Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Return

Chapter 6: With Renewed Resolve!

Bet you didn't expect that last cliffy there, did you? No you didn't.


(Location: Treasure Town Outskirts)

(BGM: Transformers Cybertron – Take It Easy)

Wattson is lied back against a tree, all bruised and battered. "I-it just came outta nowhere...the horror...Mud Shot...the relentless Mud Shot...the horror..."

"It's your own fault, Wattson. Attacking water Pokemon like that, you kinda had it coming. And this is coming from a fire type." Flarea comments. "We told you not to go to Beach Cave, so what do you do? Drenched Bluff... Maybe that Swampert knows Pokemon." She giggles. "Gracie, are you done with that ice pack, yet?"

"In a moment, Flarea! Believe it or not, these kinds of things take great care to do, y'know." She calls back, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, well our patient here's kinda out of it, and hurting bad, so-"

"Done!" She calls back. She picks up the cloth with ice in, and walks over to the injured Pokemon. "Put it anywhere you need to. If you need anymore, just ask." She smiles, passing it over to him.

"How about right up that uptight Swampert's a-"

"Okay, tough guy, you've made your point..." Flarea interrupts him before he can go further. "Focus on getting yourself healed up first, before you decide to do anything else."

There's a pause that lasts 30 seconds, before Gracie pipes up. "Wouldn't it be easier to have given him a Sitrus Berry?"

Flarea stares into midair for a moment, before applying paw to face. "Sweet Arceus..."

A few minutes later, and Wattson is sparking fiercely once again. "Alright! Wattson's back, world!"

Gracie and Flarea watch on with pokerfaces.

"You wanna do it, or shall I?" Gracie asks her fire type team mate.

"It was my turn last time, so this time, you do it." Flarea answers.

"Fine..." She charges up an Ice Beam, ready to fire, but what happens next surprises them both.

"So we heading out or not? We're just wasting time messin' around when we could be out, finding a lost teammate!" Wattson demands, looking at the two.

Immediately, Gracie's Ice Beam dissipates, and she stumbles back. "Wha...?!"

"He is his inspiration, after all..." Flarea informs her.

"Fair point..." Gracie sighs in defeat...

"Hey, Gracie?" Wattson asks.

"Yeah, Watt?"

"Is that supposed to do that?"

"Is that supposed to do...wha...?"

Wattson points over at what he's talking about, and Gracie decides to humour him. Sure enough, what she sees makes her heart skip a beat.

Her explorer badge is glowing brightly.

"Wait a minute...that only happens when one of your team mates is in danger...and I'm right here! Did you recruit someone without telling me? We make these decisions as a pair, Grace!" Flarea scolds, but then notices something's wrong. "...Gracie?"

"It's not the one that belongs to Team IceBurn, Flarea." Gracie states. "I kept the one from back in the Team Element days as a reminder, and told myself that he'd always be there with me."

"Wait...if that thing's glowing...and it's not Team IceBurn's but Team Element's...then that must mean!..." Flarea's eyes widen in shock.

"He's out there!" Wattson shouts, sparking fiercely once again. "Bolt is out there!"

"But most likely in danger! And will you stop that, Wattson? Or do you want me to burn you again?!" Flarea threatens the electric/normal type.

"Ee! N-no, ma'am..." Wattson stops his crackling and calm down, sweat dropping.

Gracie grasps on tight to the glowing badge and closes her eyes. So it's not a matter of if we see him again...it's a matter of when." She smiles lightly. "Win, Bolt. Win so I can see you again."

(Location: Pokemon Square, Battle Arena)

"You got it, Grace."

Right at the last second, Bolt uses his left hand and foot to jump to the side, out of the way of the Outraging Growlithe , making him miss by an inch. The Growlithe, caught off guard by the dodging, , doesn't look where's he's going and hits the wall, making a massive dent.

(BGM: Fairy Tail - Moeagaru Kobushi)

"How did...?!"

"Did he seriously just get back up from that...?!"

"Dude's got a death wish..."

These are the shocked outcries of the crowd watching the battle. Titania herself is watching on in surprise. "So...looks like I was right." She smiles. "He's definitely something special. And I think he'll be a valuable member of our Team Unknown. Just hope Inferno's gonna be in the right state to agree." She giggles to herself. "But I have to wonder...why exactly DID it take 10 years for him to come back here? Why now? I might be thinking too much into this, but...I can't help but wonder..."

Also, on the sidelines, there watches a certain Lucario, who is actually smirking at the display. "Yep. That's him alright. That Growlithe certainly is powerful. But he needs new strategies. He can't stay a one trick Pokemon for too long. It could lead to his downfall, or cost him a dire situation."

