Here we are, the final chapter of A Time of Peace. I had a good time writing this book. Much less actiony than the trilogy. Anyway, I thank all of you for reading this book and enjoying so much. It means a lot that someone can read my writings and actually enjoy what they read.

This chapter will be short. It is a lot to cover in terms of subjects, but I am trying to keep it on a low so I can start my next book.

On with the final chapter…

Chapter 9: Good Happenings

Note: This chapter will jump subjects via narrative sections

The time is six months after the Derik Boulse encounter. The Star Fox team continues enjoying their vacation; Kevin nearly forgets about the encounter due to his developing skills to cope with certain things and events. During the six month lapse, Kevin and Rose continue on together and become closer to each other with each date. Fox and Krystal also stay together. The two's love for each other seemed so strong that it was unbreakable. Kevin's decision to push Fox onto the first day paid off well.

Present time…

I awoke in my room to the sound of my alarm blaring. I slowly arose out of the bed and turned the alarm off. The noise it made was unbearable, but did an excellent job at getting me up in the morning. Usually, I would ignore my alarm that was back on Earth, but this one was not ignorable.

I rubbed my eyes to check the time. The clock read 8:00 a.m. in the morning.

I groaned, "Who the hell wakes up this early on a 'do nothing' day?"

Even though I had nothing important planned for the day, I decided to get up. Knowing Fox, he would be up already, so he could keep me company in the quiet house.

I began my usual routine. I walked into my bathroom and turned the shower on. It was very chilly in the room, so I upped the temperature on the display. The temperature locked in and started to heat up to the point. I waited until the computer told me it was ready.

The mirror that was in front of me was rather large- taking up half the open wall from the door to the shower. I looked into it and saw my face was healing much better. The scars weren't as solid as they used to be after the procedure I had done.

About a month ago, Beltino called me. He had told me of a new medical procedure that could help in removing my scars. However, he warned me that it was still in the testing stage for full sized beings. I was already annoyed with the large mark that went from my forehead and around my eye, so I took the chance. It kind of surprised me that a planet with such advanced technology was just then healing scars. But it didn't bother me at all.

I went to the doctor, had my scars evaluated with a quick scan, and began the operation. It didn't last long at all. Once I awoke, they handed me a mirror. I saw that mark that went around my eye was now gone, and that the main scar that was on my forehead above my eye was nearly invisible; my face looked as good as new. I was incredibly happy and so were the doctors. They told me that if the remainders of their predictions came true, the scar should completely disappear. It was now happening- the scar was fading quickly.

"Glad I took the chance." I said to myself.

I turned back around and undressed. I stepped into the shower and washed myself down. While in the shower, I reflected on everything that happened before. The one thing that stood in my mind the most, however, was the fight with Austin. Wolf's fight was up there, but the fight with Austin scared me the most. Since he was a telepath, he could have done unspeakable things to Krystal and I. On top of that, Krystal would have died if I hadn't spared the lives of those guards. Knowing how I can let my emotions take control of me was the reason I was scared. If I hadn't fought my anger, the guards would have been killed and Krystal would have surely died.

I shivered a little at the thought, "I need to make sure something like that doesn't happen again."

I started to lather my body and rinse it off. Once I was nice and clean, I got out of the shower and turned it off.

I had a good idea of what to wear today. Some nice jeans and a black shirt would do nicely. I went over to my closet and grabbed a pair of dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt. I dressed myself and looked in the mirror. The shirt fit my body perfectly and looked good matched with the jeans. I was satisfied with what I saw and decided to head out. I exited my room and walked into the silence of the rest of the house. I slowly closed the door. When it slid shut, it made a slight noise.

"You comin to keep me company?" I heard a voice say from downstairs.

I chuckled slightly, "Maybe"

I started to head down the stairs. I noticed that no one was in the living area. Wondering where Fox was, I decided to check the kitchen. I reached the bottom and turned left towards the kitchen. As I rounded the corner and entered, I found Fox leaning against the counter.

He looked at me, "You're up early"

I nodded, "I forgot to fix my damn alarm." I then opened the fridge and grabbed a container filled with a white liquid. The Cornerians called it something different than milk, but it was exactly that and tasted the same.

Fox chuckled, "Gotta pay attention to stuff like that."

I nodded and took a swig of the milk, "I know"

Fox turned around, "So what's the plan for today? We haven't done anything in weeks."

I shrugged, "I didn't really have anything planned. I was hoping I could swing down by Space Dynamics and check on the armor and ships. I really want to see if they improved anything over the months."

Fox smiled, "You've seemed to take a liking into technology."

I smiled back, "I've always been a fan of advanced technology. But since I've been here, I grew closer to that love."

Fox nodded, "You mind if I tag along? I'd actually like to see how Beltino's team is doing as well."

I shrugged, "Sure, why not?" I then finished off my glass and placed it in the sink.

During the slight silence, I heard a door open and close.

"Someone else just got up." I said.

Fox smiled, "The silence in this house is so eerie."

I laughed, "Yeah, no background noise, no engine hums."

Fox laughed as well.

Suddenly, Krystal rounded the corner and greeted us.

"Good morning, you two." She said with a smile.

"Hey Krys" Fox replied.

"Morning Krystal" I said.

She sighed and leaned against the fridge, "So, do we have anything planned?"

Fox looked at me, "What I tell ya?"

I laughed and looked back at Krystal, "Not really, I was going to go down to Beltino and see how they are doing with the armor and Arwings."

She nodded, "How long have they been working on it?"

I scratched the back of my neck, "Um… ever since we got back from Earth 7 months ago. So a pretty good amount of time."

She nodded slowly, "Huh, they probably have some advanced ships by now."

I chuckled, "Oh yeah, the Arwing III prototype he lent me a while back was amazing. I can only imagine what it's like now."

Fox chuckled, "You sure do like the tech."

I chuckled back, "I love how much it's better than Earth's."

The room filled with silence. Krystal then gave a squint, "Hey, I have an idea of what to do."

