A/N This is a story about Joel and Ellie joining Lee and Clementine in their journey of surviving the dangers of the new world they live in across the state of Georgia. The story progresses based on the choices that I have made in the game and how I think Joel and Ellie would fit into the story of The Walking Dead Game. The whole story will also be separated into five stories per episode. Be sure to let me know what you think of this crossover. I do not own The Walking Dead or The Last of Us.

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Chapter 1: First Encounters

Today was just another day in Atlanta, Georgia as the sun was shining and everyone was living their average lives. A white, old pickup truck was driving down the road leaving Atlanta. Inside the truck was a Caucasian man with a beard wearing a green flannel shirt and blue jeans, named Joel. Joel was on his way to meet a client for another day at work; the kind of work where he didn't always enjoy working at, but it did help pay the bills. While he was driving, he sees three police cars driving toward the city that he was leaving, and then his cell phone starts ringing, he takes it out of his pocket and answers,

Joel: "Hello?… Oh, hey, Tess… Yeah, Bill just lent me with a truck, and I'm on my way to Macon right now… Hey, don't you worry, all right? I'll be back there to help you out as soon as I get done… All right, bye, Tess."

He puts the cell phone back in his pocket and groans.

Joel: "I swear that woman is gonna be the death of me."

Joel continues driving down the road that leads towards Macon while a police car that was behind him drove to the right, heading to its own destination. In the back of the police car was an African American man with a goatee wearing a blue button-up shirt and khakis, named Lee Everett. Lee was handcuffed in the back of the car for being convicted of a crime that he never meant to commit and caused his life to take a turn for the worse. After looking at the cuffs on his wrists for a moment, he looks at the front view mirror. The police officer that was driving adjusted the mirror to look at Lee, which made him look aggravated, and then looks out the window.

Police Officer: "Well, I reckon you didn't do it, then."

Lee thought about how to respond to what he said.

Lee: "Why do you say that?"

Police Officer: "Y'know, I've driven a buncha' folks down to this prison. Lord knows how many. Usually is 'bout now I get the "I didn't do it"."

Lee knew what he had done, and he knew he wouldn't be saying those words anytime soon.

Lee: "Not from me."

Police Officer: "Cause guys in your position already said it enough?"

Lee just shrugs his elbows in response and looks at the front view mirror again while another police officer on the radio was calling patrols. The police officer notices that and says,

Police Officer: "I followed your case a little bit, you being a Macon boy and all."

Lee: "You're from Macon, then."

Police Officer: "Yep. Came up to Atlanta to be a city cop in the seventies. Always wanted to work a murder case, like that senatorial mess you got yourself mixed up in, with all due respect. A real shame that is."

Lee looks out the window to the left and sees a police cruiser speeding down the road with its sirens wailing on the opposite lane on the highway, heading towards Atlanta.

Police Officer: "Hell, the whole family used to be regulars at your folks' drugstore right in downtown. Still there?"

Lee: "Sure is."

Police Officer: "Good."

Lee hears the officer on the radio again and wonders why the old cop wasn't responding to it.

Lee: "Any of that seem important to you?"

Police Officer: "All of it, but that box never shuts up. Sit in this seat and pay too much attention and you'll drive yourself crazy. I got a nephew up in UGA. You teach there long?"

Lee: "Going on my sixth year."

Police Officer: "You meet your wife in Athens?"

Lee didn't want to respond to that since thinking about her also brought up the painful memories of how he ended up in the back of the cruiser he was now sitting in. So, he just looks out the window on the left.

Police Officer: "You wanna know how I see it?"

Lee saw more police cars driving to Atlanta before answering the old cop while shrugging and shaking his head.

Lee: "Not really."

Police Officer: "Well, too bad. It's my car. You might have the right to remain silent, but it don't mean I gotta be."

The old cop looks at the mirror again with a small smile on his face, thinking he added a little humor to his comment. But his smile faltered when he saw the man behind him narrow his eyes and raise his eyebrows a bit.

Police Officer: "Regardless, could be you just married the wrong woman."

That comment got Lee feeling a little angry and was about to say a smart mouth comment, but then realizes that it wasn't worth it and grumbles. He hears a cop on the radio speaking again and also looks out the window to see a helicopter flying by and more police vehicles going high speed towards Atlanta.

Police Officer: "You'll have to learn to stop worrying about things you can't control."

