Dear Charlie Brown, It's me your good old friend Lulu, yeah I got the doll you sent me for Christmas she's perfect! Tubby, Annie, Alvin, and my other friends are doing find, I would of wrote you sooner but Tubby, came over yesterday and he wanted to play another detective game with him as the Spider, and you know something the next time Alvin, comes over I might tell him about old Snoopy, fighting the red barron in World War 2, anyway I can't believe Lucy keeps moving the football every time you try to kick it, oh well I sure she's doesn't mean anything by it, oh and that little red headed girl you like so munch, try to write her a love letter maby a nice poam to start, and I think Linus is carrying that old blanket with him, because he's has a child midlife crisis but that's just me thinking, I have to go now because Mother wants me to go shopping with her, i'll write to you again soon!

Love, Lulu Moppet.

P.S. make sure to take care of your little sister Sally, she's needs guidance from a big brother like you.

The End.