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The Master dodged falling rocks and made it to the staircase in record time, slamming the door behind him. The well was stark white with blinding lights overhead, and while he could still hear the rocks falling outside, the sound was muffled.

The Master wasn't sure where the pump would be located, but he could feel the Doctor somewhere below him. He clung to the banister to keep from falling and he raced downward, his body slamming into the wall of every corner platform.

This whole situation was unusual. The Master wasn't used to running towards danger. At least, not danger he wasn't actively causing. It was a surreal experience.

He skidded to a stopped at sub floor 14.

It looked the same as every other floor, but the Doctor was standing behind this one. He braced himself for the hoards of monsters and humans likely to have materialized in his absence and shoved the door open.

The main pump dominated the room, surrounded by a metal stairway and catwalk. The Doctor was surprisingly alone, even Jim was long gone, and was standing on the top level alternating between running his sonic screwdriver along the computer terminal and hitting the actual pump with something that looked very much like a hammer.

The Doctor looked up. "Oh! Hello, Master!"

The pump shuddered and its movements slowed dramatically. There was a brief pause of silence, and then rumble resonated from it, knocking them both back.

The Doctor's arms pinwheeled and caught the rail behind him. The Master fell back against the wall.

The second it passed the Doctor ran back along the catwalk to the other side of the pump. The Master watched the Doctor incredulously. "You have got to be kidding me."

The Doctor ran back to the main terminal, his sonic racing along the screen. "Come on!" He smacked the monitor, and then ran back to the pump, running the sonic along various pistons.

"Let's just run! They're out!"

"Do we know for a fact everyone's out? We didn't check every cave."

"You bastard you are going to get us both killed! What the fuck is wrong with you?"

The Doctor grinned. "Help me out, then. Are you going to let this thing kill us? Our lives are in your hands!"

"My hands? Your hands by the looks of it."

"Are you implying my hands aren't the safest?"

"That depends, are you seriously hitting that thing with a hammer?"

The Doctor looked at the hammer, looked at the Master and tossed it over his shoulder. "Humans seem to swear by it." He ran back to the monitor and ran his sonic along it. "It's over heating. We need to cool it down."

The Doctor looked up, searching for something. The Master hoped it was for an emergency release. The place was full of water, you'd think they'd have some on hand to cool the pump with.

The pump stuttered again, causing another rumble to knock the Master off his feet. The Master looked up and watched rocks shake free, some falling between the pump and its sleeve, some hitting the catwalk the Doctor worked on. The Doctor didn't seem to care about the danger they presented.

The Master ignored the Doctor racing back and forth above him and moved to the body of the pump. He watched it piston, the body slowly moving in and out of its sleeve. He knew what he was looking for and found it. A large group of rocks that were grinding further into the gears, scratching up both the sleeve and the pump, causing irreparable damage to both. He could see a thin layer of rock, but from the deep grind he could hear from within he knew there must be more further down.

The Master glanced at the Doctor. If there was a major obstruction in the sleeve no amount of sonicing or adjusting or even cooling was going to fix it. Well. It might, and knowing the Doctor he would find away, but the Master was done waiting. There was a faster way. The rocks could be removed manually.

Without a word the Master darted through a maintenance hatch and began to work his way down the body of the pump.

It was hot down below. Steam leaked from the gears around the pump and creeped up through the grating of the stairway he raced down. Every touch of metal hurt, and he regretted his bare feet, but it wasn't crippling. He'd endured far worse.

Down here the noise had amplified. The grinding was deafening, growing louder the further down he moved. And it was almost rhythmic. It wasn't in fours, but it was all encompassing. It reverberated off the walls, through the floor, and up through his feet into his very bones.

A wide, painful grin stretched across his face. He was used to this, and suddenly it was as though he could think again. All of his thoughts slotted into place, his feelings vanished, all his uncertainties and weaknesses melted away, and then he was flying, launching off the staircase, holding on to life by the tips of his fingers. It was fantastic.

It was almost disappointing when he reached the obstruction. A huge build up of rocks and various metals rubbing alternately between the piston and its sleeve.

The Master pressed up against the rail and leaned over as far as he could, his feet leaving the ground as he tried to get a better look. He could see an emergency release further down clearly put in place for this eventuality, but the block had managed to get stuck just above it.