Joel was still driving until he got an unexpected setback; smoke was coming out from the hood of the car as the engine was sputtering.

Joel: "Aw, no, no, no. Are you kidding me now?"

He pulls the truck over on the side of the road and switched the engine off. He gets out of the truck, opens the hood and even more smoke bursts out from the engine. The truck was officially out of commission. He takes his irritation out on the truck by giving it a good solid boot to the bumper.

Joel: "Piece of shit truck! Argh, that's the last time I ever borrow a truck from you, Bill."

He pinches the bridge of his nose for a minute until he hears a helicopter, looks up to see it flying overhead and then notices that he had parked in front of a neighborhood.

Joel: "Wait a minute… I know this neighborhood. This is where Marlene lives at. Haven't seen her for a while."

Joel goes to the passenger side of the truck, opens the door and then opens the glove compartment, which contained a revolver and two boxes of ammunition. He grabs the revolver, checks its chamber and puts it in the back of his waistband. He grabs the two boxes, puts them in his pocket, shuts the door and turns to face the neighborhood.

Joel: "Hopefully, she can lend me a car that can last longer than a few miles."

Joel enters the neighborhood and begins his search for his friend Marlene's house.

Police Officer: "I'm driving this man once; h-he was the worst one. He wouldn't stop going on about how he didn't do it. He was an older fella. Big, soft eyes behind a pair of smart folk glasses, and he's just wailing back there, saying it wasn't him. Crying and snotting all over, right where you're sitting."

When a cop on the radio was calling out again, the police officer shuts it off and continues his tale.

Police Officer: "Then before long, he starts kicking the back of the seat, li-like a fussy baby on an airplane. And I tell him he's gotta stop, that that's government property, and I'll been forced to zap him otherwise. So he stops, and having exhausted all his options, he starts crying out for his mama. "Mama! It's all a big mistake! It wasn't me!""

Lee was actually curious about this tale turned out.

Lee: "So, did he do it?"

Police Officer: "They caught the fucker red-handed! Stabbing his wife and cutting her up as the boys came through the door. He sits in my car screaming bloody murder that it wasn't him. I think he actually believed it himself… It goes to show, people will up and go mad when they believe their life is over."

Lee found that last sentence to be very interesting and decided to keep that in mind.

Police Officer: "Oh, I got another good one for ya. This one's a little less depressing and more hilarious if I do say so."

But then, Lee sees a man looking all raggedy and walking unsteadily on the road and shouts,

Lee: "Watch out!"

The police officer didn't even see him coming as he runs over the man, the cruiser veers to the left, driving straight through the road rail and starts rolling down the hill as Lee was getting tossed all over the backseat.

Joel continued walking around the neighborhood until he found the house that he was looking for.

Joel: "Ah, there it is… Looks like she's home. Hope that she's got a ride I can borrow."

He looks to the left and sees a dirty looking man stumbling to a house that was further down the road before he began walking up to his friend's house. When he got close to the door, he knocks on it saying,

Joel: "Hello? Marlene? It's me, Joel. Got a favor to ask you."

He received nothing but silence. When he tried opening the door, it wouldn't budge since it was locked. He goes around the left side of the house and sees a kitchen window that was opened a crack. He opens it all the way and takes a look inside before crawling through the window and over the kitchen counter. He then approaches the living room as he calls out again.

Joel: "Marlene, you here? Listen, I-"

He stopped in mid-sentence when he entered the living room and saw signs of struggle all over.

Joel: "What the hell have you been up to, Marlene?"

He then notices blood trail on the floor that leads from the hallway in the house to a set of stairs that lead downstairs at the end of the room. Joel walks over to the blood, examines it and confirms that it's still fresh. He decides to go downstairs to see if his friend was there, and hopefully wasn't hurt. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he looks around the room and finds his friend, Marlene sitting next to a corner with blood spilling out from the left side of her neck.

Joel: "Oh, my God! Marlene!"

Joel ran around the couch in the room and was immediately standing over her.

Joel: "What happened to you?!"

Marlene: "B… Be… Behind you!"

He turns around and saw a man that had murky eyes, his skin was rotting, and he was snarling at him like an animal while reaching his arms out to grab Joel. Whatever it was that had happened to this man, he was no longer human. In fact, he seemed to bear a resemblance to a zombie.

Joel: "What the fuck?!"