I looked at Krystal with a puzzled look, "Like what?"

Fox looked puzzled as well, "I'm curious."

Krystal shrugged, "Well, it's been 7 months since we got back from Earth."

I was still a bit confused, "Yeah, what are you getting at?"

She shrugged again, "I say we spend some time there."

I was actually impressed with the idea, A trip to Earth was actually a neat idea, "You know what? That's a really good idea!"

Fox nodded in agreement, "It'd be nice to see how they're doing and just be there without fighting."

Krystal smiled, "Well I'm glad you two like it."

The room filled with the same silence once more. I walked out of the kitchen and flopped down onto the couch.

"Hey Fox, you want to just head down to Space Dynamics now? We have nothing better to do anyway." I asked.

Fox shrugged, "Sure"

I looked over at Krystal, "You want to join us?" I asked her.

She shook her head, "No, I think I'm just going to meditate a little."

I tilted my head and shrugged, "Alright"

I then got up and headed for the door. Fox followed after me.

We both exited and headed for the garage.

I broke the silence, "So when we get back, tell Falco and Slippy about the Earth trip?"

Fox nodded, "Yeah, I'm sure they would love to go."

We walked into the garage.

I looked at Fox, "Do you want to drive?"

He nodded, "Yeah"

We then entered Fox's Firebird. He started it up and backed out of the garage. We quickly got on the road and headed off.

"Let's listen to some tunes." Fox said as he switched the radio on.

I chuckled at the sound of the word, "This should be interesting."

Fox gave me a quick glance, "Why's that?"

I sighed, "Even though I've been here for months, I still have yet to hear a single song of this planet."

Fox started to laugh slightly, "Seriously?"

I nodded and sighed again, "Yeah, what genre do you listen to?"

Fox switched the radio to a pre-set station, "Rock"

The radio announcers were about to go to another song.

"Okay that was Syndrome by Scepters. Up next we have a popular request by fans; Blurry by Puddle of Mood." The announcer said.

Suddenly, the song that I knew so much started to play, as if I was back on Earth.

"Son of a bitch" I said quietly as I heard how identical and similar the song was.

Fox laughed, "You know this song?"

I shook my head, "It's my favorite rock song." I continued shaking my head, "This is just so weird!"

Fox started to laugh more, "Oh don't worry I'll get my fill when we get to Earth."

I sighed, "That's true, but I don't listen to rock very much."

Fox chuckled, "What do you listen to?"

"Trance and Dubstep" I replied.

Fox nodded "Ah, you're into the electronic type."

I nodded back, "Yeah, I used to adore rock so much. But then I got this phone app that would play stations of different music. I saw that trance was one of them so I thought 'eh, why not?'. I didn't know what to expect because I've never heard a trance song before." I paused, "I swear to you, it's like my eyes were opened when that first song played."

Fox chuckled, "It was that good?"

I nodded, "You have no idea. The song put me into this mood that made me think. The beats were so nice and the synth was so smooth, it had that open feel- like a tunnel."

Fox seemed interested, "What was it called?"

I pondered the thought. I recalled what the song did, but couldn't quite catch the name.

"Huh" I said. I thought hard about it. Suddenly, I started to play the song back in my head. I played from the drop and was able to recall the rest of the song through chain memory. Suddenly, words played in my head, the chain memory really worked as I remembered the few words in the song.

"It's a dream… for you and me… this is not… reality…" The words played through.

I snapped out of my thought train, "I think it was called 'It's a Dream'."

Fox nodded, "Type it into the computer."

I then tapped the HUD screen. On it was a list of commands. One of these was to search for songs. I tapped it and entered 'It's a Dream'. I was met with hundreds of results.

"Damn, this might take a bit." I said.

Fox decided to narrow it down, "You said it was trance, so the artist name may start with DJ."

I scrolled through and found a perfect name match. It's A Dream by Dj Dean.

I nodded, "Nice call, I think this is it."

Below the song was the symbol to play it. I hit it and was streamed with the song.

"It's a dream… for you and me….. this is not.. reality… illusions… everywhere… remind this… for a fear…" a woman sung.

The song then went into its drop; with a leading synth, bass and beats. It truly did sound like a tunnel song. The feel you get from this type of music if you listen and concentrate on it really does something.

Fox looked impressed, "Oh wow, much different from rock, but still pretty good."

I chuckled, "Oh, you should hear Dubstep. That's like nothing you have ever heard."

Fox seemed interested, "Explain it?"

I laughed, "That's a bit hard to do, but I'll try." I cleared my throat, "Imagine a nice intro with synth and beat that goes two, pause, one, pause, two, pause. After a while, it goes up and just basically gets out of hand with wub sounds and other crazy ass combos."

Fox laughed, "Sounds like a mess."

I typed in a song that was pretty hardcore. Luckily, I remembered the name clearly.

"Here's one like that" I said as I typed in the word 'Killbot' on the screen.

I found the right song and played it. It was slow like with a string flicking noise. Soon, a fast clap was heard, and then came the drop with heavy bass, wub, and synth.

"Whoa" Fox said.

I laughed, "What I tell you?" The song had a huge mix of sounds and beats mixed in. To me, it sounded awesome.

I enjoyed the music I listened to very much. Explaining it to Fox was even better.

Suddenly, Fox stopped the song and the car.

"We're here" he said.

The two of us then exited the car. In front of us across the street was the Space Dynamics building. Over the door was the logo for the company.

"Let's go" Fox said as he started to cross the street.

I followed after him and reached the other end. The two of us entered the building and was met by a greeting from the front desk worker.

"Welcome Mr. McCloud and Mr. Michelson." The man said.

Fox nodded at him, "Is Beltino Toad busy?" he asked.

The man started to type, "Let me see…"

Fox looked over at me, "Do you think they added anything?"

I shrugged, they could have easily upgraded the tech within the months, but then again they could have had a stopping point in the intelligence they acquired.

The man then spoke, "He shouldn't be busy now. Let me just call him to clarify." He then pressed a button on the desk, "Mr. Beltino?"

