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Chapter 12: Splitting Our Existence

'Are you still with me, King?' A gentle voice whispered soothingly; prompting a dazed Ichigo to nod absently in agreement several seconds later despite the rush of dizzying sensation it sparked within the depths of an unsettled mind. Dulled chocolate brown orbs were fluttering open at the call of his doppelganger's concerned voice, tensed shoulders shivering softly as pitch black locks fell forward to tickle paled cheeks and the orange haired consort shifted restlessly within the encircling arms that kept him captive against a strong chest. Those restrictive arms, which had wound him up in a fierce embrace a long while ago, tightened ever so slightly when cold brushes of air skittered across the top of scruffy orange locks with every strained exhale that spilled past Older Ichigo's lips. But Ichigo hardly seemed to notice anymore, he was left breathing shakily through the hypersensitive sensations it chased across his skin. Wondering, not for the first time, just how long he had been kept captive in this near unresponsive state as he was now.

'Does it hurt, Ichigo?' The older being asked sorrowfully; repeating the same flow of questions that he had been asking for the last few minutes over and over again. Ichigo merely shook his head in the negative softly. It didn't hurt anymore either. The only problem that the orangette truly had, was breathing properly and the constant blur that had settled across his vision several minutes ago. He had stopped talking at his past self's insistence though, knowing that he had to preserve his strength somehow. But there was something very important that Ichigo had to say before everything started to fade away from him again; forcing him to part his lips in search of the words that were rushing through his mind so harshly. But the dazed orange haired teen was forced to shudder deeply at the press of warm lips that whispered against the top of his head instead; long fingertips twining reassuringly with his and the cool press of a forehead that fell against the nape of his neck so that distinctive tears could trace the back of his neck fairly coldly.

Ichigo said nothing against the display of his past self's tangible sorrow, merely reaching a heavy hand behind him to bury trembling fingertips in pitch black locks reassuringly. The black haired counterpart to his soul, the very being that had not left his side since he had been brought here, shivered restlessly at Ichigo's touch as a distinctive hitch in his breath teased the sensitive flesh at the back of Ichigo's neck. But Ichigo didn't mind, he was blinking lazily up at the eternal night sky that was spread above them now. There was no light from the moon present within this world anymore, silvery sands having been dyed pitch black beneath them as a million stars also started to blend and blur away from the orangette's curious gaze. And still, Ichigo was attempting to hide the subtle tremor that had crept into his limbs from it. He had stopped listening to his past self's advice about not moving though; shifting himself against Older Ichigo's side so that he could lay a forehead against the crook of a warm neck and breathe in the overly sweet scent of orange blossom, mint, chocolate and cinnamon that clung so addictively to tanned skin.

'I'm sorry,' Ichigo eventually whispered desolately, eternally grateful for the fingertips that tightened around his the moment that Ichigo's own emotions started responding to his doppelganger's state of being and he breathed shakily through several strained breaths that sought to overwhelm him with uncontrolled coughs again. The warmth inside of him, Ichigo noted absently, left him marvelling at the fact that his heart felt so rested for his body's upset state. But outside though, Ichigo knew that it was hauntingly cold. So achingly cold that the dazed consort was shivering near uncontrollably now. His hands, having previously gripped fistfuls of pitch black locks, fell away weakly as Ichigo was forced to lean more fully against a warm chest and to valiantly conceal the brewing pain that was rushing just beneath the surface of his skin. Through the eternal darkness that had enveloped the both of them however; only the weak light from the stars illuminating their twined forms, Ichigo somehow managed to bring a small smile of relief to his own lips the moment that a playful nose pressed against sweetly scented orange locks soothingly.

Providing the little bit of strength that he needed to carry on, Ichigo shivered through the unsettled sensations that were rising wildly within him once more. He knew though, that these sensations would go through several cycles of intensity before it would repeat itself and the pain again. First it would sear achingly against his skin and burn heatedly across his soul; breaking him apart piece by piece with the screams that came rushing forth from his lips as it brought along the undeniable taste of blood in his mouth and bile in his throat. Completely drowning the orangette in sickening despair and overwhelming pain where it eventually constructed a truly frightening experience that left Ichigo swimming through agonizing sensations that never seemed to stop. Simultaneously numbing his senses against the world as limbs trembled near uncontrollably just to regain some of his lost control; it would also bring along a few moments of gentle reprieve that was made up of eerie silence, distorting sounds and near blissful ignorance. But it was what came afterwards that Ichigo feared the most.

The part that dragged him into a dazed state that he wasn't so sure he would be able to return from next time...

'I'm hurting you too.' Ichigo murmured breathlessly; eventually having found his faded voice and will to speak as his brow furrowed at the watery chuckle that stained the top of his head and the despaired tears that fell from red pigmented eyes before disappearing into soft orange locks every few seconds. 'There's no need to apologize, King. You are not, I promise you.' A soothing tenor whispered reassuringly but Ichigo shook his head in the negative quite harshly, refusing to believe it. He was so hypersensitive to any form of touch now, that he felt every single drop of emotion, brushed with untainted sorrow, that flowed constantly into him from an uncontrolled and powerful pitch black reiatsu. And in that moment, Ichigo truly hated himself. He was not sure what to do anymore, how to soothe Older Ichigo's pain anymore than his own that was seeking to overwhelm them both from the inside out. So, in a last attempt to get his limbs to work, Ichigo leant upwards uncertainly and cupped his palm against a smooth cheek to trace away the crystalline tear that fell from long curling black lashes several seconds later.

'N-no, I am. I'm sorry, I'm b-being selfish a-aren't I?' Ichigo stuttered uncertainly, chuckling breathlessly at his own words as his black haired twin frowned deeply in concern before those soft strawberry red lips, the same colour as his own, parted to protest. Ichigo silenced his doppelganger instantly; laying trembling fingertips across luscious, velvet-like lips with a little shake of his head. He couldn't afford to be interrupted now. There was too much that he had to say before he started to feel the effects of the poison again. The dazed being was utterly captivated seconds later, however; chocolate brown orbs trained solely upon the slightly taller frame that was curled so protectively around him. So beautiful, Ichigo thought to himself absently. Weakened fingertips tracing those curving red marks that were laid below a left eye in thought. Crimson pigmented orbs were completely shattering Ichigo's soul with their sincerity from the inside, leaving messy pitch black bangs to tumble into sorrowful eyes to hide their emotional turmoil behind a veil of sheer regret.