The undead man lungs at Joel, pinning him against the wall. Joel pushes it back, shoves it to the left, draws his revolver and shoots it in the chest, but it didn't go down. Before he could pop another bullet at the monster, it attacks him again, causing him to drop his weapon. Joel does his best to keep its jaws away from his face while being slowly pushed back. He suddenly swings and slams it to the wall and punches it, careening its head to the right. When Joel takes a step back, he hears a clink, looks down and sees an empty bottle next to his foot. He grabs the bottle as the monster tries lunging at him again and swings it across its face, breaking the bottle into pieces. Joel pinned it against the wall with his arm and impales the sharp end of the broken bottle deep into its eye. The zombie-looking man had finally stopped moving as it fell sideways to the floor. Joel took a few more steps back and picks up his revolver while breathing heavily.

Joel: "Jesus. What the hell was-?"

Marlene: "Joel, that man was not human… not anymore."

Joel: "Then who, or what, was that?"

Marlene: "He was someone that I knew for a couple months, and- Ugh!"

The man quickly kneels beside her.

Joel: "Marlene, easy does it, all right. I'm gonna call for an ambulance."

Marlene grabs on to his shirt with a very strong grip.

Marlene: "No, don't. It's too late for me."

Joel: "What? You're bleeding like hell. You need a doctor."

Marlene: "Listen! Agh, I don't have much time left, so, just listen to me. I don't know why or how this is happening, but I've seen enough to know that this world and everything that we know about it is going to hell."

Joel: "What're you saying?"

Marlene: "I'm saying that somehow the dead are now coming back to life and they're going around every corner, turning every human being they see into them by the second."

Joel: "But… how is it even possible? Are you saying that they're-?"

Marlene: "Joel, listen very carefully… There's a girl upstairs on the second floor. She's fourteen-years-old, and her name is Ellie."

Joel: "Your daughter?"

Marlene: "No, Anna's daughter."

Joel: "Who?"

Marlene: "She was a close friend of mine who died a few years ago, and I promised her that I would take care of Ellie for her. I've been raising her since then, and now…"

She starts coughing as Joel nods at her, showing that he understands, but was really wondering why she had never mentioned anything about this Anna, or even Ellie for that matter and if this was the reason he hadn't seen her for a while.

Marlene: "And now, I'm bequeathing her over to you."

Joel: "Wh-what? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, I-"

Marlene: "Please, Joel! I know that you can do this. You're the only one that I know who can. Just, get her away from Atlanta, keep her safe and keep her alive, for me. Please."

He thought of this and wondered if he was truly capable of taking care of a kid, especially one that he barely even knows about. After a brief moment of silence, he nods again as he responded.

Joel: "All right. For you."

And then, they hear a girl's voice calling out for Marlene. Joel stands up as he hears thumping on the ceiling, the stairs and out came the fourteen-year-old girl with red hair in a pony tail, a scar on her right eyebrow and holding a switchblade, named Ellie.

Ellie: "Marlene!"

Joel: "That her?"

Marlene: "Yes."

The girl walks over to them while asking several questions.

Ellie: "What happened to you? Who the hell is this guy? Did he do this?"

Joel: "No, I-"

Ellie: "And what the hell is that?"

Marlene: "Ellie! Ellie, relax, agh, it's okay. This is Joel, he's a friend."

Ellie: "Oh… hi."

Joel: "Hi."

Marlene coughs again; Ellie puts her blade in her pocket, kneels beside her and places her hands on her shoulders.

Ellie: "Oh, God. You look horrible."

Marlene: "Ellie, don't you worry, all right? You're going to be okay. Joel's going to take care of you."

Ellie: "What? No, no, wait a minute, why-"

Marlene: "Ellie, don't argue, okay? Just, stay close to Joel no matter what. He'll keep you safe from those freaks out there."

Ellie: "But, what about you? I mean, we can get you patched up, and-"

Marlene: "No. I'm sorry, Ellie, I really am, but I'm not gonna be around for much longer. Do you remember what I was trying to tell you before about the dead people?"

Ellie: "Yeah."

Marlene: "That one right there is one of them. Joel managed to kill it, but I was bitten by it long before he did, which means I'll eventually become one of them soon. Unless…"

Joel: "Unless what?"

Marlene: "…Just take care of Ellie for me, Joel. Don't let anything happen to her. You hear me?"

Joel nods at her in response.

Marlene: "Good. And Ellie?"

Ellie: "Yeah?"