"Do you know Bolt too, mister?"

Karu is snapped out of his trance and looks down to see a Pichu looking up at him. "Yes...yes I do. He's an old friend of mine."

"He is? Are you going to talk to him after the battle?" The little Pichu asks him.

"Oh...uhh...maybe...I have things I need to do, before I talk to him again." Karu tries to save himself.

"Oh...okay then!" The Pichu accepts it with a bright smile.

"So how do you know Bolt?" Karu asks in curiosity.

"He saved my life from these three poison type thugs. I owe him for it!" She states with a smile, looks back at the battlefield, and her small cheeks crackle. "I also wanna get strong like him.."

"Amazing...this Pichu...she reminds me to much of Bolt back then. Not even a few days and he's already making an impact. I really shouldn't be all that surprised, to be honest..." "Hey. Can you promise me something?"

The Pichu looks back up at him. "Huh?"

"Don't tell Bolt about me. Don't even mention me. I'll see him soon enough, but not right now. Can you do that for me, little one?"

The small mouse Pokemon thinks for a moment, then smiles, nodding. "Sure!"

Back in the battle, Inferno struggles to his feet, coughing out some dust. "Ugh...didn't expect that, Bolt...but how did you recover from that?"

(BGM: Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 – PWT Finals Reshidove Remix)

"I heard the voice of an old friend of mine. I don't know how, but she got through to me. She's rooting for me to win this battle. So that's what I'm gonna do." He grins and his cheeks crackle. "Come on, Rex! If you have any fire left in you, you'll come at me for real instead of resorting to cheap tactics!"

"I've got plenty of fire, Dangermouse!" He cloaks himself in fire, charging at him, using Flame Charge. But the Pikachu decides to dodge, using Quick Attack, and jumps into the air using the momentum.

Inferno stops his attack, then points his maw upwards, bursting forth a Flamethrower, to which Bolt counters with Thunderbolt while still in the air. The two attacks collide, causing an explosion to erupt.

"That was much more fierce than any of their attacks before. Seems like neither of them wants to lose. I just hope no spectators get injured by any attacks. But I suppose that's what the Baltoy are for." Karu concludes, looking up at the circle of Baltoy, connected and their eyes (?) glowing a bright blue.

"Go Bolt! Woooo!" The little Pichu cheers next to him.

Karu chuckles at the sight. "He'll win. I know it."

Bolt dives down at Inferno, tail glowing. It connects with the Growlithe's face, sending him tumbling back a bit.

Fortunately for him, it sends him out of the dust cloud. "Phew...that was lucky...what the?!"

Following him out of the dust cloud is Bolt, charging at him cloaked in golden electricity, and his body giving off the illusion that it's back and white.

"Volt Tackle?!" Karu and the Pichu chorus.

"Whoa!" Inferno yelps, but then steels himself, playing chicken with Flame Charge. "He's not getting' me down without a fight!"

The two Pokemon let out a long yell while running at each other, and when the attacks connect, poor Inferno is the unfortunate one out of the two, as his attack is cancelled out, and he himself is sent flying into the wall, back first, and causes a Growlithe shaped dent.

"Whoa..." Karu exclaims.

"I knew he'd pull through!" Pichu shouts in glee.

Bolt skids back, panting heavily, watching on and keeping his guard up. "I don't think I can go on...the recoil damage from that last attack messed me up..." When the dust clears, he sees Inferno, swirly eyed and bruised up, smoke rising from his mouth. "I did it...I took him down..." He blacks out himself, and the last thing he hears is two familiar voices and one not-so-familiar voice call his name.

(Meanwhile, in a building quite a bit away from Treasure Town)

(BGM: Pokemon Colosseum – Pyrite Town)

Cells line the side of the hall, left and right. Various criminals glare on as Magnemite and Magneton sentries and the occasional Bisharp guard keep a watchful eye over the prisoners.

This place isn't exactly run down. Officer Magnezone makes sure that the place is looked after and kept clean. Even though he doesn't think the criminals deserve it, it wouldn't exactly be wise to keep it in a filthy state. That would just be wrong.


A Bisharp walks up to Magnezone's desk. "Sir. We've arrested someone. I think he's just a kid, though. Want to see him?"

If Magnezone could sigh, he'd let out a sigh comparable to a snore from a Snorlax. "SEND HIM IN."

A Magneton and an Excadrill enter, pushing forward a Dewott, looking sombre.


"My name is Jet. And...the reason they arrested me was...well...I kind of lost it." The Dewott states.

"Lost it?" The Excadrill officer asks skeptically.

