Aw fudge. I have so many stories I haven't been doing lately. And look what happened, I'm making ANOTHER one. *Facepalms* Maybe I should stick with the one-shots.

Here's the idea behind this one: It will take place in the Monsters Inc movie, but in a total AU. In this one, Randall isn't the villain. In this one he's already seen Boo, but becomes great friends with her. Which is why he stays after just to see her for an hour before going home. Johnny, from MU, is going to be Waternoose's henchmen. Sulley, of course, is going to find Boo through the closest and all that drama. But there will be changes. Randall is still going to be a jerk. But we love him that way ;)

This is going to be mostly about Randall and Boo though. I might add a hint of Randall/Boo. But nothing too serious. And besides, Jacob from Twilight fell in love with Bella and Edward's daughter. And look at her! She's like, ten? So the Randall/Boo relationship is gonna be like that.

Plus a Randall/Boo romance would make a better love story than Twilight in my opinion.

There will be OOCNESS and for Johnny's personality, I'm gonna have to guess on that. This is an AU.

I do NOT own Monsters Inc T-T


He couldn't really understand how it all began, but when he first saw her sleeping in that big bed of her's, he couldn't bring himself to scare her. When she opened her eyes and looked at him, he thought she was a little angel. Luckily she wasn't frightened of him. Instead, she held a curious tint in her eyes. It was after he revealed himself that their curiosity for each other grew.

He cautiously reached one of his hands out to her, in an attempt to show her he meant no harm. The little girl, curious like any other toddler, reached out and placed her tiny hand in his. She was surprised by how smooth it felt. Never having touched a reptile before. But he was no ordinary reptile. His purple scales glittered under the moonlight that shone through her only window.

To her, he looked like the prettiest thing she's ever seen in her three year life. To him, having never felt human skin before, was amazed at how soft she was. How could she be a danger to their society? She giggled when she noticed the expression on his face and he frowned, causing her to laugh. He chuckled when he saw her roll on her back from the fits of laughter. He didn't want to scare her. He really didn't. Fungus must be wondering what was taking him so long. But he didn't want to leave her.

Finally, he gently released her hand and immediately scurried to the closest door. Before opening it, he looked over his shoulder to see the slightly confused expression on the child's face. It was then he silently mouthed, "I'll come back later."

She giggled and fell back asleep. Satisfied, he re-entered the monster world, where his assistant ran up to him. He looked concerned from the unusual long time he took in the room. When really it was only four minutes.

"What happened?" the little red monster asked.

"She wasn't home." he replied before walking back to their desk.

Fungus scratched his head in confusion. He checked the reports and it clearly said that she was always home. It's possible that she and her family went traveling or something. Shrugging at the disappointment, he pressed the button which caused the door to lift up and leave the scare floor.

Later that day, once everyone left, the purple reptile returned to the scare floor. Having swiped the card key used for her door, he swipped it and watched the white door come out once more. Once the light beeped red, he carefully opened the door once more and poked his head in. It was still dark, but he was relieved when he found her sleeping in her bed in the same position he last saw her. Once he closed the door silently behind him, the girl had woken up once more.

She rubbed her left eye cutely while letting out a small yawn. An childish grin soon appeared on her face and she seemed full of life already. He carefully climbed onto her bed and sat across from her slightly crouched. He held his hand out once more.

"Hello little one." he whispered in the friendliest tone he could do. It wasn't exactly easy though.

The little girl giggled and touched his hand again. "Hi." she said with her childish grin.

He tried to make a grin as well, but it came out awkward. He could tell because she let out a laugh seconds later. "I'm Randall," he said whispered, "What's your name?"

"M-Marrrrrrrryyyyyy" it sounded like gurgles instead of actual words. She is still a toddler after all. "Mmmmmm. Mary!" she finally spats out.

Randall chuckled. Something he rarely dose nowadays. "How old are you Mary?" he then asked.

Mary then held up three fingers.

"So your three?" he asked.

Mary bobbed her head excitedly. She then stood up on her bed and pointed to a small table by the window which was littered in paper and crayons. "I wanna a draw!" she said.

Randall's fonds raised up a bit. "You want me to color with you?" he asked.

"Yes!" Mary yelled happily while jumping up and down on her bed.

"Okay then kid." he chuckled. Randall had to adjust his serpentine body on the small chairs that were available in the room. Mary soon brought out a pile of white paper and a box of crayons. She then dumped the crayons on the table carelessly. To Randall it sounded like a bunch of rocks falling all at once. Randall then picked up a red crayon and started to draw something random while Mary was drawing what looked like a dog.

Before Randall knew it, an hour had gone by. He soon stood up from his seat and walked over to the closest door. Just as he grabbed the knob, he felt something grab his tail. He lifted his tail to find Mary holding onto it, giggling playfully. Randall sighed and gently took the child off and placed her back in bed.

"Listen kid," Randall said gently, "I have to go home now."

Mary then tilted her head slightly. Randall smiled and gently petted her short, dark hair. "But I'll come back tomorrow. I promise." he said.

Mary's face brighted and she looked very excited. After one last pet, Randall quickly left the room. After watching the door leave, Randall had actually felt he was in a good mood. He hasn't felt this good since his University days. He soon left the now dark scare floor with a smile on his lips. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Okay, so the next chapter will take place in Sulley and Mike's side. Like how the movie started out. But there might be hints of MU. The chances of me seeing the actual movie are slim though. I might also add some should I say this?

You know what? I'll save that later XD

But Johnny is gonna be in the story as well. His assistant I have no idea about. But I'll try to keep him in character though. So basically he's gonna play Randall's part as the evil henchmen and Sulley's rival. Randall is probably gonna be aquatince with Sulley and Mike. But they'll become friends later on in the story.

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