'S-shush, let me talk, please. B-before I lose myself again.' Tears of regret were gathering in chocolate brown eyes; a single one slipping passed the orangette's notice as it trailed down his cheek heavily in a response to his doppelganger's own restless emotions. It was heavy again, probably dragging down his skin in a trail of blood as Ichigo leant upwards to bring their foreheads together tenderly. 'I take and take and take and I n-never give back, even from you. I don't even k-know what to call you! A-and s-still I refuse to call you by the name you were born with. You are your own person too are you not, m-my King? I know that you keep saying we are the same: 'I am you as you are me', b-but it doesn't feel like that to me. To me...t-to me, you too should stand beside our beloveds. You deserve them more than I do, after all. B-but I-I'm s-selfish too...' Ichigo breathed heavily, his forehead falling heavily against a bare shoulder that was covered in a splay of hip-length pitch black locks as knowing arms curled around his waist protectively and pulled him closer so that a soft sigh rustled messy orange bangs uncertainly.


'I-I w-want to stand beside them a little longer too, I c-cannot give them up anymore and neither can I keep living your existence so selfishly. I d-don't k-know what to do anymore, I-I―.' Ichigo stilled abruptly, chocolate brown eyes clenching shut in strain as the orange haired consort was forced to struggle through heaving breaths when a ragged cough suddenly lodged itself in his throat at the undue distress. A sickening flood of blood was racing across his tongue in dizzying amounts, the scruffy orange haired being shuddering internally through the effort that it took to use his own hand to cover his mouth just so that the older being did not see the internal damage that had already torn through his soul. He could hear his past self tsking irritably behind him, a sigh of exasperation tickling his nose when warm fingertips brushed through messy orange locks and a soothing palm rubbed Ichigo's back until the worst of his sudden coughing fit subsided. Older Ichigo's hand coming up to rest against the fabric drawn across Ichigo's heart to still the racing beat into a more controlled rhythm again.

'Baka! I told you that you have to keep calm, King, no matter what. You're only making it worse but thank you. You are kind, little one, infinitely kind.' The black haired being whispered softly through his own strain. 'But you forgot what I said the first time we formally met in this plane. The bond that exists between us is stronger than the bond that ties us to our lovers' souls. I can feel your emotions as you can feel mine, I can halve your pain when I need to, little one, and control your mind from falling into darkness. And so, I can see the world through your eyes just as you can call on the 'memories' in my blood to strengthen your instincts and power. It doesn't matter if you see us as one or two...our souls were born from the exact same existence, Ichigo. We are the same. However, I can understand why you can't see it that way. Our memories are still too far apart, making it feel like we have lived two separate lives up until now even when it's not true.' The black haired being said soothingly, his lips pressing against a furrowed brow as he carefully laid Ichigo back against the sand to make him more comfortable.

'Both our 'souls' feel incomplete because of the rift I created when I separated myself from your consciousness when you just were four years old. I sealed myself and all my memories into this plane to protect you from the emotional anguish you wouldn't have been able to understand or live through without being severely traumatized. I still stubbornly refused to allow my 'past' to overwhelm you in your human life, because I thought that your innocence should be protected at all costs. But I was wrong in this one, wasn't I, Ichi? I never meant to create this pain inside of you too. This infernal incompleteness that makes it hard to breathe sometimes. So, you may call me whatever you wish, my King. I'll not hold your desires against you. It is only fair that you get to choose my name then, but I will still remain a part of you. That can never change.' Ichigo breathed shakily at the tender thumb that swiped beneath his eyes to capture the trickle of blood dripping down pale cheeks.

'You are the centre of our entire existence, Ichigo. Our beloveds' souls are all tied to your soul, not mine. I am also dependent upon you, so remember that.' Ichigo shivered softly at the implications of those words. Where deep within him, brewing warmly in the pit of his stomach, was something that was akin to relief and flowing acceptance. Even though Ichigo was still not completely coherent enough to truly understand everything that his older self had just spoken to him, he did smile softly in return. His previous upset state and misgivings, simply falling away when Ichigo rested his ear against a soothing heartbeat and the older being came to rest next to him on the sand. Ichigo's black haired doppelganger didn't seem to be bothered by trembling fingertips that reached upwards to tug hip length pitch black strands towards him absently, leaving Ichigo to crave their comforting touch again. Splaying thick black and luxuriously soft strands all around him in a brush of nostalgia, the orangette marvelled internally at the softness that seemed to envelope him in a world of sheer bliss now.

'Mugetsu...' Ichigo said softly, watching with quiet fascination as his doppelganger's black brows furrowed deeply and he looked down at Ichigo with a confused frown. Fingertips instantly trailing upwards to press against the orangette's forehead to feel for the state of his fever as Ichigo chuckled softly at the bewildered expression that was crossing those warm features. The orangette's mind was spinning again, his head falling back against the sand as a heavy weight was suddenly lifted from his chest mere seconds before the uncomfortable fire of pain brushed against the skin of his arms and worked itself inward towards his heart once more. And it had just felt as if he could finally breathe again, Ichigo thought sadly. He was stilled however, when his doppelganger spoke to him calmly through his rising anguish. 'I'm impressed that you can unconsciously recall the name of this technique, Ichigo, even when I've never told you. But what has that got to do with anything?'

'It's your name silly...Mugetsu. You said I could give you a name and I think it suits you...'

'Very original, little Ichigo.' The newly named Mugetsu noted exasperatedly as the older being chuckled in amusement when Ichigo scoffed at the claim.

'Oh? Like y-you were original when you named H-Hichigo?' A sudden melodious burst of laughter echoed into the depths of a far removed world as Ichigo blinked rapidly against a rush of frightening misery that was once again streaking across his heart and seeking to consume his soul in a cold blackness of fear and rising anguish. Completely blacking out the small touch of pleasure that he had just felt, Ichigo was forced to endure this cycle of pain once more as he bit his tongue to keep back the rise of his coming screams. The orangette held onto his will as best he could though, his grip tightening around pitch black locks as Mugetsu pulled him closer and steadily raised his own reiatsu as a catalyst to soothe away the pain that Ichigo was feeling so irrevocably. It didn't help much, but when he laid Ichigo onto his back so that he could bring their forms closer together; the older being pressed their foreheads together tenderly as he hummed softly in thought. An unbearable sorrow was creeping into his red pigmented orbs as he watched the anguish saturating those beautiful chocolate brown eyes glaze over and dull at the sinking claws of reality.

