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He wasn't a Sage. He hadn't mastered the elements to such a degree that he could call on them with but a thought. He wasn't Minato Namikaze, or Rikkudo Sennin and never would be. He definitely didn't set out to inspire people, it just sort of happened. He was just Uzumaki Naruto. He STILL wasn't the one to fuck with. Akatsuki didn't realize it when they set out to take the Kyuubi from him…but they'd figure it out eventually. They were a pretty bright bunch, right?


Fifteen years ago, the great village Konohagakure no Sato was attacked by the Kyuubi no Kitsune. With one sweep of a mighty tail, it could destroy mountains. With another, tsunamis would ravage the land. Truly it was a great and terrible beast.

Yet is was laid low by Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, and sealed away into an infant, Uzumaki Naruto, with the hope that the village would see the young boy as the savior he truly was.

Sadly the 'human element' remained as unpredictable as ever. Before the reinstated Sandaime, Sarutobi Hiruzen, could reveal the infant jinchuuriki, the village was already baying for it's blood.

Someone had leaked the information to the public, sowing the seed of fear and chaos. The grief of their losses still hot and their wounds yet bleeding, assurances that the beast and infant were separate and of no danger to anyone fell on largely deaf ears. The threat of the kitsune one day taking over or releasing itself was too great on their minds. Many of the veterans had at least seen jinchuuriki fight and lose themselves during the wars, some even letting their beasts free. They wanted no such thing in their village.

After hours of back and forth debate, arguing and screaming, the Hokage, elders and clan heads reached an agreement. Planting a seal over the Yondaime's own masterpiece, they would permanently seal off any access the child would have had to the beast and its chakra, making young Naruto a jinchuuriki in name only.

That decision marked the first time in recent history that Shimura Danzou and Hiruzen Sarutobi, the bitterest of political enemies, had both vehemently agreed on something, albeit for different reasons. Unfortunately for both, the majority wouldn't be swayed, and the second seal was applied.

Along with this, the elder and clan heads forbade 'special treatment' and prolonged contact with the boy from 'politically-invested parties', politely assuring Hiruzen that these measures would give him a 'somewhat normal' childhood, and appease both sides of the argument. Naturally, this meant they were going to lock down any attempts to help or subvert the child, shove him in a corner, and forget about their dirty little secret.

And as Hiruzen watched Koharu hold Minato's legacy, those small whisker-like marks disappearing from the child's face and his little body glow a reddish orange for only a moment, the Sandaime wondered if it would truly make the boy's life any better. The shiver that raced down his spine and the tremor in his old bones told him that, for better or worse, they had change something fundamental about the future of their world.

Both excitement and terror warred within him as he prayed to the gods that he'd live to see such interesting times.


A/N: Sup, guys and gals? This is the story I've been trying to write since I started reading fanfiction. Finally, my ideas and plot bunnies have combined and transformed into what you see now, and will play out (especially in terms of big battles) much like a video game. (Not the Naruto games though, more Like the Ninja Gaiden series or Metal Gear Rising.)

I feel I should warn you now; this Naruto will be more than a bit different. As you've seen I've essentially neutralized the Kyuubi. Aside from his Healing Factor and a few cosmetic clues (which will be different from canon) that denote his status as a Jinchurikki, Kyuubi is a non-entity. The same goes for his Kagebunshin army. This will in turn make it both easier and harder to deal with the enemies on the horizon. No Kekkei Genkai, no Divine Intervention, no Mystical Chakra, Phoenix Summoning or Inheritence. No Red Flash or Orange Hokage. Just Hard Work and a little Luck. That in itself will have an effect on his personality and worldview.

Inspired by characters like Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell), The Boss (Metal Gear), and Jason Todd/Red Hood (Batman), this Naruto will think and fight more like an actual ninja and less like the tank/berserker/Super-Sage/Sasuke-clone/Elemental Wind-master you see in canon and most other fics. Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Stealth, and Innovation will be his bread and butter throughout the course of the story, and without the famed Kagebunshin, he'll have to fight smart and outwit his opponets, or be overwhelmed by them. I hope you enjoy the direction it takes as the story progresses and have as much fun reading it as I do writing it!

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