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Chapter 1: A New Life

I opened my eyes to find complete darkness waiting. I tried to look around and find some sort of light source, but was unsuccessful. Seeing that I could see at all, I started to feel around; I realized that I was sitting on a cold and smooth surface, I then slowly stood up. As I stood up, a small light emitted from the distance. It neared me until the entire area around me was lit up. I looked around and found that I was in a white room with no walls in sight, only the floor which was a slightly grayish color. I continued looking around until an image started to replace the emptiness; it looked like waves were taking over my area. As the entire room distorted, vibrant and colorful scenery was created. I looked around and saw that I was placed right into it. Grass was now under my feet, and a blue sky was above me. Wind blew across the grass, making it sway gently. I was also wearing a very lose gray robe that swayed with the wind. I looked off into the distance and saw that the grassland was endless. I then turned around and saw a surprising sight: a distorted figure standing some distance away from me.

"Hey!" I yelled as I raised my hand. I looked at it and saw that it was mechanical. At the sight, I pulled my hand away. I then slowly pulled it back out from my clothing and remember what had happened: Wolf.

Realizing this, I looked back at the figure and saw it walking towards me; it was transparent and had a distorted look to it. As it neared me, color and shape started to take it.

"Hello?" I asked in a normal tone.

The figure then took the shape of a woman. Colors started to take it as well: blues and whites were the majority along with some red and yellow. When the colors settled in, the figure slowly cleared out. It was Krystal.

"Krys?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded, "I see that you're still fast asleep."

I was a bit confused, "How so?"

She smiled again, "Well, I meant to only scan your mind. But when I did so, I found that you were still in deep sleep."

"So you entered my dream?" I asked.

She nodded, "I'm actually asleep on the opposite bed from you right now."

I nodded, "Interesting, so what are you here for?" I asked.

She put her hands together, "I am here to help."

I shook my head in confusion, "Help? Am I in a coma?"

She chuckled, "No, of course not."

I sighed in relief; thank god that wasn't the case. "So what kind of help are you offering?"

She tilted her head, "Well, I was thinking of starting the meditation. You're already in a state of dormancy, so it will work perfectly."

"Okay…" I said, "…so how do we start?"

Krystal then sat down with her legs crossed, "Like always"

I then did as she said and sat down in the grass; legs crossed and back straight.

"Oh, and nice scenery." She said.

I looked around, "What… I made this?"

She nodded, "You're not in a lucid state, just a dormant. You don't control your brain. I sense peace circulating around you, so this was the outcome."

I looked around once more, "Huh…" I looked back at Krystal, who had her eyes closed.

"Let's begin." She said.

I closed my eyes and relaxed.

"I will now take control of your mind, just as before." She said.

I nodded.

"Stay relaxed and don't feel alarmed when you feel something assume control." She explained.

I nodded once more. At that, I immediately felt a strange force overcome my mind. I felt it crawl around until I finally felt it vanish. I opened my eyes and saw that Krystal and I were in darkness once more.

"Wait, why can I still talk on command?" I asked.

Krystal toke a deep breath, "I only assumed control of your thoughts and emotions. You still have your control over your brain."

I nodded and closed my eyes once more. After a minute of silence, she spoke.

"I think that starting here is good." She said, "Open your eyes, but don't be scared of what you see."

I opened them, and saw an unspeakable sight. I was flying along with Krystal. The two of us were levitating among the clouds.

"Watch carefully." She said, "Just pay attention to the scene and do not hide your emotions. I will use them to assist." She explained.

I nodded, "I'll try"

I looked over at her. Hers eyes were closed and she appeared to be in deep thought. "Get ready…" She said softly.

Suddenly, an Arwing passed right by me. I was incredibly startled; my heart rate shot up at the sudden event. As I looked out to the Arwing, two jets followed after. Behind the jets were three Venomian Class fighters.

"Oh no" I immediately had a sick feeling emerge inside of me. She brought me back to… this.

I watched as explosions were emitting from the area they were in. The fighters were getting further and further away from us.

"We have to follow after them." Krystal said. Suddenly, the two of us were thrust over to the fighters; I felt nothing; no force or sudden movements. In only a second, we were panning alongside the fighters.

I looked at the Arwing and was stunned at the sight; it was me.

"Don't hide your emotions." She said.

