Mermaid Princess Mikan!

Chapter – 1. Land and the water don't mix.

Mermaid princess Mikan was born in a royal family. Unfortunately this case was serious, Mikan was born out of the water, Mikan would have to live on the land for at least 5 years. If mermaids are born on land their lungs don't get used to the water but they get used to oxygen instead of water. Mikan's parents were sad.

Mikan's mother was walking along a beach with mikan in her arm. She stood at a rock that her husband and herself met at. She was crying softly, pressing her forehead on mikan's. "Mikan we will surely meet again." Mikan's mother said. Mikan smiled and giggled. Mikan's mother couldn't help but smile too. She looked down and she has beautiful necklace on her neck. She took it off and placed it on Mikan. She took there on the rock.

Someone's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I saw a woman standing there with a child in her hands. I quickly ran toward her. She has long brown hair and hazel eyes.

Mikan's Mothers POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hello there Miss." I heard a voice behind me. I was shocked and turned around quickly ready to found out who the person is. Since all the human know that mermaids aren't real. Even though she had a baby in her hands she would still be able to fight.

"Whoa sorry miss I didn't mean to scare you." The man said with a sweat drop. I gasped. 'I believe this man would be able to take care. I know him for a while now and he can breathe both oxygen and H2O.

"Shiki please take care of my child. Only for 4 years. Then bring her back here and I will come and get her." I said very fast with tears rolling down my cheek.

"But my Queen I can't possibly do that. I am a royal guard and I have to protect the Queen and King at all costs." Shiki said with a very serious face.

"Shiki, this is for us. Izumi and myself. You said you are a royal guard. This is my child and she is royalty. That makes you a protector of this child." I said with a smirk.

"If this is the sake for the kingdom I will protect this child with my life." Shiki said with a kind smile.

"You have 5 years to take care of this child. Make sure gakuen alice doesn't take her in too. They mustn't know that she has all the alice's in the world. If so use you alice to make sure they don't sense anything from her. Do not let anyone see her in the water till she is 4 years old. She eats health and she gets treated with respect. No daughter of mine is going to get bullied."

"Yes my queen."

"Thank you again Shiki. I owe you a lot for looking after this child." I said with a smile. Before Shiki could answer I quickly jumped into the water. I came up to the surface of the water to wave goodbye to my little one and thank Shiki again. 'I look forward to seeing you again my sweet little Mikan.' I thought.

In Mikan's Past~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I was one I could only stay inside the house I could never leave it or something bad will happen to me. Well that's what my dad said. I never had a mother while I was living. It was quite sad and depressing but I soon got over it.

I would look outside my window and stare at the sky for hours. I would also see little kids running around in the park. I would be jealous them. The only time I could leave the house for the park was in mornings so nobody could see me. With the state I am in I don't blame my dad for wanting to keep me in.

I have a breathing problem. If I would go outside it would only be for 3 hours, if I would to stay outside for more than that I wouldn't be able to breathe. If I would focus my seeing in the house I would see little bubble's of water floating. But when I blink they would be gone. I couldn't see them anymore.

Im 2 now and I go play in water a lot. And must I say that I know a lot of words and stuff for a kid my age. I grew out of my breathing problem and I could breathe properly and I could go outside my often. Plus I couldn't see those little bubbles anymore.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that someone is watching you. I do. But I feel as though im always protected when im with my dad. I feel theres a barrier all around my dad, the house, and me.

When im at the beach, I would play in the sand, making sand castles. I felt as though if I would go in the water something will be watching me while im in there. I feel the beach is the another safe for me other than my house. I would hear all kinds of voices and sounds. Whales, dolphins, crabs, and turtles songs. But something horrible happened.

When I am now 5, we were at the beach. I was playing in the sand. My friend and I would come here often to mess in the sand but today Hotaru didn't feel like playing with me so I just sat in the sand playing. Water washed up on the shore. My necklace I wear everyday started to glow like never before. I quickly looked around to see what must have caused it. I stood up and walked around my sand castle. I stop with I saw 5-8 jewels in the water. They glowed just like my necklace did. I quickly went into the water and picked them up. While I got the last one I saw a shadow coming for me. I yelled. " ! COME SAVE ME!" I stood there in shock when I saw the creature come out of the water. It was a mermaid. Wait, why isn't my dad here yet? I quickly turned away from the mermaid and saw nobody moving. Everyone was on the floor as if they are sleeping. I turned back to the mermaid. "WHO ARE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FATHER AND EVERYBODY ELSE?" I screamed. The mermaid smiled. I turned around again to see everybody again. Hotaru and my father were standing. They bowed down. I turned back to the mermaid. Waiting for an answer.