Marlene: "Goodbye."

Neither of them noticed had it until she had placed the barrel of a gun right against her temple with her eyes closed and finger on the trigger.

Joel: "Marlene, don't!"

He didn't stop her in time. She had pulled the trigger and blown her own brains out, instantly killing herself and causing Ellie to scream a little and jump back. Both she and Joel stared at Marlene in shock at what she had just done to herself. Ellie starts breathing heavily as she slowly places her hands back on her shoulders and lowers her head.

Ellie: "…Why? Why the fuck did she do that for?"

Joel looked at the monster he had just killed before answering her.

Joel: "So that she wouldn't turn into one of those things."

Ellie: "I… I don't understand. Oh, God, I feel sick."

Joel: "I don't exactly get it either. But she wanted me to take care you… and that's what I'm gonna do."

The young girl wasn't sure if she was comfortable with being under the wing of a man she never met before, but was apparently a friend of Marlene's.

Ellie: "…Do you really mean that?"

Joel: "Yeah, I do."

She sighs deeply and decides that maybe she should go along with this man. After all, it's what Marlene wanted.

Ellie: "Okay."

Joel takes the pistol that Marlene used to kill herself with, and says,

Joel: "Listen, I'm gonna head back upstairs and wait until you're ready to go. You understand?"

Ellie just simply nods her head and Joel leaves her to say her goodbyes as he walks up the stairs and goes to stand beside the front door. A few moments later, he sees the girl coming from the downstairs and approaches him.

Joel: "Hey there. You all set?"

Ellie: "Yeah."

Joel: "All right. Let's go."

Joel unlocks the door and they both walk outside of the house. He looks up, sees smoke filling the air and wondered if that was coming from Atlanta.

Ellie: "So, where are we going?"

Joel: "Hang on a second."

Joel reaches into his pocket to take out his cell phone and call for help. The only problem was a big "NO SERVICE" slapped across the screen.

Joel: "What the-? Ah, shit."

Ellie: "What?"

Joel: "This thing's not getting a signal. And on top of that, battery's just about dead. Well, so much for that idea."

Ellie: "Okay, now what?"

While Joel started thinking of an idea, he sees a red pickup driving down the road from where Joel just walked through a few minutes ago, steps on to the road and waves at the truck. The truck stops next to them and the driver gets out, which was a teenage boy dress in green button-up shirt and brown pants with short black hair, named Shawn Greene.

Shawn: "Hey, you two in need of help?"

Joel: "Yeah, you could say that."

Shawn: "I take it you both seen those creepy-crawlies that have been showing up everywhere, too?"

Ellie: "Uh… in a way, yeah."

Shawn: "Well, my name's Shawn. Shawn Greene."

Ellie: "I'm Ellie."

Joel: "And I'm Joel. Listen, is there any chance you can give us a lift in that truck of yours?"

Shawn: "Yeah, no problem. Is it just you and your daughter?"

Ellie: "Oh, no, we're not related. We're um…"

Joel: "I just made a promise that I would take care of her."

Shawn: "Oh, okay, I get ya. Where're you guys headed?"

Joel: "Anywhere that's not here, or Atlanta."

Shawn: "Well, I was actually heading back to my family's farm from Atlanta. If you want, I can-"

Joel: "Yeah, that's good. We appreciate it."

Shawn: "Okay, but I'm pretty sure that my dad, Hershel, won't let you guys stay there for long."

Ellie: "Why not?"

Shawn: "Let's just say he has a thing about strangers overstaying their welcome on his farm."

Joel: "All right, well, we'll take what we can get."

But then, Ellie looks to the left and sees more of the undead people coming from the houses.

Ellie: "Uh, guys?"

Joel and Shawn looked to see what Ellie was looking at, and say,

Shawn: "Oh, shit."

Joel: "I think now's a good time for us to get the hell outta here."

Ellie: "No shit."

Shawn, Joel and Ellie hurry inside the truck; Shawn gets the engine on and drives them all away from the monsters.

Lee was now waking up from the accident he got into with the police officer. The last thing he heard before completely passing out was a couple of bangs and someone yelling, possibly for help.

Lee: "Ohh… ugh, ow! Shit."

He sits up, looks at his wrists and sees that the handcuffs were still on. He fiddles with them a bit while noticing that his throat was dry.

Lee: "Thirsty… Agh! Fuck! My leg."

