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- Chapter one: Not So Super Best Friends

It's been about 15 years of their friendship. Stan and Kyle have actually, if possible, grown closer. Stanly Marsh, other wise known as "Stan the every man", holds up this name now that he is in high school he is on the foot ball team and, pretty good looking and smart. Every girl wants to go out with him and every guy wants to be him. And, why not? He is tall, dark, and handsome. His super best friend on the other hand, Kyle Broflovski, he is short and terrible at sports. Though Kyle has a certain charm to him even if it is to look like a chick. However, he can live with it he is a black belt in karate and can kick fat ass' ass anytime any day.

"YOU'RE AN UNCLE FUCKAH!", the Terrance and Phillip alarm clock rang loud like a siren. The black haired boy jolted out of bed. His eyes darted across the room to the loud machine that resounded throughout the Marsh Household. Stan subconsciously knew he had less than nine point five second till-

"TURN IT OFF YOU FUCKTURD!", too late Shelly has already busted through the door with an 'I'm super fucking pissed look' on her face. "I HAD TO STAY UP LATE LAST NIGHT FOR THIS PROJECT THAT'S DUE TODAY AND I THOUGHT I COULD CATCH UP ON SLEEP. BUT, NOOO YOUR DUMBASS ALARM CLOCK HAD TO WAKE EVERYONE UP AT STUPID O'CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING!", Shelly kept on ranting and screaming as Stan just yawned bored.

He was used to her screaming by now and so while terrifying it was still too early. He received a few bruises and then was on his way to the bathroom. He ran through the same cleaning procedure he did every morning. He pulled the white baseball tee over his head exposing his perfect tan abs. He slid his thumbs under his pants only stopping to smile. It was a sweet nostalgic smile as he remembered that he was wearing his Terrance and Phillip pajama pants.

"Bubby! Are you sick?", Mrs. Broflovski ran rampant around the breakfast table urging and pleading her son to eat. He was skinny and pale so like any mother, she was worried. Kyle only grumble because, he was not a morning person. As soon as he was done Kyle stretched and stood up from the table. Quietly excusing himself. He couldn't bare to see his little brother, now in elementary, stuff his face with pancakes.

He stumbled up the stairs and into the bathroom. Almost screaming at his impeccable bed head. He splashed his face with water waking himself up. He then started to unbutton his pajama shirt realizing he was wearing the Terrance and Phillip shirt left behind by his super best friend since the last time he slept over. Kyle yawned throwing it in the hamper making sure to make a mental note to return it to him.

He got dressed. Tying part of his hair into his ponytail I know, gaaayyyy! but he pulled it off. He put on some random green sweater and grabbed his green book bag. I guess you can tell that it was his favorite color. He kissed his mother good bye and waved to his father and little brother as he left the house. Now, in his way to school. He rode the bus. Along with his other friends and frenemy.

"Aye you fucking jew", speak of the devil. Kyle's face distorted into a frown then back to a smile as he choose to ignore the annoying fat tube of lard next to him and talk to his super best friend.

"Hey guys! So um do you wanna hang out at my house today?", Kyle kept smiling even though Eric was screaming profanities. Kyle shivered as a gust of wind blew past him and he remembered he totally forgot his hat.

"Ugh. Shit it's cold", he silently whimpered. He was met with a bundle of warmness that seem to be the varsity letter jacket of Stan that he got for being a quarter back! (Even in his first year he is just that good!). Kyle's cheek turned rosy red as well as his nose and ears. And, that was the cute thing about him. He was sooo tsundere.

"I-it's ok...keep it for your girlfriend I don't want it.", Kyle's face turned another shade darker as he thought about what he said. He sounded like he was jealous. He looked to Stan to see his reaction and to his surprise it was a bit sad. 'Huh? Sad? Why would he care?', Kyle thought to himself probably reading into it more than needed.

