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And finally there is crossover between a lot of animated movies. Some with How to Train Your Dragon because I actually had ideas for them but I'll make sure to include other characters from other animated movies too.

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Chapter 1- Introduction

One clear day over the ocean, the waves were rising and falling as they always had. The seagulls were lazily moving around in search for the fish they knew would come to the surface, and on their backs was a remnant breeze of a distant shore. The hot air mixed with the coolness of the sparkling sea-foam and the seagulls drifted down in the sunlight towards the water. The air was tinged with a distant taste of mechanics, of smoke and people, but as the seagulls flapped down and sat on the waves, they didn't mind it. They couldn't because their midday meals were swimming towards them. The fish swam up because of the plankton driving towards the sunlight and a gull idly stooped its beak down and caught one in its mouth. It swallowed and called to the others. This was a good place; they would come here more once the fish had begun to move towards their mating ground. Then,


Then a shot of light rocketed from the edges of their vision. Startled by the blast, they flew as fast as possible towards the nearest body of land before a gigantic explosion manifested itself in the distance. As the shockwave obliterated the clouds in front of it, an army of mechanical fish cut through the air as fast as possible. A massive 40 story high wave followed them. The drum of their engines quickened to the fastest pace, giving off the sound of millions of bees, but it was still not enough.

"Il Pounk! Il shi le lebe de man chaw! (You fool! You have destroyed us all!)" A shout from a one man vehicle called out to his fellow. The armada of fish like ships zoomed over the water, all engines revving at highest gear. The mechanical bodies swayed in the air, trying to absorb and export as much atmosphere as possible for fuel. The man continued to berate the other in the strange language but the words were lost in the drone of the engines and in the tidal disaster heading their way.

"The wave is gaining! We have to warn Atlantis!"

The other screamed as hard as his lungs would let him.

"We're too late! AHHHHHHHHH!"

The rest of his scream and the others' were lost to the crushing water. A plethora of the ships that had moved out ahead of the blast maneuvered and angled their machines through the rolling pastures to move faster. They had 5 minutes. The younger ones in the outlying towns cheered at their arrival for they did not know what was coming. The elders beckoned them to get inside the huts. They had seen times of war before. They knew if the scouts were moving this fast there was bad news.

There was indeed.

4 minutes.

They shot out of the green fields and over the hills to see their civilization. It was beautifully constructed, a network of flying and changing, where new inventions came forth every day for improving all civilizations when this dreadful war expired. There were many rings to the city's infrastructure and crowning it was the palace of the king and queen. The machines raced towards the heart of the city, above the various markets and nobles that lived nearer to the citadel, to see that the floating mass above the Emperor's palace had turned red. Its lights were searching all around the palace in a frenzy because it knew something was wrong before the news even reached the capital, and it was right.

3 minutes.

The warriors brought the shadow of the wave with them as it crashed down on the outer pastures on the outskirts of the city. The soldiers could not stop to warn anyone but the king, queen, and their two small children. A palace guard looked at the flying ships as they used the aerodynamics of the fish structure to the best of their ability and rocketed past him. The guard didn't see anything immediately wrong… until he turned to see the massive wave flying towards the city almost as fast as the ships were. The sky had turned dark due to the mass of the explosion and only added to the terror of the guard's heart. He flung himself around to the announcing system, taking in the last few seconds he saw the wave and his voice rung out throughout the entire city, or to the parts that weren't destroyed yet.

"Everyone to the shelters! Everyone to the shelters!" He shouted in Atlantean. It was his job to stay calm in tough situations, but this time he couldn't leave out the urgency of the catastrophe headed their way. The people in the palace who had not seen the wave yet panicked as the guards on the opposite side of the announcer hit the warning bells with all their strength. The gongs rung throughout the palace as one of the ships meant to warn them crashed due to a failing motor. A guard hopped around the broken ship and ran towards the royal family, a couple and a little boy, who seemed to be about four or five. There was chaos everywhere as the people rushed to the asylum underneath the palace. The interlocking screams grew louder.