With every labored movement of the pump a few rocks would slip down, but not enough. As he watched the rocks seized together, gradually creating an immovable wall that was scrapping the hell out of the piston and its sleeve, leaving a strong window of opportunity for this disaster to happen again before relaxing. The pump moved again, and the blockage firmed up. The Master could actually see the resonance race through the rock, and watch as the rumble began and then branched out, racing up the sleeve and through the structure, nearly knocking the Master off his already tenuous perch.

The Master laughed and rode it out, a large part of his mind screaming at him to let go and really feel the sound, become one with it as it destroyed everything around them.

But what would the Doctor say?

"Shut up!" The Master snarled at the pump, shoving himself away from the rail. "Just shut up!"

He felt a questioning brush of the Doctor's mind. He shoved it violently away and paused. It was only a moment, but a moment was all he needed to remember that he wasn't there to destroy the caves above him. He pressed back apologetically.

Now the sound that had brought him such pleasure brought him only anger. He bared his teeth and growled, his mind already racing with calculations. He needed to destroy something. The obstruction would have to do.

After watching the shift for a few minutes he found the weak point. He needed to apply pressure at just the right angle to knock the rocks through.

He considered jumping and doing it himself. He'd probably die. Probably. But that didn't really matter. The rocks would fall with him. He'd win.

He blinked and found himself perched on the railing. His mind had stopped him from moving any further. It reminded him that there was no way he could give sufficient force.

He climbed down carefully, his eyes tracking the stairwell for a maintenance locker. He found one several floors below.

The Master eyed the weak spot as he raced down the stairs. He felt he had more control over himself as he downed the first floor, but the further down he moved the further he lost himself to the beat. It drove away everything else.

He lost himself.

He came to with his arms bracketed around the locker. He didn't remember arriving.

That probably wasn't good.

He tore the door open and mentally cheered. A gun. He loved this place, really. So many weapons. His mind spiraled down, thinking about loading up, taming the beasts in the darkness and taking over the planet.

Another questioning brush of the Doctor's mind. Are you okay down there?

Shut up! The Master slammed his shields up, but he had control again.

He took down the gun, cracked it open, overcharged it. He honestly didn't know why the facility didn't just leave them overcharged. Who needed a gun that would leave a few scorch marks at best? He slung it over his shoulders and searched through the rest of the locker. There was a large cloth hose coiled in the back. The Master dismissed it. It wouldn't output enough water to cool this thing down. Must be in case of fire. Two knives. Useless. A few charges and a detonator. That might come in handy.

The Master raced back up until he found a good position. He stumbled as another rumble shook the structure. When he'd regained his balance he'd found the weak spot. In the constant shifting of the rock it had moved slightly, but he could still hit it.

The Master fired once. Twice. A third time.

The rocks caved slightly, but not nearly enough to free the structure. He snarled, disappointed, and unleashed hell, shooting it repeatedly until the charge depleted.

He swore.

There was a tapping on his shields. Master?

He lowered them. What?

There's no way to clear the blockage from here, and the machine is overheating too quickly. I have to release the coolant.

About time.

I can' release it with you down there.

I seriously doubt it's an instant freeze. It's just water, it won't kill me. You need to be careful though, there's a large build up down here that might not get cleared if you use up all the water and miss.

Can you clear it?

What do you think I've been doing? Knitting?

Ah, my sweet little house wife.

Master? That was a joke!


The Master sighed and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. I think I can weaken the blockage. From what I can see down here it's weakest right after the rumble. Release the coolant right after one and we might have a chance.

And how are you going to keep from getting swept away with it?

I've got an idea. The Master jumped off the platform and onto the rocks. They were in a constant state of motion. The Master dropped to one knee and tried to regain his balance. Once he could move without fear of falling, he placed the charges where they could do the most damage.

And this idea would be...

Don't you trust me? The rhythm was encouraging him to do stupid things, but he was making it work for him. He usually did. The Master took a running jump and caught the side of a platform two floors below. For a moment he thought he might fall, then his foot caught the lip and he dragged himself up

That seems like a loaded question...