I watched as one of the jets pulled up and raced in front of the enemy fighters, leaving the last jet and Arwing alone. I remembered the entire event and played it back in my head. Very faintly, I could hear the pilots.

"Blaze, what the hell are you doing?!" I heard a pilot yell.

I then heard a response, "I can stall them. Get out of here!"


I watch as the enemy pilots fired upon Blaze. I was filled with shamefulness and disgrace; I was responsible for this.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Blaze yelled back.

I lowered my head, "…don't go…" I whispered, "Why the fuck did I listen?" I started to tear up.

I then hear a faint explosion along with a painful yell. I looked up and saw jet debris fall out of the sky.

"No…" I said quietly.

The scene faded and we were back on the grassland. I fell to my knees and slammed the ground with my mechanical hand.

"Why the fuck did I leave!?" I yelled in my shaky voice. I growled and slammed the ground once more. After that, I lost it and fell to the ground lying down, "…he didn't have to die." I softly said.

All my emotions were filled up inside of me. I was about to let them lose, when I suddenly felt them melt away in an instant. I realized this and quickly looked up at Krystal.

"All done…" she said with a slight smile.

I quickly got back up on my feet. I was in shock, "How did you…"

"I took them away." She said, "I controlled your thoughts and emotions; I could have done anything with them."

I was still in shock.

"The only down to helping you, is that you must relive these so that I can get rid of them." She explained, "Do you still want to do so? I understand if you feel that you can't take the pain."

I quickly came up with my answer: yes.

I shook my head, "No…no… its fine. I can do this; these memories and feelings have to go." I looked back up at her.

She smiled at me, "Good" she then looked around the area, "That's enough for now. When I leave, you should wake up as well." She said.

I nodded and watched as her image dissipated and completely vanished. When she did, the grassland instantly disappeared and was replaced by darkness. The darkness then faded into a dim light. I opened my eyes and found myself lying in the same bed that I had been in since the surgery.

Krystal was by the bed side, "See?"

I smiled at her words, "Thanks" I then sat up and leaned over to her. I gave her a hug.

"You're welcome" She replied softly.

MAM then entered the room. He walked to the free side of the bed and examined my wounds. He was scanning them with his optical scanner.

"Your facial injury is doing quite well." MAM stated, "Your side wound is also doing well."

I smiled, "That's great."

MAM replied, "Indeed. Now it is time to start your P.T."

I sat up straight slowly and removed the white blanket that was on me. Once I did, I looked at the robotic limb that was now my right leg. I stared at it for a minute until I finally threw my legs over the side of the bed. MAM had his hand out just in case I fell over.

"I got this" I said. I then slowly pushed off from the bed and into a standing position. I kept my grip on the bed until I finally let go and stood straight. To my surprise, it felt rather normal. I didn't have a balance issue nor did I feel like nothing was there; I felt the leg entirely.

"This isn't so bad." I said. Krystal smiled at me.

MAM nodded, "It may feel normal just to stand, but the trick is to walk."

I was a bit discouraged, "Walking is going to be harder?"

MAM nodded again, "Since you have lost your leg, your brain must re calibrate to this limb. It will take a short time for it to move like a real leg, but it will take time getting used to it."

I nodded, "Okay"

MAM looked at the leg, "Try moving it."

I looked down as well and slowly tried to move the leg. It was incredibly difficult, as if I was directing the signals right to it all on my own. After a few seconds, I moved the limb a bit forward. After another few seconds, I had it moving with little struggle. After a few minutes, the leg was moving just as a real one.

"Very good" MAM stated, "Next…" MAM turned around and walked to the door, "…try walking to me. Krystal, do you mind standing next to him so that he does not fall?"

Krystal nodded and walked over to my side. "Ready?" She asked.

I nodded and put the robotic leg out first. I planted it on the ground and then shifted my weight to it. I raised my real leg up and slowly moved it forward. About half way through this, I stumbled slightly. Krystal caught me and got me back up on my feet.

"It's okay; just keep trying as if you were walking." She said.

I nodded, "That's what I'm doing, it's just balance on this leg is so odd."

I put my right leg back out and tried once more. Once it was planted on the ground, I moved my left leg all the way in front. I shifted my weight back to the left and moved the right forward with ease. I continued doing this until I was walking slightly normal. After a minute of walking, I reached MAM.

"Excellent" MAM said. He walked back to the other end of the room, "Now walk to me with no assistance."