2 minutes.

"This way your Highnesses! Quickly!"

The king ran to the guard apprehensively.

"Where is my daughter!?"

Another guard came running up.

"I just gave her to the caretaker in the shelter sir!"

The king ran towards the shelter.

"Jakuto`pe masi`k! (Jack, come on!)"

1 minute.

His mother grabbed the little boy who was looking in the wrong direction. His crystalline white locks that reflected all the Atlantean people's hair fell into his eyes and he cried out. He had dropped his favorite toy on the ground when his mother had grabbed his wrist, and he was dragging his feet so he could get it back. She swung him around to her face as people ran and flailed past and the red lights gathered all around them. She stroked his hair and shoulder to offer him what little comfort she could as a mother. The young boy's large blue eyes settled on her panicked face, distracted for a second from the shrieks and shouts. He wanted to touch the blue tattoos by her eyebrows like he always did to calm down, but she held his slim hands in her large ones, holding him back.

"Jakuto`pe tode sen coupé! Na te wa né te kim! (Jack, just leave it! There's no time!)"

Suddenly, a light from the mass found his mother and turned from red to blue as she looked up at it. Suddenly her kind eyes disappeared, glowing blue as her crystal necklace rose up to her face. Suddenly, it wasn't Jack's mother anymore.

The points of light converged on his mother's necklace and her hair flew in all directions, ripped out of its tightly kept bun. The royal blue clothes she had picked out earlier that day started to spin around her in torrents of wind, and to Jack's horror, the lights started to take her away.

Whether it was what was left of her conscience or an accident Jack did not know, but as the lights started to raise her up into the clouds, she held on to Jack's golden bracelet which had slipped off his thin wrist and into hers for one last time.

He tried to get her back but he couldn't move fast enough.

"Ma`tim! (Mother!)" He cried out as he tripped on his little feet. His high-pitched voice didn't bring her back, neither did his hands that were reaching for her, she just kept rising. He started to cry and he couldn't get up from the cold pavement he had played on a few hours earlier with his sister. He could only keep calling for his mother.


30 seconds.

The great iron statues that were controlled by the light as the world of the Atlantans turned dark spread their metal arms, and created an indestructible force field for the inner networking of the city. An indestructible force field to keep all things protected inside it. An indestructible force field that kept all things out.

The people who were nearest got in as quickly as possible but as the great energy field closed, so did the other's chance to escape. A couple of people tried to break open the shield in a futile effort but it was no use. The shield closed itself forever. They could do nothing but scream as the immense wall of water came crashing down on them all.

0 seconds.

Jack kept calling for his mother.


Jack's father rushed to his son's side and enclosed the boy in his robes, so he would be spared of seeing his city and his mother obliberated.

"Mol co ten su mol ten Jakuto`pe! (Close your eyes Jack! Look away!)"

Jack's father could not say the same for himself. He looked until the last seconds his wife was alive as Jack buried his face behind his father's arms.

The vast force field converged at all points to the glowing mass, now a spiraling ball of energy. It sealed itself in a flash of light as the ocean enclosed around the capital and dragged it down to the bottom of the sea.

All that was left of the once thriving civilization, was one little journal that a shepherd buried in his garden.

Washington D.C., 1914, Ten thousand years later

"Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen! It is my honor in giving this presentation to you today and I hope you are comfortable. To start us off I would like to thank the board for taking their time to hear my proposal. Now, let's go back in Greek times and I will bring you a quote from good ol' Aristotle, or was it Plato? Wait a minute... uh…" She looked up with bright green-brown eyes.

"Wait a minute folks! This will only take a second I swear!"

A girl in a light sleeveless turtleneck and dark brown long-sleeved vest flitted around the crowded room excitedly looking for a scrap of paper she knew she put somewhere. In the process she knocked over various artifacts and scattered papers she had stacked in the small, cluttered room, and cluttered was an understatement. She lifted books up and put them back down and searched high and low in her flowy knee-length auburn skirt. Her golden brown arms moved from book to book but she couldn't find what she was searching for. She shrugged and moved her hands in her skirt pockets, trying to think where she put the quote. As she was looking absently at the wall she felt a little scrap of paper by her left hand and fiddled around with it in her fingers until she gasped. She almost propelled the scrap out of her pocket and examined it.