Beltino quickly answered back, "Yes? What is it?"

"I have two visitors here for you; Mr. McCloud and Mr. Michelson." The man said.

Beltino sounded cheerful, "Ah, send them up."

The man looked at us, "Go on ahead."

Fox nodded, "Thank you."

The two of us then walked into the elevator and headed up to Beltino's office. Once we reached the floor, the doors slid opened. We both walked down the hall and towards Beltino's lab. Scientists were walking back and forth as they spoke to each other.

"It's pretty damn early and these guys are already busy as hell." Fox said as we were walking.

I chuckled, "It's the research wing- of course they're busy."

We reached the door and knocked several times.

Beltino opened it and greeted us, "Hello you two, what brings you here?"

I spoke up, "We just thought we could swing by and see how things are going."

Beltino nodded, "Yes, yes, by all means please come in."

Fox and I then entered the room.

Beltino went over to his desk and typed a few things.

"If you look over to the lab…" He said as he typed, "…I'll show you a hologram projection of our progress."

Suddenly, the room grew dark and a projection emitted in front of the lab.

"Let me start with the Arwings." Beltino said, "Since we showed you the Arwing III a while back, we have upgraded it even more. The current model, which is the final one, now has even stronger shielding and a Chromatin hull. We were able to harness the element and use it as the primary material for the hull." Beltino explained as an image of the new Arwing was displayed. "On top of that, the ion cells and G-Diffusers received a hefty upgrade. The Arwings can now use the Hyper Speed Module twice and still survive in combat for several weeks. Before, you could only use the module once and need new cells."

Fox nodded, "Wow, that's some great upgrades."

"Also, mobility increased with the G-Diffusers." Beltino added.

I was amazed at the work, "That's pretty impressive."

Beltino chuckled, "Now for Great Fox. The Dreadnaught class ship was given unbelievable upgrades and a few additions." He said, "The ship has such new details that we had to give it a new classification- Dreadnaught Alpha. We are currently constructing more of these class ships for the fleet. Anyway, Great Fox now has shields stronger than we have ever imagined. It has a quadruple over-shield, each shield ten times more powerful than the original double over-shield. The main cannons are also equipped with the new Omega Laser Systems; these are much more powerful than the Ion Laser Systems. Aside from power, the Great Fox now has a stronger Fusion Coil Engine and Chromatin Cells. This new element has many uses aside from hull construction. Also, we were finally able to better the targeting systems for the vehicle teleporting. I know you had some issues with it during the Aparoid Invasion." Beltino explained.

Fox was now shocked, "My god, you guys really out did yourselves."

Beltino chuckled, "We are only doing our jobs."

I looked at Beltino, "What about my suit?" I asked. I was very curious and really wanted to see what they had done to it.

Beltino smiled, "Ah, you'll love this." He said, "Because Wolf had such advanced tech on his hands, we couldn't really upgrade the suit. However, we were able to combine both technologies and use it for the suit. The helmet is no longer a helmet, which was beyond repair. Instead of that, a metal plate will appear on the back of your head; the plate is flexible and very strong to protect you. The plate will then extend around the right side of your head and protrude a green glass over your eye; this will act as your HUD. The Chromatin and Denzium armor plates are now reactive to light; this means the environmental reactive tech we had originally planned on incorporating was removed and replaced with this. Our tests showed that this was much more successful. Anyway, depending on the area you are occupying, your armor will bend light around you, making you invisible when in cover. For example, if you're in some bushes and activate the function, you will be incredibly difficult to detect. Now if you were in the open, you have a higher chance of being seen because the space you occupy will look blurry. With the help of the intel and knowledge, we were able to get the tech to work perfectly even while sprinting, so you will still bend light even when trying to escape hostile situations." Beltino said.

I was absolutely amazed, "That's incredible. I literally have no words to say about how amazing this is."

Beltino smiled and walked over to Fox and I, "Well if you like this, then you will absolutely adore this next feature."

I was stoked, "There's more?"

Beltino chuckled as he walked through the projection, "Of course, it's something we had previously thought was impossible, but it is now functioning perfectly."

The projection faded and the room grew lighter once more.

"Please, step into this chamber so I can scan your body. This new feature requires a different scan to work flawlessly." Beltino said as he typed into a computer next to a clear tube.

I saw nothing wrong with a scan, "Cool"

I stepped into the tube and faced out towards Fox and Beltino. The clear door then slid closed.

"Try to keep as still a possible." Beltino said as he typed.

I nodded and held my stance as solid as I could keep it.

Suddenly, an arm with a long scanner came down. The scanner lit up and moved over my body. It moved up and down from my left side, and then moved to my right, then my front, then back, and then diagonals. I wondered why it needed to scan so much.

The machines then moved back up and the door slid open.

Beltino smiled, "A perfect scan. Are you ready to see the new function?"

I nodded and smiled, "I can tell this is pretty good."

Beltino chuckled, "Oh it's better than good." He said, "Now, what I want you to do is go down on one knee."

I did as he said and went on one knee.

"Now, put your right fist on the ground like you are slamming it." He said.

I then put my fist on the ground. I was now in a landing position. Like when you jump from somewhere high and land on my one knee with your fist slamming the ground.

"Okay, now lift your left arm up a bit." Beltino added.

I was now in the position.

I looked up at him, "So basically, slam my fist into the ground?" I asked.

Beltino nodded, "Exactly, like if you were falling from a high place."

I did as he said and looked back down.

Beltino sounded happy, "Great, now let me see if it is responding."

I kept the position, "Okay"

Fox looked entertained, "I think I have an idea of what this new feature is."

Beltino suddenly spoke up, "Okay Kevin, now get up and move through the whole thing quickly. What will happen is going to surprise you a lot."

I got up and took a deep breath. I laughed, "This better not scare the hell out of me."

Beltino laughed as well, "I assure you it won't."

I took another deep breath, "Okay, let's go."

I then did the entire motion and ended with my fist slamming the ground. I stood there in silence as nothing happened.

