I asked to make my own version of "A New Beginning" and I was allowed so thank you jinx777. This is set a month after the 'Sasuke Retrieval Mission' Anyway I hope you enjoy.

It has been a month since he had brung Sasuke back to the village and what do people do? Do they treat him like a hero who saved the last of the Uchiha? Do they stop calling him demon at least? NO! Instead they formed a mob and tried to kill him because he attacked the 'greatest' Uchiha. Naruto's apartment, if you could call it that, was trashed. A minute after he left to bring back Sasuke the villagers broke into his apartment and destroyed everything. They actually thought that Sasuke had a mission to lure and kill the 'Demon'

Naruto didn't even bother to fix his place. He was tired of fixing it and then only to have it get smashed again. Besides he can't afford to fix it because the villagers took all his money. 'I hate this place! Everyone hates me even after I saved their 'precious' Uchiha!' Naruto got up off his bed that he was lying on and walked up to a wall and punched it making web-cracks in the wall. 'No matter what I do everybody wants me dead' he thought sadly. 'Maybe I should leave'

"Maybe you should," said a voice in Naruto's head. Naruto sat back down on his bed and closed his eyes. He opened them to find himself in front of the Nine-Tailed Fox that is sealed inside him.

"Hey Kyuubi" said Naruto with a small wave. The Kyuubi was never evil and he actually helped Naruto with everything all throughout Naruto's life.

"Hey Kit, I heard what you said and I have to agree. You should leave. All this village has done is try to kill you. You deserve a better life," he said.

Naruto thought it over for a second. He could stay in his home village that he sworn to protect but the villagers will never see him as anything other than a 'Demon' OR he could leave and start a new life where people wont see him as a 'Demon' but instead as a human being, oh what to do? Naruto smirked "Lets leave"

The giant Fox grinned "Very well. I want you to pack your stuff, or at least the things you can pack. Once that's done I want you to leave the village. In the mean time I will prepare a jutsu that will send you to another dimension"

"Another dimension? You really are full of surprises aren't you?" smirked Naruto.

"Says the 'Number 1, Hyperactive, Most Unpredictable Ninja'" retorted Kyuubi.

Naruto chuckled "Touché" After that Naruto appeared back in his room. Sighing Naruto took out a sealing scroll and began to seal things like spare clothes, food, you know that kind of thing. Once done Naruto took off his headband and stared at it. Sighing again he sealed it into the scroll and secured it into his kunai pouch. Naruto looked around his apartment with as scowl. He had so many bad memories in this place but only 1 good memory and that was when he was 5 and getting the place. Slamming the door shut he turned and left.

Whilst walking Naruto could feel Kyuubi gathering his chakra which means whatever's gonna happen, its going to be big. Naruto could see the gates now and smirked at the idea of leaving. Walking up to the gate Naruto was about to leave when a Chunin stopped him. "What are you doing here Demon?" he asked.

"I got a mission" was all Naruto said pushing his past. The Chunin growled and grabbed Naruto's shoulder making him stop.

"I was not informed of a mission Demon. So what are you doing here?"

Naruto frowned but then smirked "Im leaving and there's nothing you can do" he said before vanishing shocking the Chunin. Naruto reappeared behind him and knocked the guard unconscious.

"If I were you I'd hurry. It won't take long before someone finds him and come after you" Naruto nodded and ran out the village.

It's been an hour. Naruto hasn't stopped because he wanted to make sure no one was following him before leaving. But unfortunately he could sense some of his 'friends' chakra and they were catching up. "Damn" muttered Naruto as he came to a clearing.

"This place is good enough. Looks like you'll have to fight your friends" said Kyuubi still gathering chakra.

"For how long?" asked Naruto getting ready.

"At least 10 minutes. Longer would be better but I doubt we have time"

"Got that right" just then 7 figures appear.

"Naruto!" shouted Naruto's FORMER sensei, Kakashi. Behind him were Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Lee, and Gaara. "What are you doing!?" he shouted.

Naruto chuckled again "What does it look like? Im leaving that Hellhole that you call a village"

"Naruto stop being an idiot and come back to the village!" screeched Sakura making the people around her wince.

"God you're loud," said Naruto. Now this surprised everyone apart from Gaara. Everybody knew about Naruto's undying love for Sakura. "Besides why should I go back? Nobody there wants me there save for a couple of people"

"Naruto I think you might be able to convince Gaara to come with us. He's also tired of living this kind of life and I can fix his seal," suggested Kyuubi.

'Can I ask why you couldn't fix the seal before?' asked Naruto in his head.

"Er...I forgot?" this nearly caused Naruto to face-fault but he did have a sweat drop.

"Hey Gaara" said 1-Tailed Jinchuriki looked at Naruto "I was wondering if you want to come with me"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I know you're also tired of the villagers treatment towards you. I can offer you a new life where no one will hate us and look at us and not 'Demons' but human beings" Naruto could see the thoughtful look on Gaara's face "Besides I can fix your seal so it wont bother you anymore" that did it. Gaara smiled and began walking over to Naruto.

"Wait Gaara!" shouted Kakashi. Sasuke growled and charged a Chidori. He then ran straight for Naruto. Naruto stood still with a smirk that seemed to anger Sasuke more. Just before the lightning attack hit a Sand Claw hit Sasuke, knocking him back to the others.

"Thanks Gaara" said Naruto with Gaara nodding.

Kakashi helped Sasuke up "Damn it Sasuke! Were supposed to bring him back unharmed!"

'Hey Kyu, how much longer?' asked Naruto.

"Just a few more seconds...Its ready but your going to have to knock them back first" informed the Fox.

"Hey Gaara" said boy looked at Naruto "Think you could knock them back a bit?"

Raising his hands outwards Gaara said "My pleasure. Sand Wave!" all of Gaara's sand then formed a wave and slammed into everyone.

'Go Kyu!'

Red chakra swirled around Naruto as he closed his eyes. Opening them they were not the blue that everyone was use to. They were instead red. Blood red with black slits for pupils. Naruto voice also changed making everyone shiver at the sound of it. "DEMONIC STYLE: DIMENSIONAL RIFT JUTSU!" he shouted. The red chakra that was surrounding Naruto slammed into the ground and slowly rose up in the shape of a doorway.

Getting back into control Naruto looked at Gaara "Lets go" was all he said before walking into the portal followed by Gaara.

"CHIDORI!" shouted Sasuke slicing his way through the sand followed by the others. The portal began to shrink but everyone got to it in time. Everyone jumped in and the portal closed.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter because there will be more. I wish to thank jinx777 again for letting me make my own version. Thank you for reading and please review. Criticism is welcome.