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It has been a few weeks since Naruto and Raven found the page of the spell book and yet they haven't figured it out yet. It was really starting to affect Raven because she now spends most of her time trying to understand the spell and just ignores Naruto and Gaara. Neither liked this, especially Naruto since he tried nearly everything to get her mind off of the page.

Right now he was walking to Knowledge's library where Raven has been spending most of her time. He opened the door and blinked as he saw a pile of books that nearly touched the ceiling, around Raven and Knowledge "That...is a lot of books" he commented but Raven didn't hear him. Walking up behind her he peeked over her shoulder and saw her staring at a book and the page. He sighed and then had an idea. Grinning he reached around and covered her eyes saying, "You need to rest"

"Let me go" Raven said without moving, she didn't even move when Naruto covered her eyes.

"I don't want to" he whispered into her ear

She forcefully removed his hands but blinked when she couldn't see the page anymore. Her eye's narrowed and turned to glare at Naruto "Where is it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about" he said acting innocent but the paper in his hand made him look guilty instead.

"Give it back," she ordered with her hand outstretched.

Naruto smirked before looking at the paper "Very well" he said putting it in her hand. Just as she was about to snatch it away, Naruto did it first saying "On second thought, why don't you make me?" he said as he jumped out of the window and took one of the archway's to someplace else in her mind. All this happened in less than three seconds.

"Naruto!" she shouted as she ran down stairs and passed everyone in the kitchen.

"What did that idiot do now?" asked Kurama.

Shukaku just shook his head "I have no idea" Gaara was just asleep on the couch.

"Get back here!" shouted Raven flying after the still running Naruto. They were both now in another the flower field somewhere in Raven's mind.

"You have to catch me first!" shouted back Naruto. Suddenly Raven slammed into him and they both went tumbling down a hill. They kept rolling over each other until they came to a stop with Raven on top and Naruto on the bottom. The page floated to the ground next them, but neither noticed.

Raven couldn't help but stare into Naruto's eyes 'Were they always this blue?' she thought with a small blush growing.

Naruto saw the blush but couldn't move either 'She looks cute with a blush' he thought.

Without realising, their heads kept getting closer and closer and their eyes started to close. Just as their lips were barely touching, it was then that they noticed what they were doing. With an 'Eep' Raven jumped away and accidentally used her powers, blowing Naruto away. What no one saw was that the page shined a light pink before it shot to Naruto. Raven gasped when she realised what she did and shouted "Are you alright?! I'm sorry!" The smoke that appeared from the attack cleared and Raven gasped at what she saw.

"P-Please don't hurt me," said a scared voice.

An hour later both Raven and Naruto entered the house. When everybody saw Naruto, some fell to the ground laughing but Kyuubi grew serious "W-Who are all these people?" asked the now six-year-old Naruto. His clothes somehow changed into blue shorts and a white shirt.

Kyuubi looked at Raven "What happened?" he asked with absolute seriousness. This caused others to stop laughing.

Raven looked confused "I don't know. I chased Naruto when he stole the spell from me. I caught him and then..." She blushed a bright red "...something happened that I would rather not say. Anyway I reacted and accidentally hit him with one of my spells. Next thing I know, he's six and kept screaming at me to not hurt him"

"Do you have that spell page?" Raven nodded and gave the Nine-Tails the spell. He read it for a moment and then looked at Naruto, who was hiding behind Raven's leg and making her blush "I can sense some magic in this. Meaning that it was recently used. As far as I can guess when you used your magic it somehow reacted to the spell and...well I think you can see the results"

"But I don't understand why he is acting like this" she said looking worriedly at Naruto. He shyly crept to the side of the room and became friends with Timid and Happy.

Kyuubi sighed again "When you were growing up, people ignored you and were afraid. When Gaara was growing up, people also ignored him and couldn't do anything physically to him. But Naruto didn't have any protection. Every single day of his life he was beaten, starved, and neglected. His Birthdays were worse because it was at those times, he was close to death" All the Raven's were wide eyed and Timid was crying whilst hugging Naruto "The spell reverted Naruto back into his six year old self, including memories. It was natural for him to be afraid of everything at his age"

Raven looked sadly at Naruto "What should we do?"

Kyuubi looked thoughtful "For now we should look after him, but whatever you do, do not use your magic on him. We can't tell if there will be any drawbacks" He looked at Raven and saw her looking a little nervous "You used your magic, didn't you?"

"I was panicking at the moment!" she defended.

"Doesn't matter now. I'm sure that this is only temporary so for now, let's all just rest," said Kyuubi.

Raven was about to leave her mind until she got a major headache. She groaned and, as quickly as it came, it disappeared 'Where did that come from?' she thought.

