Old Cars.

Chapter Forty One.

We fall onto the bed kissing and running our hands over each other. The last of our clothes are shed and we rub against each other, both fully hard.

Dean moans into the kiss before breaking it and husking "Need to fuck my husband".

I nod rapidly "Yes you do".

He grins and crawls half off me to get the lube while I wiggle a little to get my legs out from under his.

"Yeah wiggle for me baby" he chuckles.

I giggle and do it more.

"Oh yeah… that's good" Dean husks.

He kisses me again then kneels up between my spread legs.

I lick my lips and husk low "If we're going to fuck let's do it properly…" as I raise my leg past him and roll over onto my knee's and elbow's… ass up, legs spread invitingly.

Dean moans deeply and runs his hands over my ass cheeks "Such a perfect ass" he husks.

I moan and push back into his hands.

"Ok ok… if you need my cock that badly I'll give it to you baby" Dean says.

I hear him open the lube and moments later slick fingers are teasing my hole.

"Oh Dean yes" I moan.

We have sex at least once a day so neither of us needs much prep any more and after some teasing thrusts of his fingers Dean slathers his cock in lube and slips into me slowly with a drawn out moan.

"Oh yes Dean… so good" I husk as he bottoms out.

"Hmm Cas… you feel so good Baby" he moans.

"So do you" I husk as he starts to thrust slowly.

Dean runs his hands over my back and sides as he thrusts a bit harder.

I raise my hips as high as I can and rock back to meet him.

Ten minutes later Dean is thrusting hard and fast… fucking me deeply… he husks "My husband looks so good getting fucked into our mattress".

All I can do is moan, arch and rock back to meet his thrusts as waves of pleasure roll through me… Dean knows the perfect angle, knows just how hard I like it.

Gabriel nudges Sam and says "Told you they'd have a quickie… look at Cas's hair" as he spots us arrive at the reception.

"Ewww, thanks for that picture Gabe…" Sam replies.

Gabriel pokes his tongue at Sam who is very tempted to lean forward and suck on that wicked tongue. He restrains himself just…

"There you are… we started to think you'd skipped out on the party" says mom as we arrive.

Dean shakes his head and says smoothly "Nah, Sammy must have screwed up the gate… it got stuck and I had to fix it before we could even get out" he shrugs "Lucky I'm a mechanic".

I smile at Mary and add "He comes in handy".

She smiles back and nods "Well have the company look at it before you leave on honeymoon so it doesn't malfunction while your gone".

Dean nods "Yeah I will mom, I'll call them after the party".

We follow Mary over to the marquee to begin the celebration.

She leads us to the head table and we sit in the middle of it facing our guests.

They all clap softly and we smile happily at them… Dean's mom brings us a burgundy velvet box and says "I know you said no presents but I thought of something you don't have and need" she smiles as I take the box.

"Mary you shouldn't have but thank you" I smile back and kiss her cheek.

I gently put the box down and we open it, nestled inside are two of the most beautiful champagne glasses I have ever seen. Thick crystal goblets set on silver stems, the stems crafted to look like rose vines are running up them and supporting the glass. Dean etched on one and Cas on the other.

I gasp "Oh Mary they are beautiful… thank you".

"Wow mom… their perfect, thanks" agrees Dean.

"I wiped them out so you can use them now if you like" Mary say softly.

Dean nods "Thanks mom we will".

Dean takes mine out of the box and fills it for me then takes his out and fills it.

Dean's dad stands and raises his glass to make the first toast.

My dad makes the second then our brothers elect Michael to make the third.

A few friends have things to say then Mary announces that the buffet is open and everyone heads for the food and the open bar.

Gabriel leans over to me and whispers "So why were you late ?".

"The gate got stuck" I reply, sticking to Dean's lie.

"Yeah sure it did Cassie" he chuckles and winks.

All I can do is grin at him, making him chuckle more.

Sam nudges Gabe and says "We better get up there before the vultures eat all the food".

"You save the food and I'll rescue the bar before they drink it dry" jokes Gabe.

"Deal" grins Sam.

They get up head in different directions… I turn to Dean.

"Am I seeing things or are those two kind of close for knowing each other a week ?" I ask him.

Dean frowns and watches them both a moment "You think there's something going on with them ?" he asks.

"Maybe…" I say softly.

"I had no idea Gabe's gay" Dean says.

"He's not… he's bi… actually more like you, he likes the person not the gender" I reply.

Dean nods "Do you mind if there is something between them ?" he asks.

I shake my head "No… as long as they are both happy and you have no problem with it".

Dean shrugs "Sammy's a big boy, as long as they both want the same thing it's not my business who Sammy fucks".

"I had no idea he swung that way…" I add.

"He's like me… it's just he's only ever found one guy that rang his bell… years ago" Dean shrugs.

I nod and smile "Is my husband hungry ?".

"Starving… I worked up an appetite… fixing that gate" he winks.

I chuckle and lean close to him "You are such a bad boy".

"That's why you love me" he teases.

"One of many reasons" I reply before kissing his cheek and getting up.

Everyone ate, drank and danced until Mary had the caterer bring out the cake. We cut it, took photo's and danced, chatting with everyone as we did.

Everything was perfect and I will remember this day forever.

Late in the afternoon Dean whispers in my ear "Time to go home Cas… I need to get my husband alone again".

I chuckle "Your insatiable Dean".

"Entirely your fault Baby… you turn me on so much" he grins.

"I knew you married me for my body" I tease.

Dean nibbles my ear "Your body… your mind… your heart… your big cock".

I can hear the smirk in his voice and have to laugh at him.

"Take me home Love" I husk low and before I know it we are saying goodbye to everyone and heading back to our place to 'Pack and rest before our drive'.

The end.

~* There we are… wedding fluff for you all, hope you liked it ! I'm not sure if I will do a side tale of Sabriel yet but I will let you all know if I do *~