He gasped coughing out the sea water out of his lungs, he pulled himself up on to the old wreck and fell onto old wood and laid and breathed heavily as he felt his lung sting. He heard some movement behind him and turned over onto his back and looked at the person who saved him at this time of night. Derek eyed the boy in the sea; the inky black water lapped gently around his slightly muscular waist as teen looked up at him, his lips pulled into a loop sided smile and his eyes were almost golden brown.

He gave Derek a cheeky smiled as he rested his chin on his arms "Hi and lover." He said, the dark hair man looked down at him and cocked his head to the side, the younger man waited for the dark hair man to speak but decide to end the awkward stares "So… the trouble with you land lovers is your legs." He said pointing at Derek's legs, the man looked at his legs and frowned at them "They are not built for the sea, they're built for running." He said with a smile as the man looked at him

"What are you?" he growled at him as he sat there not moving

"Ooooh your not being nice to the merman that saved you." He explained waving his hand at him

"Merman?" Derek asked, when he sees the merman flick of his tail up behind him splashing him with a bit of sea water "You can't be… they don't…they are not real…" he said the merman teen chuckled and pushed himself up onto the old ship where he put the soaking wet man onto

"Looks who talking sour wolf."

"You know what I am?"

"Yes." He said he gave a short nod.

Derek looked at him fully the body of the merman was lean with some muscle he has along red tail, his hair was short and black freckles dotted his body he had a lop sided smile and beautiful bight warm eyes, he could tell the boy was looking him over checking him by the blush on his face "A Boat will be by in the morning, you know on morning petrol." He said looking at the wolf as he got ready to leave

"Wait you're going to leave me here?" Derek asked looking around at the large emptiness around them,

"Well I can't stay here, if they see me there will be a lot of fishing." He said looking down at the teen's slightly scaled hands

"They won't? Would they?" Derek asked shocked, he couldn't image have this beautiful being stung up like some dead shark, the thought filled him with dread

"For beings like me we go for lots of what you call it money?" Derek nods "They took my mother I don't know what happen but it killed my father. You're a werewolf; you're telling me that they won't do the same thing to you?" He said, Derek didn't say anything conformed what the merman said.

After a few moments of no talking and just careful looks between each other, Derek feeling his body heat up thinking about the merman in front of him and the way he looked it made his wolf oddly want to howl and take him "What is your name?" Derek asked him

"Ummm in my tongue if I spoke it your eyes would bleed and your brain would melt though your ears and your insides would…." He stopped and blushed as he gave him a loop sided smile "Sorry it's been a while since I talked to anyone." Derek nods

"Then… how about in my tongue?" he asked as he leaned closer, somehow he was drawn closer to the merman, smiling at the wolf the teen slid his and up his thigh

"Stiles call me Stiles. What about your name?" He whispered as Derek pressed his lips against the Merman's bright red lips and the warped his arms around the skinny waist spinning him around onto the deck and pulling him underneath him.

"Derek Hale." He told him as he touched the warmth of the skin, he then leaned down and pressed his legs to the merman and kissed him, Stiles moaned up at him warping his arm around the werewolf's neck as their lips moved against each other and their tongues mapped out their mouths, when the mouth exploring ended they pulled away and looked at each other.

...Same sex... And later...

The birds were loud by morning and Derek groaned as he open his eyes, he laid there looking at the space where the Merman was last night, sitting up and saw no sign of Stiles, he sighed feeling a little sad that he was gone he could hear his wolf whimper and cry and he had use all his strength not to cry himself. He understood why he had to leave, human beings are not the cleverest people in the world and they would hunt Stiles down and hurt him. He realised that Stiles must have dressed him before he left he, hearing a motor of a boat chugging made him looked up and see a boat coming passed, he pushed himself up and stood on the broken deck and pulled his shirt on and jacket.

Something shining catches his eyes and he bent down and looked at small locket that Stiles had worn around is wrist he picked it up and pulled it over his head "HEY YOU…HAVE YOU BEEN HERE ALL NIGHT?" The grey hair man on the boat called out, Derek stood back up and looked at him

"Urrh yeah I have been." Derek called out watching as they got closer

"I'm shocked you still alive, it got cold last night." The grey hair man said as he held his hand out for Derek, the wolf took it and jumped into the boat

"Was it?" he mumbled and he looked back to the wrecks watching it get smaller and smaller and felt a pang in his heart about leaving his merman.