His right leg was wounded from the car crash; there was a cut right above the knee with blood all over it and was causing him severe pain. He looks at the front of the car and there was nothing there except broken glass and blood. He turns around and sees the police officer lying on the ground out the window.

Lee: "Hey! Hey, officer! Are you all right? I'm still cuffed back here!… Officer?"

He then notices the blood trail on the ground, leading from the car to the police officer.

Lee: "That doesn't look good. He wasn't ejected from the car."

And while he was also curious why his shotgun was also on the ground all that really mattered right now was getting out of the car and get some help for his leg. So, he looks at the window in front of him and sees the glass was still intact. He kicks the window a few times with his good leg until it broke into pieces, drags himself up to the window, hauls himself out and then falls to the ground. When he tried standing up, he ends up leaning against the wrecked cruiser due to the steep hill he was on. He moves alongside the car until he was on the other side, pushed himself off the cruiser and notices the shotgun close to his feet. He tries bending down without further hurting his wounded leg. When he picks it up, he checks to see if it was still loaded.

Lee: "Looks empty."

He places the gun back on the ground and stands back up.

Lee: "It'll be easier to carry with these cuffs off."

He then notices a shotgun shell a few inches away. Because his leg was in so much pain, he could only limp towards it, struggles to bend over again, grabs the shell and puts it in his pocket. Lee then turns his attention to the police officer.

Lee: "Officer?"

He limps to him until he was standing over him. After examining the old cop again, the man came to the conclusion that he was dead.

Lee: "Goddamn…"

Even though he felt sorry for what happened to him, he still wanted to be rid of the cuffs on his wrists. He sees a set of keys on the dead cop's belt, bends over and takes them. When he tried to unlock the cuffs, the key slipped out from his hand and fell next to the officer's face.

Lee: "Shit."

He bends over again and snatches the keys from the ground. He tries unlocking the cuffs again and manages to get one off. He puts the keys in his other hand, holds his wrist up and uses the key one more time to get the other cuff off his wrist. He drops the keys and rubs his wrist. But then, he notices the old cop twitch a little bit and moaning.

Lee: "Uh… officer?"

Suddenly, the police officer lunged for him, causing him to fall backwards and was terrified to see him abruptly come back to life.

Lee: "Ah, ah! Holy shit!"

The man started backing up to get away from the old cop. When he looked at his face, he saw that his eyes and skin were decayed, his mouth and clothes were bloody and was snarling as he was using his arms to crawl at Lee.

Lee: "What in the hell?!"

He keeps trying to get away from the monster until he backed all the way up to the side of the cruiser and was trapped.

Lee: "Get away from me!"

He sees the shotgun on his left, grabs it and takes out the shell from his pocket and tries to load it into the shotgun. But because his hands were trembling, the shell slips off and lands on the grass.

Lee: "Shit!"

He quickly picks it up again and manages to load it into the shotgun, pumps it ready and takes aim at the undead cop in front of him.

Lee: "Don't make me do this!"

He steadies the gun with his shaky hands and aims at its head. He was hesitant to pull the trigger at first, but at the rate of how closer it was getting and with how threatening this monster was, something inside him knew that it was either it or him. And so, he fires a buckshot at the monster, blowing off half of its face and it finally stopped moving. He starts breathing normally and tries to collect his thoughts. He looks at the weapon in his hands for a moment, throws it to the side after shaking his head, and then looks at the corpse in front of him.

Lee: "Man… his skin is all rotten and he smells like shit. What the hell is this?"

He looks up and sees a mysterious figure up on the top of a hill from across the forest. He squints and makes it out to be a little girl. He waves his arms and calls out to the girl.

Lee: "HELP! Go get someone! There- there's been a shooting!"

The little girl runs off. Lee couldn't tell if she was going for help or going for a place to hide. But then, he hears rustling, looks around him and sees two more undead people coming after him. He brings himself onto his feet and tries to get away, but trips over the old cop's body in the process. He gets back up to his feet, and stumbles away from the monsters as fast as he could to get to the top of the hill. As he kept moving, he glances to the left and sees more of them coming after him. He even passes by one that lying against a tree, reaching out and snarling at him. He wounded leg causes him trip and fall again. The zombie-looking people began surrounding him from all directions and Lee crawls up the hill to get away from them. He reaches the top of the hill, gets back on his feet and stumbles toward a wooden fence, which seemed to be his only chance of escape. He hops over the fence and falls backwards into a backyard. He knew the monsters were still coming for him and backs up away from the fence until his back hits a patio. But then, a few gunshots went off from a distance. The undead people lost interest of their prey on the other side of the fence and focus their attention on the noise that they heard. Lee once again gets on his feet and once he was sure they were all gone, he takes a deep breath in relief and looks around the backyard he was in for any sign of people for help. Living people, that is.