"I got it!" She waved it happily and proceeded to read it. "…in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea. Plato, 360 B.C. Aw shoot it was Plato. Well folks it was Plato! Not Aristotle! You learn something new every day!" There were no comments as she scrambled back to the podium and continued on with her speech.

"Now Atlantis, as Plato said, was an island, but more likely a continent, somewhere in the mid Atlantic that was home to an advanced civilization that possessed technology far beyond our own. As Mr. Plato alluded to here," she tapped a statue of his head with a meter stick she had picked up from the side of her mobile blackboard. As she talked to "him" she tried to sound like she knew him personally for many years. "Atlantis was struck down by some, some cataclysmic event that sank it beneath the sea. Now some of you may ask…" she continued, pulling up some slide cards she created last week. "Why Atlantis? It's just a myth, isn't it? Pure fantasy. Well," she said moving out her hand to the audience as if to stop them from making any comments.

"That is where'd you be wrong. Thousands of years before the Egyptians built the pyramids; Atlantis had electricity, advanced medicine, even the power of flight!"

She moved her slim fingers rapidly and flipped each card down as she gave her examples. Each slide's picture was a different map or photo she had taken over the past three months and she hoped her message was getting across. She continued with confidence as she brought her face closer to the photo Atlantans in flight. It wasn't an actual picture but a carving that people made in greece.

"Impossible you say! Well no, no, not for them."

She smiled as her dark brown hair fell out of its place and moved towards her eyes. She brushed it back before continuing her speech in a characteristic motion of hers and got more excited as she went on.

"All of the civilizations of the world agree that Atlantis possessed a power source of some kind more powerful than steam, than coal! More powerful than our modern internal combustion engines! Gentlemen, Ladies, I propose that we find Atlantis, find that power source and bring it back to the surface!" She grasped the air as if she could have the "power source" in her hand already. She went to flip to a page from a book in her slides.

"This illuminated text goes on to describe a book called the Shepherd's Journal, said to contain a firsthand account of Atlantis and its exact whereabouts.

"Now, based on a centuries old translation of a Norse text…"

She wedged herself out of the tiny space between her podium stand and her mobile chalkboard by sucking in her stomach and shuffling to the open space. There were letters in a different language at the top of the board and an English translation underneath it. It said "Coast of Ireland" and indicated where the Shepherd's Journal was.

"…historians believe that the journal resides in Ireland, pshh."

She rolled her eyes because it was ridiculous to her and bent down to pick up the object at her right and the audience's left. Their silhouettes remained unmoving as she struggled to lift up the very heavy shield.

"After comparing it with some, ugh, texts, which I have translated on this Viking shield, I found one of the letters to be mistranslated. So by changing this letter, we see that the Shepherd's Journal, the key heh to Atlantis, does not reside in Ireland but in Iceland!" She used her sleeve to wipe away the "r" and changed it into a neat "c".

"Pause for effect." She spoke to herself and grinned, looking around the room.

After she let down the shield she spoke louder and as if she had just proposed a method to solving the mathematics of the universe.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, I'll take your questions now."

Rrriinng rrriinnng.

Her shoulders shot up and her confident demeanor vanished.

"Oh-oh w-would you excuse me for a moment?" Not finding a way to go around the small podium and blackboard before the phone stopped ringing she used the blackboard's ability to flip-up and down. A creak sounded from the old knobs as she jumped on it and used it as a lever, thudding on her desk. She grabbed the earpiece and microphone of the old intercom system and spoke with an air importance.

"Cartography and linguistics, Toothiana Thatch speaking."

A muffled voice of a very angry woman came through the line. Toothiana's air of importance faded into an air of annoyance.

