Here comes the first chapter of my newest Twilight fic, 'His Precious Jewel'. Now here's the full summary and I'm sorry if it's different from the outer summary:

Edward raped Bella, and then abandoned her after her birthday. Victoria comes to see her, takes her and Charlie to Volterra only to see that Bella is pregnant with Edward's baby. Eighteen years later, she's queen of Volterra, wife of Aro, and now her son wants to meet other vampires to find a mate. She and Aro accompany him to Alaska to meet the Denali clan, and once her son meets Tanya, things start off rather nicely; until the Cullens show up.

This is an AroxBella fic, but it's also TanyaxOC so it will flip between points.

Warnings: mentions/details of rape, violence, cursing, and blood.

Good Victoria and Laurent

Evil Edward, mild bashing of Alice and Tanya.

I don't own Twilight or its characters.



"Edward, you don't have to apologize for Jasper. He didn't mean to attack." Edward brought me close to home after the incident at his house, when I cut my finger and Jasper went berserk. "Edward?" he ignored me, and then I noticed we were heading into the woods off the road.

"You just don't get it do you Bella?" we stopped in the middle of a field. "You don't realize how dangerous my kind is."

"I don't need to know, because I love you and I know you wouldn't hurt me on purpose." He glared at me, and it was the worst glare I'd ever gotten from him.

"You think so?" he sounded cold. "You honestly think I wouldn't hurt you?"

"Y-Yes…Edward you're my boyfriend…"

"Shut up." He got out of the truck, and then got to my side almost yanking the door open. "Get out."

"Edward what're you…?" I couldn't finish as he unbuckled my seatbelt and yanked me out of the car. "Ow! Edward stop that hurts!" he pulled me onto the ground.

"You really think I can't hurt you? Are you really that stupid Bella?"

"Edward what're you doing?" I tried to get up but he held me down. I freaked when I felt his hands rip my shirt and go to my pants. "Edward stop!" he covered my mouth just before I could scream.

"Shut your mouth you little whore." He growled at me. "You humans are so pathetic, you have no idea how powerful and dangerous we truly are."

"MMM!" his hold on me tightened.

"You're about to find out the hard way Bella." his hand remained over my mouth, and then my pants were moved down to my ankles along with my underwear.

"MMMMM!" 'No! No Edward don't!' he couldn't hear my thoughts, and after I heard a zipper unzip I felt a white hot pain shoot through my lower abdomen. I heard him grunt, and then he moaned while I screamed behind his hand.

"D-Damn Bella…you're so tight…" he groaned as he pushed in and out of me roughly.

'It hurts…please…stop…' I wish I could scream, someone might've been able to hear me. He was so rough, why was he doing this to me? He loves me doesn't he?

As soon as he finished his threw his head back and let out a deep moan. He released my mouth and I started crying so hard.

"That was good, for a human." He smiled evilly at me. This wasn't the Edward I knew and loved, where did he go? "You're pathetic Bella, and no thanks to you my family has to leave town. Don't bother looking us up, we don't need you anymore." He got up and zipped his pants.

"E-Edward…why?" he sneered at me.

"You were just a cover Bella, just long enough for us to stay here but we have to go. You were never part of my family and you never will be. I'm sure you can make it home on your own here, have a nice life human." He spat at me, and then ran off into the woods. I started crying again, and managed to pull myself up despite the pain.

'He's not my Edward….he's a monster.'

End flashback.

It's been so long, perhaps eighteen years since that day. Edward betrayed me, left me in the woods, and scarred me for life. He used me, and I don't know if the others used me but I would never forgive them for what happened, unless some of them had no part in it.

"Are you alright my dear?" my husband's voice pulled me away from my thoughts.

"Just thinking, about that night." His arms wrapped around me. "How his mistake led to all of this." A kiss to my temple soothed me.

"Indeed so, I remember when you first came here. You were so broken, yet you wanted to live."


"Yes may I help you?" Victoria had led me and Charlie into the Volturi castle, and we were now at a reception desk where a human woman was sitting.

"We need to see the leaders, it's rather urgent." Victoria leaned in and the woman seemed to understand.

"Just down the hall and down the stairs, I'll let them know you're coming." The woman spoke clear English despite her being Italian.

"Thank you." She led us through, Charlie held onto me tightly.

"Dad please…" he loosened his grip a bit.

"I don't like this Bells, this place smells like death." Victoria chuckled.

"It's the Volturi Charlie, a lot of death happens here. Don't worry though, I'm sure we can have them understand." Right after she said that we made it down the stairs towards two large double doors. Victoria opened them, right when we walked through my eyes widened. The whole room was like being inside a roman palace, statues everywhere, marble floors, dark walls, and three large thrones with men sitting in them.

"Ahhh, Victoria how nice to see you again." The middle man stood up, I could see he hand onion white skin, deep red eyes, and long dark hair that cascaded over his shoulders.

"You too Aro, I'm afraid we have some issues."

"You have brought humans in our midst, what's the meaning of this?" the blonde one snarled at us and Charlie held me close again.

"Relax brother, let her explain." Victoria knew the Volturi, which actually shocked me a bit.

"It's the Cullens, I'm afraid they've broken a few rules. You see this girl here, her name is Isabella Swan and this is her father Charles Swan. Isabella was…well she was Edward Cullen's singer, and they told her about our existence but they left her."

"Left?" the middle one walked over to us. I could see he was quite handsome, but something was off. "They left you young one?" I gave a hesitant nod. "Allow me…?" he held out his hand to me.


"It's ok Charlie, remember when I told you about some vampires having gifts? Well Aro can read every thought you've ever had with one touch." Charlie didn't seem to believe it, but I slowly walked forward and stood in front of Aro.

