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I parked my navy blue Lamborghini on Allen's driveway and walked quickly to the front door. It was cold and we had a long way before us. I pulled out my own keys and as I was opening the door I smiled at them – they were another proof that Allen finally trusted me.

I quietly walked in, closed the door behind me and headed straight to the kitchen, where I would most probably find my lover.

"Oh,Yuu! You're here already!" Allen ran from upstairs and didn't bother to come down the whole way, he just jumped the last few steps into my arms.

"Ah, I managed to come quicker than I thought." I smiled at him and I felt that he was smiling too into the chaste kiss we shared.

"Are we ready?" I asked when we let go.

"Nope, we need this." He said and in one minute he was back with a big basket of food. I looked questioningly at the enormous amount of food that we were supposed to take.

"Do we really need ALL of this? Are we going to eat this on the way?" He only rolled his eyes and pinched my nose lightly.

"No, you idiot." He whispered affectionately. "But we will need it at home. And Yuu, don't ask. You'll see." He winked at me and we rushed outside to the cold. Because I was the one caring the big basket, he closed the door, while I headed slowly to my car.

"Eee… Yuu…?" His voice stopped me and made me turn around to look at him.


"Yuu, park your car in my garage." He instructed me and walked to the garage's entrance to open it.

"But why? Don't tell me you're going to go there on foot… Oh, shit!" I couldn't cover my face due to both of my hands being occupied. Allen smiled from ear to ear and stepped aside, for me to see his car.

"A jeep. A fucking huge jeep." I couldn't stop myself from commenting that. My cute, little and adorable Allen was driving this, this… this monster?

"Haha! Oh, Yuu. Believe me. Where we're going this car is going to be a lot more useful." He gave me a knowing look, so I just decided to drop the topic. And we did like he said– he drove out with his silver monster and after placing the basket in the trunk I parked my own car inside the garage. He closed it and turned on the all the alarms. It wasn't my car, so I just went to the driver seat.

"Yuu, not there!" Allen laughed and threw his car's keys into my open palm. I looked at him, for a moment standing still from the surprising move, but he only passed me, giving me a light kiss on the check, and sat in. He looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to get in too.

-/- time skip -/-

"Are you really sure that we should have taken a right turn and not a left one at that last crossing?" I asked Allen.

"Y-yeah… I'm totally sure about it…" He definitely didn't look too sure. I sent him a glare.

"What? I'm not good at directions!" He shouted back like it was normal to get lost in a situation like this one.

"Allen, for God's sake! How can you not know the road to your own home?"

He crossed his arms on his chest and looked at the window.

"I'm sorry for getting lost easily. It's in my nature, that's all." He pouted angrily, yet so cutely!

I smiled at him, but we didn't have many things to laugh about. We were totally lost in the middle of nowhere, two hours late to Allen's family's house.

I sighed. But then…

"Ah! Yuu! I know this road!" He shouted happily. "Turn right!" He ordered, proud that he'd found the correct way.

"Yes, yes. Right away." Since then he started pointing in what direction to go without hesitation. Finally, on the forest's periphery, that we were lost in, I saw a little village.

Wait a minute. A little village? With twenty houses and a church and nothing else? But wasn't Allen's family, I don't know, like super rich?

"Eeee.. Allen, are you sure that it's here…?" I asked, but one look at him confirmed my doubts. His eyes were sparkling with happiness.

"The last house on the right. Park in front of the house." He told me and soon we were in front of a big, nice looking house.

"Yuu, wait here a moment. I'm going to check if Tim is locked!" He managed to shout out to me before he quickly ran out of the car to the front door. He opened it without a problem and waved at me to stay there, before he rushed in.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

Thirty minutes.

How long could he check on 'Tim'? Annoyed, I stepped out and leaned on the car. It was then that I heard rhythmical impacts from behind the house. At first I managed to restrain myself from going there to find the source of the voices, but my curiosity soon won me over.

I closed the car and slowly, but with pride, began sneaking to the back of the house. At first I only tried to lean far enough so that I was able to see, what seemed to be something like two meters tall, red-headed man with a huge axe cutting a large piece of wood.

I looked suspiciously at him. Just yesterday snow had fallen, yet this man was working without his coat or even a plain shirt! His strong muscles were moving with ease.

"Hey, if you are going to stare, then help." Suddenly a deep voice woke me up from my thoughts. I looked back at the man and saw his gold eyes looking at me too. Fuck…

"What? Scared that an old man can cut more logs than you?" He asked snickering. And he was definitely looking down on me. No fucking way I was going to live with that.

Challenge accepted.

"Che, no fucking way I'm going to let such an easy challenge go away." I spat angrily at him and with grace with one move I took off my jacket and shirt. He smirked at me, I took another axe, and the game began.