5 months pass since the night with the merman called Stiles and he has been in his head the whole time, and while he sleeps he dreamed of the beauty of the sea and made him feel lost without him. His pack had notice the change in his behaviour since he came back and was worried they notices that Derek was more moody than normal and very so often he would let out a small smile and touch the odd sapphire locket around his neck. One evening his betas had enough and diced to do something, of the young wolves drew a short strew as was forced to talk to the alpha "Ummm Derek is everything alright?" The young wolf asked, Derek looked up at him from his book and frowned at the curly blonde

"I'm fine why?"

"Well me…I mean we have notice your acting...odd?" he said looking at him

"Odd?" Derek asked putting his book down onto the table, the young wolf nodded and stood his ground

"Yes, you are more moody than normal and then you will smile and look lost in your thoughts and… and Scott has heard you call out for someone called Stiles?" he asked, Derek felt his chest tighten at the name as the flash of the merman's face filled his mind made Derek's heart ache.

The wolf was about to saying something to his young beta when they head the bell ring, the other wolves who were listening by the door jumped and fell to the floor, and Derek huffed and stood up "I will get that." He growled standing up and moving towards the door, the blonde wolf looked back at the other who was watching and now on the floor.

Derek walked to the door and open it up ready to scare away any cold callers or hunters, but once his eyes laid on the person standing on his porch he was frozen to the spot "S...Stiles?" He asked, he thought he was now going mad seeing this…there is no way that he was here… he thought to himself as he moved out side

"So what do you think of my running legs." Stiles smiled; Derek let his mouth form a large smile as he picked up the teen in front of him and spun him around kissing him "Whoa I am happy to see you to sour wolf." He smiled as he Derek set him down and kissed him deeply keeping him close to him self

"I've missed you." Derek tells him

"I've missed you to." Stiles smiled at him touching his cheek

"H...How are you here? Why are you here? How did you get legs?"Stiles chuckled at the wolf's question

"Whoa there wolfy one question at a time, I've very tried you know not use to walking on these land lover legs." Derek looked down at him and sees the clothes he was wearing it was a large shirt and baggy jeans that he was holding on to.

The wolf picked up the teen and carried him inside and up the stairs passes the other wolves who were trying to see the teen in their Alpha's arms as Derek walked up the stairs. He moved along the landing and into the bed room, he kicked the door closed and then placed the teen on the bed and he touched his face looking him over still trying to believe that Stiles was here and on his bed "Sit Derek, there are things I have to tell you." He tells him, Derek sits next to him and watches him waiting for his lover to speak "Well let me say I hated to leave you there and I did watch you get on that boat." He gave a small smile "I tried to change them to give myself legs but my body was unwilling to change as much as I wanted it to, I did stay with you until I heard the boat coming and then I left." Derek held his hand and Stiles was comforted by the touch of the other, he bite his lip and took a deep breath "Any hooow, over the last few months things changed...well the moment after you came inside of me things changed… okay so here's the thing Derek I'm 5 month pregnant." He said Derek's jaw dropped as he looked at the teen and then down to his stomach, he moved his hand and reached out to the teen's midsection and found a small bump from under his hands

"Y…You really are?"

"Do you wish me to leave?" Stiles asked "I understand this is an oddest thing that ever happens and people will...people do stupid things when they are fearful." He said looking down into his hand unable to look at Derek.

The wolf warped his arms around his waist and pulled him onto his lap "I don't want to send you way I've missed you so much that it hurt, I'm not letting you go." He tells him, Stiles smiled at him and hugs him lets out some tear run down his cheeks

"Thank you thank you I knew losing my tail was the right thing to do." He said, Derek held him tight breathing in his scent...he human he is human no longer a merman sent… he pulled and looked at the teen back and looked at him

"You're no longer a merman are you?" Stiles shook his head

"I'm human, even when our child is born I will remind human and will our baby, I made my choice I want to be here with you." Derek smiled and pulled him down on the bed so that they were lying next to each other "What are you going to tell your pack?" he asked

"That you are my mate and with my child and I love you and as soon as you want it I'm giving you the bite and keeping your forever."

"Can I try this human thing first before that?" Stiles asked with a smile