"Yeah, ye-yeah just a second." The voice continued to speak as if it hadn't heard her. She pouted and slid off the blackboard to the floor and walked over to the other side of the room to turn on the light revealing her "audience" as just artifacts from the museum she worked at. The boss said that she could put them on display if the museum people got bored with the exhibits, but seeing as how that would never happen and Toothiana needed to practice, she felt she wasn't insane to make a mini-rendition for herself.

She walked to the back where a glow was given off by the boiler.

"Pardon me, pardon me, Mr. Hickenbottom." She picked up a tiki-mask with a hat she had put on it and smiled ruefully. She turned to the boiler and took a deep sigh. Then in an expert movement twisted each of the many knobs to a different angle and when the boiler let out a noise like it was going to burst a pipe, she picked up the wrench at the side and swung it in the smaller pipeline's direction, hitting it in full force. The boiler shut up and she went back to the main room to talk to the angry annoyance on the phone.

"H-how's that? Is that better for ya?"

The woman on the phone continued to complain loudly and Tooth rolled her eyes, quite irritated. Was anything she did ever did good enough for these people?

"Yeah, yeah you're welcome." Tooth hung up and picked up her spirits by going on with her presentation. She slid off the blackboard again to find the chalk map she had drawn imprinted on her dark vest and wiped away on the chalkboard.

"Uhm, as you can see by this uh," she glanced at the chalkboard back to the map on her chest and to the chalkboard again. "This map," She smiled apologetically as she moved herself to fit the place of the map that had rubbed off. She walked two fingers across the dotted line to the X on her vest. "This map that I've drawn shows the course that will take me and my crew to Iceland to retrieve the Journal."

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo. The Cuckoo bird came out of the clock 4 times. Just enough to get to the board room and set up before 4:30.

"Ah hah yeah, showtime!" She dusted off the chalk with enthusiasm and grabbed her papers and presentation material in her arms.

"Well, this is it! Finally getting out of the dungeon!"

She moved to the little shrine she had made just before the stairs to her deceased father and mother. Putting down her supplies on the cherry stained wood for a second she bit her bottom lip. There was an old photo of her dad wearing an old explorer's hat and her sitting on his lap in his favorite chair. Tooth tenderly handled the black frame and smiled deeply eyes watering at the memory. It played like a film reel behind her eyes. Tooth remembered that day the man came to their house to take the picture. Originally the photo was only supposed to be of her father, commemorating his recent achievement in science. Tooth was just dressing up with her mother but rushed downstairs because, of course, she wanted to be "grown up" and in the picture too. Tapping her father's tan skin repeatedly earned her a laugh and Haroom picked her up and sat her on his lap.

Tooth would have otherwise stood for the picture but she really wanted to get the explorer's hat on top of his head, which had a golden feather stuffed in the band. The golden feather caught the light and almost sparkled as Haroom's big hands gave her the hat. She reached for it excitedly and her father laughed. Tooth loved it when her father laughed. He always made his thick moustache bristle and her mother always smiled when she saw it. His eyes brimmed with love as he put the feathered hat on top of Tooth's head and she jumped up and down excitedly. The hat was built for a man and didn't fit her head at all. She would have been too small for a women's hat too but Haroom's hat was just extra-large. The cap slid down her face and her father laughed as her mouth twisted up in question.

She put the picture aside, gently rubbing her eyes with her other hand and then slid the small doors to the little memorial she had created for her father. It had the same hat in it with various scented candles. She took a whiff of the sweet pine scent and smiled as she looked at the hat. Tooth had taken the feather from the brim years ago when her father died and strung it to the same jewelry her mother had worn. Ever since she made that necklace at 13, she'd never taken it off. The weight of the pouch at the base of her neck was her own little flair. It held her first baby teeth. She always felt nostalgic when she looked at it. Her eyes flitted to the cap and just for old time's sake she took it and put it on her head.

It was still too big and slid down her face the same way it did years ago. She giggled, a little happy that at least one thing hadn't changed. She heard a message come from the tiki-headed mailing system. If people wanted to drop messages down to the boiler room, they just had to send their mail down the chute. She read the mail out loud to herself as was her custom, and shifted her father's hat off her head and to the cherry-oak counter.

