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The bluette gulped loudly, as he looked up at the large building in front of him. It towered all the others with its forty stores. He didn't look too sure, as if he was considering if he had really wanted go to inside, since he had never had any trust in glass constructions.

'Yet, that shit has to be done. There was no damn turning back!'

He gathered his all courage and went straight through the, as well made of glass, door that opened instantly as he walked closely. Welcomed him white corridor with a few photos of different landscapes on the walls and even white tiles on the floor. On both sides of the door was standing one medium high orange tree (very possibly artificial) and on his left was a reception with a black haired man. On his id was written: Arystar Krory. Said man finally noticed Kanda and smiled at him.

"Oh! Good morn-… Ha?" The receptionist's eyes widen in surprise and his one white strand of hair shook slightly, as the guest after making a eye-contact with him glared, turned around quickly and walked out of the building. Krory scratched his head.

"What was that just now?" But at least he sighted and was back to his work.

Outside the bluette took a few deep breaths.

'Fuck. Fuck fuck! There is not going to happen! I came all the way here. I can conquer the fucking stupid meeting!'

After last glare that scared a few passers he put a poker face and only after three seconds he was standing in front of the reception's window. And this time the receptionist smiled at him (although a little bit surprised) and tried again.

"Good morning! How can I help you?"

"I'm here to see dr. Walker"

"Oh, you came to him! Floor 23, fell free to use the lift. Good luck!" Krory waved at his guest.

The bluette went his way to the nicely looking elevator and put the button with '23' on it. Inside it everything was white as well.

'Tsh. This building looks like one huge hospital'

A while later his journey ended and as the door opened he went straight to the black haired woman who was sitting behind a long wooden desk. She was so absorbed by her work, that she noticed him only after he stood opposite her. She looked up and smiled shyly. With shaky voice she asked:

"Good morning. Do you have an appointment?"

"Yes, my name Kanda"

She checked in her calendar.

"Oh, yes, indeed. Come in, doctor is free now" She pointed to the white wooden door on her right.

The bluette had verified carefully if there was no crumpling on his black suit and azure shirt, straightened his nave blue tie and done a lot of different useless at that moment things. On the corner of his eye he saw the woman looking suspiciously at him, so he finally knocked. Nearly instantly he heard loud:

"Come in" So he made his way in.

"Good morning"

"Good morning. Please sit there" Doctor indicate the chair in front of his desk. "And please wait a minute or so, I have to finish something quickly" The man's eyes never left his documents."Do you want coffee? Tee? You want tee, great. Green tee can make it. Sugar? Milk? No, great." He spoke to the to the receiver:

"Miss Miranda, could you bring here two cups of green tee, please? One with sugar. Thanks" And was back to his work.

Kanda took his place in front of the doctor's desk. He checked his clothes again. Sitting here by no means helped him relax. Furthermore, he was even more nervous and impatient. He tried to compose himself and looked around the doctor's office. Inside all was designed exactly like outside, but the wooden elements were brown.

"What do you think about my office, Mr. Kanda?" Doctor's voice interrupted his little inspection.

"I think it's…" Kanda wandered about adequate word"… nice"

Dr. Walker smirked.

"Very diplomatic answer. Congratulation"

Kanda looked suspiciously at his companion. After their 'exchange of views' both of them went silent. The bluette heard that Dr. Walker is quite weird and he was sure that that was right, but he couldn't place it anywhere. After all doctor looked rather normal: white stands of shoulder length hair, round, pretty face, small nose, shapely, lightly rose lips and this alluring gray-blue eyes that were now fully concentrated, but you could practically feel that the owner knew what was happening with you.

'Divisible attention' Kanda thought. 'Yep, it has to be that'

"Divisible attention" Kanda heard. "It's quite useful in my profession" Dr. Walker explained calmly. "As well as absolute memory. And you know-"

This time Kanda exploded.

"I'm sorry Dr. Walker, but looks like this conversation is going to nowhere. Could we please-"

"Kanda Yuu. Son of the philanthropist Froi Tiedoll, but took his mother maiden name. Works as a businessman like his father in his company 'Lotus Cosmetics Corporation'. Age: 29, unmarried. Finished studies at Harvard. Do I have to continue?"

Kanda was staring with wide open mouth. Doctor smirked again.