Lee: "Hello? Anybody?"

He notices the treehouse in the yard and calls out to it, hoping that someone was in there.

Lee: "Anybody up there? Hello? Anybody in there? I thought I saw a little girl in the forest. Are you up there? I'm not one of those things… I guess it's empty."

He then turns his attention to the house.

Lee: "I wonder if anybody's home."

He limps over to the patio and stands in front of the sliding glass door. He knocks on it a few times while saying,

Lee: "Hello? Anybody home? I need a little help!… Hello? There's something going on…"

Lee then decides to just go inside as he slides the door open, thankful that it was unlocked.

Lee: "Coming in. Don't shoot, okay?"

He walks inside the house, closes the door behind him and his leg started bothering him again.

Lee: "Ahh! Shit! Hello? I'm not an intruder… or one of them."

After looking around and seeing how big of a mess the place was, he begins to think that he may not find any help inside this house after all.

Lee: "These people might need more help than I do. Furniture overturned, blood everywhere… Jesus."

Lee then decides to head inside the kitchen, but didn't notice the large pool of blood that was on the kitchen floor until he slipped on it and fell on his side, smearing half of his clothes in blood. He stands back up, wipes some of the blood off his hands on his shirt and enters the kitchen. He spots a cup of water by the window, takes it and chugs down all the water that was left in it. After setting the cup back down and wiping the water off his lips, he turns around and sees a note on the fridge.

Lee: "Hmm, "The Marsh House"… that's a Savannah area code. But, that's the type of note you'd leave a babysitter."

And then, he hears a beeping sound. Lee walks out of the kitchen by going around the pool of blood and sees an answering machine on a table with the number three blinking on it.

Lee: "Maybe there's something on there."

He pushes a button on it and the messages start playing as he limps into the living room.

Voice Messenger: "Three new messages. Message one; left at 5:43 P.M."

Diana: "Hey, Sandra, this is Diana. We're still in Savannah. Uh, Ed had a little "incident" with some crazy guy at the hotel, so, we had to get him back to the ER and have it checked out. Anyway, he's not feeling well enough, so, we're staying an extra day. Thanks so much for looking after Clementine, and I promise, we'll be back in time before the end of your spring break."

Lee looks at a hand-print painting hanging on the wall and saw the name "Clementine" written on it.

Voice Messenger: "Message two; left at 11:19 P.M."

Lee looks through the blinds on the window and sees the entire neighborhood completely deserted and limps back to the glass door.

Diana: "Oh, my God, finally! I don't know if you've tried to reach us; all the calls are getting dropped. They're not letting us leave and aren't telling us anything about Atlanta. Please, please, just leave the city and take Clementine with you back to Marietta. I've gotta get back to the hospital. Please let me know that you're safe."

Lee sees a coloring book on the counter with only part of the page colored in and limps back to the answering machine.

Voice Messenger: "Message three; left at 6:51 A.M."

Diana: "Clementine? Baby, if you can hear this, call the police! That's 9-1-1. We love you… we love you… we love y-"

The machine beeps as the message ended. Lee sees a family picture the table and picks it up. The picture showed a man, a woman and their little girl, which Lee guessed it to be Clementine.

Lee: "Aw, man. Poor kid."

He sets the picture upright on the table and wonders if the woman from those messages made it with her husband or not. Just then, he hears the voice of the little girl that lived in this house.

Clementine: "Daddy?"

Lee: "Huh?"

He walks into the kitchen again, thinking that was where he heard the voice. He looks around and sees a trail of blood leading from the crimson pool to the kitchen counter. He limps toward it, pulls a drawer open and finds a walkie-talkie inside it. He figures this is where the girl's voice came from and picks it up. He limps back to the glass door to see if he can find her outside while holding down the button and says,

Lee: "Hello?"

Clementine: "You need to be quiet."

Lee turns around and takes a step away from the door.

Lee: "Are you okay?"

Clementine: "I'm okay. They tried to get me, but I'm hiding until my parents come home."