"Please hear me out. I was minding my own business while I was walking through Canyon Town, but I heard a voice crying out. I rounded the corner almost immediately, and I laid my eyes on something that made my blood run cold. I saw a small Eevee being surrounded. There was a Honchcrow and about 5 Murkrow behind it, and there was a Mandibuzz with about 2 Vullabys flanking it. They were about to attack, but luckily, I managed to jump in and fend them off." He takes off a scalchop and brandishes it, his sombre look not leaving him. "But it was taken out of context. The Eevee took her chance to run, without saying thanks. I'm fine with that, in fact, I'm glad she did, otherwise, she would have probably been caught in it. But when she was out of sight...and I had the Honchcrow and the Mandibuzz on the ropes and their pre evolutions backing off, the townspokemon had finally come to see the ruckus. They thought I was the bad one. They thought I was the one attacking them for no good reason, when I was defending an innocent Eevee. I can hope that she made it to safety. Then this will all be for naught."

After finishing his side of his reason of arrest, Jet looks up at Magnezone. But Magnezone is deep in thought. "Uhhh...sir?" The Excadrill tilts his head. "You alright?"




"Really?" Jet asks with hope in his eyes. "Maybe I can go find the Eevee, and the townspeople of Canyon Town, and apologise."


"Thank you!" Jet shouts happily with glee. "I'll answer everything you ask!"


(BGM: Fairy Tail – Ankoku no Madoshi)

And at that moment, the sound of fierce electricity, then an explosion rocks the place, causing every Pokemon in the room to go into a panic. All except Magnezone.


Excadrill and Magneton are about to open the door into the main hall, when Bisharp comes flying through the door, sparking with fresh electricity and crashing into the wall opposite, Magnezone only just dodging the flying Pokemon. Ringing through the door, is sounds of more electric attacks and explosions.

"You don't think the Magnemite are doing this, do you?!" Excadrill asks with urgency.

"DO YOU NOT TRUST US, GROUND TYPE?!" Magneton drones at him.

"Hey, you gotta make sure, right?!" Excadrill defends himself, holding his claws up. Right at that moment, several Magnemite fly through the door, seared and out for the count, piling up on top of the downed Bisharp. "...Well that answers that."


"Shut up, and let's go deal with this punk." Excadrill bluntly orders before running out, and firing off a Focus Blast as a warning shot. "Stop this crazyness now!" He shouts as the Focus Blast explodes, seemingly impacting on something. "Yes!" Only for his cheering to be cut short, when to his horror, a Focus Blast flies straight back at him, connecting. "Aaaaaagh!" He hits the floor, but hangs on, struggling to get back up. "Sturdy...best ability...eve-" That's when a glowing tail connects with his face and knocks him clean out.

"Your guards are pathetic, Officer Magnezone." A voice rings out.

"YOU...YOU BROKE OUT?!" The officer asks in shock. Staring him down is the Pikachu from before. With the scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his eye.

"It wasn't hard. You just need to put better reinforcements on the walls and cell doors." He holds up one of his paws and there appears a Focus Blast. "And better guards!" He fires it at Officer Magnezone, but Magneton jumps in the way and takes the attack, falling to the ground, badly hurt. "Like I said, Magnezone...pathetic." That's when the Pikachu is hit by a Hydro Pump, sending him flying back. He manages to bounce off the wall and land on the ground flawlessly. "Who...?"

Jet stands there, glaring him down. "Just who do you think you are, causing all this damage?! If you did the crime, you pay for it! No ifs, ands or buts!"

The Pikachu, bored already, launches a Thunderbolt at Jet, but the Dewott brings up his scalchops, and the attack is blocked, only managing to push the water type back. "Huh. Not bad, water type. Not bad at all. Don't think that that's going to win you this battle, though." He runs at Jet, his balled up paws sparking with electricity for a Thunder Punch.

"Oh, bringing out the melee attack, eh?" Jet runs at the Pikachu, his scalchops seemingly turning into what look like energy swords, going intoa Razor Shell attack. When both Pokemon are near each other, they strike with their attacks. They collide, and it looks like Jet's going to win at first, but to his horror, it looks like the electric type has one paw free, and so he slams the sparking fist into Jet's stomach, winding him and shocking him at the same time, making him cry out. With his guard down, the Pikachu takes this to an advantage, and slams the other one into his face, sending him flying, and making him hit the floor.

"Nnngh...-jolt-...No...he's caused...so much...trouble..."


"What're you going to do about it, "officer"?" He spits the name out bitterly. "You can't do anything. Your force is weak!"

"I SHALL DEFEND THE HONOUR OF MY FORCE!" He crackles with electrical energy, and an orb of electricity charges up, which he fires at the mouse.

