This is my second All New X-Men/Wolverine and the X-Men based fanfiction, this time including Rachel Grey and Kitty Pryde as well as past!Scott and Jean.


"How did it go?" Rachel asked, barely glancing up from the documents arranged messily in front of her as Kitty slipped into their room. The brunette made a bee-line for the spare bed that had been set up for her and promptly collapsed, paying no mind to the mess of clothes and paperwork that were strewn all over it. Rachel allowed herself a private smile. The neat and professional front her friend put up around the students had been stripped away at the door, leaving behind a version of Kitty that stirred up fond memories of the past.

"I think she got the message. I mean, she hugged me. That's a good sign, right? But she also cried... I never thought I'd have to lecture a young Jean Grey about using her telepathy..." Kitty mused thoughtfully, picking at her pillow as if it held all the answers. "Being a teacher is hard."

"She can't be as bad as Quentin. Look at all this paper! I have to write a report on the damage he did to the Danger Room, then go call Alana's parents about what he did to her hair," Rachel pulled a face, sighing at the amount of work she still had to do. "Logan made the whole thing sound easier than it is."

"You're telling me. Remind me why I volunteered to play professor to the very first X-Men? I thought Bobby would be the handful, but man, your parents..."

Rachel laughed, lifting up her stack of papers and waving them enticingly at Kitty. "Swap you?"

"No way. Touch me with those and I'll phase through this bed."

Rachel rolled her eyes, sticking the end of her pen in her mouth as she reluctantly returned to her work.

"Really though... Why don't you talk to Jean? Or Scott?"

"We agreed that I wouldn't confuse things further," Rachel answered automatically, not looking up.

Now it was Kitty's turn to roll her eyes. "She already knows who you are, thanks to Hank. My job would be a lot easier if he hadn't showed her half that stuff. You could help her with it. And Scott could probably use someone to talk to."

Rachel groaned, rolling onto her stomach to level her gaze at Kitty. "You won't do my report for me, but you want me to do half of your job?

"Come onnnn. You know you want to," Kitty waggled her eyebrows persuasively. "You could shape them into parents who wouldn't set a curfew..."

Rachel snorted. "Because that was my main complaint about my childhood. Besides, they're not even my parents."


"So I don't want to have to go through all those awkward introductions again."

"Jean already knows who you are, I just said that. And she's probably told Scott by now. Who are you trying to convince here, Ray? You or me? Not to mention... You could be stopping that future of yours from happening here, too."

Rachel grimaced, point taken. "Fine. I'll think about it."

"Good. What do you think I should wear for my date with Bobby?"

"Kitty!" Rachel protested. "I am not having this conversation with you again."

"But that's what roommates are fooooor," ShadowCat whined, pouting stubbornly and making puppy dog eyes at her friend.

"Funny, yesterday you said they were for doing each other's laundry."

"But Rachel..."

"Don't make me telekinetically sew your lips closed."

"You suck. I should have bunked with Jean. Or better yet, made her bunk with you," Kitty grinned wickedly, as if the thought had just struck her.

"And Logan says I'm the cruel one."