I'm hurt. The rocks were beginning to firm up again. Get ready. The Master took off down the staircase back towards the locker. He felt more in control than he did during his last descent, though he still couldn't keep the bounce out of his step or the grin off his face.

It's not that I don't trust you...

It's okay, I'm the bad guy, I get it. The Master skidded to a halt beside the locker.

It's not that! Why would I take you with me if I didn't trust you?

You've always been rather stupid. He unhooked the hose and dragged it out.

Anyone can change, Master...

I wouldn't trust me either. It fell in thick coils around his feet.

Would you let me finish? You've died in my arms, Master. You purposely refused to regenerate. I just don't want to lose you. Not again.

The Master paused. He shook his head and wrapped the hose tightly around his waist, chest and arm. You ready?

Are you?

The rocks were almost there. He hoped the charges wouldn't be triggered by the movement and blow too soon.

Then the rumble came. The Master was jerked off his feet and tangled in the hose.

He hit the detonator and the charges exploded.

The Master was close enough to them that the heat burned bright, hotter than even the metal beneath him. Chunks of rock were blown apart, and while the whole structure dipped it did not fall. Then the water hit it. There was a wall of burning steam, and then the water engulfed everything.

The Master was torn off the floor and towards the sleeve before the hose jerked him to a halt, and he was left twisting in the water rushing around him. There was a loud noise, and then rocks of all sizes were flying around him, bouncing off his flesh and the metal.

Are you alright down there?

Just peachy.

And the block?

The Master couldn't see through the debris flying around him, though they were a rather strong indicator. I can't be positive. His eyes locked onto a larger rock swirling through the water. He plotted the trajectory without really thinking about it, and closed his eyes anticipating the blow. It hit, knocking the air from his lungs. Fuck. They failed and he floundered for a moment before his bypass kicked in.


Of course the Doctor would catch that.

How much longer can you stand it?

The Master focused. Long enough. He closed his eyes and held on.

Gradually the suction lessened. His feet touched the ground and then his body. Unobserved, the Master allowed himself to gasp and pant as he tried to unwind the hose.

There was a loud buzz, then the sound of the motor kicking in, and then the pump was moving fast in its sleeve without anything obstructing its path, so smoothly it generated almost no noise at all.

That was almost... depressing.

He could feel the Doctor's presence waiting for him to say something. A little ball of worry at the edge of his consciousness. He should probably do something about that.

A bubble of laughter escaped him. Then more, until it rang around him, clinging to the metal feeding, echoing back, until he was sure the pump was laughing with him. The worry above him intensified, but the Master couldn't stop. He curled on his side, his already exhausted lungs cramping as the laughter shook his thin frame. He laughed until it hurt, until he couldn't breathe.

Hands smoothed down his face. The Master grinned under the questing fingertips. "That was fun."

The Doctor helped the Master up, rather obviously checking him over. His fingers alighted over new injuries.

The Master hummed happily, his mind blissfully blank. He pressed past the Doctor's fingers and pushed his face in the curve of the Doctor's neck. The Doctor hesitated before wrapping his arms around him. "Let's go home."

The Master made a noncommittal sound. He didn't particularly care where they ended up. He didn't look up until the Doctor nudged him up onto the medical bed.

"Oh, gods not here again. Wait, where do you think you're going?" The Master caught the Doctor before he could step away. "I don't need or want to be here. Let's find somewhere else to be, yes? Somewhere flat." The Master nipped at the Doctor's neck. He thrummed with energy. He could still feel echos of the beat running through him. He wanted to destroy something. Leave bruises. Set off explosives. Jump off buildings. It was like the old days, back when the drums dictated everything. It was terrifying, and he loved every moment of it.

"Let me fix you up, Master." The Doctor reached for the bandages.

"Why?" The Master pounced, knocking the Doctor to the floor. "Hello, lovely."

The Doctor smiled sweetly and tugged the Master down. The Master lost himself to the kiss, pressing closer, licking deeper.

The Doctor gathered the Master close, then pushed forward until he was sitting with the Master straddling his thighs.

This was bliss. It was his for the taking. The drums never would have allowed him this freedom. He reveled in it.

The Doctor reached for the Master, then past him, reaching for something behind them. He came back with a roll of bandages and set them down beside them.