"Weak.." The Pikachu dodges it with Agility, and stops in front of Magnezone. Before the chief has any time to react, two Focus Blasts explode point blank, sending him through the walls to the outside.

"Bzzt...we...we failed...he's...too strong...Wigglytuff's Guild...anybody...take him down..." And with that, the officer is down.

The criminals, who have been broken out by the Pikachu, go up to the electric type, in awe at his destructive battle power and techniques.

"That was intense!" A Banette comments.

"So powerful!" An Ursaring praises.

"Thank you.." The Pikachu, feeling incredibly smug, accepts it all. That's when a name tag falls off of the Pikachu's ear, to the floor.

"Whoa..." A Meowth looks at the tag, picking it and reading the name. What he's in awe about is the fact that it has the name "Bolt" on it. Of course it's in quotation marks, because the force had enough of a sense of humour to put in the name that he stole. "How did yous go over to tha dark side?"

Jet, who is weakened from the battle with the electric type, is on the verge of blacking out, but he watches on at the scene.

The Pikachu has an almost sombre look on his face, before it turns to one of bitterness. "My name is not Bolt." He pulls out a strange, purple orb, which glows a strong black aura. "At least...not anymore." With those last words, him and the rest of the criminals are gone, leaving Jet there, to hence forth and black out...the last words ringing through his head.

Not anymore...

(Meanwhile, back in Pokemon Square)

(Dream Sequence)

"So...I'm back here. Gardevoir? You here?" Bolt calls out. He turns around in all directions, trying to find her. "Gardevoir?" As soon as he stops turning around all over the place, he doesn't notice Gardevoir appear right behind him.


"Ahh!" Bolt falls down, looking back, shaking a bit, and cheeks crackling. This causes Gardevoir to giggle, which in turn causes Bolt to deadpan and hold back a laugh. "That...wasn't funny.."

"I beg to differ, Bolt. You have to admit, I got you good there." She says back, giggling again.

There's a little pause for a moment, before Bolt bursts out into a light laugh and gets up. "Alright, alright, you got me. Now fight me." He says jokingly.

"No, this is only a dream, Bolt. You're out of it, still on the arena, I believe."


"Besides, I'd beat you in a battle anyway."

"Oh really? Prove it." Right as he says that, he's surrounded in a blue glow, and lifted into the air. He flails his arms and legs all over, thinking it will help. "Crap, crap, crap crap! Okay, okay! You made your point!" Gardevoir stops the move and lets him fall to the floor. "Owie."

She giggles again.

"So I've got my memories back, and made a few new friends. What now? Is that all you brought me back for?" Bolt asks, wanting answers.

She shakes her head. "No. There is a lot more in store for you. And you'll need your friends by you for you to overcome these obstacles. And just to let you know, it wasn't me who brought you back."

"You didn't?" Bolt asks, tilting his head. "Well if you didn't, then who did?"

"Here's a hint, you punched him in the face to save the world." She states bluntly.

"Ah...wait a minute, hang on...does this mean I won't be seeing Gracie soon...?" Bolt asks, his ears drooping slightly.

There's another pause before Gradevoir lifts up one of her hands. "Let me show you something." Suddenly, a projection shows up next to them. On it is Gracie now. The shiny, smaller than average Glaceon. With her is Flarea and Wattson.

"Wait, is that her...?" Bolt asks, his ears coming back up.

Gardevoir nods. "Of course you remember Flarea, right?"

"So they've both evolved. And they've formed a team together?" He inquires.

"Team IceBurn. One of the most famous exploration teams to ever rise in the last 10 years."

"And who's the Heliolisk?"

"That's Wattson. He joins them on explorations occasionally, but he tends to get into trouble...mainly with water types."

Bolt laughs at this. "Nice. Do they sometimes like to avoid water based caves when he comes along?"

"They have to skim the job requests based there without looking too insensitive."

This elicits a chuckle from Bolt. "Poor guy..." And then he sits down, ears drooping again.

"Something wrong?"

"I've just realised just how much I've missed..." He states. "She didn't take it well when I vanished, did she...?"

She changes the projection to just after he'd vanished. What he sees is Gracie as an Eevee lied down, bawling her eyes out. It breaks his heart to see her like this.

"Wow...I knew she wouldn't take it very well but...damn, I feel so stupid now..." He berates himself, resting his head in his paws.

"You couldn't help anything. It was meant to happen."

"She recovered quickly, right? She got back to exploring in just a few days, right?...Right?!" He asks in hopefulness.

Gardevoir just sighs and changes the projection again. It shows a montage of the multiple times Gracie found herself reduced to tears, throughout the 10 years he's been away.

