Old cars.

He kicks the tire angrily as he thinks 'Why today of all days you piece of shit… I don't have time for this'.

He sighs and looks around wondering how he's going to get to the interview on time now that his car had decided to die twenty minutes away from where he was going. He gets his bag out of the car and locks it then starts walking hoping to find a taxi. He walks two blocks and finds a garage… thinking they'll at least have his damn car going by the time he gets back he walks in to the office and waits.

"Hey… how can I help you" asks a voice from behind him.

He turns to say "My damn car died" but nothing comes out of his mouth as he takes in the gorgeous green eyed man in front of him.

Eventually he manages to say "My car".

The guy grins "What's wrong with it ?".

"I uh… have no idea… it just died two blocks from here and I have an interview to get too… I can't be late… would you take a look at it while I'm gone ?" asks the blue eyed man.

"Sure… no worries, leave me the keys and I'll bring it back here. Want me to call you a taxi or give you our loaner ?" replied the mechanic.

The blue eyed man glances at his watch "A taxi please… I don't have time to find a parking spot and be on time".

The mechanic smiles and reaches for the phone on the counter… calls a taxi then turns back to his customer "Ok… it'll be here shortly, now for those keys and what car am I looking for ?".

The blue eyed man hands him the keys "It's a red 67' mustang".

"Good taste… the older ones are the best… if I have the parts she should be up and running when you get back" smiles the mechanic.

"Great thank you… you're a life saver" the blue eyed man smiles back.

"Nah… I just love working on older cars… anything I don't have to hook up to a computer to fix is great" replies the mechanic.

"I'll be back after the interview… may I have a card so I don't get lost ?" asks the blue eyed man.

The mechanic grins and leans over the counter, grabs a business card and hands it over.

"Thank you…".

"Dean…" supplies the mechanic.

"Thank you Dean… uh Castiel Novak" he replies as he extends his hand.

Dean smiles and shakes the offered hand.

A car horn sounds and they both look up startled.

"That's your taxi… good luck" says Dean as he lets go of Castiel's hand.

"Oh… thank you, I may need it" replies Castiel as he gathers himself and walks out to the taxi.

Dean watches him go… thinking 'Wow… he has the bluest eyes I've ever seen and a damn fine ass even in those pants…'.

Castiel's mind flits back and forth between the interview he's headed for and the gorgeous mechanic he had just met. Men that stunning should be illegal in his opinion… they are almost always straight or taken or both. He sighs deeply knowing he's not that lucky… never had been. The one time he did get himself a hot boyfriend the guy turned out to be a complete asshole and it lasted all of two months. Castiel takes a deep breath and forces himself to think about the interview.

"Going to pick up a car… back soon" Dean calls into the work shop as he pockets the keys in his hand. His boss nods and goes back to working on the car he's under.

Dean walks the two blocks and finds the red mustang.

"Hello beautiful… your owner says you died on him" says Dean as he runs a hand over side of the car. He unlocks her and pops the hood… five minutes later he has her running enough to get to the garage.

Dean loves old cars and old cars love Dean.

He gets the mustang back to the work shop without any problems and goes to work, giving her a full once over. She's in pretty good shape considering she's owned by someone who obviously knows nothing about cars but the carburettor is shot and has to be replaced. Dean has the part in stock and sets to work.

He's sure he blew the interview… that they won't be calling him back as they said they would.

'Damn it… fourth one this week… I'll never find a job before my savings run out' he thought as he hailed a taxi and gave the driver the address of the garage. Twenty five minutes later Castiel stood outside Singer's garage hoping his car was fixable and wasn't about to cost him a small fortune. He walks into the office and waits.

"I have good news for you" says Dean as he walks into the office "It was just your carburettor, we had one here so she's purring like a kitten now" he grins.

Castiel sighs deeply "How much will it cost me ?" he asks.

"A hundred and twenty all up" replies Dean.

Castiel nods, thinking 'Well that's not too bad at least' as he reaches for his wallet.

Dean takes the money and prints out a receipt then hands it and the keys to Castiel.

"You have any trouble with her, bring her back to me and I'll take care of her…" says Dean.

"Thank you, Dean… I will" smiles Castiel as he thinks 'If only he were interested me and not my car'.

Dean walks Castiel out to the mustang "You don't know much about cars huh ?" he asks.

"No… not really. My brother gave me this one when he bought a new car… I know how to put fuel and water in it but that's about my limit" shrugs Castiel as they walk "Does it show ?".

"Kind of… but uh… you ever want to learn more, I'd teach you… free of charge if I get to tinker with this beauty" he offers as he gestures to the mustang, thinking 'Or if I get to tinker with you'.

Castiel smiles and nods "I'll think about it" he replies while thinking 'I'd rather you tinker with me'.

Dean grins and plucks the receipt out of Castiel's hand, pulls out a pen and writes his name and number on the back before handing it back.

"Call me if you decide you want too learn more" he grins.

Castiel can not help the slight blush that creeps up his neck as he takes the paper back, glances at the name and number "I will… thank you".

"Cool… I uh better get back to it then, nice to meet you both" grins Dean.

Castiel chuckles and nods "You too Dean, again thank you".

Dean shrugs "No worries just doing my job".

Castiel nods and watches him walk back into the workshop before getting into his car and starting her up.

He makes a slightly shocked "Oh" noise as the engine revs without a hitch and sounds better than when he first got her.

"I think we just found you a personal mechanic old girl…you've never sounded like this" says Castiel as he pulled out onto the street and drove home.

Blue eyes invaded his dreams that night… blue eyes, raven black hair and full pink lips that looked like they needed kissing and kiss them he did. Dean dreamed of the hot mustang owner, of Castiel and woke up with a groan as he realized it was all a dream. The kisses, the touches, those pink lips wrapped around his cock… all a dream.