The Master decided he needed to work a bit harder if the Doctor was still able to think about anything but him, and attacked his mouth with renewed fervor.

The Doctor nipped at the Master's lips and guided him down onto his back. "Finally."

He worked his way down the Master's chest, pressing at his ribs. "Good. Not broken."

The Master groaned and sat up, knocking the Doctor's hands away. "I am clearly failing in some way."

The Doctor chuckled and pressed the Master back down. He drew up a leg and checked the Master's feet.

The Master covered his eyes. "No, it's you. You're failing."

The Doctor laughed and pressed a kiss to the Master's ankle before pulling back to push gently at the soles of his feet.

The Master sighed. "Satisfied?"

The Doctor kissed the Master's hands and helped him to his feet, leading him out the door. "Satisfied."

The Master frowned. He was tired of the affectionate treatment, and with the thrum running through his veins he felt more alive and wild than he had since his arrival. It was demanding something rough, and he was helpless, unable to disobey.

He tore his hands out of the Doctor's grip and pinned him to the wall.

The Doctor whispered words of encouragement every time they came up for air in a language the Master knew had been dead for eons. He dragged his nails through the Master's hair, digging into his scalp and the Master purred. That was more like it! For a moment he was happy they'd neglected to dress and dragged his hand roughly down the Doctor's back to the curve of his arse. The kiss was bruising, but the Master could feel the Doctor smiling through it. He growled in annoyance.

The Doctor laughed and pushed the Master back, leading him further down the hallway. The Master tried to pin the Doctor to the wall again, but the Doctor was able to at least partially fend him off until he finally caught the Master low across the hips and carried him bodily down the hall.

"Door!" The Master bit at the Doctor's jaw and up his ear.

"Don't ask me, ask her."

"I am asking her!"

A door appeared a few feet away.

"Thank you!"

The Doctor kicked the door open and slammed it shut, pinning the Master to it.

The Master glared and broke his hold, shoving him back enough to get a knee between the Doctor's legs. The Doctor twisted a hand in the Master's hair and yanked back hard enough to bare the Master's throat.

"Get on with it." The Master said, trying to disguise a rather embarrassing sound as a snarl.

The Doctor bit the Master's shoulder hard enough to bruise, and skated his hands up the Master's chest, licking back into his mouth. The Master was a bit surprised at the deep possessiveness of the gesture and the heavy press of his mind. He was having a hard time hiding how arousing he was finding it.

"Bed." The Doctor panted.

"Wall." The Master protested.

"Next time." The Doctor pealed the Master off the door and pushed him towards the bed.

"Are you always this needy?"

The Doctor laughed, and launched himself at the Master knocking him flat on his back. They bounced twice in the softness of the bed, jumbled amongst the sheets.

The Master was caught off guard, and his natural instinct was to attack back. The Doctor seemed to sense this and grabbed the Master's hands before he could ball them into fists and trapped them above his head. The Master thrashed in his grip, then changed tactics and bit into the Doctor's mouth, attacking him with everything he had. The Doctor matched the Master's intensity, keeping him pinned beneath him.

The Master's mind thrummed happily amongst the harsh pressure of the Doctor's lips and teeth, but soon the Doctor changed the pace and started slowing them down. He moved gently over the Master. Cherished him.

The Master shifted uncomfortably and twisted his wrists under the Doctor's grip. He wasn't used to this. He wasn't sure he liked it.

With how close their minds were the Doctor had to know the Master's unease, but he continued slowly and deliberately. He let go of the Master's wrists and trailed his hands down the Master's chest, pausing to lightly pinch his nipples before coming to rest on his hips. The Master thrust upward to encourage the decent, but the Doctor kept his hands where they were, massaging small circles into the Master's hips.

The movements were nice to be sure, but the Master wanted more and the Doctor wasn't giving it to him. He was done waiting.

He planted his feet firmly and flipped them over.

The Master tangled his hands in the Doctor's hair and smashed their lips together, uncaring when he cut his lip on the Doctor's teeth. The taste of blood made his senses sing. He ground his hips in hard, groaning as his cock finally slotted perfectly alongside the Doctor's. The Master thrust and was awash in pleasure.

The Doctor's responding pleasure echoed in the distance of his mind.