'Touché, little one, touché.'

'Does it hurt, Mugetsu?' Ichigo asked softly an indiscernible amount of time later, messy orange bangs falling forward to conceal chocolate brown eyes as the younger of the two panted for his lost breath and a sudden ominous ringing began to echo within his ears.

'Does what hurt, Ichigo?' Mugetsu asked tenderly, somehow already knowing what his younger counterpart was asking as he leant protectively over Ichigo's form and brushed bright orange strands away from a sticky forehead. Ichigo leaned into the touch uncertainly, quite startled when pitch black locks suddenly disappeared in a flare of visible black and red reiatsu before scruffy orange locks, in a reflection to his own, tickled across his cheeks softly and the older being sighed in disappointment now that his powerful reiatsu seemed to have run out. The younger of the two frowned a bit though, bringing his fingertips up to trace the curving lines that were placed so provocatively beneath a left eye. They were pitch black instead of the usual red that Ichigo had seen not too long ago and also those red pigmented orbs...they hadn't returned to their chocolate brown hue either despite the gaze of affection not having lost any of its potency...

'Dying with regrets?'

'It does, Ichigo. But dying alone I am sure feels much worse, just like you died alone at Renji's hands. I am sorry that I couldn't protect you then, Ichigo, like I couldn't now.' At Mugetsu's softly spoken words, Ichigo merely shook his head in the negative quite harshly. His lips parting to deny it, but he was forced to call after his orange haired twin however when a glow of light ignited across tanned skin and the older of the two was suddenly wrenched backwards with an unnamed force. Ichigo screamed out in fear, fingertips reaching out towards the being that was taken away from him as he sobbed helplessly at the excruciating tear and fracture it created against his soul. It was enough! Ichigo called out sorrowfully; his mind shutting down in despair when the presence that had kept him company for a long time completely vanished from within this plane and Ichigo was overwhelmed with rushing emotions and flickering images of a life he had not yet had the chance to experience...

Ichigo was crumbling on the inside, sobbing his new found fears as his soul desperately cried out to every single of his beloveds that were tied so irrevocably to his soul. Seeking to ground himself in the eternal darkness, his screams ringing deafeningly within his ears... Zangetsu... Tensa Zangetsu... Hichigo... Ichiru... Ryuu... Mugetsu...he didn't want to let go of them anymore. He didn't ever want to let go of them again and Ichigo would fight as hard as he could at the follies of fate as his mind suddenly exploded with excruciating pain and the bile that had been rising in his throat, suddenly tainted the silver sands instead when Ichigo became overwhelmed with heaving breaths that no longer seemed to help control his body. He was losing it, the previous calm he had felt replaced by despairing cries as a new and utterly terrifying loneliness broke achingly across his skin...

'Mugetsu...' Ichigo called forlornly; fingertips digging uselessly into pitch black sand as his entire being tumbled into an oblivion of terror and rising anguish when no trace of the soul that had kept him company here was to be found.


A single golden eye, resting upon a sea of black sclera, blinked away a display of harsh emotions as it remained sharp and intensely focused despite the fact that Ichiru was gazing despairingly into a pair of orbs that were the exact same hue and colour as his beloved Ichigo-Koi's. A deadly serious glint of determination and ragging concern seemed to have saturated dark chocolate brown depths; surprisingly gentle fingertips unwinding a bloodstained bandage from around the white haired being's head to gain a better look at the damage that had been wrought upon the King's left eye as Kurosaki Isshin sighed softly in growing exasperation. Forcing the Second King to hiss painfully at the dried blood that irritated the wound when the material was removed, an irate Ichiru blinked rapidly against the harsh artificial light that flooded the hallway outside of the Royal Chambers where they all found themselves now. A sickening trail of crimson rivulets, like weeping tears, slid down a pale cheek one for one as the former Gotei-13 Captain tsked at the sight and reached for a clean cloth to clear away the flowing blood tenderly.

'It looks deep, Ichiru.' Kurosaki Isshin noted concernedly; tanned fingertips pressing softly against the unmarred flesh that was next to the cut to assess the devastating damage more carefully. A flicker of green kaidō was encircling the fingertips of a right hand, a single golden eye digging deeply into the depths of the spiky black haired father's soul as it flooded the younger being's countenance with rising helplessness and growing despair the more that time seemed to pass. Creating a swirl of emotion that was quite vivid and intense for one with such stoic features, Isshin could only watch helplessly as that injured golden eye remained dulled and drained of life in the complete opposite image to its twin. It was not looking good, the older being thought absently to himself, not good at all... Always mindful of the bleeding wound that descended diagonally from the top of a white brow, dissected straight through the centre of a golden eye before coming to a stop in the middle of a pale cheek; Isshin carefully and gently began to seal the wound with passing fingertips as he worked around the weak reiatsu that the attacker had left in the cut itself.

It should not have taken much work to disperse the attacker's power with a mere touch of Isshin's intricate skills and vast knowledge of healing kido. But the unusual sensation that now flooded the former Juubantai Taichō's kaidō, felt completely off to Isshin's trained senses as it stopped him from sealing the wound correctly. It was almost as if something indiscernible and artificial was blocking him. Preventing the older being from healing the wound as he barely managed to stop the flowing blood or caused his own reiatsu to worsen its already delicate state. This was not something that he wanted to see at that moment, Isshin thought despairingly. With all the fear that Ichigo's current state had brought forth within him on top of the attack a mere day ago, the clawing and desperate concern Isshin felt for his son's health forced him to acknowledge the very real possibility that he would have to live through his firstborn's death a second time. It was inconceivably terrifying to him, and now this injury as well! His child was still far too young to be forced to live in the constant conflict between Hueco Mundo and Seireitei, Ichigo's soul far too unbalanced to deal with a full dose of Soul Society's particular brand of lethal poison...and Ichiru, he was―.

