In the moments before she dies, a women who's hair used to be bright ginger, is visited by a man in a bow tie.

She does not know who he is and thinks about giving him a piece of her mind til he moves forward and presses his fingertips to her temple.

Memories flood her mind. People and planets and places she saved now filling the gap of nothingness.

She remembers being the most important women in the universe.

Then with a smile on her face, Donna looks into the mans eyes and smiles, muttering "my spaceman" before drifting off into an endless sleep.

The doctor just looks down, tears in his eyes, as he smiles sadly, knowing that his best friend left the world with best parting gift possible.

I am so so sorry... but I had to! I never chose the fandom life! The fandom life took my hand and yelled "run"