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Two days later:

Bella's P.O.V.:

Renee's heartbeat sped up fast early this morning, so fast we could all hear it would soon be done. I had stayed next to her with Charlie through most of the way, and I could tell the venom was doing more for her than it had for most of us. Renee's entire body had been taken back nearly two decades, to the last time I saw her when I was a teenager. Her hair turned light red and brown, her wrinkles vanished, her eyes looked younger, and her skin despite it being chalky pale looked actually healthier. It was like she'd been sent back in time like the rest of us.

"Mmm…" a few seconds after that thought Renee's heart stopped. Her screams had stopped the day before though I didn't understand why, and when her eyes opened to see us they were pure red like a newborn's should be.

"Mom, you're awake." I smiled.

"Welcome back Renee." Charlie took her hand.

"What's…what's going on…?" she slowly sat up looking around. "Why does everything look so clearer, and bright?" she felt her face. "My skin…it's cold."

"Mom, what's the last thing you remember?" she looked at me and her eyes widened.

"Bella! You look…oh my god you look beautiful!" she hugged me to her, but when she did I winced as my neck began to crack under her strength.

"Renee, Renee let go." Charlie got her off. "You need to be careful, you're not exactly normal anymore." She turned to him.

"Charlie? Is that you?" she stared him up and down. "You look so handsome."

"Thanks, but don't let my wife hear you say that."

"Too late." Victoria came in, and I saw she had a bag full of blood packs. "Hello Renee, I'm Victoria, Charlie's wife."

"Victoria…" Renee's eyes narrowed. "What's going on here? Why do we all look…?"

"Different?" I asked and she nodded. "Well mom it's a bit of a long story, but for starters do you remember what happened when Edward attacked you?"

"Edward…" Renee's face scrunched up as if she'd sob. "Phil…oh god." She dry sobbed slightly and I held her in my arms. "He killed Phil…and he tried to kill me."

"We know Renee, but don't worry he won't hurt anyone anymore." Charlie soothed her. "He's dead, we took care of him."

"Actually Avery and I did, but yeah." I moved my mom's hair aside, and then she grasped her throat. "Oh…mom you must be thirsty I'm sorry."

"Here, drink this." The packets were white, so she couldn't see the blood but it would be enough to get her started. Renee drank through a straw, and her eyes closed as if the blood were soothing, which it was. Victoria handed her more, and Renee went through ten total before she decided to stop.

"Oh wow, what was that it was good?" I stared at Charlie and we figured now was the time.

"Mom, you know that Edward almost killed you right? You also know that he was a monster?"

"Yes but…" Renee looked down at the bags on the floor, one of them had a tear in and she smelled it. "What the…this is blood!" she looked at me and Charlie. "You let me drink blood?!"

"Renee calm down, yes you drank blood and why? Because you're a vampire now like us." Charlie said and Renee looked at him like he'd grown four heads.

"V-Vampire…no that can't be true…"

"It is mom, see when Edward attacked you then you would've died. Your wounds were so bad you might've been a vegetable, so we turned you to save you."

"Bella…" Renee stared directly into my golden eyes. "I can see that you aren't normal anymore, but…" she took in a breath. "Tell me everything, from the beginning." I sighed, I knew she would ask that and she deserved to know the full truth.

I told her everything, and the whole story took me an entire hour. I told her about the Cullens, the wolves, the Cullens leaving, what Edward and Alice did to Jasper and me, Victoria and James before she married Charlie, why we had to fake our deaths, about Avery's birth and Aro becoming my mate, and about the Volturi, Edward's attack and Avery becoming a full vampire, along with what she could now do as a vampire herself. I also told her that vampire women couldn't give birth, and that didn't seem to bother her much. When I finished she blanked out, taking it all in carefully, and then she closed her eyes.

"So…now that Edward is dead, you're free from his pain?" I nodded. "I have a grandson, and he's got himself a wife?"

"Not exactly a wife mom, but she is his mate and whether they marry or not is up to them. She's a nice girl, and she too was hurt by Edward but Avery has helped her through it." Renee paused again, and sighed.

"Wow, I lost my husband; I thought I had lost you and Charlie years ago. Now I have my daughter, my friend, and my grandson all with me here."

"Well mom, I know that Phil was your husband and you loved him, but there's a possible chance that you could find a mate again one day. It may be a while, but every vampire has a soul mate." She shook her head.

"I don't know if I will, but for now…" she looked towards the door. "I want to see my son-in-law and my grandson."

"You'll have to wait on that." Victoria stepped in front of her. "Right now we have test your skills, your strength and speed you'll need to learn to control, plus you need to learn how to hunt."

"Well I guess I do."