'Oi! Oyaji! You need to reel in your reiatsu, damn it! You're antagonizing Hichigo.' Ichiru's reprimanding voice suddenly scolded; forcing the older being from his despaired thoughts as black nailed fingertips wound in the fabric of a black hakama and dragged Isshin's attention to where Ryuu was settled by his and Ichiru's feet. A pale temple was resting against Ichiru's white hakama clad thigh; dishevelled and messy white locks falling across a rested knee as the younger of two sat on the floor to keep out of the way but close enough so that the older of the two could keep his triplet's wavering emotions stable. From where Ichiru was settled in a window seat and in front of a standing Isshin, the Second King buried warm fingertips in orange striped locks soothingly just as the spiky black haired father closed his chocolate brown eyes for several seconds to collect himself more fully. Isshin was whispering a soft apology soon after, a reassuring hand resting against Ichiru's shoulder when the Mei-Ou shifted restlessly at kaidō infused fingertips that returned to an unhealed and still sluggishly bleeding wound.

In the corner of the black haired Shinigami's eye, and resting against the imposing double arched doorway that lead into the Royal Chambers, was the tall form of the eldest of the Triplet Kings, Shirosaki Hichigo. Hip length white locks were tumbling in a dishevelled mess over a tensed shoulder, the beginnings of a black and white bone mask covering his left eye as a menacing tapering horn started to take shape and dazed golden eyes, tinged red in growing rage, gazed sorrowfully at the crescent moon that was hanging low in Hueco Mundo's eternal night sky. The image of the royal crest, three large eastern dragons entwined in a deadly embrace beneath a jewelled crown, seemed to rise over his shoulders in menacing protection as he rested one foot against the door and kept a careful ear trained on the happenings inside the room they had been forced to vacate except for a blonde haired scientist.

A sudden deafening crack, however, signalled the eldest King's remarkable ability in keeping himself in control now that Isshin's reiatsu had settled down. The First King also briefly nodded his gratitude to the exceedingly tall figure; cloaked in a flowing floor-length coat, that was standing beside him in support. Zangetsu's materialized form keeping a calming hand resting upon a trembling shoulder reassuringly as the older spirit carefully subdued Hichigo's upset state by using his own reiatsu as a catalyst. Leaving a concerned Isshin to sigh softly in relief when the exceedingly tense moment faded, the former Shinigami frowned abruptly in frustration as he gazed at Ichiru's wounded golden eye with new determination again. There was no conceivable way that he could see himself being able to save its sight though, so the burden was going to have to fall on Ichiru's own shoulders...

'You're going to have to use your rapid regeneration, Ichiru. It's most probably going to scar but your sight may be saved―.' A deeply bitter chuckle suddenly erupted from pale lips, the resounding noise startling Isshin harshly as the Second King leaned his head away from healing fingertips and gazed down at the polished floor spread below them instead. Floppy white bangs, skittering messily across his injured eye as it threw a dark shadow over the deadly grin that was pulling at pale lips; left Isshin to frown deeply at the unusual display of amusement from the middle triplet that was usually the most collected of the three. A sly blue tongue was swiping across pale lips absently, gathering the droplets of blood that had traced across his mouth as black nailed fingertips tightened in Ryuu's hair warningly when the younger being's reiatsu suddenly flared dangerously high in a response to his brother's upset state. Ichiru was glaring deeply at the Shinigami before him now, a small hitch tainting his breath when Isshin pushed his chin upwards to keep bloodied white locks from falling into the wound and irritating it any further.


'I can't, Oyaji.' He admitted softly. 'You think I haven't tried to heal it myself? Something like this wouldn't be any problem usually, hell I've healed a gaping hole in my chest without even using so much as a third of my reiatsu. I'm telling you now, Isshin, that the Shinigami have gotten very clever this time around. They are playing dirty. They've managed to counter our rapid regeneration somehow and I can tell that you probably won't be able to do much other than seal the wound.' Isshin was clearly alarmed by those words, resting kaidō infused fingertips across the gash one last time to check, to make sure that there was not something else that he could do. But what Ichiru had said seemed to become a startling reality now. The spiky black haired father sighed softly in ragging concern as he reached for a clean roll of bandages after twenty minutes when, just as Ichiru had noted, he had only barely managed to seal the injury and stop the bleeding. Isshin really did not like this, things were happening too fast for him and they were all wasting time here. He had to make sure that these three were alright first however, even when he was very reluctant to entrust his most beloved first son's soul to Urahara Kisuke's care for now...

'We'll have to talk to Urahara about this, my third son. I really don't like the look of it. But for now, you should be alright for a while. I'll get you something for the pain in a bit, but I'm going to keep it wrapped up just as a precaution. Ichigo however, I know, is not going to like this when he wakes up.' And no one, despite the very real possibility that Ichigo may not wake again, pointed it out to the older man that was stubbornly clinging to the last of his hope. They all were and just as it seemed as if the passing time would steal that from them as well, a startled cry suddenly escaped Hichigo's lips as the long white haired King stumbled forward from his perch and gazed over his shoulder in surprise when the Royal Chamber doors were pushed open from the inside. A head of ash blonde hair, no longer hidden by a white and green striped bucket hat, peeked into the hallway curiously as Urahara Kisuke forced a small smile to cross his lips before beckoning Isshin, Zangetsu and the Triplet of Kings inside with him.

It was at that exact moment where Hichigo; previously having been barely aware of his surroundings at the utter fear that had enclosed his heart in a first of ice, took in every critical detail that was spread through their chambers with growing desolation. There was a crystal vial of red blood balanced between Urahara's fingertips nonchalantly, his back turned on their presence for a few minutes as he gazed into the crimson liquid intently. A visible green barrier was drawn across the large canopy bed that they shared with their beloved; Ichigo's exceptionally pale form just notable beneath the shimmering light as the orange haired teen remained unconscious atop the sheets. Having somehow thrown himself onto his side, tanned fingertips were digging unconsciously into black silk sheets as struggling breaths barely rose and fell with a heaving chest. And to Hichigo, Ichigo's entire being was far too still and pale as the beads of sweat settled across a pale forehead, trailed in glistening drops down his temples before disappearing into sweaty orange locks that were sticking to a deeply furrowed brow.