"Dear Ms. Thatch, this is to inform you that your meeting has been moved up from 4:30 PM to 3:30 PM." Tooth's mouth dropped open and she looked at the clock. "Oh no." She thought. This was ridiculous, it was already 4:05!?

"What!?" Her voice rose up and she looked around frantically. Another letter came through the mailing system.

"Dear Ms. Thatch, due to your absence the board has decided to reject your proposal. Have a nice weekend? Mr. Harcord's office?! THEY CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" She shouted. This was it! This was the second time they had done this! Mr. Harcord was one of this museum's board members, the most influential one, and the museum boss!

"You could have notified me of the change in time earlier thank you very much! UGH! No matter, I'm sure you business tycoons are still in this building and if you are, I'll find you."

She quickly set up her memorial so it was exactly the same way it was before.

"Love you mom, dad. Your daughter is going to go kick some butt." She blew kisses in "their" directions. Then Tooth gathered her skirts and ran up the stairs as fast as her legs could carry her with all her presentation supplies.

"I swear, that young girl gets crazier and crazier every year!" A group of wealthy business men came out of Mr. Harcord's office, Mr. Mulligan being the one who thought Toothiana was crazy. They all had the air of being rich and not the I'm-good-it-doesn't-matter-who-you-are-rich, it was the I'm-superior-to-you-cuz-you-got-nothin-rich. Mr. Faton, another member of the board, shifted his fur coat and adjusted his expensive rings as the others had done and spoke up snobbishly.

"If I ever have to hear the word 'Atlantis' again I'll step in front of a bus!"

Mr. Mulligan laughed. "Ahahaha I'll push you!" He exclaimed jokingly. The shortest board member, Mr. Harcord, held out his umbrella to the end of the hallway in fright and exclaimed,

"Good lord! There she is!"

Mr. Faton started running first, quickly followed by the other board members. "How did you find us?!" Mr. Harcord hissed.

Tooth kept running up the hallway with all of her maps and effects. She heard Mr. Harcord and all she wanted to say was "I followed the stench of liars and idiots." But considering she needed them to like her proposal she could do nothing but try to get them to listen, however futile that may be. All of the board members fled like ants under a spotlight and fled into the doors in the hallway. They all locked out Mr. Harcord, knowing that Tooth mainly wanted to talk to him. He knocked frantically and when nobody answered, scrambled for the nearest shelter.

"Mr. Harcord! Mr. Harcord! Please listen!" Tooth pleaded. Mr. Harcord (unsuccessfully) hid behind a small plant at the end of the hall. Tooth's eyes narrowed. Seriously? But she came towards him anyway.

"Mr. Harcord? I need you to listen to this proposal!" She moved her umbrella to shift down the leaves that were hiding Mr. Harcord. He smiled evilly and then shoved an open umbrella in her face. Tooth backed away just in time to not be hit, but she was extremely startled, so Mr. Harcord ran to the front of the museum as fast as his short legs could carry him.

"Mr. Harcord! Mr. Harcord please wait! I-I can't lose this proposal!"

She chased him down the hallways and steps of the museum and out to the front where his cab was waiting.

"Mr. Harcord stop!"

She almost flung herself into the window, but used her free hand to get herself on her feet after Mr. Harcord jumped through the cab door. Tooth had dropped stuff along the way but got as much in the coach car window as she could. She unrolled a map and was extremely angry but extremely desperate at the same time.

"Please look at this!"

Mr. Harcord grumbled and shoved her papers back into her arms.

"This museum is for science expedition and exploration based solidly on FACT! Not legends and folklore!"

Then he pinched her cheek almost ripping the skin off her face.

"Besides we need you here, we depend on you."

"What, really?" Tooth, despite herself, hoped a little that he meant it. It would mean a lot if they could at least look at something she did as worth looking at.

"Yes," Mr. Harcord continued. "What with winter coming that boiler's going to need a lot of attention." He sat back promptly in his seat as Tooth realized what he just said.

