take a look at it."

"It appears to be pertinent." said her device, in the businesslike manner it conducted itself with through the years.

Reina sat up, her black eyes focused and ready, whilst she logged into DIE's messages through Metatron. She stared in shock at the content of the message, stunned into a ten second long silence. Apparently it was the effect Simmons was looking for.

"Kill or Capture Altima Jaeger," she said out loud, her eyes widening and the look on her face beaming. Simmons nodded. "They're going to pay us enough to buy a fleet of Hayabusas... to retrieve Papa?!"

-A Stranger who faces endless Battle-

Soon the light may disappear
Nothing is meant to last
Yet we believe our world

Searching for happiness
The blue bird flies away

Songs used this chapter

Beyond The Bounds - ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders
-Sung by Maki Kimura
-Composed by Maki Kirioka