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Chapter two: Be My...

It's been a week since that incident in the Broflovski's kitchen. Stan sat with Kenny and Cartman at lunch. It was quiet and silent and both Kenny and Cartman were agitated.

"Listen faggot, when are you guys going to make up? its discussing how its been a week and your still like this!", Cartman said not in concern for his friend but, more like annoyed at the fact that he won't stop crying over Kyle.

"Yah dude, just tell us what happened", Kenny said trying to be concerned but was more into eating Stan's untouched lunch.

"Thanks for the support guys", Stan said sarcastically. He stood from the table and decided to go and try to talk to Kyle for the one hundredth time. Kyle was at the other side of the room. He sat at well, what we would label the 'uke' table. There sat Pip, Butters, Tweak, and now Kyle. Kyle didn't mind though. Even if sometimes Tweak sat with Craig, Kyle still had people to sit with. And, despite how he thought he actually enjoyed sitting with them. After one week they all became closer. They even have art class together which made Kyle happy.

Just when Kyle was thinking 'who needs Stan' until said boy showed up. Kyle only avoided his eyes pleading with Butters to get him to leave.

"Kyle-", Stan started but was cut off by Butters.

"Hey! K-Kyle! look um I have to I-I have to to Pee!", Butters blushed as he realized what he said. "Why don't you come with me?", Butters stuttered nervously rubbing his knuckles together. He grabbed Kyle's arm and they left for the bathroom. Stan stood there and sighed. He would never get to talk to him like this. Both Tweak and Pip looked at each other and followed them in.

"May I ask why you avoided Stan? I thought you guys were super best friends", Pip questioned politely. He didn't want Kyle to become offended by his nosiness it's not what a proper gentleman did.

"Well...last week...Stan...", Kyle hesitated. He looked around the bathroom to make sure they were the only ones there. "Stan kissed me", he whispered the last part. All the boys had a shocked and blushed face.

"He-ngh!- did?!", Tweak shivered. He needed his coffee now but, he stayed to help his friend out. Butters and Pip exchanged shocked looks at each other.

"Yes...", Kyle hesitated again as he was unsure if he wanted to spill out his secret. The secret that he actually loves his super best friend. He blushed.

"So wuh-what did ya do?", Butters leaned in pressing the question.

"Nothing.", Kyle answered blankly.

"Oh so you liked it?", Pip asked curiously.

"N-no! I didn't say that!", Kyle's face and ears turned bright red.

"Well- GAH!- i-if you didn't do a-anything ngh that means you like him...and if he kissed y-you that means he likes you!", Tweak surprised everyone. He was usually the king of misunderstandings and was usually the last to find out things especially if it concerned him.

"He doesn't like me...", Kyle's heart thumped at this realization. "How could he like me? I'm a guy plus he has a smart and hot girlfriend who is also a cheerleader!", Kyle grew jealous again. He so wished to be her. Everyone grew silent as they remembered that. Butters, Pip, and Tweak gave each other worried looks.

"W-well, I'm quiet sure that this will all be cleared up once you talk to him",Pip said as they walked out the bathroom back to the table. Stan wasn't standing there anymore. They all sat down till lunch was over.

"Yes...yes...we will be there soon...yes...ok we are leaving now...", Sheila was on the phone. She had an extremely worried look on her face. She continued to talk for a minute then hung up. The family was in the living room.

"Bubby!", she called frantically to her son. Her husband was running around grabbing things. "I need you to babysit Ike! I have to go see your aunt she is in the hospital having the baby!", she was so excited that she didn't notice that she had two different shoes on.

"Ok mom", Kyle answered bored as he was flipping through the TV channels.

"I left food in the fridge...take care of yourselves I'll be back in a few days! Um do you're homework!-", once again she was cut off but, this time by her son.

"Yah, yah don't let strangers in, only one friend at a time, no parties, love ya too", Kyle pushed his mother out the door. He waved as she, still frantic, got in the car.

After a while, Kyle was still watching TV. 'Nothing looks interesting it's all shit', Kyle thought. He couldn't enjoy anything. He turned the channel and it was two actors kissing. He blushed immediately turning the channel. The next channel was a commercial for fresh breath with two people kissing. Once again, he turned even redder as he flipped the channel one last time. He let out a sigh of relief as he saw it was just a rerun of Terrance and Phillip. Then, it went to commercial break. It was for condoms. Kyle just sighed dramatically and turned the TV off. 'I'll just do my homework', he thought as he stood up from the couch.

"Yo, bro I got a hot date tonight so don't wait up", Ike called as he was leaving out the door.

"Is she in your age group this time?", Kyle called back from up stairs.

"Hmm if 20 years older counts...then yeah..", Ike responded. Kyle only shook his head he wasn't surprised. His brother only in elementary still a playa. After Ike left for his hot date with a cougar, Kyle decided to take a break. He looked up at the ceiling sighing deeply. 'I'm sighing a lot lately', Kyle thought. He heard the front door swing open. 'Back so early? Usually he goes all night...I wonder what happened', Kyle sat up a little staring at his closed bedroom door.