"Um… Beltino?" I asked.

He sighed, "Oh dear, something must have happened with the synchronizing."

Beltino then typed a few things in the computer, "Okay try it again."

I got up and took one more deep breath.

I went through the motion. I brought my fist up and then down to the ground, ending with one knee down and my fist hitting the ground.

As soon as my fist made contact with the floor, a blue light flashed around me. It was like a sudden and lasted maybe a fraction of a second. When the light faded in the instant second it was existing, I noticed something different about my weight. My eyes were closed because I was too scared to see what had happened.

"Oh… my… god…" I heard Fox say.

Beltino laughed, "What did I tell you?"

I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was still in the ground slam position. But this time, my body looked different- my armor was now on me. I quickly got back on my feet in both horror and amazement.

"Holy shit!" I said loudly, "This… this is… my armor?"

I started to feel it. I thought I was hallucinating at first.

"How the hell did you…"

Beltino laughed again, "It's all technology."

I was incredibly amazed that my armor could now teleport onto me! The new uses for this are endless!

"Oh my god, this will save my ass in so many situations!" I said.

Beltino nodded, "If you're just minding your business and suddenly are thrown into a hostile situation, just go through the motion and your armor will then instantly teleport onto your body."

I was speechless, "This is beyond anything I have seen. Not even science fiction movies on Earth incorporated something like this."

Fox spoke up, "Not even video games?"

I shook my head, "No, there are a few that had some form of armor teleporting- like storing it on a small chip and having it materialize from that chip."

He nodded, "Also, the team decided to throw in a little more for your armor in particular."

I was just so happy to hear the word 'more', "Oh god, there's more?"

Beltino chuckled, "We heard about you were saved- Krystal throwing you her staff at the last second. Well, we decided to go the extra mile and develop something very useful if you are ever disarmed from your pistol."

I raised an eyebrow, "And that is?"

He walked over, "You see this extra bulge in your right forearm?"

I looked at my arm, "Yeah, what is it?"

He smiled, "Activate your head piece and command it to pop out."

I did as he said and activated the piece. The green glass quickly came over my eye. I then thought of the simple command; open right arm compartment.

Suddenly, a very short blue piece of metal popped out of the compartment. I caught it in mid air and looked at the short and skinny piece.

"Um, what is this?" I asked.

The piece of metal then started to glow. Suddenly, it extended to the length of a regular staff and a techno style vinyl design appeared along it. It was a staff with the style resembling Krystal's, but more tech related.

"Whoa" I said as it suddenly extended.

Beltino started o point at each end, "These two ends are equipped with weapons similar to that found on Krystal's staff. This end right here…" Beltino said as he pointed to the end with a tear drop head, "…is equipped with a flame blast, electricity surge, and plasma blasts. The other end…" He said as he pointed to the headless end of the staff, "… is the main power source. It uses a cell that is as powerful as the Arwing's, so it will take a while for it to deplete even after a constant use."

I stated to twirl the staff around and land some techniques. I was impressed by the aerodynamics this staff had, which made for easy use during battle.

"Incredible" I said.

Beltino spoke up, "It also has the latest in Nano Technology. This will add extra usage for the staff energy cell, as well as regenerate the weapons power, however it will not extend the life of the main cell."

I stopped my techniques, "So the weapons run on separate power? And that they can be used with the help of the main cell?"

He nodded, "Correct"

I shrugged, "Fine with me"

Beltino continued, "The super computer that is in the Arwings is also in the armor." He paused, "Fox, go on ahead so we can scan your body as well. We were able to make new suits for the entire team."

Fox nodded and stepped into the tube. The scanners then came down and did their work. Fox stepped out and went into the ground slam position.

"Okay, nice and calibrated. Try it for real." Beltino said as he finished typing.

Fox got up and went through the motion, ending with the blue flash and his armor now on him. He got up and examined the new suit.

Beltino spoke, "Like Kevin's armor, the entire suit is controlled via the brain. Once your neck plate extends, your thoughts are regulated and controlled so you won't accidentally activate certain functions."

Fox and I nodded simultaneously.

I spoke up, "So how do we take it off? Just do the motion again?"

Beltino nodded, "Yes, it will teleport back to its original location- your closets on Great Fox."

I then went through the motion and ended with a flash. The weight was suddenly lifted as my suit vanished.

"That's just awesome on so many levels." I said as I got back up.

Fox did the motion as well and removed his armor.

He stood back, "Well thank you very much for showing us this amazing gear. I can tell that whoever decides to mess with Lylat's peace will have some trouble getting past us."

Beltino chuckled, "Ah, but they have always had trouble fighting you."

Fox and I laughed, "That's true" Fox said.

With that, we both exited the lab. Our trip ending with some great surprises and some assuring tech. I knew that anyone or anything that tries to face us would fall quickly regardless of what they had against Lylat. This new tech, even though was Andross, was giving Lylat new hope for future disasters.

As the two walked out of the Space Dynamics building, they talked about their plans for Earth. Fox wanted to spend some time with Krystal, while Kevin was to hunt down his family and check on them, assuring their safety. They could have been anywhere. After they told the team about the plans, they agreed. Fox started to map out some ideas of what to do, while Kevin gave locations for each activity. Thankfully, the entire team enjoyed tropical areas, making a good choice of areas to spend during the trip. After a few days of planning, the team was ready to move out.

The time is 8:00 a.m.

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock blaring. I stopped it and felt incredibly rested. I got up and started my regular routine.

The day was already planned out. We would take the now finished Great Fox and fly to Earth. To avoid panic, General Pepper contacted President Obama and informed him of our visit. The work force Corneria sent was apparently assisting in technological advancements.

Our plan was to fly in and use the docking bay constructed in San Diego. According to images sent to use by the force, there were five docking bays; one in San Diego, in New York, Massachusetts, Washington D.C, and in Nevada (Area 51). The first thing we wanted to do was to relax and see sights. I was appointed as the tour guide since I was native to Earth.