"I always checked any possible information about my patients. After all it's my job to KNOW." He took depth breath. "So like you see we don't need any introductions" He closed his documents loudly and finally put his head up and looked at his client. "Now I'm ready, but please don't think I was ignoring you all that time, you have to understand. Professionals like me needs to finish what they started" He explained with expression like it was totally obvious. "So, what brings you here?"

Kanda took more time to calm down, but doctor never interrupted or hasten him. He was just looking expectantly and patiently.

"So…" Kanda started unsure.


"I was just wandering if you could… Or would in that case… Because like you know I… Oh, wait, you don't know yet!" Kanda's hands covered his face in shame.


"Come in"

The door opened at the dark haired women from before walked in. She was shaking or over her body, what made her stepped on her floor length dark violet dress and she nearly dropped what she was holding. The whitette in an instant was beside her and took the tray with two cups.

"I-I-I'm so-o-o sorry!"

"There is no need to be. Miss Miranda, thank you for the drinks, you can go back" Walker smiled reassuringly.

She bowed slightly and went out. Doctor put the tray on his desk. While he was moving his long white medical coat waved and revealed his grey shirt and deep blue jeans.

Kanda took one sip from his cup, put it back and looked at Dr. Walker. The latter's voice (calm, stern, not too loud) and behavior (no unneeded movements) was really professional, there was no doubt about it.

"Let's start from the beginning. What kind of problem do you have?"

Kanda was glad for the help.

"Sexual problems"

"More details"

"I… It's like… Because when… Shit" Kanda was stuttering again. He rested his chin on his palm and his eyes were wandering everywhere but not at Mr. Walker's ones.

"You cannot react in the proper time, like too slow or too fast, you cannot cum while you are aroused, even if you cum the fluid is blue-"

"Can it be blue?" Kanda asked with unbelieving look.

"No, but maybe yours would be first" Dr. Walker smiled innocently.

"Nevermind. So? How you can explain your reactions while having sex?"


Doctor rise his left eyebrow, so Kanda repeated.

"There is no reaction"

"And that's your problem?"


The whitette tried to hide his smile.

"I'm sorry, it could be personal question, but maybe you just never found proper partner?"

"I don't care about the partner. I'm too busy and absorbed by my work to find one"

"So why do you care now?" Walker looked curious already.

"My father wants me to have one. He thinks I would look better with somebody on any events" Kanda said like that was unimportant and waved his hands in the air. After that he looked at the floor, for a moment deep in thoughts.

"So as you can see-"

"Yes, I can see" The bluette was so absorbed that he didn't even notice Dr. Walker movements so his husky voice so close to his ear slightly surprised him. Kanda's sentence was cut by pair of hands that appeared from behind and encircled his neck, then slowly went down to his chest. But doctor didn't stop there. In, what looked like to Kanda, slow motion he went in front of his patient, palms never leaving their ways, now placed on the abdomen. As they made their way up again the whitette sat on Kanda's lap straddling him, so he could practically feel doctor's penis on his own. At least Kanda didn't know on what should he concentrate more: doctor's hands massaging his stomach or his hypnotizing eyes, shining with passion and want. Walker's face was closer and closer. When Dr. Walker's breath ghosted on Kanda's lips, the latter closed his eyes and waited unmoving. But them never met. Instead doctor's head turned left, leaving a warm trial on his check. Kanda was abruptly took back to reality, as doctor blown gently into his ear. Next thing the bluette knew was that Dr. Walker was sitting again on his chair behind his desk, writing something.

Kanda sat with wide open eyes, too dazed to move.

'Was it just my fucked up imagination…?'

"Looks like your body reacts properly" And after second thought:


Kanda was back to life.

"What means: nearly?"

"You closed your eyes as I was about to kiss you, yet you didn't get aroused at all"

The whitette was in a professional mode again.

"So what should I do?"

"Tomorrow. Five o'clock is ok? Great. We will make routine tests at first. There is no signs that there is something weird or abnormal. Maybe it's just lack of testosterone?"

Doctor lent to the receiver:

"Miss Miranda, sign Mr. Kanda on tomorrow at five, thanks"

Dr. Walker signalized the end of the visit by standing up and holding out his hand to shake, so Kanda did the same.

"Please remember about the visit tomorrow" Then he suddenly smirked" And I'm glad to welcome you in my clinic as my new patient"

'Fuck. In what swamp I put myself into…' Kanda pathetically thought to himself.

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