"Mom, Charlie and Victoria are two of the best hunters here. Besides I think you'll enjoy staying young forever." I produced a mirror from the night stand and showed her reflection to her.

"Oh…oh my…" she smiled but her eyes were stunned. "I look twenty years younger."

"Venom does that, it heals all wounds and mends you into a perfectly beautiful creature." Charlie laughed. "Bells, do you want to hunt with us?"

"I need to tell the others, but I'll make sure that Jake goes with you and Seth." Charlie nodded and I ran downstairs to get the others.

"How is she?" Aro came up to me.

"Surprisingly calm, I thought she would flip if she knew about all this."

"Perhaps she would've if she were still human." Jane pointed out. "Or maybe she was able to take it in carefully and think, after all you were calm when you found out about the Cullens."

"True." She was my mom after all.

"Jacob and Seth have gone out, they heard you talking." Aro kissed me. "Avery and Tanya will be back soon, they wanted to go into town for a bit."

"Good, Renee needs time to adjust before this starts." Now that Renee was one of us, we'd get her settled down as a vampire and head home to Volterra. I knew one thing though; Avery would want to begin his life with Tanya once he got to know Renee. He would want to move to Denali and I wouldn't get to see my baby boy as often as I wanted.

"Cara mia, I can see your thoughts." I let my shield down so Aro could see them. "My love, Avery is grown up now. You'll have to let him go, but that won't stop him from being our son."

"I know, but it's just hard you know?"

"Every parent hates having to see their child leave the nest, I don't want him to go either but we both taught Avery all he needs to know to make it in the real world."

"Even so it still hurts."

"Now Bella, he's not leaving right away. He's going to know his grandmother first, and then he'll decide when to leave. You know he'll keep in touch." I nodded. "It'll be alright my dearest."

"I know, I know." We stood like that for a while, all we had to do now was get ready to head home and take care of Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie and Emmett would remain behind with Jasper, but they would be going on a trip later on though they promised to keep in touch with me and Avery. Jasper needed time away, and I just hoped he would soon find his true mate again sometime soon.

Avery's P.O.V.:

I knew my grandmother was changed now, but for the time being Tanya and I were out in the town just walking around holding hands. It was cloudy today, and it would rain later but we'd be heading back to the old Cullen home soon enough.

"Tanya, I think we'd best head back now." She shrugged.

"Yeah you're right we should, I'd love to meet Renee." We had to get away from the eyes of this town first. We began to walk back towards the docks, and took off in a run towards the reserve. We cut through the forest, and I picked up Grandpa Charlie's scent still fresh on the ground. They weren't around so he'd probably gone back to the Cullen house with Victoria and Grandma Renee.

Judging by the scents though, I think Jake and the packs took off recently probably to speak with their elders about the fight. Either way we'd talk with them later on, or wait until we left for home since Jake had his own things to do here.

"We're here." We made it back to the house and I could see everyone in the main living room. "Hey guys." I instantly saw Renee, and she looked so much better as a vampire than a mortal.

"Oh my, Avery?" she approached me slowly.

"Hello Gran." I went up to her, she was as tall as mom but I was still taller.

"He is gorgeous Bella, oh yes we are definitely related. He takes after the beauties in our family."

"And what am I chopped liver?" Charlie pretended to be hurt but we all laughed.

"Bella you did a great job with him, and you Aro…is he as suave and gentleman-like as you are?" Dad just smiled.

"Well I did teach him how to be proper but normal around lovely women, but he does take after his mother in more ways than one." Gran and I shared a hug.

"Oh he's a strong one too." She laughed. "And you must be Tanya; you're as pretty as they said. I love those curls."

"Thank you Mrs…"

"You can just call me Renee dear." They shook hands. "Bella, it's going to take me a little while to get used to all this, but I think I'll adapt." I could see inside her mind that she missed her husband Phil, but perhaps there was hope for her to find a mate though she'd need time to cope.

"Gran, we're all glad to have you here." I kissed her cheek.

"I'm glad that I have my family with me, but do you all think I'm ready to go on a plane like this?" she was still a newborn, but I could see she had some good control like me and mom.

"You'll be fine Renee, besides it's only a sixteen hour flight. We'll make it there in no time, and I'm sure you'll love meeting the rest of the Volturi." Dad always had a way of cheering people up.

"Jasper, are you going to alright?" Tanya asked and he just nodded.

"I will be, I have my brother and sister here with me. I think I'll manage." Emmett swatted him playfully. "Hey!"

"We're going to miss you guys." Rosalie shared a hug with Mom, and then moved to me. "I'm sorry for all the trouble, and I'm sorry for how I behaved before."