"Gardevoir...go back to when I vanished. I need to confirm something. It's important."

Gardevoir visibly freezes at his request. "I...well..."

"Please, Gardevoir...I need to know something." Bolt pleads.

With a sigh of defeat, she changes the projection to when he was just vanishing at Temporal Tower.

"Not actually existing. Because we've altered the future, I wasn't born."

"W-what do you mean?"

"Any events that lead to my birth didn't happen anymore. From here on, a brand new timeline started. I'm not meant to exist..."

"N-no...that's not true..."


"No! It isn't true!"

"But it's okay."


"I've had an amazing time with you. Meeting you, getting the fragment back on our first adventure, joining the guild, going on that expedition, defeating that Groudon we thought was real, all of that! I don't regret a second of it."

"A-all of those th-thing I w-was able to do b-because you were th-there with me."

"And you've grown from that timid little Pokemon I met on that beautiful sunset into the couragous Eevee who dared take on a rampaging guardian of time."

"..A-again because of you..."

"And no you can use that new-found confidence and guts to go far. Really far. You can do this. Because remember this. I believe in you. And I always have done, and I always will. So please don't let my disappearance get you down."

"I-I don't think I can..."

"Trust me...you can...and you will. Promise me."


"Promise me you won't become miserable because I'm not there. That's the last thing I want. Promise me you'll keep a positive attitude."

"...I-I promise."

"Who knows? By sheer luck I might come back! In the meantime though. Keep up the positive attitude I've had the pleasure of seeing over the past few months!"


"Bolt! I have something to tell you! Something important..."

"...I love you..."

And with that, the projection goes to static, and Bolt slumps to the floor, head in arms.

"Dammit...oh well...at least Karu was there to help, right?"

Again, there's a deathly silence in the air.

"He didn't..."

Another projection plays.

(BGM: Fairy Tail – Inishie No Mahou)

"You don't know what he'd want! He isn't here anymore!"

Karu, still a Riolu, is shown on screen, shouting at Sunflora, who looks on the verge of tears. That is until Loudred steps in front of her, pointing at Karu, eyes full of rage. "Who the HECK do you think you are, ya little punk?! You really don't know what Bolt would want either! You weren't him! Even though you wanted to be, because of how much he overSHADOWED you! That's just pathetic, ya know that?!"

"In my defense, I never intended for that to happen."

"YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN BIG MOUTH, LOUDRED!" He shouts back, his whole body glowing his blue aura.

All the while, Gracie, still an Eevee is sat in the corner, crying her eyes out, way past the stage Sunflora's at, being comforted by Flarea, still in her Vulpix form.

"Karu, that's enough!" She shouts. "Gracie's in a bad state as it is, she doesn't need to listen to you lose it with the other guildmembers!"

"I'm trying to make a point, Flarea! But I can't do that with Mr. Big Mouth here bringing up stuff like that!"

"Bipedal mutt!" Loudred strikes back.

"I do know what Bolt wouldn't want! He wouldn't want you shouting at the other members of the guild on his behalf! There are other places to vent your frustrations, Karu! But in the guild, in front of everyone isn't one of them!" Flarea shouts at her team mate.

Growling, Karu clenches his right paw, which glows white. "Grr..shut UP!" He runs at, Chatot, aiming to use Bullet Punch on him,, but he squawks and moves out of the way, and in his path is Wigglytuff who walks out of his chambers just in time to see Karu running at him.

Wigglytuff's eyes widen, and when he takes he takes a deep breath, so do Karu's, realising his mistake. "Yooooom...ta!" He hits Karu with a Hyper Voice, sending him flying back into a wall.


The room goes deathly silent at the entrance of the Guildmaster. Even Gracie, who was just a moment ago crying, is looking on at the scene, her teary eyes wide.

"Holy sh..." Bolt nearly slips.

"I...I've had it..." Karu says under his breath. "I've had it!" He gets up and walks to the ladder calmly, then climbs it.

"This was 5 years ago, Bolt." Gardevoir informs him.

As soon as Karu exits the guild, he both hears and senses his team mate. "Karu, wait!" The Riolu stops and stands there, letting Flarea catch up with him. The rest of the guild catch up as well, but stay back.

"Please tell this isn't going where I think it is..." Bolt pleads.


"Where're you going...?" The Vulpix asks him.

"I'm going to look for a way to bring him back." He states, not looking back. "You're welcome to come with me if you want to. I'm not going to stop you."

"This is...this is wrong...I know you want him to come back...I mean everyone here does, ESPECIALLY Gracie...but he's been lost in time...he was a paradox..."