He heard shuffling. Then foot steps up the stairs. 'Hmm the stepping pattern don't sound like Ike...sounds like...SHIT!', Kyle's thoughts were made into reality as Stan Marsh the boy who has been sighing over all day showed up in his door way. It was silent for a while.

"How did you get in!?", Kyle jumped up.

"Dude, I know where you guys keep the spare key..", Stan gave Kyle a 'you underestimate me' face.

"Ok listen to me...", Stan tried but, Kyle wasn't having it. The red head stood up pointing out the door.

"...t...", Kyle muttered.

"What did you say?", Stan lowered his head leaning in.

"OUT! get out! Please just leave!", Kyle screamed. He just couldn't take seeing the guy that's giving all this grief. However, Stan was stubborn also. He only slammed the door making the Jew jump. Then he grabbed him by his shoulders pressing him against the wall. Holding him so he couldn't move.

"W-what are you doing?!", Kyle blushed at the closeness of there faces. With out a word the tan football player closed the gap they had. Pressing their lips together. The warmness and the flutters in Kyle's stomach was too much. He felt so confused the warm feeling turned into hot lava burning him. the butterflies turned to wasp stinging him. His heart thumped and pounded it hurt like hell. Slow, salty, bitter tears rolled down Kyle's face.

"Why-why are you doing this?", Kyle pleaded as he broke away. Stan was shocked. He didn't know what to say. He made his super best friend cry. He felt like crap.

"Shit. Look Kyle I'm sorry...I never thought about how you felt it's just that I love you so much and you didn't talk to me for a week I just really miss you...", Stan rambled on and on.

"Wait. What do you just say?", Kyle's eyes almost fell out of his head.

"I miss you?", Stan questioned.

"N-no before that..", Kyle's cheeks tinted pink.

"Oh...Kyle, I love you more than anything in the world", Stan smiled as Kyle tilted his head down attempting, and failing, to hide his face.

"How could you love me? What about your girlfriend?", the short Jew questioned as he hid in face in Stan's chest.

"Well, we broke up...for good.", Stan answered as if it was nothing.

"Huh?", Kyle said confused.

"Well, grew tired of it. While I love Wendy it wasn't that type of love. She agreed she actually likes someone else and she knew. She knew I liked you so she let me go. That's when I came to your house and I did something I regretted but, was glad I did. I didn't mean to do it that way I'm sorry Kyle. It's just once I started I couldn't stop", Stan explained. He remembered that after they broke up he was sad but not as sad as he should've been he wasn't as in love as he thought he was.

"Um Kyle can I see your face?", Stan asked slowly backing away trying to see Kyle's face. He wanted to know what his super best friend thought of this.

"No.", Kyle said blankly.

"W-why not?", Stan was scared that Kyle rejected him.

"Because I'm making a strange face...I'm just so happy...I love you too", to this Stan smiled his heart warmed as he chuckled. 'Kyle is soo cute! He worries about the silliest things', Stan thought as he looked at Kyle's smile. He laughed.

"See!", Kyle exclaimed. Stan leaned in kissing him still pressed against the wall. At first Kyle didn't do anything but, then he returned the kiss. Stan grabbed his perfect Jew ass making said Jew squeal and gasp in surprise. Giving the opportunity for Stan to deepen the kiss. Kyle moaned and Stan swallowed every moan that escaped Kyle's throat. The room got hot as both boys explored each other's mouths and tongue wrestled. Stan wanting to be dominate became more aggressive.

"Hah~ AHn ah! Wai-", Kyle panted he needed air. Stan rained kisses up and down his throat and hovered up above a sensitive spot. He licked it and bit hard into it. Leaving a big mark.

"Ack! Hey asshole!", Kyle began but, went back to moaning as Stan sucked it as if it was an apology.

"This is so people know you're mine", Stan was serious as he stared Kyle in the eyes. Kyle blushed hard turning his head down again.

"Kyle...", Stan panted. Kyle knew what he was going to ask. He could feel the clothe erection rubbing against his thigh. His heart pounded loudly as he gulped down his nerves and true to prepare himself. He nodded. He wanted Stan. Really bad. Stan then kissed his forehead and lead him to the bed.

Once, Kyle was laid down Stan removed Kyle's shirt. Kissing his chest and hovering over his little pink nipples. He then licked the nipple earning a reaction from the shaking body under him. He moved to the other one and sucked on it. He rolled the other with his thumb and index finger.

"Ah! Oh Stan!", Kyle moaned he was feeling it more than before. 'Ugh so embarrassing! But, I can't help it! He said he loves me', Kyle moaned again as Stan trailed his tongue down to his pants. Stan then removed his pants. Sending them somewhere in the corner of his room where it was forgotten. Kyle shivered a bit as the cold air hit him making his nipples harder.