Since we were landing in San Diego, my home city, I would be able to show them a lot. I lived there for 15 years, so I knew almost ever thing about the city. Because I was 17, I couldn't do much. Earth's laws were different and I was not considered an adult. Either way, the first thing I was going to do was drive them around the city. San Diego was famous for several things; the best was our Comic-Con and our Gas-Lamp district nightlife. The Gas-Lamp would wait for later, I had a feeling they would love that.

"I can't wait to finally see Earth." I said as I slipped my shirt on. I grabbed my jacket and walked out of my room.

In the living room were Krystal, Fox, and Falco waiting. I walked down the stair and greeted them.

"You guys ready?" I asked.

They all nodded.

Fox spoke up, "Just waiting on Slip."

Suddenly, Slippy came walking down the stairs.

Fox then spoke, "Great looks like we can get going."

The five of us then walked out of the house and to the waiting vehicle. Pepper had arranged for a troop transport to pick us up and take us straight to Great Fox.

We all entered the vehicle and lifted off into the sky. As we were flying, the team started to chat.

"So where are we going on Earth?" Falco asked.

I spoke up, "My home city, San Diego. It's very beautiful and has incredible weather."

Falco shrugged, "Works for me."

I cleared my throat, "Now they may still be in the rebuilding stages, so don't expect anything too great."

Slippy cut in, "I'm sure they're doing great on the re build."

As if time had sped up, we were already landing at the docking bay.

"We're hear" the pilot said as we landed.

Fox nodded at him, "Thank you very much"

We all exited the ship and moved over to the Great Fox. It had a similar design to it, but had some added details along the hull. We all walked up the ramp into the landing bay. We took the elevator up and met ROB on the bridge.

"Welcome back, everyone." ROB said in his monotone voice, "Where to?"

I walked over to ROB, "We are going to Earth- specifically the San Diego Docking Bay."

ROB nodded, "Affirmative, we will take off immediately."

I walked over to my station and sat down.

"How is San Diego?" Krystal asked me as I sat down.

I looked back at her, "It isn't the best in tropical paradise, but it's a nice city. I really think you guys will enjoy it for the day we are there. After that, we can go to Hawaii and simply rest; you all said you love tropical weather, so Hawaii was a no brainer."

Krystal smiled, "Is it nice as well?"

I shrugged, "I've never been there."

Suddenly, the Great Fox started to lift off of the docking bay. We were already gaining speed and quickly exited the atmosphere. Once we were in within safe distance, ROB input the coordinates for the Hyper Speed Module.

"We will now be entering Hyper Speed in 3… 2…" ROB counted down, "…1" The ship then suddenly lurched forward as we instantly reached light speed and slowly surpassed it.

The team was now en route to Earth. It didn't take long at all for them to finally reach it. Once they did, they quickly landed in the docking bay after clearing access to land. The team stood on the bridge and saw a sight that couldn't be forgotten. Kevin, however, was the most affected by the scene.

I couldn't believe what I saw in front of me. The city that I once knew, the one that was small and then reduced to ruins, was now a thriving and large city.

"No… fucking… way…" I said as my jaw dropped.

Falco spoke up, "Um… who the hell did Pepper send to work?"

The city was enormous with huge skyscrapers and even refurbished buildings. The buildings had signs on them and were absolutely immense; it basically put the old Tokyo to shame in terms of size and technology usage.

ROB suddenly spoke up, "Incoming call from the president."

"Patch it through" Fox said.

Suddenly, President Obama appeared on screen.

"Hello Star Fox" He said.

We all nodded.

"Hello Mr. President" I said.

He cleared his throat, "First off, I would like to personally thank you for your incredible dedication to protecting the planet. If it weren't for you, Earth would have likely been destroyed. Second, I would like to thank you on behalf of the planet. All the leaders of the world have come together and arranged for your visit. Whatever you need, just let me know and I, along with all the other leaders, will get for you." Obama explained.

I smiled, "That's very kind Mr. Obama, but I think we won't need much."

He nodded, "I understand"

"Do you mind giving me an update on how things are going?" I asked.

He nodded, "Of course, first and foremost, all the chaos that began after the war was quickly stopped. Most of the American cities have finished their rebuilding, while the rest are close to finishing. In terms of government, every leader came together for one meeting and we agreed to start one single government run solely by us. Presidents from other countries, the King and Queen, and even dictators, now run the world under one government we call the United Nations of Earth. Laws are all the same, education is the same; we are basically one system run by the former leaders, no one else." He explained.

I nodded, "That's excellent. I was hoping you would go for the government that Lylat runs on, but this sounds very promising."

Obama chuckled, "Well, enjoy your trip." He paused for a second, "Oh, and to make sure you can freely move about, we placed a temporary law restricting any form of press annoyance. You shouldn't have to worry about the paparazzi or the news."

Fox spoke up, "Thank you very much Mr. President."

Obama smiled, "Oh, and Kevin" he said, "…Welcome home."

The comm line then ended.

I took a deep breath, "Welcome home indeed"

The other chuckled.

"So, shall we begin?" I asked as I clapped my hands.

Everyone nodded, "Cool, judging by where we landed, we appear to be on the Coronado Base."

Fox spoke up, "Base?"

I nodded, "Yes, we are in one of the many American Military Bases. It's a very nice island separate from the city."

I walked into the elevator, the team followed. We went down to the landing bay and walked out to the ramp. Outside, two lines of soldiers faced each other as three uniformed men made their way to the edge of the ramp. The team and I met them at the bottom.

"Welcome back to Earth, Team Star Fox." One of the men said. He lifted his head and revealed himself to be General Reyes.

"It's been a while since you fought off Wolf…" Brooks said as he revealed himself.

"…and since you saved the planet." Johnson added as he revealed himself as well.

Fox spoke up, "Well, well, looks like you guys are still going strong."

Johnson raised his hand, "Ah not me, retirement is getting to me soon."

I smiled, "Hey, you did your job Johnson. You helped save Earth along with these other two gentlemen. In my book, you are as strong as ever."

