Sorry for the wait but here's the chapter. Hopefully I can get more information on Tailed Beasts to make it more interesting. Also I am not going to be mentioning Kakashi and his group for a while, maybe until the Teen Titan's come. Enjoy.

The past few months were difficult for Naruto and Gaara. They learned that not only were their tenant's demons but they were also slave drivers and no I am not exaggerating. Gaara's training was very, very strange. He had to swim through sand for a few hours! And then make his sand cover his entire body whilst trying to move! But what didn't help was Happy trying to join in every once in a while. You maybe asking why he was doing this, it was to give him a better connection with his sand whilst helping his strength. Although the methods are unorthodox it was a hundred time's better than Shukaku's first idea, he wanted Gaara to eat sand...enough said.

Nah none of that happened! It would strange and Gaara might be dead if that did happen!

Their training was saner than any of that. They had to spend a few meditating too concentrate their chakra. Raven even volunteered to show them a few ways too help with their meditation. Next both he and Gaara had to do some weight training. They didn't have any weights so they used gravity seals and a LOT of them. Even Raven had some training. Kurama had been teaching how to suppress her demonic energy and how too control her emotions. All her life learning from monks not too show emotions with little results and managed to learn a lot more in the month with Naruto and Gaara. They all felt like they were very good friends with each other. At first it was weird because they never had close friends but now they were fine. In fact Gaara and Kyuubi were amused at the fact that Raven spends quite a bit of time with Naruto and neither have realised.

"My...body...hurts" groaned Naruto as he sat at a table. When he received no answer he turned his head to find Gaara asleep "You really like to sleep"

Raven walked in with a book and looked up "How was training?" Naruto just groaned "Never mind"

"What are you reading?" he asked.

"The book is just about Earth. I plan on going there once I leave Azareth"

"When do you think you'll leave?"

"Maybe in a couple of years" she said sighing and putting the book down "I've also been reading to find out a way to release the two of you"

"For the last time dont worry about it" he said "You make it sound like you don't want us here"

"That's because I don't want you running around in my mind," she said as if it was obvious. Naruto just gave a nervous laugh at that. Raven stood up "Im going to search for something. Do you want to come?" she asked.

"Sure" he getting up without pain 'Thank god I heal fast' "So what are we looking for?"

"A few years ago, a spell book was stolen. The pages were scattered within my mind. I have all the pages apart from one and it is a dangerous spell"

"What kind of spell is it?"

"I don't know" she said "I also think that my father has been sending his minions to find it so if we can find it before they do then he won't be as dangerous" Naruto looked at her curiously "What?"

"Why do you still refer to him as your father?"

Raven was shocked at the question but then thought about it. Why did she still refer to him as her father? "I-I don't know"

"Well if you want to get rid of that bastard then the first step is to deny him as your father" he said softly 'And get rid of his remnant, wherever that is' he thought to himself.

"Thank you, Naruto" she said with a smile as she hugged him.

Blushing he hugged her back although awkwardly "Y-Your welcome"

She let go a few seconds later with a blush of her own 'Thank god I can control my emotions otherwise this place would be wrecked' she thought looking away to hide her blush "Lets go" she said walking away followed by Naruto.

(With emotions)

For some reason Love suddenly blushed and had a smile with a dreamy look on her face "Whats wrong with you?" asked Rude as she picked her ears.

"I honestly don't know," she said sighing happily "But what ever it is, I feel happy"

(Back with Raven and Naruto)

"So...Do you have any idea where it could possibly be?" he asked.

"If I did don't you think I would have it?" she asked back "All I know is that because it is a powerful spell more of fa-Trigon's minions will be around" she said. Naruto smiled when she called Trigon by his name and not by father.

"So, look for those fire guys?"

Raven sweat-dropped "Basically yeah. You go that way" she pointed to his left "And I'll go that way," she said pointing to his right.

"Ok, meet back here in a couple hours?" she nodded "Ok. See yah!" he shouted running.

"You're going the wrong way!" he didn't hear that and continued running. She sighed "Idiot"

(An Hour Later, with Naruto)

"Where the hell is everyone!?" shouted Naruto on a random path. He had been walking on every path that he could see and never saw ONE of the Fire-Sprites (A.N. I don't know if that is what they are called but I am calling them that, Sprites for short) "I'd rather spend my time training now. Wait...where am I?" he said looking around "Crap Im lost!" Just as he was about to start running around like a headless chicken, he saw a slight glow coming form a small cave in the distance 'Oh yeah NOW I find something' he thought sarcastically.