"Aww Kyle is jealous of Stan's girlfriend! It's ok Kylie ill comfort you~", Kenny teased as he winked at Kyle. Making the Jew blush even harder (if possible) as he realized the word comfort meant something else to Kenny.

"Don't ignore me you day walkin jewrat!", Eric yelled.

"Shut up fat ass! Can't you see I don't care? Go fuck yourself!", this brought on their usual spew every morning as Cartman then spit out every profanity he could ever call a person. His face was so red they may have had to make a whole new shade. The bus pulled up and Kyle quietly step passed him. Making sure to step on, or more like stomp on, the fat boy's shoe. Eric grunted getting ready to yell some more but, was stopped by Kenny who just mumbled something.

"I hate you Kenny.", Eric retorted.

Anyway, on the bus since they were the first stop Kyle and Stan usually say together at the front. And, so they did. Together they would talk about everything and then again talk about absolutely nothing at all. They never minded though. Because, Wendy usually sat with Bebe she was fine with Stan sitting with Kyle. Actually she always let him hang out with Kyle instead of her. You would swear Kyle was Stan's girlfriend (-err boyfriend?). This was alway the topic of their little lovers spat.

Upon, arriving at school everyone (meaning the whole South Park gang) had the following classes together: home room, gym, and lunch. So basically the whole bus went to first period home room. Small red neck mountain towns FTW! During class they apparently had a new kid in class but Kyle didn't pay him much mind. He was struck with a paper airplane. While, prepared to turn around and beat the shit out of Cartman he looked at the note and it was actually from Stan.

Hey could I still come over to chill?- Stan

Kyle looked over to Stan who was already starting at him out the corner of his eye. Kyle mouthed the words "Ok" and shook his head yes. From there on Kyle's day looked bright. He actually got through the day smiling?

'Finally! Just Stan and I! Alone...wait...wait a sec...what am I thinking!', engrossed in his own thought Kyle never noticed the fact that the teacher was calling him.

"Mr. Broflovski", the teacher called out.

"Y-yes!", Kyle sprung to his feet. 'Damn. I never zone out in class', he thought.

"I've asked you to read the next page", the teacher replied blankly.

"Oh...um yes...", Kyle blushed and sat back down. He looked over to Pip who was sitting next to him and quickly turning to the page. Then began to read. Pip shot him a look out the corner of his eyes. After Kyle finished reading, Pip mouthed the words "are you ok". Kyle blushed a little and gave him a grin. It was an obvious lie. Kyle wasn't alright he may have feeling for his friend.

Ok, ok no big deal right? But, he had a girlfriend! Meaning he was straight and Kyle so happened, last time he checked, to be male! He was in deep shit, how was he going to hang out with him today like nothing happened?

"Dude you never day dream in class.", Stan states.

"Yeah...I've just had a lot on my mind", Kyle blushed praying to God Stan didn't asks him what he had on his mind. He just can't bring himself to say that he has the hots for his super best friend.

"Hey dude, I'm gonna stop by Wendy's house so I'll be by a little later ok?", Stan points in the direction of said girlfriends house. Even though, he said it like a question he really wasn't asking for permission. All Kyle could do was nod approvingly and wave. Holding back his jealousy. He was jealous she got to have him.

After getting to his house he did what he usually did once he got home. Do his homework, clean his room, and hang out with his little bro. He knew he wouldn't have a lot of time because it literally took around 20 minutes to get anywhere in South Park little mountain red neck towns FTW!

"Hey mom can Stan stay the night?", Kyle asked in his best 'I love you mom' voice. He fluttered his eyelashes and that was all it took.

"Tch, all right Bubby however, your brother, father and I are going to visit your aunt she is going to have a baby soon.", Mrs. Broflovski warned him that if he had a party he would be in a lot of trouble. 'I wonder if my son is gay...they always seem to be together...I can't get that kid out my house! He basically lives here!', she worried and walked away to put a few clothes away and soon every one left.

"Ok Bubby take care of your self and no parties, and don't stay up too late it's a school night, and I left food in the fridge, and I washed the clothes, and-", Sheila fidgeted and fussed over her son.