"It's alright young one, I won't harm you." He smiled, and this smile he gave was warm and welcoming. I slowly reached my hand into his, but the minute our skin made contact I felt darkness overcome me.

End flashback.

"It was fate that brought us together." I sighed.

"Indeed so, I was beginning to think I would never have another mate." It turned out that Aro and I were soul mates, which was part of the reason I had blacked out when we first met. It was the mating bond, we touched and that's when it strengthened. "Now I have you."

"And I you."

"Thanks to Victoria." Victoria and I really connected after she brought me and Charlie to Volterra, it turned out that James wasn't her soul mate after all. Now she had Charlie, and they were far happier than I'd ever seen in any couple.

"Yes, she called by the way; she and Charlie are enjoying themselves and wish you well." I smiled; I remembered when I first told Charlie about the Cullens he was furious. He wanted to hunt Edward down and burn him alive, but Victoria told him there was another way to deal with this and that was going to the Volturi.

"I'm glad; you know I could tell they had an attraction between each other." Sometime after we came to Volterra I had noticed that Charlie and Victoria seemed to be friendlier than usual. I asked Marcus about it, and he told me they had a strong, like the one I have with my husband.

"Just like you and I." we shared a brief kiss. "I assume you know what tomorrow is cara mia?" how could I forget? It was almost impossible to forget the day I found out the news.


"What…what do you mean?" I had been in Volterra for nearly two weeks, and I had been feeling sick lately so Aro asked Marcus to look me over. What he had to say though, I almost couldn't believe.

"It's just as I said Bella, you're pregnant." It was impossible, no I couldn't be.

"But…but it's not possible…" he looked at me strangely. "I mean…a vampire can't…" I hadn't told them about what Edward did to me, and thankfully since Edward couldn't read my thoughts neither could Aro.

"Bella what is it?" Aro came over to me. "What's wrong?" I started shaking in his arms. "Felix, get Charlie in here."

"Right away." I heard Felix leave.

"Cara mia what's the matter? Are you not happy you're having a child?" I stared up at him.

"I…I don't know…" I wasn't sure if I was happy or not. This was Edward's baby, not Aro's, what if he didn't want it? What if he killed it after it was born? My child…not my child, he couldn't take him from me.

"Bells!" Charlie ran in with Victoria behind him. "Felix just told us the news, but what's wrong?" he came over to me.

"Dad it's Edward's baby…it's not Aro's I don't…" Aro looked at me.

"You don't want the child because it's not mine?" I shook my head.

"No, no I…you wouldn't want my baby…" I began to cry, and he held me closer.

"Bella, please don't cry. I don't care if the child's Edward's it's yours too." I stopped and stared up at him. "This is entirely your decision, your choice if you want the baby or not."

"Aro, we don't know how this pregnancy will go. Our kind has never had children…" Marcus spoke up.

"Not with our females we haven't brother, but we never assumed human women could carry our children. It's very possible and you just proved it."

"True, but if the child is in fact half vampire it could be possible Bella won't survive the birth." Aro's eyes darkened at Caius.

"Don't say that, my daughter can make it through this she's like me she's tough." Charlie smiled at me. "Bella I don't care if it's that bastard's baby, it's yours too just like Aro said. It's my grandbaby too, I'll be with you through this." That made me feel so much better, but I was still upset.

"Aro, you don't know the full story about Bella do you?" Victoria looked at me.

"What do you mean?"

"Aro…" I looked up from my spot. "This baby wasn't…he wasn't made with my consent." I started shaking again and this time I collapsed into Aro's hold again, sobbing my eyes out.

End flashback.

"What he did to you was horrible my love, but fear not we will deal with him another day. Tomorrow is important to us all, and you know what we promised to do." I nodded.

"I know, but only eighteen years…eighteen years and now…?" if I were human I'd be crying right now.

"It's not the end of things my love, this is just a new start for us. We've known this day would come, we've been preparing for it." He was right, we knew this was coming soon, and we had a promise to fulfill.

"Yes, I just wish it didn't have to come so soon." I would definitely be crying right now if I were human still.

"He'll still be with us, and we're going with him you know it."

"I know but he's still so young, he's got years to find a mate." Aro stroked my cheek and kissed my head. "I know I'm worrying for nothing, but he's still my baby."

"Indeed so my love, but he doesn't have to do this alone. He'll have us with him, it will be no issue and besides Eleazar has already said it would be more than fine if we visited. The Cullens will not be an issue and if they are who cares we're taking along Alec and Demetri."

"But what if he doesn't trust us? He's wanted to go on his own for a while now but…"

"Honey we promised him we wouldn't interfere in his finding a mate, he's old enough to make his own decisions in our years and he knows exactly what he wants in a woman. Now we are going through with this promise so you're just going to have to let it go."

"Why so soon Aro? He's still my child my only child."

"Hey he's my son too you know." I laughed, that much was true since Aro pretty much adopted him after he was born. "Now come on, tomorrow is a big day and we'd best not spend it wishing our son was still a baby." I leaned into Aro's arms, yes indeed tomorrow was a big day and I am not about to spoil the most important day of the year besides my wedding anniversary.

It was the eighteenth birthday of my one joy, the only good thing Edward had ever given me, my son Avery Jacob Swan.

Now I know it's a bit odd, but it's how it is in the book when Renesmee is around and I decided this time to make Bella the mother of a son instead of a daughter. Hybrids reach maturity after seven years, so yes Avery is a man in the vampire world but now he's a man in the human world.

Oh yeah and so there's no confusion on Avery's age, it is eighteen years, so he turns eighteen. Why he waited so long will be explained believe me.

More will be explained in the next chapter, so please no flames.