"There has to be a way." He interrupts her. "He was like the brother I never had, and now that he's gone...it's like being an only child again, like before I joined the guild and met you. So with or without you...I'm going out to find a way to get him back to us."

These words cause the rest of the guild, including the watching Bolt, to gasp.

Flarea keeps her composure, only just, and holding back tears, she says back "Then I'm sorry...you're going to have to go without me..."

If you squint and listen carefully, you could just hear Karu gasp and nearly lose himself. "I'm sorry, Flarea...I'm sorry everyone...I guess it's goodbye for now." And with those words, he leaps down the flight of steps that the guild is perched on top of. He then runs off and out of Treasure Town, Flarea only standing there and watching on.

"So Team Blazing Aura isn't around anymore either..."

"This was on the anniversary of your disappearance."

"...Great. So on the anniversary of losing one comrade, they lose another. Just wait till I see you, Karu. It WILL be a greeting to remember." He looks down at himself and sees transparency. "Well at least it isn't that glow. It nearly blinded me."

"You will meet many new friends on your travels, Bolt. In fact, you've inspired one individual already since your return...but I bet you can already guess who."

Bolt smiles. "I'll see you some other time, yeah?"

Gardevoir smiles, waving. "Fare thee well, Bolt! May Arceus guide you!"

(Back in the awake world)

"Ow...ow...I can't believe I lost..." Inferno complains, finishing off a Sitrus berry, and letting his wounds heal. "Ohhh...that feels good."

"Quit whining, Inferno. Think about this, at least you were the first one to wake up." Titania scolds, a little annoyed at the Growlithe's constant whining. She applies the last of the bandages to Bolt's unconscious form. "There's a Sitrus berry left, right?"


"Ugh, Inferno, please tell me you didn't eat them all..." Titania looks at him, a look of "seriously?" on her face.

"...Okay...I won't.."

"Inferno...that was for Bolt when he wakes up, but now don't have anything to let him use to heal!" She points at the fire type accusingly.

"Hey, I was gonna get some more for him, ya know!" He retorts, a look of hurt on his face.

"No need!" A voice rings out, snapping the two explorers from their argument. They turn their heads just in time to see the Pichu from before turn the corner, conveniently holding a Sitrus berry in her hands. She stops next to Bolt and puts the Sitrus berry down. "I found one. I owe a lot to this Pikachu. So it's only right I give him this."

"Thank you, little Pichu. It's good you came along after greedy guts over there ate all of our supply!" Titania reminds the fire type, while thanking the Pichu at the same time.

"Well sorry I needed to heal! I won't do it again in the future!"

"S-seriously, you two...you bicker like an old married couple..." Bolt quips as soon as he wakes up, sitting up.

"We're not married!" The two Pokemon retort, flustered, to the electric type's amusement.

"Not now, you're not." Bolt says without missing a beat, making the two Pokemon blush even further.

The Pichu giggles. "He got you two good!"

Bolt looks her way. "Oh, hey!" He smiles. "This for me?" He asks her, looking down at the Sitrus berry.

"Yup! I found it not too far from here! There's a Sitrus berry tree that's full of them!" She informs the three, as Bolt picks up the Sitrus berry and hungrily eats it down.

"Wait, a tree?! I still need healing up!" Inferno shouts before getting up to bound off in some random direction. But as he starts to run, a jolt of electricity hits him, paralysing him. He turns his head in their direction. "Bolt, come on...wait, what?"

To his surprise it wasn't Bolt that did that just then. It was the Pichu. She giggles at his misfortune. "Running off so soon? I don't think so."


Bolt looks on at her use of electricity, then laughs. "Whoa, she got you good, Inferno! High five!" The two electric types high-five each other, laughing at the paralysed fire type. "We never got your name by the way. Do you have one? Or are you just called 'Pichu'?"

"I...never had my own name." She admits. "I was always called Pichu, because the Pikachu clan I stayed with didn't have many numbers, and even less young."

"Hmmm..." Bolt thinks to himself. He goes on like this for a few moments. And then... "Aha! I've got a name for you, if you want." Bolt offers to the little Pichu.

"Really?! What is it?" She asks, excited.

"Kami. It's short for 'Kaminari', which itself translated into 'lightning'." He looks down at her. "What do you think?" Only to be tackle hugged by the little one. "Whoa!"

"I love it!" She shouts in glee. "I wanna be called that now!"

"Well nothing's stopping you!" Bolt says with a laugh. "Kami it is!"

"I love it...thank you." She nuzzles him, little sparks flying from her cheeks. Bolt smiles and gives her a noogie. "Hehehehehe! Stop!"