"Hey!", Stan looked at Kyle confused. He looked mad. "Don't just strip me!", Kyle said head butting him in the stomach so he was on his back and it was Kyle's turn to strip him. He threw his clothes after his own. Both boys laid there in their underwear. Kissing and touching. Finally, Stan had enough he flipped the shorter boy over so he was on top.

Kyle mewled and began to protest but, before he could his black boxer-briefs were torn off of him. Stan almost had a nose bleed. He stared hungrily at the writhing boy under him in all his naked glory. His cute little red dick. Weeping and dripping with precum. Stan smirked as he thought 'heh. I won', then took his boxers off. Revealing his hard cock. Kyle's face dropped and his face turned white.

"There's no fucking way.", Kyle said as he crossed his legs.

"Come on Ky~ it will only hurt for a minute. Don't you trust me? It will be ok.", Stan pressed kisses to the stubborn Jew. He massaged his neck easing Kyle's nerve.

"Ok fine.", Kyle gave in.

"Ok here ya go", Stan pressed three fingers to Kyle's face.

"What?", Kyle said innocently.

"Suck on them.", Stan demanded as he pressed them closer to Kyle's mouth. He rubbed his bottom lip making Kyle blush harder. He couldn't believe how red he had gotten. He was almost the same color as his hair. He thought about it, how it will hurt if he didn't because, they didn't have lube. Kyle hesitated then wrapped his tongue around the digits. Coating them thickly licking the tips and twirling it around them. Then taking the whole thing into his mouth sucking more and hollowing out his cheeks.

"Damn", Stan growled as he pulled his fingers out. "You're so fucking talented...next time we should put that mouth to other uses next time", Kyle stared blushing and eyes half closed. Throughout the room was the smell of sex and sweat as Stan pressed a finger to the tight ring of muscles. Once, in Kyle only winced a bit but, since he seems ok so Stan wiggled it around. He then pressed another finger making Kyle wince once again but, again nothing to much. Kyle moaned as Stan scissored getting him use to the feeling.

However, that third finger made Kyle tense up. Stan calmed Kyle down. He kisses his forehead and rubbed his hip. Stan felt around stretching Kyle out. He grabbed onto Kyle's weeping dick and started to jack him off. Then his fingers jabbed hard into his sweet spot.

"ANNNNGH AH! YES STAN RIGHT THERE!", Kyle came quickly onto Stan's face.

"Ah! So-sorry Stan", Kyle sat up blushing. 'I can't believe I did that so embarrassing!', then to apologize Kyle licked his face. 'Ugh dammit Kyle!', Stan tackled the red head down.

"I love you so much!", Stan rained more love and kissed on Kyle making the latter giggle. And that was it. Stan then pushed into his now lover. Groaning at the warm tightness that surrounded him.

"Ahh! AGHH! STAN!", Kyle cried out in pure pain. He thought he was going to split in two! Kyle dug his nails into Stan making Stan groan. Stan, feeling bad, kissed him some more kissing away the tears and letting Kyle get used to him. After several minutes of making out Kyle got hard again. Nodding to let Stan know he was ready. Slowly Stan moved in and out of his lover and watched as the moaning boy under him face distorted from painful to comfortable. After a while, Stan was moving at a slow agonizing pace. Ever so slightly brushing over his sweet spot.

"Move idiot! Fuck me harder!", Kyle screamed. Stan grinned in reply and began to move at a furious pace. The bed squeaked and Kyle's hands threw up into the air and grabbed onto Stan's shoulders.

"Ah! Oh yes fuck! Stan shit! GAH!", the red head shouted out profanities and screamed. Stan smirked some more and kept at this pace but, kept moving around as if he was searching something and once Kyle got louder and tighter he found it. The room filled with sounds of sex. The groans, the screams, and the sound of raw flesh smacking against each other. Stan then grabbed Kyle's dick and rubbed it. This was all too much for the curly headed Jew. The friction was too much. He moaned more sounds of pleasure.

"Ah! Stan! I'm getting close ah! Ah! AH! IM GONNA-", before Kyle could finish the sentence Stan's final hard jab into his sweet spot made Kyle cum hard against both of their chest.

After a few ragged and out of time thrust and then groaned Kyle's name as he spilt over into his lover. Filling him up. After a few seconds of relishing in each other panting and kissing Stan's arms finally gave out and he caved in on top of Kyle.

"Ah! You're crushing me idiot!", Kyle attempted to push him off of him but, being the stubborn guy he was he continued to hold Kyle in his arms. Whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Things like 'I love you' or 'you really are amazing'.

"Stan I love you", Kyle snuggled against his chest. He was exhausted and needed a nap. His backside hurt like a bitch and Stan was going to pay for it. Kyle smiled as he heard Stan mutter something before they fell asleep.

"Kyle, be my super best boyfriend".


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