-/- time skip -/-



Two voices shouting behind us made us finally stop our crazy contest. When I turned to them I saw Allen looking at me with worry in his gray blue eyes. The same went for the black haired woman by his side, but she was looking with concern at the man beside me. In a moment they both ran to us and covered us with our clothes.

"Oh, my! Yuu, what the hell were you thinking?! It's snowing, it's cold and yet yo're not wearing your coat!" Allen was shouting angrily at me after he made sure that I was more or less okay. He put his hands on his slim waist. "Yuu Kanda, explain right now!"

Oops, he was reaaally angry.

"Sweetheart, it's just…" I tried to calm him down a little.

"Don't you 'sweetheart' me!" He yelled at me than turned to the red-headed man.

"Dad, what the hell did you make him do?"

Wait, what? Dad?

I thought terrified, glancing at my previous competitor. This wasn't the best start, I wanted to make a good impression… Ah, me and my fucking bad luck…

"Ah, honey, I would love to know what made this young man stand out here in this freezing weather with you." The black haired woman's voice made sure to tell us all that she was expecting an answer. The man looked away.

"I didn't do anything. I just challenged him to cut the logs, dammit!"

"Ah…" Both Allen and the woman sighed.

"I'm sorry for my husband." She smiled apologetically at Allen and me. "I think that that wasn't the best first impression, but…" She put her palm on his shoulder. "...let us start again. I'm Allen's mum, Anita, and this impressive man beside me is Marian Cross." She smiled proudly at him. He hummed something barely audible.

"Nevermind. Let's go home." He finally spoke. Then he kind of smirked at me, put his arm around Mrs. Anita's shoulder and guided her home leaving a shocked me and smiling Allen. He had to pull me by the arm to make me move.

"Yuu, you did great." He whispered to me, as we walked inside and he helped me put my shirt on.

"I-I did?" I asked, still not thinking strait.

"Ah, I think he likes you." He smiled and leaned over to give me a quick kiss.

"Allen, your big sister just called us. They will be here shortly. Come help." Mrs. Anita called to Allen.

"I'm coming mum!" My lover answered and pulled me with him. I sweat dropped when I met Mr. Cross's killing intensions in his eyes. I guessed, that was because he saw us kissing.

We walked to the big kitchen and were given plates and cups to put on the table. While we were working by the table, Mrs. Anita was making sure the food was ready and Mr. Cross… well he just sat on the huge armchair placed close to the burning chimney, his murderous aura more visible any time I even accidently touched Allen. This made me sure – Allen was his 'dad's beloved son'. I sighed, making the white haired beauty marry me wasn't as easy as I thought it to be…

But it looked like that wasn't my only problem, oh no.

Suddenly, the big front door opened with loud 'bang' and a not so high boy rushed in, not bothering to take his wet snow shoes off.

"Mum! Dad! I saw Allen-ni-chan's car in front of the house! Where is he…?" Good thing that I took the plates a minute ago from Allen, because the second the boys saw my lover he jumped at him, which in turn made them both turn around a few times. If it wasn't enough, when they both landed on their asses on the floor, a big golden Labrador ran to them and began licking Allen's cheeks and nose.

"Timothy! How are you? Ah, Timcampy, stop this! Haha… Tim, stop I'm telling you!" Allen was shouting his questions, while the boy and the dog tried to get as much attention from him as they could.

"Allen-ni-chan! Come, come! Lena-one-chan is here too!" The boy called Timothy pulled Allen by the edge of his shirt to the main entrance.

"Oh, my! Everyone is coming at the same time!" Mrs. Anita said and took me and her husband to welcome the rest of the guests.

But wait… 'Lena-one-chan'…

The wave of cold wind made me to look at the opened door, Lenalee and all her kids rushed in, every one of them ran to a different part of the family to give them a bear hug. I smiled when I saw the scene in front of me, but then something really bad came to my mind. Something really, really fucking bad yet I hadn't thought about before…

"Mum Anita, Cross! Hello there!" Shouted the stupidest person on Earth, the Idiot Rabbit. "Sorry, we're late, but before we managed to start the engine…"

"You're such an idiot, MR. Bookman!" Mr. Cross interrupted him angrily and glared at him. And Lavi sent him one as well.

"So, Cross, is everybody here already?" Lavi asked with venom in his voice.

"As you can see, you idiot." Was Mr. Cross's very nice answer. But before they had the chance to cut their throats, another disaster in human body stormed in.

"LENALEE! ALLEN! TIMOTHY! WERE ARE YOU? A DIRTY MONSER DIDN'T EAT YOU WHILE I WAS AWAY, RIGHT?" Komui also ran in, doing his best to hug Lenalee. The last person calmly walked in, closing the door. The man took his coat off and smiled at the mess in the hall. Then his eyes landed on me, his smile widened and he went to me with an extended hand to shake.