Lee had some doubts about that. He looks out the door one last time before walking into the living room to find the young girl.

Lee: "What's your name?"

He checks underneath the coffee table as she answers,

Clementine: "I'm Clementine. This is my house."

He suspected as much that that was her name.

Lee: "Hi, Clementine. I'm Lee."

Clementine: "You're not my daddy."

Lee: "No, I'm not. How old are you?"

Clementine: "Eight."

Lee: "And you're all alone?"

Clementine: "Yes. I don't know where anybody is. How old are you?"

Lee: "I'm, uh, 37."

Clementine: "Okay."

He heads back into the kitchen as he asks,

Lee: "Where are your parents?"

Clementine: "They took a trip and left me with Sandra. They're in Savannah, I think, where the boats are."

Lee goes around the small pool again and looks out the window.

Lee: "Are you safe?"

Clementine: "I'm outside in my treehouse. They can't get in."

Lee: "That's smart."

Lee sees the little girl he's been talking to peeking out the wooden door with her own walkie-talkie in her hand and waves at him.

Clementine: "See? Can you see me? I can see you through the window."

Lee waves back at her with a small smile in response. But then, she screams and retreats back inside. Lee turned around just in time to see an undead female looking monster trying to attack him. He grabs its shoulder and arm and tries to push this thing away from him. He shoves it straight into the stove and lies on the ground. Lee took a quick look at it and guessed that this undead woman used to be Sandra, Clementine's babysitter. As it started moving again, Lee tries to make a mad dash for the door, but he slips on the pool of blood again and bangs his head on the counter as he fell again. He laid on the floor, completely disoriented and his vision blurry. He heard moaning and hands slapping on the floor. His vision clears up just in time to see the undead babysitter getting up close to his face. He uses his good leg to kick the monster away. He gets back up, makes another run for the door, but it grabbed onto his foot and he falls down again. He sits up and saw that it was reaching out to grab his shoulders, but he punches it right in the face and backs up to the glass door as Clementine came running in wearing a little white dress, a blue and white ball cap with the letter D on it and carrying a hammer as she opens the door. The undead babysitter grabs his leg, pulls him toward it and it tries to pin him down by getting on top of him. Lee pushed with all his might to get it off and uses his leg to kick it off him. It wouldn't stop coming. Lee keeps backing up while kicking it twice in the head.

Clementine: "Here!"

Lee turned around and saw the little girl handing him the hammer in her trembling hands. He quickly takes the hammer with one hand and was holding the monster back with another. He yells in rage as he hits it hard on its temple with the hammer to get it off him again and quickly pins it down with his bad knee. As painful as it felt, Lee wanted to be done with this thing. He bashes its face with the hammer, swings it across face, swings it again and bashes it into faces so hard, it actually got a little jammed in its skull and he yanks the hammer three times to get it out. Its face now looked completely desecrated as blood spilled out from the head and Lee's clothes were now completely covered in blood. Lee tosses the hammer away, gets on his feet and places his hands on his knees for a moment to catch his breath.

Lee: "Man… Hi there."

The little girl took a step back from the leaking blood and asks,

Clementine: "Did you kill it?"

Lee: "I think something else did. Before me, I think."

Clementine: "I heard her scream two nights ago. Maybe one of the monsters got her."

Lee: "Two nights ago? Yeah, that's probably what happened."

Lee bends down next to her and asks,

Lee: "You've been… all by yourself through this?"

Clementine: "Yeah, I want my parents to come home now."

Lee thought about the messages he heard earlier and believes that they may already be dead or even as one of them, but he tells her something different.

Lee: "I think that might be a little while, you know?"

Clementine: "Oh."

Lee felt surprised at the thought that this eight-year-old girl in front of him had managed to survive all this mess all on her own for over two days, and decides that she shouldn't have to be alone anymore.

Lee: "Look, I don't know what happened, but I'll look after you until then."

She nods at him and another question rose from her mind.

Clementine: "What should we do now?"

It was a good question. Lee thought about it for a moment. Staying in this house wasn't gonna be an option and Lee still need some help for his wounded leg. He tells her his decision.

Lee: "We need to find help before it gets dark."

Clementine: "Yeah, it's not safe at night."

Lee rises and stands beside Clementine as she grasps his hand.

Lee: "Let's go. Stay close to me."