"So Mr Kyuubi" said Naruto.

"Please just call me Kyuubi," he said with a smile.

"Where are we? This isn't Konoha"

"Well we left that place. Too many people didn't like you so we all left. I used a jutsu and now we are trapped within your new friends mind" Kyuubi explained.

"Raven?" Kyuubi nodded "I like her. She's nice" Kyuubi chuckled at that "Wait, who are you?"

Kyuubi blinked "Completely forgot to reintroduce myself" He grinned seeing an opportunity to do his great dance. Everything went dark except for a spot light "From the North I am known-" He was interrupted by a scream that went through the house "Why can't I ever introduce myself?" Everyone ran to the source of the scream and saw the culprit.

Raven was now a six year old and was looking around, fearfully.

"Again?" asked Gaara.

"Yeah. Looks like the drawback is the same as the cause" He looked at Raven, idly noting that her cloak was white "Do you remember who we are?"

Raven looked scared when she saw his red eyes. Shakily, she shook her head "P-Please leave me alone" she pleaded.

Naruto pushed through and fell in front of the young girl "Ow" he said as he rubbed his head.

"A-Are you all right?" she asked shyly, with a nervous blush on her cheeks.

"Yeah I'm fine," said Naruto with a grin.

"What's your name?" she asked with a small smile.

"Naruto, your name is Raven, right?" he asked with her nodding "Wanna play?"

"Play?" she repeated, the word foreign to her. After a minute she nodded.

"Ok!" shouted Naruto "You hide and I'll count to ten before finding you!" Raven nodded her head, not really understanding, and went running into the house.

Kyuubi just watched what happened "Already friends?"

"That's Naruto for you" said Gaara as they watched Naruto run into the house

Naruto ran into the house before looking around 'I wonder where she ran to' he thought. A small noise was heard and he smiled 'There' he thought before running into Raven's bedroom. He looked around the room before seeing her, under her bed, and her hands covering her eyes. He smiled before quietly going beneath the bed and crawled until he was in front of her "Found you" he whispered as he tapped her head, which made her jump slightly.

Raven opened her eyes and looked at Naruto "Can I try?" she asked with him nodding.

"I'll go hide and you count to ten," he said with her nodding. He got out from under the bed and ran.

Raven just closed her eyes and counted. Once she got to ten she opened her eyes and started looking around 'I'm suppose to find him? But where would he go?' she thought. She looked at every room in the house but couldn't find him 'Where is he?' she thought. This lasted for a while and Raven said "I give up, he probably just ran away from here" She looked down sadly as her eyes brimmed with tears.

"Are you alright?" asked Naruto from behind. She spun round and was shocked to see him.

"Y-You're still here?" she questioned.

"Of course. We were playing a game and I just stayed behind you" He was suddenly thrown to the floor with Raven hugging him.

"I thought you left me," she whimpered.

Naruto was stunned but hugged her back, although a bit hesitant because he wasn't use to it "I won't ever leave you, I promise" For some reason, he knew he wasn't going to break this promise. He knew that he was going to stay with her. Suddenly, he had an idea "Come with me" he said standing up and dragging her to a set of stairs.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked.

He didn't answer as they came to an open window. Raven thought that they were going to stop until Naruto let her hand go and jumped out the window. Raven ran to the window to see if he was all right, only to see him holding onto the edge with a cheeky grin "Hurry up and grab onto my back" She hesitated but trusted him. Once she got onto his back and held tightly she heard him say, "Now close your eyes" She did and felt as Naruto started climbing. It was a strange feeling but it went away as she felt her feet touch something solid that let her stand "You can open them now" she heard him say.

Raven opened her eyes slowly and gasped at the scene before her. It was a beautiful sunset that sent colors across the sky. She saw orange, purple, and colors she couldn't even begin to describe, "How did you find this place?" she asked breathlessly.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head "Well when we started to play the game, I came out here to find you. I saw the sun and thought 'Raven might like to see it set' So I brought you to the roof to let you see it" he explained.

Raven said nothing as they both sat down and watched the sun descend. Eventually they both felt tired and Raven, subconsciously, used her powers to take them to her bedroom. They both climbed into bed and held hands, slowly drifting off into a deep slumber. Once Naruto was asleep Raven whispered "Goodnight"

Kyuubi opened the door and saw both 'children' asleep with a smile on their faces. He could help but give a warm smile and think 'I hope you'll be happy with her Kit'

He closed the door and never noticed that both Naruto and Raven glowed a soft pink. Where their hands interlocked, the light turned pure white, with it vanishing as soon as it came.

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