It was the tie that was wound so irrevocably around the Kings' souls that informed them, quite startlingly, of the orangette's usually powerful reiatsu that was wavering dangerously low to create a deep, overwhelming and frightening sensation of loss. And in those harsh, panicked inducing moments; Hichigo could barely keep himself back from letting go of the control that he had managed to chain around his precarious emotions. Pitch black fingernails were digging into the palms of his hands; Zangetsu's rising presence straying closer to him as Hichigo's soul instinctively began reaching out to the pale form that was spread so hauntingly upon dark sheets. But there was no answering call to his cries. Allowing bloodied cuts to start flowing with new blood again, the white haired King felt his entire form start trembling in a response to those ragging and clawing fears. He didn't know how much more of this he could take! It was getting very difficult not to fly into a terrified rage when Ichigo's soul was only a pale shadow of the strong presence it used to be.

'Urahara...please!' The white haired being called out desperately; shuddering against the two overwhelmingly powerful presences that suddenly came to stand behind him. Two very different hands curling around each of his shoulders to keep him grounded as Isshin and Zangetsu barely managed to still his reiatsu that was lashing out of his soul and seeking to strengthen the wavering bond that was flitting away from between him and Ichigo. He could already feel the sharpened tip of Engetsu resting upon the beginnings of a black and white mask that was forming over his left eye for the fifth time that day; his gaze forlorn and lost as black nailed fingertips wound in a dark cloak when Zangetsu's soothing baritone washed over him in a calming brush and Isshin's reiatsu, so similar but completely different that Ichigo's, abruptly shattered the beginnings of a Hollow mask before sheathing his sword once more. The eldest King fell exhaustedly against a strong shoulder, his gaze making contact with sharp grey eyes mere moments before Kisuke nodded at his call and turned his full attention back to the five people that were standing before him now.

Sighing softly at the sight they made, Urahara cast his knowing gaze upon Ichigo's form one last time before turning to observe Ichiru that was staring at the floor and Ryuu's form that was near despondent with his shock. Folding his hands in dark green haori sleeves to conceal the vial of blood from the three beloveds' eyes should they be affected by its sight and smell more, Kisuke briefly spared a thought of regret for the anguish and suffering that was exploding throughout the castle that night. Isshin also, one of his closest and oldest friends, was looking to the side in regret; brown eyes refusing to leave his son's paled features as the blonde haired man drew in his breath and prepared himself for the worst. Benihime was already humming by his side, released from her cane as he pressed a sharpened tip against his calf and closed grey eyes to collect himself for what he knew was to come.

'Right, how do I put this, Heikas without you breaking down the castle.' The instant that those words passed his lips, a ragging cry of despair could be heard echoing into the distance with heartbreaking emotion as Ryuu wailed his fears and nearly lost his balance if Ichiru had not gripped his brother's waist to steady him. 'I haven't said anything yet, Ryuu! I'm sorry, young one, that was probably not the best way to put it. This is important however, so listen until I'm done before you start drawing your conclusions.' At his subtle reprimanding words, it still took several moments for the Three Kings to compose themselves once more and when the gentle murmurs went quiet; the older Shinigami sighed softly and turned his attention back to his anxious audience. 'I can help Ichigo but at the same time, it is not I that can help him per say. This poison, it's too complex to analyze in only twenty minutes and I cannot spend more time on it without risking Ichigo's life further. But I can tell you that it is extremely strong. It was probably modelled after the poison from 200 years ago, but this time they seemed to have added an element which I cannot trace.'

'Ichigo received a full dose of it and won't last much longer on his own, even with the help of this kaidō barrier. He also doesn't have to the Saigo No Getsuga's indiscernible power to keep himself stable for the twelve hours like he had managed to do last time, it is remarkable that he has managed to keep himself steady for four hours already. But those are just the important facts that I need you to keep in mind, Heikas, before you make your choice. We do not have the luxury of time. However, before you think he'll not survive and that all hope is lost, there is still one way that I can think of that will save him. I'm going to need your consent and help to use it, though, but I had really hoped that I wouldn't have to even bring this up. Isshin, you already know this though because I told you the possibility of it when we came here. But I know that Ichigo himself forbade me from ever unsealing its accursed existence. If we can do it for a few minutes though, it should still hold an affinity to protect its Master's life―.' The blonde haired scientist was suddenly forced to trail off with an overwhelming flood of powerful reiatsu as menacing golden eyes suddenly narrowed at his words and strong shoulders became harshly tensed with climbing rage.

'Your explanation is too long!' Hichigo bit out warningly, inevitable spots of black already dancing before his vision before a flood of calming reiatsu suddenly managed to still his uncontrolled power. Isshin's grip tightening around tensed shoulders as the white haired being shuddered and trembled through another flash of uncontrolled sensations that was seeking to explode out of him without his consent. He really couldn't keep it back much longer, Urahara's words were only making things worse because to Hichigo it sounded like there was very little hope left for his beloved's life to be saved and the eldest King could feel his very soul crumbling at the press of reality. He really could not live through this again, not again. He could not wait another two hundred years, not after they had just regained all the loving warmth and flowing sunlight that broke through their dark existence in this eternal night.

'We're going to have to use the Hōgyoku.' The instant that that word left the older Shinigami's mouth, a hysterical chuckle escaped pale lips as sharpened canines tugged painfully against a pale bottom lip and tears of frustration crept into dulled golden eyes as a flicker of hope suddenly dulled in their vast depths. 'Are you kidding?' Hichigo asked painfully, his mind starting to shatter at those words when he felt a spark of pain erupting across the depths of his heart and soul the more that the reality of what Urahara had just said saturated his mind. Hichigo was silence abruptly, however, when he was pinned with a very serious gaze that held no form of jest within them. 'B-but w-we can't, Kisuke! It's been sealed for over three hundred years! You know that it can only be used when there is a being worth enough to be birthed into an Arrancar and the King is already a hybrid soul―.' This time, the voice that spoke out to interrupt Hichigo, was not one of reprimand or concern but one of fierce determination.

'Do it.' A commanding voice suddenly claimed; several pairs of surprised eyes turning towards the white haired being that had just spoken as Ryuu come to a standstill beside the large canopy bed where Ichigo was. Careful to keep from interfering with the barrier, the Third King with two dragon like tails trailing down his back in a dishevelled mess, rested a pale forehead against the dark bed post as his fingernails dug into the wood and he turned his attention back to Urahara. There was not an ounce of regret in his words, not an ounce of wavering emotions and uncertainty. A dark seriousness had entered golden eyes as his two brothers became utterly speechless at his words. The unwavering resolve within his straightened back, the small spark of hope he had found, saturating golden eyes in a fire that was so similar to Ichigo's frightening orbs when he entered the heat of battle and the youngest never gave his triplets an inch to protest his words.