"Hey Im trying to sleep here!" shouted Kyuubi within his head.

'I forgot you were back in my head' thought Naruto 'I may need your help here'


'Raven and I are looking for a page of a spell book. A powerful one and because it's so powerful it will have a lot of Sprites near it'

"Fine. I'm bored anyway" With that Naruto made a hand sign and in a puff of smoke Kyuubi appeared. But instead of it looking like a feral Naruto it was a completely different looking man. This man had shoulder length red hair that was kept unkempt. He wore a red no sleeved shirt with black jeans and red and white trainers. He didn't have any whisker marks but he did have blood red eyes with black slits and sharp canines "Much better"

"Kyuubi?" said a shocked Naruto.

"Yeah? Oh I forgot to mention that because you have enough chakra in your system, it managed to alter your Shadow Clones so that it looks like my human form...Now that I said it out loud it doesn't make any sense" he said with a shrug.

"Can Shukaku do this?"

"Eventually yes. He's to much of an idiot to figure it out right now"

"...Ok then. Let's go and see if these sprites have found the page yet" Kyuubi nodded and followed Naruto. They both used stealth so they wouldn't get caught and it worked. They stood outside a cave making sure not to be seen. Inside was about 50 sprites and for some reason all in a circle "Yeah that's not weird" whispered Naruto "Wait what's that in the middle?" looking closer he saw a pedestal with a piece of paper on it. He would have dismissed it as a piece of paper but he could feel the energy pouring off of it.

"I take it that's the page we need," he said with Naruto nodding "Good. I've been wanting a good exercise for a while now"

"What should we do? Should we-" he was cut off by a red blur shooting past him. Looking to his left he could not see the Kyuubi. To his right he saw Kyuubi dog pile a few sprites "Idiot" muttered Naruto with a sweat-drop 'Then again I can't talk since I use to do that all the time' he thought with a chuckle. With that Naruto jumped in aiming an elbow at a sprite.

The fights didn't last long as all the sprites were defeated with Kyuubi sighing happily "I haven't had a good fight in ages" he said making a tick mark appear on Naruto's head.

"Hey! I fight you don't I!?"

"I said a good fight," he said grinning and disappearing in a burst of flames.

Naruto blinked "So he disappears in a burst of flames instead of a puff of smoke? Demons are weird," he said walking up to the pedestal "Okay I should probably get Raven here just in case it's a trap or something. But how do I get her here?" he asked himself.

(With Raven a few minutes earlier)

"Where is he?" she asked loudly. She was currently looking for Naruto because she couldn't find anything. Just as she was about to go back to the house she saw a sprite fly straight past her and into a wall. She sighed as she walked towards the direction that it came from.

When she got to the cave she just heard Naruto say "But how do I get her here?"

"Im already here" she said making him jump and hit his head against the cave roof.

"Dont do that!" he shouted as he blushed from embarrassment,

She laughed a little "I saw a sprite fly by so I came here"

"Oh good because I found the page" he said pointing to the pedestal. They both walked up to it and as they got close to the page they both felt strange "What was that?" asked Naruto.

"I don't know" Raven replied. She took the page and looked at it "Strange. It doesn't have a name"

"No name?" said Naruto confused "What does it do?"

"I can't say for sure but whatever it does it has something to do with the mind," she said.

"Well why don't we go back to the house and you could give that to Knowledge so she can work on it?" he suggested to which she nodded. Black energy surrounded them and transported them to the house. When they got back Naruto instantly fell down laughing and Raven had to cover her mouth from laughing aswell. Gaara was still asleep at the table and Happy and Rude were drawing funny pictures on his face. The laughter however woke Gaara up but Happy and Rude ran away quickly before he knew they were there "You really need to work on your senses," said Naruto getting up.

Gaara looked at him curious but shook his said saying, "Where did you go?"

"How did you know I was gone?" asked Naruto.

"Parts of your clothes are singed. It definitely isn't training because Kyuubi would normally do more damage than that," he explained.

"Observant bastard" muttered Naruto without anyone hearing "Raven and I were looked for a page from a spell book and we found it"

"Ok" said Gaara walking away "Hope you enjoyed your date" he said just loud enough for them to hear. And you can tell they heard because both were blushing extremely red.

"It wasn't a date!" they both shouted. Raven coughed as her blush died down leaving her cheeks pink "I-I should take this to Knowledge" she said holding the page.

"Y-Yeah" was all Naruto said. Then they both walked in different directions cursing Gaara for what he did.

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