Warning: Lemons feature toward the end of the chapter, don't like, don't read.

'Get out,' I said calmly before anyone else could speak, 'now!'

It was Alice's turn to sneer now, 'I don't think so,' she chanted in an obnoxiously high pitched voice, 'We're here for our mates.'

I let out a very un-lady like snort, 'Well I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place then, you see everyone in here has already found their mate.'

Edward started to advance on me looking very pissed off, but before he could get within a metre of me Peter was crouching in front of me in a protective stance.

'Stay the hell away from her!' He all but shouted at Edward. Edward visibly flinched against Peter's booming voice; he wasn't feeling so brave anymore.

'Now I'll say it one last time, get out.'

'Oh and you're going to make me are you?' Edward demanded causing me to smirk.

Always the peace maker Carlisle tried to step in before anything could happen, 'Edward I really wouldn't..' he trailed off.

'Am I meant to be scared or something, look at her, she's pathetic, hiding behind the vampire she calls her mate.'

My smirk had become a full blown grin by this point. Some would say I took way too much pleasure in flexing my physical shield out and blasting his pompous ass out of the house through the wall, leaving an Edward shaped hole that I'd have to fix later, but Edward had well and truly fucked me over. I couldn't have been more thankful that I'd learned to use my power at will.

Alice let out a shrill screech and went to charge at me but found she couldn't move as Rosalie had hold of her by her hair, 'I wouldn't even think about it if I were you,' she snarled into Alice's ear.

By this point Edward had made it back to the house, although this time looking considerably more wary. I noticed vaguely that his hair had fallen out of place making it look scruffy, ha, good!

'How long?' Jasper spoke up out of the blue.

'What are you on about?'

'How long were you fucking my wife behind my back?' He was snarling this time.

Edward shrugged in a careless way, 'a couple of decades.'

All hell let loose.

Peter put his arms around me to stop me attacking anyone.

Rosalie growled and twisted Alice's hair tighter around her hand causing her to scream and start thrashing around.

Emmett threw himself at Jasper, putting his arms around him to stop him from ripping Edward's throat out.

Esme and Aurelia stood side by side looking horrified and upset.

Most surprisingly was Carlisle's reaction. He charged at Edward grabbing him by his throat and holding him up against the wall. Even Edward looked shocked.

'You told us nothing had happened until after Jasper left!' He boomed causing us all to take a step backwards.

'Give me one reason why I shouldn't,' he snarled tightening his grip on Edward's throat, he was starting to looking pretty scary now, 'give me one reason why I shouldn't rip your head off, set fire to it, then sit around roasting marshmallows over it.'

There was only one word for the expression on Edward's face, horrified, none of us expected this kind of behaviour from Carlisle.

'You took my daughter away from me, caused me to hate my son and ripped our family apart, GIVE ME ONE REASON WHY I SHOULDN'T FUCKING DO IT.'

Although Carlisle was angry now I knew if he killed Edward he would torture himself about it for decades after. It was this that caused me to walk up to him and place my hand on his shoulder forcing him to look at me, 'let me.'

We all seemed to have come to an unspoken conclusion that Edward needed to die, and if anyone should do it then it was me.

Edward scoffed at this, 'Like you would be able to kill me.'

I raised my eyebrow at this, 'How much would you like to bet on that Eddie boy?'

He started to get pissed off and struggle against Carlisle.

I walked out of the door calling out behind me, 'try me.'

What Edward seemed to forget was that he couldn't read my mind, it was all too easy to rip him limb from limb, he relied on his power too much making him a crap fighter.

He ran at me from behind, the pussy that he is, but I heard him coming and was able to put my physical shield up, causing him to soar backwards and land on his ass, he got back up snarling and ran at me again.

This continued for about half an hour before I got bored. To say Edward was pissed would be the understatement of the century.

I put my shield down, and brought my hands up in a 'come here' motion.

'Just you and I now Eddie.'

He ran towards me and using instinct I jumped just before he could put his arms around me, flipping in the air and landing behind him, catching one of his arms and swinging him round by it, letting go so he landed into a tree.

He was up in seconds and charging at me again, he was fast I had to give him that.

By this point the rest of the family had gathered outside and were watching us intently. Peter looked as though he wanted to rip Edward's head off but stood back and let me carry one.

Rosalie still had Alice by the hair who was struggling for all she was worth, but Rosalie didn't look about to let go.

In my moment of distraction Edward had pounced on me and ripped my arm from its socket, literally, and threw it in the opposite direction.

I screamed out in agony, but this just made me angrier, I ran towards him as fast as I could go and as I reached level with him I kicked his feet out from underneath him causing him to fall to his knees.

Placing my feet on his shoulder for leverage I pulled his head off with my remaining hand.

Carrying his head in one arm I walked back towards the family where someone had already lit a fire for me and tossed his head into it.

Ignoring Alice's screams of fury, I went to collect the rest of Edward's body, leaving Rosalie to deal with the pixie bitch, which from the sound of the metallic screeching coming behind me she was doing just fine.