"It's fine Rosalie, I'm just glad you aren't as blind or dumb as Carlisle and Esme." I was definitely looking forward to punishing those two, but we'd see how they'd take the news if Caius hadn't beaten us to it already.

"Yes well, alright let's finish up the goodbyes and head home. We still have much to do." Dad rushed us out the door, but we made it to the airport where the jet was waiting and Renee kept her control to a point where she stood a good distance from the humans. Luckily we all packed up on blood so we'd have enough to feed. We were all situated in the jet, and while I held Tanya to me my parents snuggled to each other and Renee sat close to the twins while Charlie and Victoria stayed on the opposite end.

'Home here we go.'

Sometime later, back in Volterra:

It was either late night or early morning when we finally landed home. Once we had Dad made sure we were all wearing black clothing to blend in better with the night so we could sneak into the castle. We weren't that far from it, but on the way home we stayed in groups and met back at the front door. Dad used his key to unlock it, and after we all made it inside he relocked it and led us downstairs to the throne room.

"Uncle!" I saw Marcus at the table reading an old book, and when he heard me he turned.

"Avery, you're back." I ran up to hug him, I had missed him greatly. We hugged for a long while, but when I let go he looked as if he could cry. "I missed you all."

"And we missed you Marcus." Mom came up to hug him with Dad.

"You look well Marcus." Tanya smiled.

"I've been better, but I…" he stopped, and his eyes had a strange look in them but not unknown.

"Uncle?" I turned to see what he was looking at, and I could see he was staring right at Renee and she was staring back at him with the same look. "Uh oh…" I smirked.

"I think we have another couple here." Alec laughed.

"Bella…who is that man?" Gran forgot vampires can hear everything, because she was whispering.

"Mom, this is Marcus he's one of the co-leaders of the Volturi. Marcus, this is my mother Renee Dwyer." Marcus slowly approached Renee, and neither of them broke eye contact. "Aro?"

"I think Marcus has found a new mate." Dad couldn't believe it, and neither could I. Mom and I had found our mates quickly, and it's probably a hereditary trait since Renee had just lost her own husband and now she's met Marcus. It's mind-boggling.

"Mom, I think you and Marcus might want to hold on the sudden bond here. We still have the matter of punishing…" Dad and I stopped mom.

"Bella let them be, Marcus why don't you show Renee around? We'll take care of Carlisle and Esme Cullen." Marcus didn't turn; he just nodded and took Gran by the hand before leading her out of the throne room.

"About time you've returned." Caius showed up through the door behind the thrones. "The guards are bringing the Cullens up, and I saw Marcus has found a mate again. Your mother Bella?" mom held up her hands.

"Don't ask me, I'm just as baffled as you all are." I could tell Mom was a bit concerned for the two, but if they were mates then who were we to get in the way? I just hope Marcus lets Renee get through her grief for Phil first.

"You guys can handle the Cullens." Charlie took Victoria by the waist. "Vicky and I have some catching up to do." Victoria giggled.

"Eww dad, didn't need to know that." Mom covered her ears and the two ran off. Grandpa may be a vampire adult but he acts like a horny teenager sometimes.

"Alright it's just us then." Dad moved to his throne but stood in front of it with Mom on his side. Caius took the left and stood, and I just took Marcus' spot for him with Tanya next to me. Felix and Demetri returned with Carlisle and Esme, and the two looked nearly lifeless. Carlisle looked ashamed but angry, and Esme looked tired, but also sad and distraught.

'Time to begin.' I thought to my dad.

"Carlisle, I'm sure that you're aware of what's happened. Based upon our return you must know that Edward and Alice along with their army are dead."

"Yes." Carlisle didn't even look up.

"Your daughter Rosalie and her mate Emmett no longer want to see you, and neither does Jasper. It's likely that you might be able to reconnect with them in the future, but we'll just wait and see." Dad turned to Caius.

"By the rules of our world we should kill you for all you've done, but out of respect for Bella we'll leave the decision up to her." Caius turned to Mom.

"Thank you Caius." Mom stepped forward. "I thought you loved me when you left, I thought of you both as a second mother and father to me, but obviously that's not the case here." She took in an unneeded breath. "You believed your son over me, you actually thought I'd abandoned Edward when it was the other way around and worse. You stood by him while we sought justice, but what are you feeling now?"

"We feel nothing now." Esme said. "We have no one in our family."

"Exactly." Mom smirked slightly. "You're feeling exactly as I did when you left me, and now you will suffer the consequences. I think a more befitting punishment than death would be…imprisonment."

"Sweetheart?" Dad and I were stunned by that, well not much.