Titania smiles at the two, drifting into thought. "Those two act like they're brother and sister...maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we had an extra tag-along. Based on what we already know about her, she's a lonely little Pichu, who needs somebody there for her."

While noogieing her, he notices something new about her and stops. "Hey...is that bow new?"

"Sure is! They were selling accessories at a discount, so I got this bow, plus a few other things." Kami states, pointing at the small bag.

"Other things?" He looks at the small bag. "They in there?"

She nods, opening them up. "Inferno, I got you a scarlet vest with a fire pattern on it! It's made specifically for Growlithes!" She gets out his new vest, and Inferno, after eating a Cheri Berry, sits down as she helps him put it on. "It's a pity you don't have thumbs..."

"Eh, I'm fine without 'em, really. I've gone this long without them, and I don't need 'em. They're overrated in my opinion." This earsn a deadpanned glare from the other 3 Pokemon. "I said "In my opinion"! I never said it was-Ah, forget it."

"Aaand done!" She looks at the vest, smiling. "Wow, it looks so cool on you!"

"Which is weird since he's a fire type." Titania quips.

"Good one, Titania!" Bolt says with a chuckle.

She walks over to Titania. "I had your duel typing in mind when I got this! Or more specifically these!" She opens up the bag, and pulls out two wrist bands for her.

"Wow!" Titania exclaims, looking at the colours. One of them is a grey colour, and the other pink. "Grey for my steel typing, and pink for fairy typing...this is...thanks, Kami!" She hugs the Pichu, who hugs back, still smiling brightly.

"She is acting so different to when we first met her. Then again, Team Skull were picking on her. Glad we sent those gimps flying." He grins to himself. "I'd love to come across them again just to do it again."

"And Bolt!" Kami calls him, walking over. "I got this for you! I didn't know what colour to get you, so I kind of got something completely random."

Bolt looks at her in curiosity, before reaching into the bag, and feeling for something. After managing to grab his, he pulls it out, and when he sees it, he smiles.

"A neck warmer?"

"Well Inferno's a fire type, and Titania's a steel type, so they're both covered for if the weather ever gets cold. So using this, you can keep yourself warm. Blue was the only colour they had left." She adds with a shy smile.

"Hey, it's fine, honestly! Blue's my favourite colour!" He puts his head through the hole on the warmer, and lets it rest nicely on his neck. "Ooohh...so comfy as well!"

"Looks cool on ya, Bolt!" Inferno comments.

"Thanks, Inferno! Your vest does as well!" Bolt comments back.

"Liking the wristbands as well, Ti!" Inferno compliments her.

"Thanks, Inferno! I think now we ought leave Pokemon Square later on. We've hung around here for quite a while."

"You guys area travelling team?" Bolt asks them. Kami climbs onto his back, and slumps over his head.

"I'm just gonna rest here for now." She states, giggling.

"You're lucky you're not heavy." Bolt comments, chuckling.

"To answer your question, yeah, we're a travelling team. We met in Canyon Town, which is near the Great Canyon." Titania tells them.

"Clue's in the name." Inferno comments. "We set up our first base there and did a couple of jobs. It's still there, I think."

"I have a question." Kami says, raising a paw.

"Yeah, go for it." Inferno says.

"Do you two like each other?"

"NO!" They both shout back in unison, blushes adorning their faces.

"Oh...okay." She mutters back quietly.

"In denial." Bolt whispers to her, making her giggle.

"Thanks for the stuff, Kami." Titania says in gratitude. "Do you...maybe...wanna come with us when we leave?" She asks.

"R...really?" Kami asks with eyes wide.

"That alright with you guys?" Titania asks them.

"Fine by me!" Inferno answers with a smile.

"I was gonna ask the same thing." Bolt comments.

"Well then...you're coming with us now, Kami! No more being alone." Titania says with a smile.

"Thank you...thank you all!" She thanks them with a wide smile, before she hears Inferno sneeze out a burst of fire, starting them all.

There's a long pause from the moment, before they all burst out laughing.

After it ends, Titania speaks up. "Actually...I think we ought to find some place to stay for tonight, and head out tomorrow."

"Yeah, we'll all be refreshed by then. A night sleep will do us some good before we go." Bolt says.

"Think there's a hotel around here?" Kami asks.

"There's a small inn just near the post office. We have a room there, and it didn't cost much." Inferno tells them.

"Well that's where we're gonna go tonight." Titania says. "Then we'll thank them for a good stay, then set off in the morning."

"Fine by me." Bolt says. With nods of agreement from the other two, they set off towards the Square.

(Location: Outside Beach Cave)

(Time: Night time)

Gracie, Flarea and Wattson are lied on the sand, with Wattson fast asleep. Gracie and Flarea are looking at the sky, with drinks that they got from Spinda's Cafe before.