"Oh, welcome! Are you here with Allen, maybe? My name is Reever Wenhamm. Nice to meet you."

"Ah, I'm Yuu Kanda. And yes, I'm with Allen." I shook his hand with vigor.

"Ah! That's great! For a little terrifying moment I really thought that my dear husband was going to scare away all of Allen's suitors!" He laughed so cheerfully, that he made me laugh as well.

"Ehm… your husband is…?" I had to confirm. At first he looked surprised, but then his expression lightened.

"Ah, Komui's last name is Wenhamm for some time now." He smiled.

"I see." I didn't have time to ask him more, because Mrs. Anita came to us and hugged Reever warmly.

"Oh, Reever! It feels like I haven't seen you in ages!" She glanced at me. "Ah, I see you already got to know each other." She smiled at us.

Suddenly a silence fell upon us, so we turned to the rest of the people in the room. They were all looking with curiosity at me. Or, for some of them, glaring. Then Allen came to me and took me by the arm proudly to the center.

"Ah, right! Everyone, this is my boyfriend, Yuu Kanda." He smiled at me. The reaction was immediate.

"Yey! So uncle Allen and uncle Yuu are finally together!" The kids were shouting.

"Haaa? No way I'm going to let YOU take my beloved Allan away!" Timothy and Komui tried to catch my neck to strangle me with their bare hands.

"Whatever." Came Mr. Cross statement and he walked back to the kitchen. Mrs. Anita smiled at us all and said in normal voice, yet everyone listened;

"So, everyone, since we are all here, let's eat! I'm sure you are all hungry, and" She added looking at her grandchildren. "presents are waiting under the tree." That was enough to make all of them run screaming to the promised packets with surprises.

Before eating we all got the wafers and shared them with each other giving wishes. My best one was from Mr. Cross.

"So… girly boy…" I tried not to retort. "I wish that when you marry my Allen you fuck him in the same way you cut the logs – with passion and hard!"

"Dad! What are you talking about!?" And their little quarrel started.

I looked around, after we were all seated and started eating at the big table. Everyone was chatting happily, like they really hadn't seen each other in ages. The kids were eating as quickly as they could, so we would finish eating end begin opening the presents.

"…and you will sleep in Allen's room, okay Kanda?" I heard Mrs. Anita asking me.

"A-ah. Yes. But… what?" I looked shocked at Allen.

"Are we staying here for the night?" Allen looked troubled at my question, but his mum made it clear to us.

"Oh, there is no 'buts'! You are! After such a long and tiresome journey you two must be tired!"

"A-ah. Okay then." I exchanged smiles with Allen.

"Grandmum! We are done eating!" Carmen suggestively pointed out. Mrs. Anita laughed.

"So let's clean everything." I never knew that such a big mess could disappear within minutes, but then again everyone pitched in so cleaning went by quickly. Suddenly the table was put aside with only teas and sweets on it, we were sitting around the room and the kids were giving us presents from underneath the Christmas tree. With Allen playing the piano, all of us singing christmas carols I didn't catch how fast time was passing us by.

-/- time skip -/-

Allen came from the bathroom and headed straight towards the bed were i was laying. He curled up to my side.

"I'm sorry if it's not too comfortable. When we bought it I didn't consider having somebody else in it." He whispered to me and kissed me sweetly.

"But when to give it a second thought… That's not a problem. I can have you even closer the whole night." He whispered seductively to me and we started to kiss. That was when I was about to take off his pants when we heard a loud bumping on the door.

"Allen, Kanda, Tim wants to sleep with you." Timothy's voice echoed with happiness that he could be sure that we wouldn't do anything. Tim was always ready to 'protect' Allen from me.

"Ahhh…" Allen sighed deeply. We were both in the mood already. "Okay, let him come in."

"Ok!" And seconds later the big Labrador was laying on our feet.

"Looks like no sex tonight." Allen muttered disappointed to me.

"We can't help it." I tried to lightened the mood.

Suddenly I saw a mischievous glint in his eyes. "But don't worry I will make it up to you when we get back." My pants tightened at the seduction in his voice and the kiss that we shared later. Eventually, we laid close and tried to fall asleep.

"Hay… Yuu…" I heard Allen whispering. "Are you okay with being a part of such a crazy family…?" I couldn't see him, but I could tell that he was uneasy.

"Hay… Allen…"


"I think I will live with that. Just don't make that stupid cabbage with peas ever again." I felt his chest shake and a smile on my neck.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do."

That was my best Christmas ever.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year! :D