After I had deposited Edward's body in the fire I went to pick up my arm from the nearby tree it had landed by, then walking my way back to the family I tossed my arm to Peter who caught it easily, before walking up to Carlisle and Esme.

'I'm so sorry,' I said sincerely, then had just lost a son and a daughter after all.

'It had to be done,' Carlisle said sadly, 'they obviously weren't going to leave and they tore my family apart. That is unacceptable.'

Esme nodded and quickly effulged me in a hug, 'You did the right thing dear.'

Carlisle was next to hug me, 'Now go let Peter put your arm back on, he looks worried and you must be in pain.'

'Thank you,' I was in pain, an extreme amount of pain.

I walked back over to Peter and he looked back at the rest of the family, 'I'm going to take her down to the lake, please don't disturb us.'

Carlisle nodded, 'we'll go out for a bit, give you guys some space.'

'Thank you.'

Once we'd made our way down to the lake Peter sat me down and looked at me seriously, 'this is going to hurt Darlin'.'

I nodded, 'just do it.'

He held my arm up to its socket and then licked his way along the joining, the venom in his saliva stitching the skin back together.

I screamed out in agony at the burning as my arm reattached and when it was done I fell forward into Peter's waiting arms.

Once the pain had ebbed I looked up at Peter to find him staring at me with honest and vulnerable eyes, 'Don't you ever do that to me again, I never want to have to see you in that kind of pain,' he all but sobbed before putting his arms around me and crashing me into his chest into a hug that would have cracked my bones had I been human.

I patted his back murmuring that everything was okay and eventually he loosened his grip on me and looked me in the eyes before tipping my head back and meeting my lips with his in a hungry kiss.

I gasped as he kissed me ferociously. His tongue darted out and stroked my bottom lip, asking permission.

I opened my mouth and my tongue came out to meet his and we both groaned.

Before I had time to react I was lead on my back with my arms pinned above my head, Peter hovering above me grinning like the cat that got the cream.

He secured both of my arms in one of his hands, and brought his other arm down my face, along my neck and then further down, brushing past my right breast, causing me to gasp, to rest on my waist, before peppering kissed along my jaw and down onto my neck, until he was nipping at my shoulder making me gasp.

With a mischievous grin he took my shirt between his teeth and tugged at the flimsy material, tearing it clean from my body in a way that could only be described as fucking sexy.

His mouth went straight to my nipple, I hadn't felt the need to wear a bra since I had turned, and he began tugging roughly with his teeth casing me to groan and heat to pool between my legs.

'Please,' I gasped, not really sure what I was begging for.

He placed kisses down my tummy until he reached the waistband of my jeans. He wasted no time in popping the button, pulling the zipper down and peeling the jeans from my body, taking my shoes and socks with it.

He brought his face down to my core which was now dripping wet, and started puffing out little breaths of cool air, which caused me to writhe and groan.

He looked up at me again before slowly licking a torturous line from my entrance to my clit, sending electric shooting through my body.

'Please, now,' I ground out, 'there's time for that later, just get in me now.'

In seconds my arms were once again above my head with him hovering over me naked, shit where did his clothes go?

He teased my entrance with the tip of his long cock before slowly pushing into me all the way up to the hilt. We both groaned out in pleasure and wonderment.

He pulled back out then pushed in again, trying to set a slow and teasing pace but it wasn't long until I was begging him to go faster causing him to pound into me at a rough pace that brought me closer and closer to the edge.

We were both moaning wildly as his thrusts started to become more erratic. He brought his hand down to where we were joined and started rubbing my clit and within seconds I fell over the edge as my orgasm hit me, screaming out his name, causing my muscles to clench prompting his own orgasm.

He stayed buried within me, looking into my eyes with love in his eyes. He brought his hand up to my face murmuring, 'you're so beautiful.'

'Marry me,' he said suddenly his expression turning serious, 'I love you Bella, marry me.'

I nodded mutely, not able to find words to express the love I was feeling for this man at the moment.

He brought his face down to mine in a tender loving kiss.

Two Weeks Later

The wedding was quiet, but perfect. Our only guests were the Cullens and Carlisle walked me down the aisle, wearing a simple flowing white dress. I would have liked Charlie to walk me down the aisle but it just wasn't possible.

Peter had looked absolutely beautiful, stood at the other end of the aisle waiting for me with the biggest grin on his face.

I had been pronounced Mrs Peter Whitlock and we wore each others rings on our fingers proudly.

We were now on the way to our honeymoon. Carlisle and Esme had insisted we visit Isle Esme, a present Carlisle had bought Esme.

We planned to spend a few weeks there, maybe longer; we were still having trouble keeping our hands off each other.

After that we planned to travel the world, just the two of us. It was going to be perfect.

I spoke to Charlie daily, I told him that I'd met someone and that we were going travelling. He wanted me to visit. I said soon. There was a possibility that with practice and contacts I could see him, even if it was just for one last time.

My life couldn't have turned out better. I had the perfect husband who I was going to spend the rest of my life, more existence, with, and a loving family who made it known we always had a place to stay with them.

Running away that morning had been the best decision I ever made.

Bring on forever.

Le Fin.

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