The bright blue light scanned over Rivers exposed pregnant stomach; she leaned back and took a seat. The Doctor projected the scan above where River was seated, and there it was, glowing in a florescent light was the sonogram of their child. They both looked at it in wonderment at this tiny being that they had created, the third dimensional projection twisted and turned slowly so that they could see their daughter; The Doctor crouched down to Rivers level and gently took her hand and squeezed it tight.

"Look what we did." His voice was barely audible, almost a whisper. He remembered his first child back on Gallifrey too many regenerations ago, but he couldn't think about that right now, he pushed the memory from his head and focused on River who was still utterly bewildered at the scan in front of her.

The double heartbeat filled the silent room; she was a Timelord, strong and healthy just like her parents. River could see a tear forming in her husband's eye, she squeezed his hand to show him that she was there and that this was real, she wiped the tear from his cheek as the TARDIS shut off the projection, they were left alone in the Console room, he took out his screwdriver and directed it to the switch on the console for the TARDIS lights, the Machine lit up with hues of orange and gold which reflected in Rivers eyes, The Doctor looked up at his wife and playfully taped the end of her nose with his finger.

River laid in the white porcelain bath tub. The water was warm but it barely covered her swollen belly. The Doctor walked in and lowered himself next to the bath; he gently traced a figure of eight around his wives belly button, pushing the water over her to make her more relaxed. He undid his bowtie and let it drop to the floor.

The steam from the tub swirled around the TARDIS bathroom, the black marble tiles of the floor sparkled against the lighted candles; the atmosphere was calm and peaceful.

She tilted her head back and rested it on the edge of the tub; The Doctor was still massaging the water over Rivers belly, he had already felt his daughter kick for the first time, but each time was a new rush of emotion for him, this time was no different, She sat up and smiled at him having felt the kick as well. He caressed the side of her face and pulled out a piece of green cloth from his trouser pocket, he handed it to his wife who was stunned; she held the green prayer leaf in her hand.

"This was lost at Demons Run, how-."

"It was an important part of our history and of our lives, this leaf made you who you are. The day I found out who you were. It was never really lost." He slyly winked at her.

She traced her finger around her name in the language of the forest, this impossible man; he was always full of surprises. She lightly placed the leaf on top of her now dry belly, looking down they joined their hands and intertwined their fingers on top of their daughter.

"Our little Amelia."