'We are wasting time here arguing over it, Urahara.'

'Are you sure about this, Ryuu? I don't think Hichigo has realized it yet, but Ichigo is irrevocably the Hōgyoku's Master. His will, will always command it. You are aware of the consequences though? The few seconds that it will take to heal him, the orb is going to read the depths of Ichigo's heart and attempt to recreate his greatest wish. It will fulfil its Master's command, so it can change even your own fate now―.'

'You think we give a damn what happens to us? Without Ichigo, there is no us anymore. I can tell you now that I speak for all three of us that whatever is in Ichigo's heart, whatever his wish is, it won't matter in the end. We know him, he knows us and whatever happens, he'll always be our Ichigo. Watching him die from something like this a second time will break us all and this time we probably won't come back from our insanity. Everyone is going to be dragged down with us, you know that. There won't be a Soul Society anymore, there won't be a Hueco Mundo and the world will come to an end because the balance will be thrown off.'

'So do it, already! I'll take responsibility for it if Ichigo gets pissed later.'

Deeply serious grey eyes were gazing intently at the spread of pitch black reiatsu that had filled up and blacked out the entirety of a level ninety bakudō (1*). The intense barrier that Urahara had cast around the large canopy bed the instant that they had taken away the unsealed Hōgyoku from Ichigo's heart, was only barely keeping the orange haired consort's response to the orb's power and previous presence contained. Forcing Kisuke to keep his senses trained upon the uncontrolled reiatsu that was crashing and flowing rapidly on the inside of the barrier, tearing at the edges with an indiscernible sensations that were quite frightening to experience on his own... Urahara could only marvel internally at the startling display of power that was locked within a single soul as it left him to shiver under its oppressing touch. When Ryuu had seemed to offer his brothers the hope that their beloved would survive this earlier; the entire atmosphere inside the palace had shifted to become more relaxed. Isshin having had to take the triplets outside however, when they were left far too emotionally unstable at Ichigo rising strength to stay close without being affected by his reiatsu as well.

So here the blonde haired shopkeeper was left by himself, placed inside the middle of Isshin's own barrier that had been drawn across the Royal Chambers to seal off the sensations of Ichigo's reiatsu from overwhelming the Arrancar and other Hollows inside Las Noches. Watching over his own straining barrier whilst rebuilding it every time that Ichigo's reiatsu exploded out of its constraints and sought to tear through the castle in alarming amounts; the construction of this double barrier had been a genius invention created specifically for this purpose. To seal in the power of any of the Three Kings or Ichigo himself. It took two Captain class Shinigami working in perfect synchronization to keep it stable, but with the sheer and vast amount of Ichigo's reiatsu alone...it still wouldn't be able to keep itself standing for long periods of time. So he and Isshin were both left rebuilding and recasting its net every twenty minutes from both sides, Isshin using Engetsu as the anchoring point and Kisuke's Benihime becoming the structure of the barrier itself.

Such reiatsu depletion was a very small price to pay for a beloved and invaluable life, though. Leaving all those close to the ruling five and the Three Kings themselves relieved and grateful when the sickening taint that had stained Ichigo's blood, had faded away immediately after Kisuke had rested the unsealed Hōgyoku across his heart. The blonde haired scientist had been very careful to keep it there for only a minute to completely restore Ichigo's soul and wavering reiatsu back to normal before it had tried to fuse with its Master's soul. After that, Urahara had sealed it once more and cast a barrier around Ichigo's form before the orb's power could truly be felt or change the orangette's soul too much. However, the wild and unstable flare present in the little consort's power now; Kisuke could be sure that that part had already happened even when he didn't want it to. This overwhelming, incessant play of power and reiatsu had been going on for a full hour now, longer than any time that Kisuke and Isshin had previously needed to keep such an intricate barrier stable.

But all they could really do was wait. Ichigo's fate was left in his own hands until his reiatsu settled down by itself and his consciousness decided to wake. The only truly disconcerting thing was that Kisuke couldn't see what was happening inside the barrier itself, he could hear nothing either. He could only feel an indiscernible power that was streaking powerfully across the walls of his kido in the form of a frightening sensation that he had felt once before when he helped Ichigo right after Aizen had been killed. It was confusing though, when he couldn't understand why it would be there and where it was coming from. Because back then Ichigo had been in the state of Saigo No Getsuga, having to wait an entire three years until a new white Zangetsu had been forged within his soul. When another flare of powerful reiatsu suddenly forced the older being back into reality again and to start rebuilding the walls of his barrier, he knew that they were in for a long wait. Ichigo's power just loved to defy the rules of the universe...surely this time would be no different.

By the time a fourth hour had passed; Urahara was nearly depleted of all his reiatsu. His entire mind hanging onto the last tethers of consciousness before an overwhelming exhaustion was to drag him into oblivion without his consent. So, it could only be considered pure luck that a sudden and powerful flare of Ichigo's reiatsu burst forth through the confines of his bakudō, popping its structure like a soap bubble before abruptly disappearing back towards its master soul. Breathing an audible sigh of relief that the flow of that pitch black reiatsu had not reached his position, the blonde haired shopkeeper could only force himself to stand shakily mere seconds before a gasping breath rang startlingly loud throughout the depths of Royal Chambers. It was almost as if Ichigo was taking a breath of life, his reiatsu instantly becoming more rested and calm in its upset state as it flowed much more naturally and evenly than before. Perfect, Kisuke thought absently, he was just about to lose himself to a place where he could not have kept Ichigo's power contained much longer.

As a precaution though, Kisuke rebuilt the barrier one last time by using the fading dregs of his power before letting the barrier fall after ten minutes had passed when nothing further happened. The instant that his kido fell away, breaking the seal on his sword and Isshin's as well, a thick cloud of pitch black smoke filled the chamber. The distinctive feeling of reiatsu having induced the flood of that smoke, left one Urahara Kisuke fairly patient in waiting for it to clear as he became aware of the sensation of two beings―. Wait two?! No, that wasn't quite right; he thought to himself in harsh reprimand. There should only be one... Stepping closer for a better look, the older being could only gaze down in slight panic at the two forms that were twined so closely together on the bed sheets of a large canopy bed. It was absolutely astounding, Kisuke thought to himself. One of them possessed a reiatsu that was undetectable to his senses but their aura felt exactly the same, both of them near identical except for one that was perhaps a bit taller than his twin and the distinct black estigma that was drawn beneath his left eye instead of red...but the sight they created remained startling all the same.