"You will remain here under servitude of the Volturi. You will be confined into a wing, and you will remain there unless you are called out. Your assets and bank accounts will be frozen, but the money will remain in your name. Your houses however, the titles will be relinquished to the Volturi and we will either sell or keep them for ourselves. We may let you have one for when your punishment is up, but that's all. You will feed when we feed, human or whatever we give you. You will do what the leaders tell you, and that includes myself, Athenodora, and whomever Marcus chooses for his wife." Leave out Renee for now. "You disobey us, you will be punished, if you try to escape, then you'll become the twins' plaything. If you aid anyone trying to harm our coven then you will either be killed or you will be separated forever. Is this clear?"

"You're…you're going to make us…?" Esme was scared.

"Yes, or you can join Edward and Alice in hell. Which is it?" Esme said nothing, but Carlisle touched her hand.

"How long will we be here?" he asked.

"Twenty years, despite that it's been eighteen years since you left me I'll add on two more just for the hell of it." Carlisle thought for a moment, but nodded.

"We'll do it." he whispered.

"Good, Felix Demetri would two please escort these two to the eastern wing." That was the smallest wing in the castle, and the darkest. These two cut off from the humans they loved hanging around and no sunlight to watch, they'd be miserable.

Felix and Demetri took the two away, and while Tanya and I shared an embrace my parents kissed for a moment. Caius just rolled his eyes but chuckled, something he rarely did.

"Well it looks like we have our peace at last." He said. "Avery, how do you feel?"

"Better than ever Caius, much better." I looked down to Tanya. "Do you mind if we stick around for a while love? I'd like to spend some time with Renee before we do anything else."

"I don't mind at all, I just need to tell my family that we'll be delayed more than we thought." She kissed my nose. "Plus…I'd like to test out that new profound strength of yours." She purred and I could smell her light arousal.

"Perhaps we can remedy that." I growled into her ear.

"Hey you two none of that!" Mom snapped and I moved back. "Not here, take it somewhere else." She winked at me; I guess she finally saw me as a man and not her little boy anymore.

"Okay then, how about your rooms?" Dad's eyes widened.

"AVERY JACOB SWAN VOLTURI DON'T YOU DARE!" he yelled after I picked up Tanya and ran out the throne room. I took her into my bedroom, locked the door, flung her on the bed, and began to tear at her clothes.

"How'd you know I like it a little rough?" she giggled after she tore off my shirt.

"How do you think?" I kissed her roughly but passionately, and I made love to her right there in the bed. I think we had about five rounds together, and with this newfound strength and endless energy I felt as if I could do more.

"So…" we were both completely naked, and I was surprised that the bed was still intact through all this. "What do you think we should do now?"

"I can think of a few things…" I smirked. "But first, how's about we shower?" we smelt like sex bad, and the sheets were soaked a good bit with our essences.

"Good idea."

We had made love all day after that, and many other days afterwards. I married Tanya a year after we'd met, and we're now going on our tenth anniversary. The wedding was nice, but only with family and a few friends so nothing too fancy or big. We lived together with the rest of the Denalis in Alaska, and I loved it. Irina and Kate welcomed me into their home as their brother, and I got along greatly with Carmen and Eleazar as well. I had my trust fund set up by dad, and so I had money for the bills and other things. Mom missed me as did the rest of the Volturi, but thankfully we were all keeping in touch and happily visited on holidays might I add.

We were all happy now, except for the Cullens Carlisle and Esme. Despite their imprisonment they adapted to the life, and mostly didn't speak unless they were alone. Renee had become Marcus' second wife, and he her third husband but this time it was a match made in heaven. They had married seven months after meeting and went on a month-long honeymoon to a private island off the coast. I had never seen my uncle so happy, and my grandmother grieved for Phil and I knew he'd be happy that she found someone else.

Jasper too had found someone new, a seventeen year old brunette girl named Jenny who Rosalie saved from an abusive drunk father. Apparently her mother left when she was small, and her father had drinking troubles so he took it out on his daughter. She fell in love with Jasper at first sight, and they'd been together ever since. That little family had moved into a cottage deep in the woods of Idaho, and they mainly kept to themselves but they did fine.

Jacob found his imprint soon after the battle, an Indian girl named Ronda who was somewhat a tomboy who loved motorcycles and fixing them. Her dad had a shop and she helped run it, they had two sons now Michael and William and had a daughter on the way. Jake's entire pack found their imprints, and they all had children even Leah who had a daughter she named Sarah. The entire pack was growing, but they hardly shifted anymore since the vampires left their territory.

My parents, my grandparents, my friends, all of us had our happy ending. We had all come a long way since we started out, and now we had forever.

The End.

Hope you enjoyed it, cuz it took only a whole day to write this and it was a weekend.