I swallowed deeply and looked over at Krystal.

"Don't worry, you'll get it." She assured me.

Just then, Fox, Slippy, and Falco all entered the room. I sidestepped a little to get out of their way.

"Just in time" I said.

Falco looked at me leg, "For?"

Slippy then kneeled down and examined the leg as well, "Testing it?" he asked.

"Yeah, I have to get used to walking." I replied, "A bit heavy"

Fox nodded, "How does it feel?"

I didn't really know how to answer to that. I shrugged at his question, "I can feel it like a real leg, move it like a real leg, but can't really walk with it."

Falco continued looking at the limb, "Why?"

I shook my head slowly, "Because, I have to be able to send the signals and stuff to it like a real leg; it's new so the brain isn't used to it."

Falco just nodded, "Oh"

I looked back at MAM. He extended his hand out and spoke, "Try to reach my hand."

I took in what Krystal told me; just walk like it was normal. Thinking of this, I thought of force. I closed my eyes and focused greatly on walking like before. Once I was focused, I started to walk. I was actually doing pretty well. I was moving at normal walking speed.

"Whoa" I heard Fox say.

"Damn" Falco commented.

About two seconds through, I felt my leg buckle. I fell to the ground but was able to catch myself. I pushed up off of the ground and sat up.

"Damn, so close" I said as I looked at MAM. He walked over to me and examined the leg. MAM was messing around with some circuits and even the artificial tendon.

He got up and looked down at me, "Just an issue with the electric system. The leg uses a type of rubber-like substance that contracts and retracts with electric pulses. The brain sends these to the leg, where an amplifier makes it slightly bigger to move the leg. The substance is what moves the rest of the leg."

Krystal walked over to me and held her hand out to me, "Let me help you."

I shook my head, "No, I want to try by myself."

I then curled my right leg with ease and put my hands behind me. I leaned forward and pushed off the ground with my leg. I was standing perfectly fine and got up with no problems.

Slippy examined the leg while I did so, "Not bad" he commented.

I sighed. This leg was going to take a lot of time to really use. I have trouble walking with this thing; I assume running is completely out of the question.

MAM spoke, "You are free to leave the Med Bay at will, but I advise that you take it slow for now."

I nodded, "I'll just practice in here until I get the whole thing right."

Falco and Slippy then left the room. Krystal, Fox, MAM, and I were left.

"Oh, Kevin…" Fox suddenly said, "While I was speaking with General Pepper, I received a call from the President."

I was shocked, "How?"

He shrugged, "I'm not sure, but he wanted to speak with you."

I nodded slowly, "Okay then" I looked down at my leg, "Speaking of Earth, did Pepper say anything about assistance?"

Fox shook his head, "No, only about our credits."

I nodded, "Ah, well, you mind contacting him and having a construction crew sent to Earth? They'll never recover from something like that without help."

Fox nodded, "Pepper would easily say yes." He then typed a few things on his communicator, "Peppy, contact Pepper and request for a construction crew to be sent to Earth."

Peppy replied, "Was earth hit that bad?"

Fox nodded, "Yeah, destruction is pretty bad down there. They may not recover if we don't help them."

Peppy replied, "Don't worry, Pepper would know better."

Fox smiled, "Great, Fox out." He then looked up at me, "Request sent"

I smiled, "Thanks"

Fox then left the room.

"I could sense that you forced it." Krystal suddenly said.

I looked over at her, "You said walk like normal. I had to concentrate if I was going to do it."

She nodded, "I did say that."

I then slowly walked over to the bed and sat back down. Once I was comfortable, I looked at Krystal.

"So where are we headed right now?" I asked.

She looked out the window, "We're heading back to Corneria right now. Once we get there, Pepper should be waiting for us."

"Is he always like that?" I asked.

She shrugged, "Depending on how serious the mission is." She paused, "The Aparoid invasion was pretty bad."

I nodded, "Yeah, I know practically all the details."

She looked at me funny but then stopped and shook her head.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing, I just forgot about the whole reality thing." She replied.

I chuckled, "You forgot that our realities were tied together."

She nodded.

I yawned, "I'm tired as hell."

Krystal then got up, "I'll leave you to finish your rest." She smiled.

I lied back down in the bed and slowly closed my eyes, letting them rest. After a while, I slipped back into my sleep and began to dream again.

To Be Continued…

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