A pitch black Tensa Zangetsu, the usual black and red hilt having disintegrated to display menacingly expanding prongs, was nestled between the two of them. The long splay of a black chain having wound restrictively around both of the orange haired beings' arms, displayed their twined fingertips as the Ichigo that looked slightly younger that his counterpart, leant into his older twin's encompassing warmth comfortingly. And it was with a startling clarity that the older Shinigami realized just what had happened. Oh dear, it seemed that those three were in for quite the surprise...Isshin as well. Slipping a dark green haori from his shoulders so that he could cover the newly born soul's nakedness, he cast a fading flicker of kaidō across their forms to check the progress of their health as the blonde haired man shuddered deeply at the mere thought of what those three would do to him should they know he had seen Ichigo naked. Although, it was debatable as to which one was Ichigo, if not the both of them were...but the result would still be the same.

Noting the deep, near fatal scar that was drawn across the slightly taller being's abdomen and chest, Urahara recognized it as the ones that he had healed himself a long time ago as a splay of an intricate black pattern was traced across the orangette's left shoulder, arm and twined to the tip of his wrist to set him apart from his twin. Both of them, Kisuke realized, even when the newly born being's reiatsu was completely untraceable to his senses, shared the exact same aura of commanding power to their forms. No, they were the same being, he was sure...split across two bodies as the younger one seemed to feed off of the older one's more stable powers. Kisuke had never seen anything like it, but this was certainly not a bad change he thought absently. It seemed that the both of them carried the tie that bound them to their lovers and Zanpactōs souls; simultaneously sharing the heavy load that Kisuke had known Ichigo's soul struggled to support all on his own by acting as the medium that tied them together. Perhaps this wasn't such a bad change as he had first thought, but the ultimate choice would be up to his lovers in that aspect.

After making sure that he could not detect any form of poison or any upset in their health, Kisuke kept the kaidō barrier in place just in case as he started to make his way towards the large double doors with slow steps so that he did not lose his balance or stumble in his growing exhaustion. Benihime was once again sealed into his cane as he prepared himself for the worst, where he knew that dealing with something like this was going to be quite interisting and entertaining. Perfect, something he needed to lighten all the dark emotions that had been streaking through Las Noches for the last six hours irrevocably. After pushing open the large, heavy double doors; Kisuke cast his exhausted gaze upon the beings that were all seated in the hallway across from him and as close to the doors as they could get whilst still remaining comfortable on the floor and window seats. Smiling softly at the sight that Isshin made with Ichiru who had fallen asleep on his left shoulder, Hichigo not far behind him on a right shoulder and Ryuu, a little more brazen in search of comfort, was fast asleep on a black hakama clad thigh as Isshin himself remained seated with his back pressed against the wall.

Both his palms were resting against the red hilt of his sword, Engetsu's unsheathed form having been driven into the ground between crossed legs as the sight of the blonde haired scientist finally prompted the former Juubantai Taichō to let go of the barrier that had been drawn light blue across the outside of the Royal Chambers. Dark circles of fatigue were drawn beneath chocolate brown eyes as the black haired Shinigami, fairly calm in his role as a guardian (well father actually) shifted slightly to make himself more comfortable around the bodies that were pressed so close to him. They were all his precious sons after all, Kisuke knew. Just as he had called them that many times before, every single one of them. Even when the Triplet of Kings was a lot less affectionate and patient with Isshin than Ichigo was, their bonds did not change. Engetsu was after all the being that had been their creator before they had been split from Ichigo's soul, just as Isshin had been Ichigo's creator.

It was a tender sight, something that the blonde haired man had not seen in a long time as sharp chocolate brown eyes, still focused despite their exhaustion, seemed to gaze at him with a strong inquiry.

'They should probably come inside and sleep,' Kisuke noted softly. Remaining quiet in his footsteps all the same, he leant his back tiredly against the wall next to Isshin as he cast his gaze upon the eternal night sky that was reflected upon the polished floor below his feet. The artificial lights had finally been switched off; Kyōraku Shunsui and Coyote Starrk having disappeared back into the castle with the oddly missing presence of Zangetsu as well. But when he inquired after the Zanpactō's presence, Isshin told him quietly that Zangetsu had returned to Ichigo's Inner World a half hour ago when he knew his presence would aid Ichigo's recovery instead of hinder it. Keeping his silence for a few moments longer to collect himself, Urahara concernedly observed the blood stained bandage that was still settled across Ichiru's left eye even when he knew it had been clean several hours ago.

'How are they, Isshin? That injury of Ichiru's looks fairly dangerous.' The spiky black haired Shinigami sighed exasperatedly as he leaned his head upwards to gaze at the stars outside of the window behind him, trying to take in the calm before the storm he knew was coming when Urahara finally decided to divulge the information that was sparkling so amusingly in the depths of teasing grey eyes. 'Soul Society seemed to have found a way to counter their rapid regeneration. I could do nothing more than seal the wound, but it started bleeding again a while ago. I don't think it's sunk in for him quite yet, but that eye of his will be useless now. As for Hichigo, he's finally calmed down and Ryuu, he seems a bit more rested than before but I'm sure that they want nothing more than to see Ichigo for themselves. So, how long are you going to keep me in suspension here? Is Ichigo alright?'

'I can see that teasingly glint in your eye, Kisuke, don't ignore me, damn it! You've found something interisting in Ichigo's soul again haven't you? I'm warning you now, you better stop that because apart from me, these three are going to tear you apart if you become any more infatuated with my son than you already are.'

'You know me too well, old friend.' Kisuke grinned deviously as he chuckled softly at the tanned fingertips that buried in Ryuu's long white locks when the younger being shifted restlessly in his sleep, just like a father was prone to do to a restless toddler. Really now, Isshin had been a father for way too long, he was very protective over his little ones even when they were hundreds of years old themselves. 'Do you remember what you told me the first time you held Yuzu and Karin several years ago, Isshin-san?' The spiky black haired father frowned deeply, chocolate brown eyes looking at his friend for any reason to his question when he shook his head softly in the negative. His mind was far too tired to search his memories for an answer, but he was willing to entertain Urahara for a while longer before drawing Engetsu on him to get his answers.