The rest of the team nodded in agreement.

Reyes spoke up, "So I assume you are here on holiday?"

I nodded, "Yes sir, we decided to come and spend some time here instead of on Corneria."

Brooks stepped forward, "Speaking of Corneria, I think you would be pleased to know that both of our species are doing well in our alliance. General Pepper is a very wise leader."

Krystal spoke up, "An alliance was already made?"

Reyes chuckled, "Ever since the work force arrived by surprise, we tried to reach Corneria and form some form of alliance. Luckily, we got everything in order with a bright future for both Earth and Lylat."

I smiled, "Well, the city is proving to look amazing. It resembles Corneria very much."

The three Generals looked over in the distance.

"Definitely a marvelous job done by the Lylatians." Reyes said.

I nodded, "Now if you would excuse us, we want to begin our little side vacation."

The generals nodded. "A vehicle will be by shortly for you to use." Brooks stated.

"Take care" Reyes said with a smile. With that, the generals left and entered a near-by building.

I clapped my hands together, "Okay, let's get going."

The lines of soldiers then dispersed.

The vehicle was quick. The team all entered the large vehicle and exited the military base. Kevin drove through the Coronado residential area and made it to the Bay Bridge. The immense structure, now updated and re furbished, connected San Diego to Coronado Island. Kevin's plan was to drive around the city and show the team its character. Though there were some advanced buildings that towered over the previous ones, all the original buildings stood tall and strong as if they were never even touched. Kevin gave the team some background info about the areas and finally ended with a drive through the Gas Lamp District of the city. This area was riddled with night clubs and bars, each one with high ratings. The team found a spot to stop and just walk around. Thankfully, the Lylatian Credit System was transferable into U.S currency, however according to most shop keepers; Earth was in the process of switching to the credit system. The team basically went around to the shops like any tourist would do. Krystal was fascinated by the traditional art works, Falco loved the paintings of Chip Foose, Fox enjoyed the liveliness of the people, and Slippy overall enjoyed every aspect.

One thing that Kevin did not do was feed the team. He had warned them about food on Earth, not telling them what it was made with, but that it could harm them. Lylatians may have been the alternate to humans, but that didn't mean animals were not consumed because of this.

After it started to get late, the team decided to go out for a club.

The time is now 9:35 p.m.

The bridge was quiet as we all just sat around talking.

"Hey Kevin" Fox said, "You said that the night-life here was nice."

I nodded, "I did say that."

Falco cut in, "I say we go to a club."

I shrugged, "I don't know any good ones. I was only 15 when I lived here, so I couldn't do much."

Fox turned his chair towards the front and started to type, "Slippy, can the system pick up Earth's internet structure?"

Slippy nodded, "Yeah, it should."

Fox then continued typing, "Kevin, how can I find a club here?"

I walked over to his chair, "Try Google"

Fox looked at me, "What?"

I shook my head, "It's a search engine"

He nodded, "Oh, damn"

I chuckled, "It's okay, if I were you Id be the same when I heard Google."

He then went to the engines site. He then typed in the words 'San Diego clubs'.

Fox was quickly met with the progressing list of multiple clubs. The top rated was one named FLUXX.

The team then all huddled over to the area.

"FLUXX?" Falco asked when he saw the name.

I shrugged, "See if they have pictures."

Fox then went into the images tab. The club was very nice, it had a video game look to it and was most likely the high end one meant for the upper classes.

Fox seemed surprised, "Damn"

I was surprised myself, "That's a pretty nice club. Hell, these might be old pictures, it may look different now."

Krystal spoke up, "It looks beautiful; so much color and space."

I chuckled, "Don't expect it to be that empty."

Fox cut in, "I wonder how much this bad boy is gonna cost."

He went into the price tab. Instead of giving us a price, the site merely gave us four dollar signs.

"No price?" Falco asked.

I chuckled again, "I don't go clubbing, but I know for sure this is for the drinks, not entrance fee. This is probably one of those clubs where you stand in line for hours and wait to get in."

Fox sighed, "Would you guys wait hours?"

We all shook our heads.

I spoke up, "We should just try it. The line may not be ridiculous."

Krystal shrugged, "I'm fine with trying."

Fox then turned the display off, "Alright, well let's get going."

Falco cut in, "Now?"

I shrugged, "It's already 9:00 o'clock. Might as well while it's still alive."

The five of us then went into the elevator and down into the landing bay.

Fox spoke up, "Hey, let's take the Arwings. We'll get there a lot faster and we won't have to worry about the parking."

We all shrugged.

"I'm down" I said as I nodded.

We all then started to run to our Arwings. We weren't able to launch them since we were in the docking bay, so we had to manually lift off.

I jumped into my Arwing and was greeted by A-I.

"Welcome back, sir." A-I said in its monotone feminine voice.

I nodded, "It's good to be back."

Fox came over the comm lines, "ROB, release the lift locks and land the Arwings on the ground with extended wings."

ROB quickly replied, "Manual take off order received. Disengaging lift locks."

Suddenly, the Arwings started to slowly descend. Once they hovering over the ground, the wings were spread.

"Kevin" Fox said over the comm, "You go on ahead, we'll follow after you."

I nodded.

The Arwing lifted into the air and shot off out of the landing bay. I was quickly flying through the sky.

Almost immediately, I received a transmission.

"Sir, incoming call from General Reyes." A-I said as I flew through the sky and over the city.

I was confused- why would he try to contact me?

"Patch it through" I said.

Suddenly, Reyes' face appeared on the HUD.

"Kevin, alert the others. Our radar is picking up multiple unknown signatures flying over the city." Reyes said in a panicked voice.

I looked around and found only I and the rest of the team flying around. Realizing the mistake, I started to laugh.

"Oh, you must have forgotten to update your radars. These are new Arwings we have, so add these signatures as the teams." I replied.

Reyes gave me a weird look, "Well, just keep an eye out. I'm sure some enemy forces linger, and when I say some I mean, maybe, ten or so hostiles."