"So..." Flarea starts.


"We leave tomorrow." Flarea says, trying to get some sort of reaction from her.


"...You're nervous, aren't you?" She asks.

"...Yeah." Gracie admits, pawing at her drink.

"You thought about what you're gonna say to him when you see him again..?" Flarea asks.

"I...I hadn't thought of that, no."

"Bet you're gonna grab him and give a great big smooch, aren't ya?" She asks with a smirk.

Gracie blushes brightly at this, but manages to keep her cool. "You gonna do the same when you see Karu?"

"...Maybe." Flarea retorts, a blush creeping onto her face.

"But...I never actually thought of what I'd say to him, no. Maybe say hello...or...something...Gah, I dunno!" She grumbles, slumping onto the floor.

Flarea giggles at her friend's antics. "Some things never change. You might have evolved, but you're the same inside." Maybe Bolt will recognise you without you even having to shout his name."

"Hehe...maybe. Just maybe."

(At the Pokemon Square inn)

The room Bolt and Kami are staying in is quiet, as everyone else in the inn are asleep. Bolt himself is rolling over, trying to get comfy. "Uhh...stupid bed...why won't you let me get comfy?"


"Huh?" He looks up, to see Kami's head looking down at him from the top bunk.

"Are you okay? Can't you sleep?" She asks him, looking a little concerned.

"Nah...just got a few things on my mind. Nothing to worry about, I've got it sorted."

Kami jumps down to Bolt's bunk and smiles. "Wanna know what I do when I can't get any sleep? I think about all the things that make me happy, and I'm okay!"

"Everything that makes you happy? Hmm..".

She sits next to him. "Everything that makes you happy to think about. Just think about them and nothing else."

Bolt thinks hard. "Think...about...them..."

Pretty soon, thoughts of his old guild run through his mind, memories of the expedition, memories of going to the future...

"My partner's name is Bolt. My best friend."


"It was quite easy to win over your partner's trust. And it was also easy to drag them into the future when the time came!"

"Urk...Dusknoir really was lying!"

"We never did find out what happened to Celebi..." Bolt thinks to himself. But it isn't like that matters, when they've most likely vanished because of the paradox...No. If I can come back, then I don't see any reason they can't. So where was I? Oh right. Happy thoughts."

He thinks back to all their first official exploration, behind that waterfall. Even though it was a bust. The exhilaration he felt just after Dialga went down. Most of all though, he thought about her.


"Gracie?" Kami asks, breaking Bolt out of his thoughts.

He nods slowly.

"She your old friend?"

He nods again.

"Or more...?"

"W-what?! No, no...she was...just...just..."


"...Ah, I don't know..."

"Where is she?"

"Treasure Town, working at Wigglytuff's Guild..."

"Ooooh...Treasure Town's quite a long way away from Pokemon Square..."

"So I've heard..." Bolt answers, with a sigh.

"...You wanna look for her?"

He nods, sighing.

"Then if you put your mind to it, you can do it! You can see her again. Think about that. You'll see her...Did you love her?"

Bolt, no longer wanting to fight it, recedes into his bed covers and nods. "Yeah."

"...Do you still?"


"...Are ya gonna tell her when you see her again?"

"Maybe, Kami. I left her behind for all those years. I'm scared that she won't forgive me when I finally see her again. I..."


He looks up at her.

"I might only be a little kid, but I know that love is worth fighting for. And I know that you're good at fighting after what I saw today." This makes Bolt smirk a little.

"You're right. I'm not going to just assume things. I mean...I know she's been suffering, and I may be on the receiving end of Flarea's Flamethrower when we do eventually meet..." He gulps at the thought. "But...I will make it up to her. That I'll make sure."

"There you go."

"Thanks, Kami. For a little one, you're kind of wise."

"Don't judge me by my age, Bolt." Kami warns playfully.

"I wasn't. I don't know why that clan would leave you behind. You could have been a big inspiration to so many of your clan, but you ended up getting left behind." He pulls Kami into a comforting hug, which she gladly accepts.

And from then on, they both slowly drift to sleep, Bolt happy with the thoughts of seeing the one he loves again, and Kami glad she's found somebody she could call a brother.

Tomorrow will lead to so many new beginnings, and new journeys will begin. Old friends will be reunited.

Tomorrow is when it all begins.


So...this is the end of this story BUT!...Not the end of the adventure! This is just a prologue story, warming everything up! Next story is where it all happens, folks! And many questions will be answered, including the identity of that other Pikachu, and how will Bolt and Gracie be reunited!

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