The two of them walk outside the house. While Lee was looking around to make sure nothing else was around, Clementine turned around to take one last look at the inside her house and slides the door close. She then runs off the patio while Lee followed after her, still feeling the pain in his leg. After walking down the steps, he looks to the right and sees a man, a teenage boy and a girl that seemed to be a little older than Clementine on the other side of a gate. All three of them were trying to push a wrecked car off the road with no luck.

Shawn: "Aw man."

Ellie: "God, this thing's never gonna move."

Joel: "Yes, it will. It'll probably take us a while, but we'll get it out of the way."

Ellie: "This sucks."

Shawn: "Tell me about it."

Joel: "Hey, come on now, both of you. Let's check the tires, make sure nothing's blocking them."

While they were checking the tires, Lee was stumbling toward the gate and decides that maybe these people can help them. He notices Clementine walking up to him with a discomforting look on her face and bends down.

Lee: "What's the matter?"

Clementine: "Should I stay?"

Lee: "What?"

Clementine: "I don't wanna sleep in the treehouse tonight, but I don't know if I should leave. What if my parents come home?"

Lee: "I won't leave you alone."

Her look on her face then changed to relief.

Clementine: "Let's go somewhere safe that's close, okay?"

Lee: "That's a good idea."

Clementine pushes the gate open for Lee as the older-looking girl approaches the man while throwing a piece of metal away, and Lee limps toward them.

Lee: "Hey, man!"

The three immediately turned and saw the man and small child moving towards them. Because of the way Lee looked and how he was moving, they assumed that he was another undead guy. The boy took a step back while the man puts an arm in front of the girl.

Shawn: "Holy shit!"

Joel: "Ellie, get back!"

Lee: "We're not gonna hurt you."

Hearing him speak made them all realize that he was just another regular guy.

Shawn: "Whew, thought for a second that you and the little one were both gonna give us the chomp."

Lee: "The what? Uh, never mind. Look, we need help."

Joel: "Yeah, you look like it, especially with the way your leg's looking."

Ellie: "You all right?"

Lee: "Yeah, more or less."

Shawn: "Are you trying to get out of here? Because you should be. Those things are all over the damn place. I haven't seen anything as gnarly as this since downtown, Atlanta, fifteen miles back. I'm Shawn. Shawn Greene."

Joel: "My name's Joel. This here's Ellie. And you?"

Lee: "Lee. This is Clementine."

Ellie gave Clementine a small wave and a smile.

Ellie: "Hi there."

Clementine responded with a smile and wave of her own while standing behind Lee.

Joel: "We shouldn't be out in the open like this."

Shawn: "Yeah, you're right. How about you help us clear the way and we'll take you and your daughter out of here and down to my family's farm. It should be safer there."

Lee: "Yeah, thanks, but I'm not her dad. I'm… just some guy."

Shawn: "Some guy?"

Lee: "Yeah."

Shawn: "She's alone?"

Clementine nods at him.

Joel: "Ah, you too, huh?"

Lee: "What? What're you talking about?"

Joel: "Ellie and I are kind of the same deal here."

Ellie: "Yeah, a package deal."

Lee: "Oh. Huh."

Shawn: "Let's get going. Staying put for too long is a mistake."

Lee nods and turns to Clementine.

Lee: "What do you wanna do?"

Clementine: "I…"

She shook her head a little, looks at her house again and then back at Lee as she was about answer him. But then, they all hear groaning and see more monsters coming after them.

Shawn: "Oh, shit! Here they come again! We need to leave now!"

Joel and Shawn took their positions to push the car.

Joel: "Lee, get over here and help us with this thing!"

Lee gets in between them while trying to ignore the pain in his leg and they try with their combined effort to push the car off the road before the undead people could reach them. Clementine and Ellie joined in shortly after and before long, the path was cleared and everyone ran to the red pickup truck.

Shawn: "Get in!"

Shawn got in the driver's seat, Lee and Clementine get in the passenger's, Ellie gets lifted into the back of the truck by Joel and he hauls himself in.

Joel: "Get us outta here, Shawn!"

Shawn starts the engine, slams on the gas pedal and drives high speed away from the monsters.

Shawn: "For "just some guy", it seems like you saved a bunch of lives today."

Clementine looks back at the monsters and her neighborhood before sitting down on her seat and Shawn drives over two police barriers while making a sharp right turn and was also wondering if he was gonna run into anymore not-fathers with their not-daughters.