'You said, "I wish I could have another pair of twins to keep things lively here. I want to keep Ichigo happy, look, he's so excited to be a big brother.' He was still very young then, only four years old at the time. But I remember that day well because Masaki scolded you with a book when you got overly excited and woke Ichigo when had finally fallen asleep next to his mother.' At shopkeeper's words, Isshin could feel himself frowning a bit in remembrance as a small smile crossed his lips and he gazed into grey eyes with his own brand of affectionate pride. A small laugh escaping his lips as brown eyes turned towards the open chamber doors in front of them where he could just make out the flicker of a green kaidō barrier.

'I remember, but what has that got to do with anything? Are you trying to remind me that I could never stand up to Masaki's rage?'

'No, not quite; old friend. It seems that you have just gained your wish. Just as these three have gained a new lover.'


Mugetsu... Someone was calling out to him sorrowfully, calling a name that his King had given him not too long ago. But who was it? And why was it so dark here, damn it?! He could see absolutely nothing around him or in front of him. Other than the familiar feeling of a smaller form curled close to his chest and the restrictive bind of Tensa Zangetsu's black chain that was wound around his right arm, the older being could only instinctively pull his ward closer to him in concern when he cast his straining senses outwards in an attempt to perceive the world around him. There was absolutely nothing recognizable around him; no sand from the eternal deserts of Hueco Mundo, no light from the stars and moon, only a spread of harsh glass and concrete beneath him as he shifted restlessly at his ward's cry of pain. That however, was not helping him in finding a way to explain the sudden shift in his awareness or the pained voice that was calling out to him so powerfully and continually.

A startled breath seemed to drag painfully against his lungs several seconds later, a winding string of restrictive sensation tightening around his heart as a growing restlessness began to streak across his veins and his heart gave a painful lurch as someone called out to him in need again. His name was echoing inside his head over and over again, as if to cement into him its identity as the orange haired being parted his lips to call back. Pale eyelids attempted to flutter open but something unbearably heavy was weighing them down, keeping him captive in this eternal oblivion that seemed oddly soothing and warm against his skin. The small form in his arms shuddered again, soft strands of hair tickling his chin and neck as a hitched breath rushed across the sensitive skin of his neck and sharp nails dug into the bare skin of his chest. His voice was getting stuck in his throat though, Mugetsu struggling to find something to keep his mind from drifting away from him as a heartbreaking scream began tainting the air around him.

It hurts, Mugetsu! Where are you? Please don't leave me too! Red pigmented eyes finally broke through their heavy restraints at that, pale eyelids fluttering open sorrowfully at that wailing voice that sounded so much like his own, but still so completely different at the same time. Even with his eyes finally open, the world was still pitch black around him but something in that crying voice had brought him back to reality. He remembered now. That was Ichigo, little Ichigo that was calling out to him so sorrowfully. The soul that had been born out of his existence, the same being as him, the same beloved to stand beside the Three Kings of Hueco Mundo. But why did he sound so far away? And so unbearably sad? The slightly smaller form in his arms was trembling now, the distinctive slide of tears staining his chest as Mugetsu curled his arms around a thin waist and pressed his lips to the top of a spiky head. The being jerked at his touch but still did not wake; something that worried Mugetsu greatly because he remembered what had happened now.

Ichigo had been poisoned and he had to keep the King awake.

Ichi...Ichigo! P-please wake up, King! You have to stay awake! A concerned voice echoed harshly into the distance; spreading into the vast darkness around them even when Mugetsu had not spoken the words himself. But the sheer sound of it somehow made the younger being still in his arms, those tremors lessening as an overly warm forehead pressed against his chest in search of comfort and the sound of the younger soul's growing upset could be heard once more. No sure what to do anymore, Mugetsu allowed a flood of his own reiatsu to explode out of his soul in a heady rush. Odd though, he could have sworn that he had run out of power a while ago when something unknown had taken him away from Ichigo's side. But it seemed to enclose the both of them now in a more powerful brush, winding them up in a warmth that was both very familiar and utterly soothing as the newly revealed black haired being shifted restlessly at the feeling of hip length pitch black locks that fell against his spine and his younger counterpart that gasped against his skin at the flowing presence of his power. Pulling Ichigo into a seemingly more coherent state, Mugetsu could only sigh softly relief.

Mugetsu...it hurts...they are hurting...

I know, King. I can feel it too. We have to return. He whispered softly, wincing at the sensation of restless fingertips twining in long locks before tugging harshly at pitch black strands. To red pigmented eyes though, the world was finally starting to lose some of its overwhelming darkness as it started to take the shape of an odd world that was turned on its side with endless skyscrapers and a moonless night that was illuminated with the glow of a million starts at the edge of his blurry vision. Mugetsu shifted restlessly again, gazing down at the messy orangette that was resting in his arms. Pale eyelids were clenched shut against the flow of emotions, a sprawl of messy orange locks feathering across pale cheeks, concealing the peak of those red brush stroked lines as strawberry red lips parted at the consort's internal anguish. Reaching warm fingertips upwards to brush messy locks away from closed eyes, the scruffy sprawl of orange in a style that he remembered well, to wipe away the subtle drip of tears falling down fevered flushed cheeks every few seconds.

Wake up, Ichigo! Please, open your eyes!


I'm right here, Ichigo. I'm not going anywhere.

The instant that those words echoed into the vast distance, chocolate brown eyes snapped open in surprise. Somehow managing to simultaneously drag the both of them into consciousness, Ichigo could only drag in a breath of anxiety when it felt as if the world was ripped from beneath his feat and his heart twisted painfully in his chest with every terrifying second that passed. Within the Royal Chambers of Hueco Mundo, exactly twelve hours since Urahara had successfully managed to heal Ichigo from the spread of poison and given him the power to survive death; two very similar being opened their eyes to the eternal night spread outside the open windows. And within a second of crushing reality two simultaneous cries of fright could be heard echoing into the night as both Mugetsu and Ichigo managed to startle the Three Kings from their evening slumber spread beneath the sheets and laying close to their beloveds forms.

It seemed that the chaos had begun...

1* Bakudō – Way of the Binding

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