I nodded, "Roger that" I then ended the comm line and reverted back to the team channel.

"What was that about?" Falco asked.

I shook my head, "Just the Generals freaking out about the Arwing signatures being unknown."

I looked down and found a building with an empty helipad. According to the radar, it was directly above the club.

"Land on that helipad; this building houses the club on the bottom level." I said as I swooped down to the pad.

I slowly touched down and activated the hover mode.

"A-I, keep the comms open in case someone tries to reach us. The Generals may not know about our communicators, so they may use the Arwing as a way of communicating." I said.

A-I replied quickly, "Yes sir"

I then jumped out and felt the cool night air on my skin.

"Ah" I said at the feel, "Just as I remember it."

I looked back and found the team had exited as well.

Falco looked less than pleased, "Um… how do we get down?"

I chuckled, "Simple"

I then slammed my fist into the ground, activating the suit teleport.

"We use these" I said as I held my hand up.

Slippy shook his head, "You mean you want us to climb down this building?!"

I chuckled, "Or you could jump"

Fox and Falco laughed.

"Or use the rappel" Fox added.

I nodded, "That may be easier."

I then walked over to my Arwing and opened the compartment on the underside. In it was a cable and hook. I wrapped it around my legs and attached it to my waist. I then walked over to the railing and attached the opposite end to it. A bright blue light emitted from behind me.

I looked back at the team, "Let's go"

I then got up on the railing and felt the wind blow.

Fox then got up and stood next to me.

I chuckled, "It's like a bungee jump."

Fox looked at me, "What do you mean?"

I laughed, "I mean this."

I then jumped off of the building.

"Whoooooo!" I yelled on the way down.

I reached the end of the cord and was shot back up. I used the momentum to move my body into a horizontal position. I then touched my feet against the building. I grabbed onto the cord and held my stance against the building.

I heard Fox yell from above, "You are so… fuckin… crazy."

I looked up, "Come on, try it. It's like skydiving only shorter."

I then saw a figure jump off the building. It turned out to be Falco. He flew passed me and then shot back up to my level. He got his stance as well.

He laughed, "What a rush! That feel of gravity- whoo!" His armor was blue and black with the red Star Fox logo on his left peck plate.

I nodded, "Hell yeah, gets the adrenaline pumpin."

I looked up, "Come on Fox. Come on Krys. You too Slippy!"

Suddenly, a blue figure jumped off as well and fell passed us. She came back up and greeted us, "Hello" Krystal's armor was blue as well, but it was a bit brighter and was paired with a grey color.

I smiled, "Come on Fox, don't let fear overcome you!"

Just as I finished, Fox jumped off the edge and ended up next to us.

"You were saying?" He said as he stood on the wall. Fox's armor was red and maroon.

Slippy then suddenly shot passed us.

I looked at him, "And you thought I was crazy." Slippy's armor was green and black.

We all then started to slowly move down to the ground. As we neared the ground, we heard the people start to yell and cheer.

I was the first to touch the ground. When I did, I detached the cord and unwrapped it from my legs. I then deactivated the armor and slammed the ground. As I came up, I noticed people started to crowd around me and whisper.

I looked at them, "Hi" I said.

One of them spoke up, "Are you Kevin Michelson?"

I nodded. The rest of the team then touched down on the ground.

"You guys are Star Fox?" The same man asked.

Fox nodded at him, "That's right, we are the Star Fox Mercenary Unit."

The man was stunned, "That's not possible."

The other people then started to whisper.

I chuckled, "I see where you're going with this, sir." I said, "I played the game too."

He nodded, "Yeah… that's exactly what I'm talking about. How the hell are these guys real?"

I shook my head and shrugged, "Alternate realities turned out to be real." I paused, "Look could you guys just please disperse? We're trying to rest and have a nice, annoyance free vacation on the planet we saved."

The crowd then dispersed as they clapped and started to cheer.

Once they were clear, the team and I headed for the FLUXX line. As we were heading to the back, the bouncer stopped us.

"Hold up" the man said.

We all looked back at him.

"Yes?" I asked.

"You the guys that saved Earth?" He asked.

I looked at the team and then back at the bouncer, "Uh, yeah, we are."

He nodded and waved for us to go over to him. We complied and walked over.

"I want to thank you guys. If it weren't for you, my brother would have died in the war." He said.

I looked questioned, "Who's your brother?"

The man smiled, "His name's Jeremy. But he said his callsign was Blaze."

I froze in my place. I heard Fox whisper.

"Oh no" he said.

I then lowered my head and shook it slowly.

The man looked at us puzzled, "What's wrong?"

I looked back up and walked towards the man. I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"Sir…" I said with complete grief on my face, "…Blaze… Jeremy…"

The man looked worried now, "What about him?"

I shook my head, "…Jeremy was in my squad when the aliens first attacked…"

Jones shook his head, "And?"

I paused and sighed with a shaky voice, "…no one in that squad survived the attack besides me…"

He shook his head, "Don't lie, I got a message saying he was training with the last of the troops."

I shook my head in response, "They lied to you…" I was shaky again, "We were in full retreat when I lost every one of the jets to the aliens. Me, the ace pilot, and Jeremy were all that were left out of 100. As we were escaping from the remaining enemies, they started to fire upon us. we were all hit and couldn't lose them."

Jones started to get a tear in his eye, "They took him out…"

I shook my head, "…no… he sacrificed himself…"

Jones looked up at me, "He what?"

I nodded, "Yes… as we were being tailed, he distracted them and forced us to leave the area. He was shot down minutes after we escaped." I paused, "I will say one thing; he was one of the most dedicated troops I had ever seen. And knowing that he was a nugget makes him even more honorable. This man survived the initial attack and sacrificed himself for me and the ace."

Jones started to tear up more, "But did he die with honor?"

I nodded, "His final words… 'it was an honor serving the country'."

Jones nodded, "That's good. I just don't know why they would lie to me."