"The-the boiler? Are you kidding me?"

"Onward Heinz!" He beckoned to his driver. The car took off but so did Tooth. She held up her map and tried to speak as she kept along the vehicle. She was desperate now. She needed that proposal no matter what or it was boiler- lady (a title a snot nosed kid gave her last year) for the rest of her life. She needed it to uphold her family name and herself, because she had always believed in things invisible since she was a little kid. More than anything, that needed to be proved. The scroll fluttered out to the map of Iceland. She pointed to the solid red X that she drew on the continent.

"Please sir! The Journal! It's in Iceland! I'm sure of it this time!" Okay, so there was one other time when she didn't get a proposal right and she messed up an artifact location of Atlantis, but they only paid her for her flight over there! She had to make up the next three months of research and cash on her own, but that didn't mean Mr. Harcord had to close the curtain on her both literally and figuratively.

Tooth glared at the black curtained window and rushed to the front door. There were no windows or curtains there. She hopped on the footing on underneath the door and took out a piece of paper from the side pocket in her vest. She shoved it into the car door and waved it around, hoping Mr. Harcord would get the message.

"This is a letter of resignation Mr. Harcord! If you don't accept my proposal, woooaaahhh!" The car shook and she lost her footing, falling to the ground and spraining her ankle. She continued though, absolutely determined to get him to hear her.

"If you don't accept my proposal, I'LL QUIT!" She shouted after the cab. To her surprise it stopped and reversed. Thinking she had the upper hand, she got up despite her ankle and still angrily waved the resignation letter in Mr. Harcord's face. He had opened the curtains so it was the least she could do to try.

"I-I mean it sir!"

Tooth couldn't believe she was saying this; she had worked at her job for so long. Too long. She was short of breath but still tried to sound strong.

"If you refuse to fund my proposal—"

"You'll what?" Mr. Harcord cut her off. "Flush your career down the toilet just like your father and mother?"

Tooth bit the inside of her lip and looked down. Mr. Harcord's face softened, if only for a fraction of a second.

"You have a lot of potential Toothiana. Don't throw it all away chasing fairy tales."

Tooth was about to cry but she held it in. She wouldn't give up. She would never give up.

"But I can prove Atlantis exists."

"You want to go on an expedition?" He pulled a coin out of his pocket and threw it at Tooth's feet.

"Take a trolley to the river and jump in! Maybe it'll clear your head! Heinz!"

And then he shut the curtains again and the cab splashed water all over Tooth as it chugged on.

"I'll show all of you someday." Tooth sighed. Her resignation letter was completley soaked and so were her clothes. And then it started to rain. Wonderful.

"Well everything happens for a reason right?" She said as she turned the key to her apartment, drenched. She walked into the dark hallway.

"I'm home. Fluffy?" She shut the door with her foot and her socks squished with all the rainwater that had collected in them. She cringed.

"Here kitty." She tried to get the light to work but no matter how many times she clicked it, it wouldn't turn on. Then, a burst of lightning silhouetted a figure at the window. It was a woman.

She was thin with little curves here and there and her hair was in a braid going all the way down her back. She was wearing a black dress that looked more expensive to Tooth than her whole apartment and she had a necklace of dark black spikes. Whoever she was, she meant business. Her piercing blue eyes looked Tooth over.

"Ms. Toothiana Thatch?"

"What the- what? Who are you? How did you get in here?!"

Tooth had started to shake in her clothes. Whether it was from the cold or from fright or both it was unclear, but whatever the feeling was it was unpleasant.

"I broke through your screen with my axe that I keep behind the folds of this dress. Suprise~."

Tooth looked shocked and then worried. She was going to run out of her door but the woman gave her a look that said "really?" and moved on with her statement.

"My name is Astrid Sinclair and I'm speaking on behalf on my employer who has a most, intriguing proposition for you. Are you interested?"

"Your employer? W-Who is your employer? And what is this proposition?"

Astrid only smiled.

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