"Um..Sheila it's getting late. We need to go. Alright bye son!", Kyle's father grabbed his wife moving her to the car.

"And don't forget to brush your teeth...eat properly!", Mrs. Broflovski still fussing and yelling as she was being forced in the car. Kyle just stood there in the door and smiled at his psycho family as they drove off in their green minivan.

"Geezus", Kyle sighed as he closed the door. After just a few seconds the door bell rings.

"Mom. I'll be fine just go!", Kyle swings open the front door. He freezes realizing who it is. Stan. 'Oh shit'.

"How smooth Kyle", Stan smiles suppressing a laugh. He steps past Kyle into the Jewish house excusing himself.

"Stan. My parents aren't here so no need to be to polite.", Kyle said blankly. He only received a wide grin. Kyle returned it but, as soon as he looked away his face fell. 'What's wrong with him?', and that was the beauty of their friendship. They could tell when something was up.

"Ok in going to make some snacks you go pick out the movie.", Kyle decided to let Stan tell him, himself. He went into the kitchen gathering all sugary products like, soda and chips that his mother hid in various places. Kyle didn't mind doing this sort of thing. He considered himself a good host being that he always got snacks and provided something to do. Even if his guest was fatass. As he was getting them together he saw from the corner of his eyes two strong tan arms fall on both sides of him. Trapping him in between the body and the counter.

"Stan. I need to prepare the snacks please move.", Kyle sighed but, Stan was not budging. Actually he closed in even tighter lessening the space between the two of them. The red head wasn't having it though. He blushed furiously and attempted to whip around to face his so called super best friend who was molesting him in the kitchen no less!

"Look I don't know what your problem is but!-", Kyle was cut off as a pair of lips crashed down smashing their lips together. Butterflies flew in both of the boys stomachs as they shared their sweet charted kiss. Kyle's head was spinning and his face burned crimson red. He was kissing his super best friend. No, he was kissing Stan. His crush the one he figured out he liked today. He is actually kissing him!

"Ah wait Sta-", Kyle tried to stop Stan but was cut off once again by the taller male. This time however, with Kyle's mouth open it created an opportunity to exchange their sweet chaste kiss for a deeper more messier kiss. Stan grabbed one wrist in his hand. 'It's so small and cute I can wrap my whole hand around it', Stan thought as he grabbed the back of Kyle's head deepening the kiss. Sparks flew between the two childhood friends. Kyle reluctantly tried to push away from the dark hair boy with his tongue currently down his throat. The kiss was hot he couldn't breath. His knees grew weak and threatened to collapse under him. He turns his head for a breath. Bad choice, this only gave Stan easier access to his neck which he nibbled and sucked on.

"Ahhnn~", Kyle let out a long high pitch moan. He quickly grabbed his mouth covering it. 'Wait. What the hell was that!?', Kyle thought in disbelief he could not believe the noise he heard came from him. While Kyle was distracted Stan started groping his way down to the shorter boys pants.

"Wait! No! Stop!", Kyle struggled. It was all going so fast his senses were all heightened. His eyes were lidded half close. His breath was hard and he gasped every couple of seconds. Stan kept going not saying a word. 'No! I don't want it like this!', Kyle thought. He knew something was off with Stan why would he do this? Then Kyle did something he never thought he would ever need to do. He struck his so called super best friend.

"S-sorry.", Stan stuttered and stumbled back his eyes wide with a red mark on his cheek. Kyle slapped him. He then ran out the house muttering damn as he left. Leaving Kyle in the kitchen to slowly slide down to ground. His back pressed against the counter with a few tears rolling down his cheek.

"Shit", he muttered as the last thought he had was 'I'm in love with my super best friend'.

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They are in their first year of high school. Also, if you have no idea what tsundere is um...well to put really simply it's like when Kyle gets all embarrassed and says something mean or cold to hide his feelings. For more correct info just search it up! :)