I shook my head, "That's a mystery to me as well. But just know that Blaze is in a better place."

Jones then shook his head, "Anyway, go on ahead in. You guys deserve it since you did what you did."

I looked back at the rest.

Falco shrugged, "Awesome"

I looked back at Jones, "Thank you"

He nodded and opened the door for us.

We walked in to the sound of Dubstep playing. As soon as we walked in, we walked around a large center column and entered the club. It was blasting music and lights were flashing everywhere.

I was shocked, "Damn"

Fox and the others looked surprised as well.

Falco smiled, "Time to party"

As if we were in a movie, two females walked over and asked for Falco.

He looked at us, "I'll catch you guys later."

I lowered my head and shook it slowly, "Oh god"

Fox and Krystal laughed.

"Let's get on the dance floor." I said over the noise.

They nodded and we headed down the few steps. Onto the floor.

Fox, Krystal, Slippy, and Kevin stayed in a group while on the dance floor. Surprisingly, anyone who saw them merely asked for a picture or to dance. Falco was off in one of the tables talking to the two girls that had stolen him.

While Kevin was dancing with a female that had asked him for a quick dance, he bumped into another person.

"Hey" I said as I felt a hard bump on my back.

I spun around and met the face of another female. As soon as I saw her face, I knew that she was familiar. But to her, I was more familiar.

"Kevin?" She asked me.

I was confused, "Yeah? Do I know you?"

She started to tear up, "Oh my god, I can't believe you're alive!"

I was still confused, "Of course I'm alive."

She then hugged me, "It's me… Marie."

I was stunned, "What?!"

She smiled and nodded her head quickly.

I was at a loss of words, "Why the hell are you surprised that I'm alive? I can't believe that YOU'RE alive!"

I looked back at Fox and Krystal.

"Guys! It's Marie!" I yelled over the loud music.

Fox looked surprised, "What? But you said that she was considered dead!"

I nodded and smiled, "I know, but she's here!"

Krystal cut in, "She must have made it back when we left Earth."

Marie nodded, "Yeah, I was captured but I escaped once you attacked the last base."

I was still at a loss, "That's just… holy shit I still can't believe that you're alive!"

She just smiled.

I then pointed to the bar area, "Let me buy you a drink. We have some debriefing." I joked.

She laughed and nodded. We then walked over to the bar and sat down.

I signaled for the bartender, "One shot, tequila." I said.

Marie looked at me, "You don't want one?"

I shrugged, "I can't have one, I'm only 17."

The bartender then came back with two shots of tequila.

I looked at the two and then at the tender.

"Uh, I said one."

The bartender then winked at me and headed to the back.

Marie laughed, "Looks like he's on your side. Just don't say you got a drink from here to anyone."

I shrugged and grabbed one of the shots.

"I haven't tried tequila. They don't have it on Corneria." I said, "Oh well, cheers"

Marie and I then tapped our glasses together and took the shot.

I was surprised at the burning sensation, "Jesus Christ that burns!"

Marie laughed mid drink.

I raised my hands, "What? You don't think it burns?"

She nodded while she forced the drink down. She slammed the glass on the table and took a breath.

"I do think it burns. Don't make me laugh when I drink it though." She said as she laughed.

I laughed as well.

She then calmed down, "So what about this debriefing?"

I shook my head, "I was only kidding."

She nodded, "Well tell me how it ended. I'm curious."

I shrugged, "Sure, you deserve to know." I cleared my throat, "To put the long story to short, Wolf was killed by me along with the remaining of his team and the Marauders."

She nodded, "What about Woods? How is he doing?"

I lowered my head, "Oh" I sighed, "You don't know about it then."

She shook her head, "About what?"

I sighed once more, "Panther, a member of Star Wolf, shot down Woods while I was inside the base fighting Wolf."

She nodded, "I see" she paused, "He was a good man; most skilled pilot I had ever seen, I'm not surprised he made it all the way to the end."

I nodded back, "Yeah, but like I always say, he's in a better place now."

She smiled, "Let's get back to your vacation, yeah?"

I nodded, "Sure"

From that moment on, the Star Fox team became a close family and became even greater friends. The team was destined for good things and was ready for anything that threatened peace. After the club trip, Kevin went off in search of his mother. His first plan was to meet the president on the matter. Kevin's mother, unfortunately, was killed while in hiding. However, Obama did not tell him that. Instead, a lie was made that Kevin's mother was simply still in hiding and that she was unable to be located. Kevin, in his young age, took the lie and went back to the team.

Over the following months, the team had several great happenings. Fox and Krystal, the two whose love was absolutely inseparable, were now mates. Fox had proposed to Krystal, and the absolute answer to him was yes. Fox and Krystal, now husband and wife, continued their life happy on the Star Fox team. As for Kevin and Rose? The two continued dating and became closer and closer to each other. But after Rose was given a chance on Star Fox, the two became even closer. Rose was now in charge of comms and basic readings while on Great Fox; she basically took Peppy's place.

They were all at peace along with the two systems that called them heroes. But how long would that peace last? Especially when the new threat finally decided to rear its ugly head?

What happens when the Yuthans strike…

To be Continued…

ALLLLRIGHT! What a way to end a book! This marks the end of Crossed Paths and the beginning of the new book that has yet to be named. I plan on it being very dramatic and hopefully very detailed.

I want to thank all of you for reading this trilogy plus one. It means so much that you guys took the time to read it and actually enjoy it. On top of that, you're kind and honest reviews were all appreciated, even the harsher ones. I appreciate every single aspect of it. I hope you continue with me to my next book.

As for my next book, the first chapter should be up soon. All updates will be made on the same website, sciencefictionstories. webstarts. com. Oh, if any of you are wondering where I got the name FLUXX from... it's a real club here in San Diego. It is one of the higher end meant for the rich. The inside resembles that of a video game and its located in the Gas Lamp district of downtown. Aside from that, its extremely expensive and difficult to get in.

I will see you all in the beginning of Ratchet and Clank: A Truth Revealed.