"I am your mother. Queen of the Yukihara Mermaid Kingdom. You are Mikan Yukihara my daughter. It is time for you to return home. I will take away your memory's from here and seal them." I quickly tried to protest but I felt my eyes close. I was knocked out.

Current Time Mikan's Pov

(A/N: Im not gonna put stuff like a dramatic part just for her remembering her past. I don't even think im going to put that she remembers her past)

"Hotaru come on. Let's check out the surface. I've never been there before!" I said

"Alright." Hotaru said with an emotionless face.

"Don't let her into any trouble Hotaru." Queen Yuka said.

"Yes Aunt Yuka."

Hotaru and I swam up to the surface. We popped out our heads out of the water to look at the land. I saw surfers, lifeguards, and people in the ocean.

I saw some of the surfers just sitting on their boards waiting for something. I looked out in the distance and I saw no waves. I giggled a bit. 'If they wanted a wave they could ask me. Wait they don't even know im here. Im so stupid.' I swam to the nearest rock and tried to climb up it even if I have a tail.

I used my fire alice to dry off my tail. Finally my tail turned in to legs. I had an orange two piece on. I hopped off the rock and I stood on the water. I walked in front of two surfer. One had raven hair with red eyes. The other had blonde hair and blue eyes. I turned around.

"Let me guess your waiting for the waves?" I said with a smirk. The blonde one nodded with a blush. I smiled and turned around, my back facing them. I raised my hand and waited for a second. Waves started coming from the distance. I moved out of the way so they can surf.

"Thanks Miss." The blonde one said. I smiled.

"No problem." I said. 15 minutes after I created the waves they stopped. I turned to see if Hotaru was there or not. I guess she left without me. I turned to see the surfers. I looked in the distance. I saw a fin in the air but I think its just a dolphin. I just sat on the rock singing. But it got ruined just by a yell.

"SHARK!" A surfer yelled. I popped my eyes open and stood up. I quickly jumped on the water and started running. I saw the shark. It was heading for the blonde and raven. I wasn't fast enough to get there. By now they were underwater. I panicked. I jumped in to the water to save them. My hair was as long as my waist, an orange tail, seashells in my hair, and a orange thingy.(A/N: What I mean by thingy is the coconut shaped like things cover the breasts area.) The shark was swimming toward them. I quickly swam between them. I froze the shark to death with my ice alice. I pulled them by their arms to the surface. By the time we got to the surface. I pulled them on to the rock.

I sat there waiting for my tail to dry. I was to inpatient and I used my fire alice to dry them. It turned my tail into legs. I turned around to check up on the surfers. I found on looking at me with shock. My eyes widened. 'Shit he saw me as a mermaid.'

"Mmmmm…. I can explain?" I said with a weak smile.

"How can you explain when you are a creature that isn't even real?!" He said with a shocked and angry tone.

"This is going to be hard. I'll take you both to my kingdom. That's where I can explain." I quickly took 2 of the jewels on my necklace and put it in them. The jewel I believe is to help them breathe underwater. That's what my mother told me at least. Plus I really don't remember where I got them exactly.

When we arrived at the kingdom, they were knocked out. I wished to maids a good afternoon and took the boys to a room. The blonde one still doesn't know but the raven one does. I'll leave the blonde to Hotaru and raven he can come with me. I called Hotaru and told her to watch the guy. I used my alice to pick up the other one.

I walked in to the main living room. I saw my mom and dad sitting down having a cup of tea.

"Hello father, mother." I said with a smile still holding the guy. My mother and father spit out their tea as soon as they saw the boy.

"Yea ummmm….. he found out the secret." I said scratching my head. I smack the guys head. His eyes opened slowly. He looked up at me. "What never seen a girl in a shirt and shorts before?" My eyebrow rose.

"But I thought you were a mermaid?" He said. My parents spat out their drinks again.

"He does know…." My mom said.

"Hey boy, if you don't want to die then you have to keep the secret of my daughter understand that?" My father said with a serious tone. The guy quickly nodded.

"Now, what's your name?" I asked.

"Natsume." He said.

"Well, im Mikan Yukihara. Nice to meet you." I said with a smile.

"Aren't you suppose to be a mermaid? Where's your tail? Don't they have tails?" He asked.

"We're underwater but this castle has oxygen in it. I don't need a tail for it."

"Alright then. Now, can you please take me home now?" Natsume asked with an angry tone.

"No, you will be now staying here in the kingdom with your friend. You'll still be able to go to your school but I will have to send my daughter there just in case you spill the secret." My father said. I smirked.

"Yes sir." Natsume nodded.

End of the chapter!

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