"Good, isn't it?" He trust harder, and lost himself for a moment before the thrum in his skull grew impatient and again demanded more. He positioned himself over the Doctor.

The Doctor caught his hips, leaving marks that would bruise later. "Stop. You'll hurt yourself."

"What makes you think I care?" The Master growled impatiently. He tried to sink down and felt a strong burn as his body protested. He choked back a whine, and then he was on his back and the pain was gone.

The Master threw his head back in frustration. "What are you waiting for?!"

"There's nothing wrong with taking it slow."

"I don't need you to take it slow! I'm not going to break!" He thrashed and tried to flip them back over.

The Doctor got a firm grip on the Master's calves and dragged him down the bed, until his arse rested against the Doctor's knees. He positioned one leg over his shoulder, and then bent the Master in half as he reached for something in the bedside table. He came back with a small bottle of lube. "Always makes things better."

"Always? How does it always make things better? If I was conquering Earth, how would lube make it – ah."

The Doctor positioned a second finger and moved them gently in and out, scissoring and loosening as best he could.

The Master keened.

The Doctor inserted a third. He moved his hand slowly and deliberately, drawing out every sound he could from the Master's throat.

The Master couldn't deny that he was enjoying the Doctor's attention, but he still craved more. He needed it to hurt. He tried to escape the Doctor's hold and get the upper hand, but the Doctor had him exactly where he wanted him. The Master was powerless in this position. He gripped his hands in the sheets and scowled at the Doctor. "Enough, I'm ready, get on with it."

The Doctor smiled and dragged his fingers firmly over the Master's prostate. He arched in the Doctor's grip, his back leaving the bed completely. "What makes you think I'm doing this for you?"

The Master glared pointedly.

The Doctor nipped the Master's ear and whispered, "Maybe I'm doing it for me. Maybe I like seeing you writhing on my fingers."

"Li – ah!"

The Doctor assaulted the Master's prostate with unerring precession. The Master bit his fist to smother the sounds he couldn't stop. The Doctor pulled it away. "No, no. I want to hear you."

The Master didn't want to give in, but soon the room was filled with noises he would be ashamed of later. All the while the Doctor's serene face watched him fall apart.


"You love me."


"Say you love me."

The Master dragged the Doctor down and bit him.

The Doctor pressed hard and the Master cried out, arching painfully. "Please!"

"Say it."



It was too much. His pride could take the blow. "Fuck. I love –"

The Doctor withdrew his fingers and the Master barely had time to register the loss before the Doctor sank into him fully.

The Master screamed.

The Doctor held himself perfectly still. His hands were anchored on the Master's thigh, and the curve of his back, offering support. He wasn't sure if the Master had done this before – he honestly didn't want to ask, he didn't want to think of anyone else enjoying this view – and he didn't want to rush into it and hurt him in any way. Nothing was worth that.

The Master's eyes had squeezed shut, and he'd turned his face, hiding it in the pillows scattered around him.

"Breathe." The Doctor whispered.

He watched the Master take a large, shuddering breath. Then the Master flexed around him, and the Doctor groaned loudly in the silent room.

After a few moments the Master was able to relax and open his eyes. The Doctor was staring at him like he couldn't look away. And he couldn't. There was sweat on the Master's brow and on his chest, he was still flushed a charming red that reached the tips of his ears, his hands were probably shredding the sheets beneath them, and he was the most beautiful thing the Doctor had ever seen.


The Doctor grinned and gave an experimental thrust. The Master groaned and flexed. It started a delicious cycle.

Then the Doctor thrust again, and found a rhythm that suited him; it wasn't particularly fast, but it was deep, and powerful, making it was clear he had all the time in the world.

The Master's body sang with pleasure, even the tips of the Doctor's fingers giving jolts of almost electric sensation, but his mind was still rebelling. It didn't want to feel the depth of the emotion the Doctor was trying to wring from him, it wanted pain. It wanted their coupling to be hard and fast, for him to lie broken afterward. You'll deserve it, it whispered, you don't deserve this. And the Master had to admit, it was true.

"Master?" The Doctor murmured. "Are you still with me?"

The Master snapped back to the Doctor's worried face. "Faster." He whispered. "Harder. Do something."

"Hmm." The Doctor bent the Master completely in half to nose at his neck. He pressed a kiss behind his ear, and licked at the sweat dampened skin. His pace remained steady.

The Master tried to close his eyes. The waves of pleasure were overwhelming, but his mind was still screaming out hate. He wasn't sure who it was directed at any more.

He finally gave over to it. He hated himself for it, but he was never able to resist the call of his mind.

Once he surrendered everything else seemed secondary, even the Doctor moving within him took on an outside quality.

There was a split second of confusion on the Doctor's face. Then the Master watched as his body began to fight, as his leg slipped off the Doctor's shoulder, and as he managed to flip them over, knocking them both off the bed. The Master narrowly avoided cracking his head open on the bedside table on the way down. They landed with the Master on top, and somehow the Doctor was still inside him.

His grin was feral. He raised his body until only the tip of the Doctor's cock remained, then slammed back down. The Doctor's head fell back as he groaned deeply. The Master's teeth flashed, and then he was moving hard and fast, leaving the Doctor helpless to do anything but meet the Master with thrusts of his own.

The ringing in the Master's head began to fade back, and he started to feel his body again. He faltered for a moment as he took over, but his mind pressed him to keep up the pace. And he has to agree with it on this point. He wanted, needed to feel this for days. He needed every reminder, anything that would help him hold onto this moment for as long as he could, because while the Doctor may want to live in a sugar coated fairy tale of his own creating, the Master knew how life really worked. He knew this may be their only chance, and he wanted to hold onto every bruise, every mark, and every ache. Everything from this night. Everything that would let him know it was real.

The Master screwed his eyes shut as he tried to keep it all in mind. As he tried to make it last. He didn't notice the Doctor slip into his mind, or the tears that started to track down his cheeks.

The Doctor slipped out of his mind with less finesse than he usually displayed and sat up, the change in angle completely throwing off the Master's pace.

Before the Master could complain, the Doctor kissed him firmly, silencing him. The Master decided to let it pass, and wrapped his arms around the Doctor's neck, losing himself to it.

The Doctor allowed this for a few minutes, then his hands drifted until they got a firm grip on the Master's hips. He shoved him up and back hard, knocking the Master back onto the bed.

The Master was disoriented and a bit confused. Then the thrumming in his mind reared up angrily and demanded he shove the Doctor down and take everything, but the Doctor was already up, already on him.

The Master glared angrily, but before he could say anything the Doctor sank back into him.

The Master failed to stifle the moan that slipped past his lips.

He was hopeful he'd angered the Doctor, and that he'd take it out on their coupling, but the Doctor resumed his pace. The Master could swear he even slowed down, just to mess with him.

"You ready?" The Doctor teased. He hiked the Master back into position, and slammed in, hitting the Master's prostate with every thrust.

The Master struggled fitfully, his hands finally going up to push back against the headboard, a litany of swear words falling from his lips in so many languages the TARDIS had to hurry to keep up, until all that came out was Gallifreyan.

The thrumming was deafening, and he felt himself drifting away again. The black started at the corner of his vision and worked its way up, until all that was left were the Doctor's eyes. Then his mind was flooded with warmth, love, acceptance. And the Doctor was in his mind with him. He was all encompassing.

The Doctor's mind smoothed over his, and then his mind was silent. The thrumming was gone.

The Master gasped in the sudden silence, pleasure overloading every sense he had, and then his orgasm blindsided him, his vision whiting out. The Doctor gripped the Master's hips and road him through it, then followed quickly after.

When the Master finally came back to himself his limbs were entwined with the Doctor's. He wasn't even certain who was technically on top, though he was going to go ahead and claim the title if only because he could.

The Doctor laughed affectionately and deliberately rolled, tugging at the Master until he rested against the Doctor's chest. Once the Master was settled, he nuzzled into the Master's neck, and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him in as close as possible.

"I didn't realize you were part octopus." The Master grumbled half heartedly.

The Doctor hummed and tightened his grip.

The Master expected his mind to rise up, but it remained silent, until he finally just let himself relax into the Doctor's embrace.

Before he could drift off to sleep, the Doctor's mind caressed his. The Master's mind reached out to meet it and meshed with it. The Master finally fell asleep running through fields of red grass, hand in hand with his Theta.

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